I'm Sam 20 years old, slim white guy 135lbs (61kg) 5'8" (1.76m) I'm gay. Only out to those that need to know I lost my virginity awhile ago. I have a narrow waist, bony ribcage and prominent nipples. That guys like to suck and play with.

I share a room with a guy by the name of Manuel 20 years old Hispanic guy. His skin is medium dark brown. Hazel eyes. He shaves his head, has a goatee and mustache, which makes him look incredibly sexy. About 200lbs (90kg) 6' (1.82m) athletic muscle toned body. He was a high school football player. His girlfriend had taken time out before starting a degree course at University, to do voluntary work abroad. Manuel was deeply in love with his girlfriend Samantha, and was missing her badly. I thought at the time, the last thing I would do is go abroad and leave a gorgeous guy like him behind.

He was fighting his natural body urges. Hormones were releasing chemicals into his body demanding to be sexually satisfied. He was constantly fighting in his mind the temptation to have sex with one of the many, to him gorgeous girls on campus. They would soon bitch on him and tell Samantha. That would be the end of the relationship with the girl he deeply loved.

It was effecting him badly. He was having mood swings. He would punch and kick out, and curse at the littlest provocation. It was sad to see such a gorgeous guy like him fretting over his girl. He jacked off every night. He would wait until he thought I was asleep. Then I would hear his bed creak and his heavy breathing as he squirted his load. I bet he jacked off other times thinking about his sweetheart Samantha.

He was one of those guys that had a certain aura about him. You could taste the testosterone in the air that exuded from his body. When he was not about I used to jack off while sniffing his dirty underwear, that he left lying about. I laid on his unmade bed (most times he left the bed unmade) sniffing him on his pillow and licking the salty cum stains on his bedding while I jacked off.

One day when I was lying on his bed and just to ejaculate, he walked in unexpectedly. He glared at me and shouted, "WHAT YOU DOING IN MY BED? YOU FUCKING QUEER BASTARD." I felt myself blush in shock and embarrassment. He turned around, slamming the door as he left. Shit that was stupid taking that risk. Now I'm in deep trouble I was thinking. The feeling of fear and the bussing in my head was overwhelming. Shit! Shit! I was panicking. I needed to calm down and think it through. What was I going to do now? I'm in deep, deep trouble. My mind was confused. I thought the best thing to do was to make out I was asleep when he got back. If he confronts me about it, try and bluff my way out of it.

Later that night he came back. I heard him open and close the door. "I know you're awake. Don't make out your asleep. Look at me," he said. I ignored him when he told me to look at him. "LOOK AT ME!" He shouted. Sensing the anger in his voice, I turned over on my bed and looked at him. "Are you gay?" He asked. I hesitated in replying. "WELL ARE YOU?" He demanded in a loud voice. I was trembling with fear. I was face to face with a big powerful guy, demanding to know if I was gay. I just wanted the ground beneath me to open up and swallow me. I nervously replied. Yeah-yeah I'm gay.

He continued to stare at me for awhile. He was turning stuff over in his head. I feared the worse. How was this straight guy going to react to finding out he was sharing a room with a gay guy. "I'm going to take a shower. Get in my bed and warm it for me." He said. I looked at him quizzically. My mind could not make sense of what he had just said. "GET IN MY FUCKING BED!" He shouted.

I jumped out of my bed and jumped straight into his. He looked down at me and said, "stay there." I lay in his bed not sure of what was going to happen. I could hear the shower running. The shower stopped he walked into the room drying himself. I glanced across at him. I could see his large flaccid cock, hung hairy ball sac and his muscular body. Our eyes met I looked away quickly. "I know you want to look at me. So don't look away. LOOK AT ME FAGGOT." He held his arms up in the air. "Look as long as you want." The temptation to look at him was too over whelming to resist. I felt both scared and elated as I watched him dry himself.

He dried himself and just let the towel drop to the ground. He walked over to his bed. "Have you made it warm for me?" In a croaky voice I said yeah. "Now get in your own bed," he said. He lay there in his bed, which I had warmed for him. With his arms folded behind his head. Suddenly he laughed out loud and said. "You're a cock sucker." It was more of a statement than a direct question to me. So I did not say anything.
"How many cocks you sucked gay boy, Five?" He asked. "More," I said. He laughed as he asked. "Six, seven?" More I said. "You're a fucking gay whore," he said laughingly. I had the courage to ask him. "How many girls have you had sex with. Five?" "More" he said. "Six, seven?" I asked. "More," he said. "You're a male whore," I said. He threw back his head and laughed. We chatted some more until we eventually fell off to sleep.

