I never thought too much about the subways when I lived in New York. They were just a mode of transportation, a way to get around. Usually crowded and noisy, but convenient and cheap.

Nothing special.

Until that one very special Sunday morning...

...when I got to feast on two of the hottest men I'd ever seen before or since.

It started off ordinary enough.

I'd spent the night with a friend and had to get back home to do some work before hitting the office on Monday. My plan was the catch the 'F' train at the 34th street station, which would take me from downtown to my midtown apartment.

As I expected, everything was quiet at the station. There was no one around but me. I kicked aimlessly at a crushed soda can on the ground before picking it up and tossing it in a trash bin. I pulled my zip-up sweatshirt tighter around me. When I headed to my friend's the night before I should've realized it would be chilly the next morning waiting for the subway.

But that would be the kind of intelligent thinking ahead I wasn't known for. Anyway, it was cold enough to make me wonder why I couldn't see my breath when I exhaled.

A second later I saw him.

He was shorter than me, maybe 5'7' or 5'8', and real stocky. The man was practically bulging out of his T-shirt and shorts, his forearms round and veiny, his basket full and packed. Swarthy olive skin was offset by his dark hair and eyes. His face was clean-shaven, but a few days' growth of beard shadowed his chin. A backpack hung from one shoulder strap.

Damn, he's hot I thought. The perfect thing to warm up a chilly morning. Easy, Tiger! I cautioned myself. There's no telling if he's a rainbow warrior or not. With my luck, he's probably straight.

His eyes were roaming around lazily, as if looking for something interesting to focus on. Casually, miraculously, they settled on me. I knew enough not to get excited -- he'd look away a second later. That's the trademark of straight men -- they break eye contact as soon as it's made.

But he didn't look away.

I glanced behind me to see what had caught his attention, but there was nothing there. Me? Was it me? Was this humpy hunk actually cruising me? There was no one else nearby, he must have been.

But was this casual people-watching, or was it cruising? My answer came a second later.

The hunk let one of his hands drop to his groin and stop there, rubbing gently. There was no mistaking it now. The man was playing with himself while he looked at me.

This was the real thing. I smiled at him, disbelief on my face. He smiled back and continued to rub his crotch. I had the feeling that even if there had been other people around, he would've been doing it. He seemed like a guy that didn't give a damn about what other people thought.

Just then the train showed up, its rumbling breaking through my sexual haze like a knife through butter. Shit, I thought, figuring that was all she wrote. If the hunk and I had gotten a little more time alone, something beautiful might've happened.

But now, any chance of that was gone.

Little did I know...

His crooked smile never leaving his face, the humpy guy followed me onto the subway, taking the empty seat across from me. There were only a few other people on the train: an old woman reading a newspaper a few seats away, and a hot young Puerto-Rican twink standing up on the other side of us.

The twink was nice-looking, as I said, probably twenty or twenty-one years old. He was dressed in blue jeans and a white T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His muscles didn't compare with the hunk's, but he was plenty hot-looking. He nodded to me when I made eye contact with him.

'Good morning,' I said.

'Mornin',' he answered, looking away quickly. Straight for sure I thought.

The subway started up again and we were on our way. When I looked up at the hunky guy sitting across from me, I got a surprise.

He was working himself again.

I stared at him in disbelief. How could he be doing that? Wasn't he worried that someone might see what he was doing? You could probably get kicked off a train for something like that!

But I thought back to what I'd figured earlier: this guy didn't give a damn what other people thought. Somehow, I found that exciting. My own boner, which had gone down at the sound of the approaching train, surged back to life. The fact that the hunk wanted to stroke himself through his jeans while looking at me so much that he didn't care if anyone saw got me even harder. The possibility of getting caught created a thrill of danger in my body.

This was certainly turning out to be an unusual morning!

And then as if my brain wasn't already overloading, something else happened that I couldn't believe. Out of the corner of my eye, in the direction of the Puerto-Rican twink, I saw motion. It wasn't the scrolling strobing motion of the scenery going by, it was slow and methodical, very much like the movement the hunk was making as he played with himself.

I turned to look and was astonished to see the twink working himself too! He was grinning at me as his finger stroked the denim of his crotch, his eyes darting back and forth between me and the stocky guy.

