It was around 1993, I was 32 when I finally got up the nerve to follow through on a desire that I have had since I was much younger.  It all started during my daily masturbation sessions.  I was living with a sweet Cambodian girl named Stephanie.  She was hot and our sex life was great, but I held a secret desire that she could not fulfill.  I was jerking off to a local sex magazine for singles and couples interested in getting together for sex.  As I looked through the magazine at the numerous cocks men had submitted for posting, I found myself getting more and more lust filled to fulfill my desire. 

I came across one advertisement that did not have a picture, but it had a local number to call to contact.  The ad was a man looking for other men to get together for “good times”.  I decided in my lustful state to call the number.  I called and left a message with my cell phone number.  Never expecting a call back, I was surprised when I received a call early the same evening.  I don’t even recall the guy’s name at this time, but we spoke briefly and found that we both had a few hours until our ladies came home.  He invited me to his apartment complex that he managed.  He instructed me to follow the walkway to the back where there was a clubhouse with a pool, sauna, etc.  I was to meet him in the clubhouse.  The whole drive there was a bit euphoric as I thought about what I was getting ready to do or at least imagine what was to happen.  As I walked into the back area by the pool I found 2 guys sitting drinking a beer and talking.  Having never met the guy I was to meet, I thought that perhaps one of them was my “date”.  We exchanged hellos, but they said nothing more so I made my way to the clubhouse door. 

As I approached the door it swung open allowing me to meet the first man I had ever planned to have sex with.  He greeted me with a “James?” in which I replied “yes”.  He looked to be in his mid forties, nice wavy black hair, a strong jawbone and in great shape.  He was a good-looking guy, definitely acceptable for my first experience.  In retrospect, he reminded me of my friend Ron whom I knew in the Army.  He escorted me into the clubhouse and closed the door, locking it for privacy.  We exchanged pleasantries as we scoped each other out.  He asked if I wanted to go to the sauna where we would have more privacy.  Stepping into an outer room adjacent to the sauna we paused to remove our clothing.  Though this was my first time I quickly undressed completely, exposing my already hard 6-inch cock to a man for the first time.  I watched as he undressed and saw that he was in great shape with strong-arms, a tight waist, muscular legs, and a nice bulge in his black thong underwear.

I learned later that he was a body builder, which is why he kept his chest, stomach and legs shaved.  He didn’t remove his thong as he escorted me into the sauna.  Laying a towel on the bench for us to sit on, I took a seat and he sat next to me to my left.  We made small talk for a minute or two as I told him this was my first time with a man.

Looking at his bulging black thong I reached out and stroked him through his thong, running my fingers along the first cock I had ever touched other than my own.  He leaned back against the wall relaxing as he enjoyed my touch.  I continued to play with his covered cock, watching it slowly grow as I ran my fingertips along the bulging head.  Deciding to get started with what I had come for I knelt down between his muscular legs and reached for the waistband of his black thong underwear.  Pulling out and away I slowly exposed his cock to my view. 

He lifted his ass as I pulled down his underwear, exposing a cock that went from thick at the base to a small cock head, tapered most of his length.  He had a nice bush of black pubic hair surrounding his cock and lightly covering his heavy balls.  With his underwear at mid-thigh I could wait no longer.  Leaning forward I could smell his manliness, clean, but with a light sexually sweet smell.  He was still not completely hard, about 5 inches long at this point and growing.

Taking hold of his naked cock I brought it up and lightly stroked it as I examined my first cock and balls, eye level to me kneeling between his legs.  By now he was fully erect.  Damn it was so hot looking, about seven inches long, very thick at the base, but tapered to a small head and leaking a drop of pre-cum.  Leaning forward I licked the head of his cock for my first taste of man.  Thinking, “I can’t believe I am really doing this” I took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked my first man.  I remember him groaning and lifting his hips pushing more of his cock into my mouth. 

I took about 3 inches in my mouth and ran my tongue all around the head of his cock, exploring his manhood.  I sucked his cock trying to give what I had only received in the past.  As I sucked him he asked that I suck his balls too.  Not wanting to disappoint my first male lover I went down his cock, licking as I went along his 7-inch length, down to his balls.  I licked his ball sack as I rubbed and stroked his hard cock, finally taking one nut, then the other and finally both.  I held this man’s nuts in my mouth sucking in while running my tongue all around his full ball sack.  This really set him off as he had very sensitive balls. 

Going back up, I licked and sucked his cock, running my lips and tongue along the thick vein of his cock.  Taking him in my mouth again I started bobbing up and down, emulating what women had done for me in the past.  I sucked him for 10-15 minutes, trading off between his balls and sucking as much of his cock in my mouth as possible.  I actually did deep-throat his cock taking all seven inches in my mouth and throat.  As I bobbed up and down my saliva and his pre-cum were leaking out of my mouth making my mouth a hot wet man pussy.  I was so turned on by sucking him that I did not even realize that he came in my mouth.  He finally pulled me off his cock telling me he couldn’t take the sensation any longer.  Looking at his cock I saw his fully distended cock, red and swollen, covered in my saliva and his cum.  I licked all around his cock sucking up the juices, nursing his cock until he slowly lost his erection.  He asked me a few times afterwards if this was really the first time I had ever given a blowjob.  Confirming to him that it was, I smiled as I kept fondling and stroking his cock and balls.


James Stone

[email protected]


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