The following evening he got back after a work out at the gym. He handed me the shower gel then started to strip. "Join me in the shower, you can soap my back for me" he said. My heart started pounding at the thought of soaping his back. I stripped off and joined him in the shower. My cock was already getting stiff. He turned his head and looked down at my hard cock. "You getting excited" he said. Then he turned around and faced me. "You're not the only one," he said. I followed his eyes as he looked down at his cock. His cock was sticking up at an angle. He turned the shower off and told me to get on my knees. My fear and nerves began to be replaced with intense horniness. The skin of his cock was much darker than the rest of his skin. "Hold it" he said. I reached out and held his cock. "You need to put your hungry mouth on that, you cock sucking queer," he said.

I held it by the base and swirled my tongue around the shaft. Then I worked my tongue around the soft cock head, licking his pee hole then ran my tongue down the side of his elegant cock and down to the nest of wiry hairs that covered his balls. I could smell his manly odor. I pulled back to get a good look at the veins on the shaft of his cock, they were prominent and stood out. His large meaty head and hairy balls were amazing. I noticed the precum forming at the tip. He then grabs me by the ears and slowly guides his swollen cock head into my mouth. I feel the head of his cock snaking down my throat I could taste his pre cum in my mouth. He thrust his cock all the way to the base. I felt the head of his cock hit the back of my throat, making me gag and spit up saliva. I try to pull off but he holds me firmly on his cock. He held my head firmly between his hands and thrust his cock deep down my throat. Pulling all the way out then thrusting it all the way to the base. He looked down at me and said. "Ok little faggot get ready to swallow my load." He gave out immense moans of pleasure as he squirted his load down my throat and into my face. I kept sucking on his cock until he was dry. He pushed me away and said go and lay on my bed and wait for me.

I lay on his bed thinking it was a big turn-on to be manhandled by a stud like this guy. His sperm laden juices filled my stomach. First thing I noticed when he came out the shower was his rock hard cock sticking out at an angle. It was swinging from side to side as he approached the bed. This guy was horny and needed more to satisfy him. He climbed on the bed and straddled my face brushing my face with his hairy balls as he did so. He looked down at me and said. "Take it in your mouth and suck it queer boy." I took the head of his cock in my mouth and slowly sucked along the shaft taking his cock deeper.

He sat on my chest with his cock in my mouth running his hands through my hair. "You have hair like my girlfriend you should let it grow longer". "You ever wear make up?" he asked. I pulled back off his cock and said, "yeah I used to wear my mum and sisters, without them knowing." "Get some makeup" he said. I want to see you with some on". I looked up at him with a surprised expression and said, "ok". He had a smile on his face as he fed me his cock, and fucked my face for the second time. Shooting another load of Hispanic juice down into my belly. He told me to go and get in my own bed. As I got up from his bed he stroked my belly. And said," do your faggot friends feed you as well as I do?" "With you it is more intense" I said

A few days later I managed to get all the makeup I needed. When he knew he said he wanted me to makeup my face for him. I had a shower something told me to make sure I was ready for him and be well lubed. He was lying on his bed naked. I gathered all the makeup together and went to sit at the mirror so I could see what I was doing, No he said come and sit on me I want to watch you put your makeup on. I straddled him and sat with my ass on his groin with His flaccid cock between my ass crack. I had a makeup pallet, brushes, false eyelashes, lipstick and scents.

I at to use a vanity mirror so I could see what I was doing. I kept glancing at him to see if there was any reaction. Suddenly he reached out and placed his right hand behind my neck. He placed his left hand on my back. Wow he said you look just like my girl. I could feel his cock stiffening as it slid along the crack of my ass.

I could see the sparkle in his eyes as he scanned my face. I gave him a girly flirtatious smile and leaned my head to one side. That made his cock even harder. "Wow you look gorgeous," he said. As he ran his fingers through my hair. (Which I was letting grow longer for him.) He ran his left hand down my back and over my thigh making me shudder. "Fuck you are making me horny," he said. I knew I was. By how he looked at me, and by his cock that was now rock hard, and pressing along the crease of my ass.