What was going on around here?

Was everyone nuts?

Or was I so sexy that I was causing men who would normally have more sense to practically jerk off in public?

Well, I couldn't be that sexy, even though I knew I was hot.

And a nearly empty subway car on a Sunday morning wasn't exactly in public.

But this was all pretty damn unusual, I knew that much.

And the bulge in my pants was becoming insistent. I wondered what would happen if I started playing with myself too. Normally modest about my body, I found the thought frightening.

Exciting, too.

There were already two other guys doing it -- it wouldn't exactly be unprecedented around here. The men were encouraging me with their eyes and body language.

Come on they seemed to be saying. Come on...do it!

I glanced around, checking to see if the coast was clear. The old woman was either engrossed in her newspaper or falling asleep, judging by the weird way she was leaning forward. She wasn't going to be any trouble.

I hoped.

Spreading my legs, I let my hand fall between them. Gently, I rubbed my groin through my sweat-pants with the back of my hand. It felt good. I kept it up, and the twink smiled at me. I looked at the hunk and he nodded slightly.

We must have been quite a sight, the three of us there rubbing ourselves -- the hunk and I across from each other and the twink standing up, forming the point of our triangle.

New feelings were swarming through me, making just touching myself through my sweats hotter than any remembered jerk-off session...it was as if the tension and danger were increasing the sensations I was feeling, making them more intense than ever before.

We rode like that for a long time, the three of us watching each other, stroking our dicks through our clothes. It was extremely hot. I'll tell you, the chill of the morning was melting away pretty quickly with all that steamy action going on! The tension in my groin was becoming unbearable. I had to do something to relieve it soon or there'd be a big old stain on my sweats.

Luckily the other guys felt the same. The hunk gestured for me to look around, and I did.

Was I surprised! We'd ridden the entire route of the subway and were alone on the train. We were way out in the boonies now where the tracks ended. My midtown stop was miles behind us. I was briefly flustered but then remembered what had been compelling me to stay. Here I had two majorly sexy guys that seemed to feel the same way about me. What did I have at home? Dirty underwear on the floor and work to do before tomorrow. Yeech -- no thanks! It took me all of a second to decide to stick with this and see what happened.

The subway rumbled to a stop and the doors opened. The hunk got up and gestured for both me and the Puerto-Rican twink to follow him. We obeyed, stepping out into the morning air.

The hunk slung his backpack over one shoulder and started walking, and we followed.

All around us it was quiet. A few birds chirped here and there, but on the whole it was silence, the silence that only happens on weekends when there's no one around. We were deep in the subway yards, among huge warehouses and abandoned buildings. If I didn't trust these guys I was in trouble -- I'd already lost track of the direction we'd gone. I'd need help to find my way back to the train.

After walking a few minutes, we turned down an alley between two huge garages. Now no one could see us, even if there had been anyone nearby.

The hunk turned around and faced the twink and I.

'Alone at last.' he said. We nodded in agreement, grinning at each other. 'Time to get down to business.'

The hunk unbuttoned his pants and let them fall. His cock flopped out, at least eight inches of succulent uncut manmeat hanging down. I heard the twink let out a little moan at the sight of it, a sound of desire and anticipation.

'C'mere, boy,' the hunk said, and the twink obediently walked over. Dropping to his knees, he took the protruding pecker in one hand and the hairy ballsack in the other.

'Mmmm...' the hunk murmured as the twink gently fondled him. He closed his eyes and let his head roll back. I could see his dick getting hard from the attention. Then the hunk was opening his eyes again, looking at me and gesturing with his head for me to come closer.

I felt like I was in a dream as I walked over to him. Standing face to face with the twink on the ground between us, I almost whimpered too. My cock was dripping at the closeness and the intensity of what was happening below his waist.

'Do you know how hot you are?' I asked helplessly. I knew it sounded dumb, but I didn't know what else to say -- the masculine heat of this man was so intense. I just wanted to worship him like the twink was.

'Kiss me.'

I didn't need an engraved invitation. Leaning over the twink and gently resting my hands on his shoulders, I touched my lips to the hunk's. His lips were soft and sweet, but with strength and power behind them, waiting just under the surface. Effortlessly, the hunk's tongue entered my mouth. Exploring like it belonged there, it probed my tongue and teeth, as if wanting to feel every part of me from the inside out.

