It's the end of September and I'm back at college. I could tell you a few hot stories about how sophomore year is going so far. But this one is about a situation I got into, on my summer job. The situation went on for a month, but the first time it happened still turns me on the most, because of the surprise of it all. I mean it, or he, came at me out of nowhere.

You might know this but summer jobs are very hard to find, these days, for a college student. I got lucky from my Dad's connections back home. To cut the long story short, I got hired mid-June to mid-August, shipping and stockroom running for a local distribution center. The place ships out high-end stereo components worldwide. There were six of us in my "unit" (what they called departments or areas) on any given workday. Some days the rate of orders was busy, other days there was not much to do. It was unpredictable so they kept us all. $11.50 an hour, not too bad.

So, I'm gay. I've been mostly out about it since age 17. I'm 19 now. The summer job was with a bunch of older guys mostly. There was only one other summer-job kid like me across all the teams/units. It had an extremely straight feel to it so I kept to myself about personal stuff, didn't want to get harassed by any of the guys.

There was nobody in my immediate work unit that I was turned on by. It was just not an attractive set of men. But there was a really hot early-20s dude in the unit diagonal across from us, in the warehouse. I kept stealing glances at him. I learned his nickname was Richie. He is, I believe, a mix of half Puerto Rican and half whatever-else white. I know this because I tried really hard to find (ok, I mean stalk) him online one night, and eventually I found his Instagram.

Richie is kind of tall, like six foot one, and he's very lean and fit, with long lanky muscular arms and strong shaped chest with a thin waist below. His face is angular and sexy, very handsome. His eyes are bold and direct and deep-dark brown. Richie looks like he has one foot in 2015 and the other foot back in the early 1980s. What I mean by that is, he wears his thick black hair in that styled-up puffy way that you see in old pics from back then, almost like a mullet.  And he wears a thick silver chain around his neck. I don't know if he is as sun-tanned all year round, but in the summer his skin was this beautiful deep caramel brown color. The warehouse would get kind of hot in summer and Richie would wear a thin white "beater" tank top and jeans. I would see him a few times a day and try not to stare longingly like a stupid dog. But he was the only really hot guy in the place. It was magnetic, I started lusting after him and I couldn't help it.

One day when it was quiet, I passed by Richie, in the side hall near the water fountain and vending machines. He called after me, "Hey." I turned and he motioned for me to come to him. I stepped toward Richie and in an instant he just looked at me and said quietly, "You're a faggot." I was too shocked to respond, my mouth just hung open. I guess my eyes were wide with surprise. He smirked. "So that's a Yes." He walked away slowly. I stared after him, equal parts scared and turned on and confused.

My heart kept thumping in my chest as I stood alone by the water fountain. Do I look that faggoty? I'm 19, five feet ten, average build, not super fit but in pretty good shape. Spiky straight brown hair, hazel eyes, a splash of freckles on my cheeks (I'm mostly Irish). I kind of think of myself as "generic white boy" in appearance. But I guess I do look a little soft/pretty compared to other dudes. Something in my eyes, lips, facial features. Even the year right before I came out as gay, when I was 16, girls often got huggy-kissy with me and gushed about how "cute" I am. But they didn't seem to want me to actually get physical in a sexual way with them, which was a relief, since I didn't either.

I had bad insomnia that night, in my bedroom in my parents' house. I decided to try really extra hard not to stare at Richie the next few days. It turned out to be busy as hell anyway the rest of that week.

Next week was quieter, and Tuesday in particular was dead. And very warm, muggy, and rainy. I remember the rain outside. I was putting some stuff back in a corner of the warehouse, away from my usual unit area. Richie approached me, all swagger in his tight white tank-T and jeans. He stood right in front of me and spoke. "You'd suck my dick if I let ya."

Again I went into paralyzed silence. I didn't know what to say. He let his statement hang in the air for a long five seconds and then added, "Right?"

I stammered. "I--  listen, I really just--  I just wanna get along with everybody here, no uh, no trouble or anything." I sounded weaker than I wanted to, like I was begging.

Richie's penetrating dark eyes stare down into my face. I look down just a little and fixate my eyes on the glint of his silver neck-chain, the faint trace of black stubble along his smooth jawline, and the sensual curves of his lips. My heart starts to pound so loud I wonder if it is visible thru my cotton T-shirt. He's sex on a stick and I am terrified by what is happening. I have no idea what's safe versus unsafe. Is this what happens a minute before you get beat up, or is it what happens a minute before you get offered to suck the dick of the guy in your dreams? I say nothing.

"You afraid of me?"

Again, how the hell do I answer this? Yes!! I'm freaking out! But that might be the wrong answer. I fumble, "I don't know- I mean, kind of, yeah. Look, I don't want to cause any-" Richie cuts me off mid-sentence.

"You wanna suck it. Say Yes."

I can't look up into his eyes. I want to but I can't. I say, still scared "If you're gonna beat me up or something, then no."

His lips widen into that mean sexy smirk again. "Not gonna beat you up." He shakes his head. "Such a pussy."

Richie continues. "You know payroll, Diane's station, in the back over there?" He gestures toward a far corner of the warehouse. I nod. "Go thru the stockroom door next to her. Go all the way back, then go way left. All the way back, in the wooden pallets, back where nobody fuckin' goes. Wait for me." I hesitate.

"What you waiting for? Go. I'll be there in 5 minutes."

My heart still thumping, I look up into Richie's dark eyes for an instant. Then further up into the thick waves of black hair that are style-combed out and then back, framing his handsome face. Then I turn and go. I do what he told me to.