He placed his right hand behind my neck and pulled me towards his lips. "Babe you look so gorgeous I have to kiss you." Our lips touched. He kissed me full on the lips, sliding his tongue into my mouth. Licking the inside of my mouth and playing with my tongue. It was a tense erotic moment. He wrapped his arms and legs around me. He was stroking my back with his left hand. His right hand was on the back of my head pressing my lips hard down on his lips.

He rolled me over onto my back and rolled on top of me. We were both inhaling and exhaling rapidly as he pressed his body down on me. I could feel his thighs pressing down on me as he pushed himself up, and took his weight on his arms. He leaned in close and started sucking and kissing me on the neck. Licking down to my nipples. Sucking and biting each one in turn. I could feel his right hand stroking my hip and thigh. I could not help but lean my head back and moan.

He raised his hips and looked down to his rock hard cock with it's pulsing veins encircling the meaty shaft and a pearly thread of pre-cum oozing from the pee hole. He looked down at me and said," you like this, don't you little sissy boy?" "Touch it girlyboy; you know you want to." I moved my hand down to his rock hard cock placing my hand around it. It felt enormous throbbing in my hand.

He had a grin on his face as he lifted my legs up pressing them down onto my shoulder making my ass stick up exposing my man pussy. He spat a mouthful of saliva on the head of his cock and onto my hole. Then he leaned into me. His hard erect cock pushed against the walls of my man pussy. My man pussy stretched to accommodate the huge head of his cock that was attempting to penetrate me. The head slipped in suddenly. Taking my breath away and making me yelp. He stopped pushing and rested, I could feel the head resting on my prostate, causing my cock to dribble precum. A very intense feeling.

He thrust gently into me penetrating the head and shaft of his cock deeper into my gut. His cock stimulated my prostate as it rubbed against it. His cock was also stimulating the sensitive nerves of my sphincter. I had tears in my eyes from the pain and pleasure of his cock. "You'll get used to it," he said. His cock was thicker and bigger than any that had penetrated me before. I was experiencing a feeling of pain and numbness as he forced his cock into my gut. Then I had a feeling of fullness combined with small waves of pleasure emitted from a source just inside my gut.

Pushing his groin into me swaying his hips from side to side. He started fucking me. Slowly at first, then he started picking up speed. Fucking me more roughly. He pulled his cock out of my ass until just the head remained inside me stimulating my prostate with the head of his cock for awhile. I gave out moans of pleasure. "You like that sissyboy?" "Fuck yyeahhh!" I said. Then he used the weight of his body to push deep into my gut. Pulling his cock almost out then thrusting deep. Pounding me hard, over and over again with the full weight and thrust of his body. His sweaty body glistening with exertion.

He pushed in hard and grated his scrotum against my ass as he shuddered and gave out a loud moan. I sensed his cock was about to shoot its load, and secrete his hot sperm inside me. Squirt after squirt of hot seed streamed into my ass. He threw his head back and rocked slowly back and forth. His cock pulsated and throbbed against my sensitive prostrate, washing it with his hot seed. I experienced a feeling of exquisite sexual pleasure pulse through me. I stiffened and ejaculated onto my belly.

I was inhaling and exhaling rapidly and moaning with a feeling of intense pleasure. I could feel his cock shrinking inside of me. He pulled his cock back so that it slid out of me. A torrent of semen joined the trickle already running down my crack. As he lifted himself up, globs of pearly white semen dripped from his cock onto my ass. I could not believe how much cum juice he had squirted. I lowered my legs and lay on my back. He stood over me looking down. Sweat was running down his body his semi hard cock was smeared with his cum juice, and still dripping globs of pearly cum.

"On your knees and lick it clean pussyboy. You wear girl's clothes?" He asked. "I've dressed up in my mum and sisters clothes. They didn't know I did." "Would you dress as a girl for me" he asked. "Maybe" I said "NOT MAYBE, YOU WILL" he demanded. I sensed the tone of anger in his voice. Which brought back the earlier feeling of fear I had of him. All the time we were chatting and I was licking his cock. His cock was getting harder.

He leant down and kissed me full on the lips. He looked into my eyes and said, "tomorrow we go and get you some girly clothes." " Now turn around and show me your ass. I'm going to fuck you like the bitch you are." He knelt down behind me and roughly stretched my ass cheeks apart. Leaned into me and aggressively penetrated my man pussy. Fucking me aggressively until he shot his load into me. He stood off me and lay on his back. He told me to go and lay on my bed. His mind was now preoccupied with thoughts of how I would look dressed as a girl. When I looked over to him he had fallen off to sleep. I lay there looking at his naked body. Sex with him was too good, to refuse him anything. The one thing that I never tire of is servicing a man, a real man. I love men! I love strong, dominant and very masculine men. I like to be handled firmly, sometimes roughly.