My hands were moving, as if involuntarily, and gently grasping the hunk's engorged fuckstick. It was like holding living lightning, warm and pulsing and full of power. I stroked it a few times and the stocky man let out a grunt of pleasure.

'Mmmm, that's good, man...' he whispered between kisses.

I kept fondling him until without even realizing it, I started guiding the man's cock into the twink's mouth. The hungry boy opened up and took the big organ in without resisting. I was so turned on it was incredible...I was hardly even thinking about my own pleasure -- the hunk's pleasure was all that mattered, and in making him feel good, I was making myself feel the same.

The hunk started face-fucking the boy, pistoning his cock in and out of the Puerto-Rican's ripe, juicy mouth. The boy was whimpering with bliss before long, and I heard him unsnap his jeans and pull them down. I knew he was getting his own dick out and working it.

All this time I'd been kissing the hunk, letting him tongue and caress my mouth any way he wanted to. Now that he was getting a good blow job, I could let my hands move on to another adventure.

They found it without even looking -- the hunk's chest was a frontier to explore. My fingers moved slowly over the planes and plateaus of him...his abdominal muscles, his pectorals, his whole chest was breathtaking. With my eyes closed, it was as if I was blind, making love to the man in front of me with my hands and mouth.

As the hunk continued face-fucking the twink, his kisses began to get rougher and more insistent. It was as if he was getting impatient, as hot as this scene was.

'Lick my chest.' he said and I was all over it, my mouth trying to cover every inch of the delectable man's pecs and abs. While I did this my hands tangled in the twink's hair, making sure he kept up his cock-sucking like a good boy.

Some part of my mind was worried about what we were doing, afraid that someone might see us. But what if they did? There was no one out here anyway, out in the subway yards on an early Sunday morning! There was nothing to worry about.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, this was a chance like I'd never had before and probably wouldn't again, having two such incredible men hot for me and each other all at the same time! It was intoxicating, and I wasn't about to piss it away by being afraid.

I dropped down to my knees next to the boy and stuck my head in the hunk's crotch too. The twink was zealously hogging the man's dick, so I went for the balls instead. By licking and suckling, I got the hunk's hairy sack nice and wet. He put one hand on each of our heads, holding us there, his personal pleasure patrol.

Watching carefully, I waited for the twink to let that gorgeous slab of manmeat out of his mouth for just a second -- there! He let it slip out to catch his breath. I knew a cue when I saw it. With one slurp, I took the organ inside my mouth and started sucking it with everything I had. The twink grunted in surprise at losing the privileged position. He nudged me roughly and growled deep in his throat.

We were like dogs, fighting over a choice morsel of food. It might've escalated into an all-out fight if the stud we were taking care of hadn't intervened.

'Take it easy, you two,' he said. 'There's more than enough of me for both of you.' He scratched my head affectionately, like he would that of a dog. 'It's your turn now, make it a good one. Suck my nice hard dick, man...'

I loved the feel of his meat inside me, so firm and masculine and sweaty and musky. The chill of the morning was utterly forgotten as our little scene in the alley heated up more and more. I heard the twink below me slobbering all over the guy's balls. Whatever we were doing, the hunk liked it, because he started moaning louder and louder.

He kept us like that for a long time, using our mouths to pleasure himself. He had us switch back and forth, one of us on his dick, the other on his balls. It was heaven to feast on the hunk's magnificent cock.

After a while he wanted us to put on a show for him, so the twink and I got into a sixty-nine position on the ground in front of him. It was uncomfortable and dirty, but I felt like I'd do anything to please this man, so I did it willingly. The twink's meat wasn't as spectacular as the hunk's but it was plenty big enough to satisfy. He did good work on mine, too, I could see why the other man had been so pleased. While we were sucking each other the stocky man jerked himself, slow and steady, his eyes never leaving the sight of us on the ground in front of him.

When pre-cum started to leak out of that massive dick of his, the hunk changed his tune.

'All right you two,' he said. 'On your feet. It's time for some serious action.'

I didn't know what he meant but I was so excited my dick got even stiffer, if that was possible. The twink felt the same way, scrambling to his feet like a child who just got turned loose on Christmas morning.

