Sucking cock

When I was about eighteen or nineteen, Austin, the preacher’s son and I would go into the attic in his garage and look at girlie magazines. This was in the nineteen-sixties, long before the inter-net so porn wasn’t as available as today. He had a beautiful cock that jutted out from a sea of curly black pubic hair. It was uncut and about six or seven-inches long with an enormous head and veins throbbed along the length of his shaft.  I wanted to suck it so bad that I was drooling. I didn't though, at least not then.

About a year later I was finally able to get Austin’s dick in my mouth and it was all I’d imagined. 

He and I would go into the bathroom at church when no one was around and I’d suck him off. He was a big cummer but I still managed to swallow it all. 

Then, when I was in the Navy, I was hitchhiking one day, going back to my ship, the USS Shangri-La after a long weekend. I was about twenty-two or twenty-three and an older gentlemen, probably in his mid-forties picked me up. He told me that he was an assistant principal of a high school in Jacksonville. He looked the part what with his tie, dress shirt, slacks and glasses so he may have been telling me the truth.

As we drove along he stared rubbing my leg and I didn't stop him. 

Then I taking the initiative, I reached over and unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out.  I stroked it a couple of times and then I leaned down and started sucking him until he cummed in my mouth. He moaned, “Mmmmmmmmm,” and smiled. 

I asked him, “Does your wife know you like for guys to suck your dick?”

And he said, “yes but she doesn’t care as long as I don’t expect her to suck it.”

 He let me out and I continued on my way to May Port and the carrier piers.

He wanted to continue the relationship but I was apprehensive. It was before don’t ask and don’t tell so as a sailor I had too much to lose, brig time in Portsmouth federal military prison and a dishonorable discharge.  

About a year later there was a big scandal on my ship when they broke up a big ring of gays. It involved a queer named Wally Poe.  It all started with a miss–sorted letter. One of the ship’s post office clerks caught the error and tossed the letter to his buddy to put in the right mail bag. The wind caught the letter and flipped it to the floor. It busted open and some photographs fell out.

The clerks didn’t even pick them up. One look and they immediate yelled for their senior petty officer.

One look and he yelled for their senior officer.

One look from him and he went straight to the Captain. .The pictures were of a gay orgy involving a lot of guys off the ship.  Besides being stupid enough to send incriminating photos in the mail the guy was also stupid enough to tell his boyfriend back in the states about an orgy they had planned for Naples. 

The party was raid by a squad of Shore Patrol consisting of Lieutenant Commanders and above. They arrested forty-guys. The rank of the guys arrested ranged from non-rated E-3s to officers. Within less than twenty-four-hours everyone but a guy named Wally Poe was back in the states and dishonorably discharged.

They kept Wally on the ship because he was the ringleader and they hopped that he’d give up more names. The found a book of names in Wally’s locker but with no explanation what the names meant. Wally looked like a big ‘woosie’ but even though I’m sure the marine guards beat him up he kept his mouth shut and didn’t give anyone else up.

A guy I knew named Campbell’s name was in the book, but Campbell claimed that he was straight and didn’t have any idea why his name was in Wally’s book or anything about what was going on.  

When I first got aboard ship Wally was my division’s yeoman. I was in his way one morning when he was trying to get into his locker. When I didn’t shut my locker and get out of his way, he got mad and told me that he “ate Texans for breakfast.”  Wally was a big guy so I thought he meant that he kicked Texans ass. I never dreamed that he met that he really did literally eat Texans for breakfast. 

A short time after our little disagreement Wally transferred from ‘G’-division to the legal department and became their clerk. His transfer was good for our division because when guys from our division got in minor trouble, and went to an executive officers inquiry (if they didn’t get brig time) Wally would doctor the papers so it looked like they did their restriction time or whatever. Sometimes he could ‘miss-file’ the paperwork and they’d never go before the XO. In other cases, when everything blew over he would make things disappear from the guy’s record. 

A few months after they finally sent poor Wally back to the States, a buddy and I found Wally’s sea bag hidden in one of our obscure storage spaces in the hanger deck. It had a lock on it so we couldn’t look in it. When we tried to tell our first class petty officer about it, he refused to listen and said something to the affect that it would be better for all concerned if Wally’s sea bag was never found. As he walked away he mentioned that “sea bags didn’t float.” To this day, I wished that we’d have looked in it before we chunked it over the side. No telling whose names or the incriminating evidence that we might have found.

To this day I also wonder what became of poor Wally.

The end…  



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