(Manuel was like most guys when he wanted something he at to have it. I should have said, "yeah I will. Not maybe." I was only Samantha when he had sex with me, it was the only time I had some control of him. Samantha was his sweetheart is true love he treated her with due respect. He loved her. Not me I was just a substitute to him for Samantha and sex. His aggressive fuck of me was his way of letting me know I at to do what he wanted me to do. Makeup was not enough I needed to dress as a girl to make it more real for him and please him. He only tolerated my gay sexuality because it served his needs.

The following day we went shopping for girly stuff (with my money) he pointed out the stuff he wanted. It at to be the same or similar to what Samantha wore. I knew my sizes so I picked out the stuff that would fit me.

When we got back all he wanted me to do was to put makeup on and dress as I girl. So he would have his Samantha. He watched me as I applied my makeup and slipped on my panties and dress. His cock was sticking out and springing up and down as I made girly looks at him. Threads of precum were dripping from his cock hole as he looked at me. He moved towards me and wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight, Samantha I love you. I had morphed in his eyes into Samantha. I would be Samantha until he had satisfied his insatiable sexual appetite.

He went and sat on his bed and sat there looking at me I could see a reflection of myself in the mirror. Wow I looked gorgeous. I looked at him as I ran my hands down the sides of my body sticking my chest out and pouching my lips and blowing him a kiss. It was a spontaneous reaction to how he made me feel. I felt all girl. I had a gorgeous guy looking at me. It made me feel good to think I was the object of his sexual desires. "Do a twirl for me sweetheart" he asked. I spun around slowly so he could enjoy the curves of my body and I wiggled my pretty little ass for him
His eyes sparkled, as he looked me up and down.

He moved further onto the bed, leaning with his back on the bedrest with his knees up and legs apart. He patted the bed between his legs. "Come and sit here honey." I sat on his lap facing him, straddling him with my legs. He inhaled deeply and said, "You made yourself up real pretty for me babe." His face was aflame with pleasure as he saw a female face. He was trance-like as he reached out and stroked the side of my face with his left hand. Stroking my dress with his right hand down to my stocking thighs. His cock was sticking up, rock hard with a glistening of precum oozing out of his cock hole. I ran my hand over his shaven head down the side of his neck and over his muscular shoulders. With my other hand I stroked his well-defined chest, feeling his firmly developed pecs and nipples. His nipples were hard and prominent. Was this really happening? He was letting me touch him like he would only let a girl. An intense deep inner feeling invaded my body.

He started to unbutton the front of my dress exposing my chest. He used his hands to stroke and play with my nipples. He looked at me with lustful eyes, as he kissed my tender lips. Kissing me gently on the lips. We were kissing and making out passionately. Occasionally running his hands through my hair. Licking my neck and nibbling my ears. Stroking my back with his hands. Holding me firm while he Licked my chest and sucked on my nipples. I started rolling my head slowly around as he continued to work his lips and tongue over my chest and already enlarged nipples

I could feel his hot breath on my skin. "Mmmmm you look and taste gorgeous," he said. He stroked his hands down my naked body inside my dress. "You have a sexy slender waist and smooth soft silky skin," he said, He ran his hands from my hips and over the cheeks of my ass. "You have a firm fuckable ass girl. He scooped the precum off the head of his cock and made me lick it off his fingers.

"Turn around and give me your ass girl." I turned around and knelt on my knees arching my back and sticking my ass up in the air. He lifted my dress by the hem, draped it over my back exposing my frilly panties. He mounted me like a dog would his bitch. He pushed his cock inside my panties finding my pussy hole with the head of his cock. He leaned into me pushing hard with his cock. The head slipped in making me yelp. I felt the whole shaft of his cock penetrating me as he held my shoulders firmly with his hands. (Wearing a dress and my long hair. I must have appeared to him to be a girl).