The hunk directed the twink to stand facing the wall of the alley. Then he came up behind him and yanked the boy's pants down even further to expose his pert little butt. It was as darkly colored as the rest of his skin, beautiful and inviting. I didn't usually do the fucking, but that butt made me think twice. It sure would've been nice to get some of that!

Anyway, the hunk kept fisting his dick until it looked like a steel poker poised in front of the twink's butt. The twink started moaning again, out of fear or excitement I couldn't tell. It was probably both...I'd give this man my cherry if I hadn't lost it already.

'Give me my pack.' the hunk said, and I hurried to obey. I handed it to him and the stocky man pulled a towel and a few other things out of it. While he was doing this he sort of turned his back to me, as if there was something he didn't want me to see. He zipped up his backpack real fast, so whatever it was he was hiding was in there. I was curious, but not enough to interrupt the scene being played out.

The hunk gently tore open a package and rolled a latex condom on over his cock. It was so sensual the way he did it, he made it look like an asset -- like wearing a rubber was an advantage, not an inconvenience. Then he picked up a small tube. Squeezing some lube from it into his fist, he greased up his pecker nice and good. Now it was shining in the early morning sunlight.

Glancing over his shoulder to see what we were doing, the twink seemed to breathe easier when he saw he was going to get boned safely. His prong armed and ready for battle, the dark-haired man wiped his hands off on the towel.

I watched spellbound as he nestled himself in between the handsome cheeks of the Puerto-Rican boy. He pressed up against him from behind, pushing him into the wall. Then with his hand he started working with his dick, playing with it, nosing it around the twink's hungry hole.

'Please...' the boy whined, his voice heavily accented.

'Please what, twink?'

'Please fuck me, man, please fuck me!' he said, as if it should've been obvious. It was obvious, but some men like to torture their bottoms, teasing them and stringing them along until they're practically begging for it.

Our hunk was clearly one of these.

'You ready for it?' he asked.

'Yes, man, please do it, do it to me now!'

'You've been wanting it since you first saw me, haven't you?'

The twink thrust his ass backwards, and I saw the hunk moving his cock up and down the butt-crack -- teasing, toying, torturing.

'Yes! Since I first saw you I needed you inside me, I needed your big dick in my butt man, now please do it! Please don't make me wait anymore...you're driving me crazy!'

The hunk laughed and turned to me.

'Get between the boy and the wall.' he said and I hastened to obey. 'Keep his mouth busy, I don't want him making too much noise and drawing attention to us.'

Without saying anything I slipped up between the twink and the wall. The boy was even more hot close up, his body smelling rich and masculine. He was a little taller than me, but he wrapped his arms around me like I was his big brother.

Maybe it was his first time.

I didn't get a chance to ask, because the hunk shoved his dick inside the twink at that moment, and as the twink started moaning, I did my duty.

Devouring his mouth with my own, I swallowed the boy's voice, silencing it in the morning stillness. I felt the force of the assault from the rear as the hunk plowed his monstermeat into him. It was almost like he was fucking both of us, which I'm sure was exactly the feeling he was going for.

Kissing the twink was wonderful, heavenly, feasting on his sexy lips and probing the inside of his mouth with my tongue. He hungrily responded, kissing me back with a vengeance. It was almost like he was putting all his energy into the kiss...letting all his passion at getting nailed come out of his mouth.

In one end and out the other, as they say.

Before long I heard the hunk grunting and groaning and knew he was shooting his load inside the condom. He held himself inside the twink for a few minutes afterward, just sort of savoring the sensations. I wrapped my arms around the twink and held him tight, and he put his head on my shoulder, cuddling against me.

The moment was so intimate and beautiful, you'd almost have thought we were in some comfortable bedroom somewhere, instead of in an alley out in the subway yards.

Then the hunk was pulling out, and I saw him gripping the end of the condom, not spilling a drop. He tossed the little latex sack of cum into a nearby trash bin, before getting another one out.

'Your turn now.' he said, grinning at me. I could hardly believe my luck. I figure he'd blown his wad on the twink because he thought he was cuter, but I guess not. Looks like he was just warming up with the boy, and now he was ready for his main course.


