First, let me tell you about myself. I am an older gentleman. I have blondish/white hair, hazel eyes, 5'7", and I weigh about 185. I am in excellent physical shape. Small waist and muscular build.

Also, I work out several times a week at the gym and run often. I look 20 years younger than I am and have been described as handsome by both men and women.

I have be Bisexual most of my life. My wives did not know and I was able to keep it in the closet.

Anyway, back to the story. The other day at the gym, a friend I recently met, asked me if I wanted to party on Halloween weekend. He said he wanted to do some bar hopping and attend a costume party at a friends house.

My friend is a young man, early 20s, and built beyond belief. He often works out with 500lbs during his extreme workouts. He is unbelievably strong, but very quiet and gentle in nature.

It sounded like fun so I agreed. He asked me to meet him at his house and we could work on our costumes for the party. He said he had many different costumes and he thought some would fit me.

I went to his house early the night of the party. We ate lunch and sat around talking for quite awhile. Luke, that was his name, went into his bedroom and emerged in his costume. He was dressed as a pimp. Platform shoes, huge hat, gold necklaces, rings, a fake gold grill, etc. I liked it and laughed.

He said, I have an idea. He went into his room and I could hear him sifting through his closet searching for something.

He returned and said, "I found the perfect costume for you, it is on my bed, go try it on and see if you like it. I finished my drink and went into his bedroom.

There on his bed, was what appeared to be a whores outfit. Black mini skirt, black garter, black fishnet hose, black bra, and a frilly white blouse, high heels. He even had a blonde wig and lifstick layed out.

I, at first, was a little shocked. What was this all about. I had screwed a few transvestite men, but I had never dressed before. After thinking about it, he was dressed as a pimp, so maybe this was an innocent halloween prank.

I started putting the outfit on. To my surprise, it all fit rather well. You could tell all of this was halloween clothing, ya know cheap. I assumed he had worn it at one time to a costume party.

As I was dressing, he peeked through the door and said, "if ya want, there is a razor on the sink in the bathroom, if you want to get into the role.

Why not, if you are gonna dress up for halloween,do the best you can. I lathered up and shaved my legs. As I was shaving my legs, a problem arouse. About half way through the first leg, I noticed I had a huge hard on. Something about this was really turning me on.

After I finished my legs, I decided to shave all of my hair off. My chest, crotch and ass. I was completely smooth when I finished. I looked pretty good. I slipped on my garter, hose, black pantys (which turned out to be crotchless), and the mini skirt.

I then put the wig on and after a few tries, red lipstick. I was magnificent. Except for the bulging muscles, my tiny waist and firm ass was great.

When I came out of the room, Luke let out a little gasp. He told me how great I looked. He said, " this will be great, I will be your pimp at the party, we should win first prize!"

Luke immediately got into his role. He said, "bitch, let's go, we gonna be late fo da party and he wrapped his arm around me and grabbed my ass like I was a real bitch." As we were walking out, he kept his arm around me and was rubbing and caressing my ass all the way to the car.

When we arrived at the party, we entered in the same stance. He introduced me as his main hoe. All night long, he treated me as his bitch. I finally discovered, I was turned on by the whole thing.

The crowd was mixed. There were straight and gay couples. Also singles from both sides. I was hit on several times, mainly by gay men. I, still in my closet, just laughed it off.

I was a really great party, everyone was smashed by the end of the night.

Around midnight, Luke found me upstairs. I had just used the bathroom and was walking down the hallway.

He was drunk. As he approached me he grabbed like his bitch again. But this time, he laid a huge kiss on me. As he was kissing me, he led me into one of the bedrooms.

After shutting the door, he released me. Then, it got wild. In his pimp voice he said, "bitch, get on yo knees and suck my dick now!"

I kinda froze. I looked at him to see if he was still playing or what. He whipped out a very large, maybe 8 inch, hard as a rock cock. He said, "bitch did you hear me?" He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. At this point, I realized, I really am his bitch. I knew I could not resist him and I was about to have sex whether I wanted to or not.

Truth is, I wanted to. He had a magnificent cock and balls. He really was all man. Young, strong, handsome, and well hung.

He looked at me as if he expected a fight or something. Maybe he was just unsure of what reaction he would get.

I decided to turn the table. I got into the bitch role. He was gonna have to learn to respect this woman.

I said, "you think you can handle this bitch? This bitch is gonna rock yo world, sugar!" I grabbed his cock, stood up and laid a passionate kiss upon him. He finally responded as I caressed his dick and balls. He was breathing hard now.

I led him to the bed by his cock and layed him down. I continued to kiss him and play with him. Slowly I kissed my way down to his cock. I licked and sucked his dick and balls. I was driving him crazy, I could tell.

I said, "you want to fuck me don't you? You want some of this fine ass, you want to stick your big dick in me, right?"

He said, "yes, I want you real bad." Gimme some of that ass bitch." He was still trying to gain control. I crawled up on top of him and started rubbing my ass up and down the length of his dick. Twice he tried to ram it in, but I kept pulling away.

Finally he said, "you are driving me crazy, let me have some of that ass!"

I said, "you want some of this ass, you gotta prove it to me. First, you gonna give me your ass!"

This surprised him, I said, "you heard me sugar, if you want some of this ass, give me your ass first or I am out of here."

I reached down and pushed him over onto his stomach. I grabbed his hips and pulled his ass up. I dove in and started lapping at his ass until he was real wet.

With these crotchless panties on, I just lifted the skirt up, placed the head of my dick against his honey and slid in. He kinda resisted at first, but he relaxed and allowed me to fuck him. I came really hard.

He let me finish. But now he was aggressive. He said, "ok bitch now it is my turn! He literally tore the panties off of me. He reached around and grabbed some of the cum coming out of his ass, slapped on my ass and rammed his dick home. He was on top of me and fucking me face to face.

He was playing with my limp dick and balls and fucking for all he was worth. I reached around and started caressing his balls. He loved that. He came in a flood. Sperm filled my ass to capacity. It was all over the bed.

We were both well spent after this. We did not talk much afterwards. That was night before last. No sign of a return visit yet. I think that might have been the first time anyone had fucked him. He may be still dealing with this new feeling.



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