His right hand slid from the front of my neck down my chest to my belly. Feeling my body through the dress. He gripped my hair with his left hand, pulling my head back and forcing me into a kneeling position. Both hands were stroking the dress as he held me in a kneeling position. He slowly slid his cock up and down inside my gut. Until he was possessed by the urge to fuck me more roughly. I was moaning with delight as he held me tighter and tighter. He gave out a mighty loud groan as his body convulsed and stiffened. I could feel his warm cum juice shooting up my gut as he thrust hard several times into me. He started to ease his hold of me as he shuddered and shot the last pearly white drops of sperm juice into me. He pushed forward forcing me down underneath him. I could feel his cock shrinking inside me as he lay on me recovering. His sperm juice was seeping by the head and shaft of his cock and running out my man hole. When he pulled out some of his sperm juice gushed out onto my panties, stockings and the bed sheets. Leaving a stain.

He got up and knelt in front of me. "Get up on your knees girl and lick my cock clean." I licked his cock and hairy balls clean. His wiry pubic hairs were matted in cum. He made me lick them clean, swallowing pubic hairs and cum. As I licked him clean he started to get horny again and started to face fuck me. Making me take his cock deep down my throat. "Take it babe take it all. Down there sucking my cock with you having long hair and a dress on you look just like a girl," he said. He grabbed my ears and started to fuck my face rough and fast. Using his ass as a hammer he thrust deep down my throat making me gag and spit up saliva which was running down my chin and dripping onto my chest. I gasp for breath between each thrust. He held my head firm as he pressed his cock hard down to the base into my mouth. He did it several times. I looked up at him just as he threw his head back and gave out a deep moan. I felt the impact of his juice on the back of my throat, as he shot his juice down my throat. He gushed so much that my mouth could not hold it all. Shooting with such a force that his cum shot down my nose I was swallowing as much as I could. Some still spilled out my mouth as he continued to squirt more into my mouth,

Dressing as a girl, had the desired effect, he could not leave me alone. I spent more and more time dressed as a girl. He fucked me on and off all day long, when I had make-up and a dress on. Somedays he would make me wear a dress all day. I was spending more and more time dressed as a girl. I started to believe I was a girl. (The girl that was in me at last was having some attention paid to her. It was an awesome intense feeling to have a guy kiss and cuddle me, as he would a girl. I at to be more fem and please him more than a girl. He used me as a substitute for his Samantha, He was rougher with me than he ever would be with her.)

We had sex every day the sessions were longer when I wore make-up and a dress. It was one such day I was wearing a dress and make-up. He had been in the mood to fuck me several times during the day it was early evening, there was a knock at the door, and we both hurried to tidy up. It was his buddy." I know you're in there Manuel," he shouted. "Hold on man I'll let you in." He told me to take my stuff and get in the shower. "Don't come out until I tell you." My heart was pounding as I turned the shower on.

It was his buddy Jose at the door. (I did not know at the time) Manuel pulled on his boxers and opened the door. "Man where you been you not been hanging with me," said Jose. "I been busy man," said Manuel. Jose looked at him and said, "man you look like you have just got off the nest and you smell like it too. "Who you fucking?" He heard the shower running. "She in there. It can't be Samantha she's in Africa." "It's no one," Said Manuel. "Then who is in the shower?" Asked Jose "My roomie." "You fucking your white roomie." "NO." The look on Manuals face gave the lie away. "Ok tell your roomie to come out the shower." I heard Manuel calling me I assumed his buddy had left. I turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. When I walked into the room I froze on the spot when I saw his buddy standing there. He was a black Hispanic guy approx. 6', 200lbs. Athletic build. He turned to Manuel and said, "so this is the white boy you fucking. He's a pretty boy."

He walked over to me and pulled the towel down from around my waist. I looked over to Manuel, he was laying stretched out on his bed. Jose stroked my body with his large black hands. Pressing firmly on my body. "We going to share him like we do with our girls?" Asked Jose as he looked over to Manuel. (The only way Manuel could prevent it getting out that he had been fucking me, was to share me with Jose. Not wearing make-up and dressed up as a girl, I was just a white boy to Manuel. (Dressing as a girl and being Samantha was to remain our secret) Jose knew the answer before he asked. He knew Manuel would let him fuck me.

Jose stepped back and looked me up and down as he stroked my chest. "I'm going to fuck your tight white ass boy," he said. I looked at Manuel he didn't respond in anyway. When I looked at Jose he was grinning. The blackness of his skin made his white teeth stand out. He started to unbutton his shirt. "You being a queer boy you'll like what's in here." He slipped off his shirt revealing his well-formed torso, broad shoulders and narrow waist. He pointed at his nipples "kiss and suck them." Looking over to Manuel and laughing. He was playing with me. I could see a large bulge in his pants. "You want to see what's in my pants?" He said. As he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. His large black uncut cock sprang out, as his pants fell to the ground. "KISS IT BOY," he said. Jose had control of my body. I was experiencing a feeling of fear and ecstasy.