This time he had us in different positions. He instructed the twink to sit on the ground with his back to the wall, so my cock would be at mouth-level for him. Then he came up behind me and pinned me against the wall. Now I was caught between the two hot men...looked like the hunk's main course was a sandwich, and I was the meat.

Sensing I was more experienced that the twink had been, he didn't spend a lot of time fucking around with my butt and my hole. Nope. It was more like ready, aim, fire! After he got the new condom on his still-hard-as-ever dick, he greased it up and plunged it up my waiting rear entrance.

Damn, it hurt so good! It was painful, but delicious pain, the kind I could endure for hours.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, incredible bliss flowered from the front of me. The twink on the ground had opened his mouth and was taking my own stiff rod in his tender mouth.

Oh, this was heaven.

Having them both work me at the same time was incredible. It was going to take some serious will-power not to shoot off immediately. I didn't want to be premature. The hunk had directed every scene of this hot little drama, I'm sure he had every orgasm planned. I wasn't about to say my lines before my cue.

The hunk plugged me good, shoving his hard dick in and out of me. With each thrust, he shoved me forwards into the boy, pushing my own dick further into the twink's mouth. Again like before, it was as if he was fucking us both, reaming the butt of one and the mouth of the other.

All three of us were groaning then, the passion and intensity of the situation becoming almost overwhelming.

'Yeah, man, fuck my ass good, yeah!' I said.

'You like that, huh?' his voice was hoarse in my ear.

I answered him by pushing my butt back against him, and his prong slid tightly into me.

'Oh...' he said. I glanced back and saw that he had thrown his head back in an ecstasy of abandon. All three of us were nearing a breaking point, I knew we couldn't take much more of this without shooting off.

But I knew who was in charge of this scene, and waited for my turn as I had all along. Every time, my turn had come around and it had been amazing, there was no reason to think this would be any different.

I glanced below me to catch a few hot glimpses of the Puerto-Rican getting facefucked by my manmeat. It was a tasty sight, and I wasn't the only one who thought so. The twink had grabbed his own dick and was furiously pumping it, moving closer and closer to a blasting off point.

'Oh yeah, man, that's it, fuck me, fuck me good and hard!' I said.

'Your ass feels so fuckin' good!' he answered. 'I think it's time to finish this, gentlemen.'

We moaned and groaned in agreement. It felt like I was on fire inside.

'You go first, twink.'

'You got it!' he said in between jabs of my dick. Then he took my rod all the way down his throat and fisted his cock so fast I couldn't even see his hand anymore -- and then he did it!

'Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!' the boy said over and over as milky white jizz spurted up out of his long thin cock.

The hunk put his hands on my shoulders and squeezed.

'Now it's your turn, stud,' he said, and I felt like a rainbow of bliss was overflowing inside me. The boy at my feet took my pecker into his juicy mouth again, and just in time -- I came in a burst of white-hot pleasure, shooting my spunk down the twink's throat. It felt so good, my cock in his mouth, the hunk's cock in my butt...it was indescribable.

'And now its my turn.' I heard behind me, just as the hunk started pistoning me fast and furious. Within seconds I felt him harden up like steel inside me and then...

...thar she blows!

A long guttural roar came out of the hunk. So much for keeping quiet, I thought happily. This was too good to keep to ourselves. I felt pulse after pulse as the man fucked me as he came. It was unbelievable.

Then it was over.

As we all panted and tried to catch out breath, cocks were removed from respective orifices. I felt like I was glowing, the shock waves from the orgasm still moving through me like a tide following the moon.

The hunk checked his watch and then started taking off his clothes. He opened his pack and started putting on a new set of clean clothes. Looked like some kind of uniform.

What was unusual about that? I wondered what he'd been hiding from us earlier...

That was when he straightened up and added the finishing touches to his outfit.

His broad-brimmed cap, and his badge, both of which I instantly recognized..

He was a subway transit cop.

The twink and I stared at the hunk with our mouths hanging open.

The hunk slung his pack over his shoulder and gave us a jaunty salute.

''Bye guys,' he said. 'See you around.'

And he turned and walked away, heading back toward the subway station.

The twink and I stood there staring for a long while, watching him go until he disappeared around a corner.

Then we looked at each other and started laughing, and I never looked at subways the same way again.



Christopher Pierce

[email protected]


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