It's kind of dark back in there, the far back corner of the stockroom. This is actually the smaller "other" stockroom, the surplus stuff and a lot of old junk. I haven't actually been back here before; everything we need is in the larger main stockroom on the other side of the warehouse. I stand there all apprehension, me and several hundred wood pallets piled high, and the sound of summer rain drumming on the stockroom roof. I wait. And wait. And wait.

Finally I hear the door open, and footsteps. My heart starts pounding stronger again, and I quickly grab the tip of my T-shirt to wipe the sweat off my face.

It happens so fast, crazy fast, after that. Richie comes right down the aisle in the half darkness, comes barreling right up to me and, unbuttoning his jeans, says "Hurry up." He pulls jeans and underwear down and there's his dick, mostly soft, it's a nice nutty brown color and medium sized and uncut. I crouch down, squatting, and touch it tentatively. Richie grabs the back of my head and shoves my face onto his soft dick. I start sucking on it, using my hand to cup the base of it and my mouth to suck and lick and try to get him turned on.

His dick is warm and spongy and alive in my mouth, it feels great, and I swirl my tongue around the foreskin. Richie mutters "Fuck yeah, I knew you were a cocksucker" and he starts gently fucking my face with his hips, holding the back of my head in place. His dick starts to grow a little bigger, thicker, firmer in my mouth with every thrust. I adjust my squatting position before him and move to knees on the ground. The concrete is hard but I put up with the pain; I'm focused 100% on Richie's swelling dick in my mouth.

"Aww shit yeah" he moans softly as I swirl my tongue and mouth around the fat juicy head of his dick. It's mostly hard now, and damn did it get BIG. I had no idea it would get like 8 inches and so huge and thick, when he first took it out. It's pointing up now, long and heavy and meaty, with a slight downward curve. I have deep throated a few other guys' dicks before with some struggle and some success, but not as big as Richie's. I go for it. My mouth slides forward and I swallow his dick as far deep down into the back of my mouth and throat as I can. He grabs the back of my head more tightly. "OH FUCK" he groans more loudly. I pull my mouth off the length of his huge dick very slowly, inch by inch, and take a few deep breaths. Then I slide it back in and all the way deep in my throat again. I can't quite get that last inch, but I try. I'm shaking, almost coughing, but I keep on sucking his massive dick warm and wet, holding it in my throat, as best as I can. Richie groans again, "Uhhh!"

I then start stroking the base of his dick with one hand, and sucking the outer few inches vigorously with my mouth. I bob up and down, I swirl around and around, keep mixing it up trying to please Richie. I look up, his beautiful sexy face is tensed up, his eyelids are closed tight, his chest muscles are standing out in the sweaty white tank-T as he rocks in ecstasy. I suck this big throbbing cock even more energetically and start to taste the sweet mild honey-like taste of pre-cum. Richie's hips start buckling, his breath intensifies. I suck and swirl and lick and suck this awesome juicy uncut dick. I'm loving it, the aroma and taste and big overpowering feel of him in my mouth. He grabs my head again and mutters "Fuck, gonna shoot" and a second later a blast of semen fills my mouth, followed by a second, third, fourth, fifth. My tongue savors the strong taste of it, my mouth tries to hold it all, not spill a single drop. Richie's long lean sweat-drenched body is rocking and he's softly crooning "uhhh.... uhhh... uhhh" in a steady rhythm. I feel a few more drips of cum coming from the head of his dick, as I struggle to contain the huge pool of his spunk that has already filled my mouth to capacity. I look up again at Richie's face. His eyes are still closed, his sensual lips are parted open as he moans more softly.

Then in a flash he pulls his pelvis away from my face, I barely hold onto all his cum with my mouth as his dick pulls out, he turns away from me and walks away, fast. He's rebuttoning his jeans as he walks. Step, step, step, around the corner, out of sight, footsteps getting distant, then the sound of the stockroom door as it opens and closes. Richie is gone.

I sit alone on the floor in the half-darkness, swirling his cum around and around in my mouth, listening now to the patter of rain on the roof. A light rumble of thunder comes up in the distance. I wonder, how much sperm is in this, how many good looking babies could sexy Richie make with all of this? A lot, I think. I grin as I keep swirling his cum around and around in my mouth as I sit on the concrete, looking up at all those wooden pallets. With a big dramatic gulp, I swallow Richie's semen and feel it sliding down my throat into my belly. Richie is inside me now. I realize that my own dick is hard, has been hard, and it's been straining against my jeans. I take it out, it's dripping precum.

A minute later I'm beating off with a fury and soaring into a pent-up orgasm of my own, catching my own cum blasts in my hand. I lift hand to mouth and suck my own cum off my hand. It tastes almost the same as Richie's but different, a bit more bitter. His was actually sweeter. This surprises me. I gulp my own load now, chasing after Richie's. I lick my fingers clean, one by one. They're still wet and sticky, and I wipe them off using the underside of my T-shirt.

The air smells like damp wood and is thick and humid, almost sweltering. Kind of dazed, I slump back down to the cool concrete floor. My whole body falls open into a spread eagle position, between the aisles of wood pallets. Rain keeps pattering on the roof. I stare up at the stockroom ceiling as another low rumble of thunder runs over and through the building. As I lay here sprawled out in the far corner of the stockroom, my left hand slowly reaches up and wanders along my belly, a belly that now contains Richie's semen and my own, mixed together down in there. And from this same belly, mine, comes the craziest sudden loud laugh, as unexpected and wild as the thunder.


Paul Lantoro

[email protected]


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