He pressed me down onto my knees I kissed his cock and licked his hairy balls. "Mmmmmm that feels nice what you're doing whiteboy. Lick the inside of my legs down to my feet. That's it white boy, that's your place on your knees licking my feet he laughed." He grabbed my hair and pulled me upright. Jose looked over to Manuel and said, "You have a well trained white boy here." They both laughed. He ran his hands over the cheeks of my ass running his hand down the crease of my ass searching for my hole. He pressed hard with his fingers opening my hole and digging his fingers in deep. Making me cry out and in pain. He looked into my eyes and said, "your ass is full of cream boy." He ran his fingers through my hair. "You're a pretty boy. I've never fucked a white boy. Or any boy. I'm going to have some fun fucking you boy."

"Put your arms around my neck". I wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled my legs up to his waist. "Wrap your legs around me boy." I could feel the shaft of his cock sliding along the crease of my ass as he moved me towards the wall. He pressed me up against the wall. I was now between him and the wall. He held his cock and pressed the head into my man pussy. The whole of his cock head and shaft slipped in easily on the juices of Manuel to the base of his cock. Taking my breath away and making me scream out I could feel his wiry pubic hairs rubbing against my ass. The pain soon gave way to a feeling of intense inner pleasure. He slid the whole of his cock up and down in my gut pressing me hard up against the wall.

He pulled all the way out and thrust back in over and over again. Sometimes missing my hole and poking my groin and butt, with his cock. "Boy you have a nice wet warm pussy." I held tight on to him with my arms and legs, as he thrust faster into me. I yelped now and then when his cock hurt my inside. "I like it when you cry out boy. Makes me want to fuck you harder." I could see the muscles on his back glistening and the cheeks of his ass tense and relax as he thrust into me. He was moaning as he swayed his hips from side to side. I could feel his warm breath on my face as he breathed in and out rapidly. He pulled back and pressed his cock deep into me. Holding the position for a few seconds. Then he would repeat it. He gave out a loud groan. His body convulsed. I felt his cock throbbing in my gut as he shot his black Hispanic sperm laden juice into my ass.

Cum was spilling out my ass and dripping onto the floor. His cock was ramming Manuels cum deeper up my gut. He pressed up against me as he relaxed. I looked over to Manuel he lay there stroking his hard cock. He obviously was enjoying the live show. I felt Jose's cock shrinking in my gut then it slipped out. Juice gushed out my wet loose hole. I let my legs slide down until my feet touched the ground. I could feel his warm juice running down the inside of my legs. He still pressed me against the wall. He looked over to Manuel and asked if he wanted to take over. "No. I've been fucking him all day you have him awhile longer," he said.

He pushed me down onto my knees. "Lick me clean boy." Fear had given way to an inner feeling of shear pleasure. I licked his cock and balls. Tasting his salty juices that were smeared over the shaft of his cock. I inhaled through my nose the smell of sweat and his musk body odors. His cock was growing and hardening as he got more and more horny at the thought of fucking me again. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up to a standing position. "Turn around and face the wall boy." I faced the wall. He told me to raise my arms up against the wall. He kicked my heels to make me spread my legs. He stood back to look at me spread out up against the wall. He stroked the cheeks of my butt. I glanced round to see what he was going to do. "Keep looking at the wall boy." He said. He stroked his hands over my shoulders down my back to my butt. His hands were stimulating me and making me tremble. "Is this making you excited boy? It's good your man lets me fuck you. A pretty whiteboy like you should get fucked often."

I felt his hands on my butt spreading my cheeks apart. Running his fingers up and down the crease of my butt. "You like that gay boy?" The effect was making me moan with delight. He ran his finger around the rim of my ass. My back arched making my ass stick out. "Yeah you like that don 't you sissy boy." Now and then he would look over to Manuel. They both laughed when they saw the effect it was having on me. He dug his fingers deep into my gut. I could feel his thick fingers rubbing on the inside of my gut. When he tired of finger fucking me. He started to slap my butt hard making me scream out. (My butt would be sore and red for days.) "Whiteboy my cock is telling me it wants to fuck you." He moved up and pressed me against the wall I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my man pussy as he leaned into me. The whole length slid in easily making me take a deep breath. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders with his hands behind my head. And fucked me hard up against the wall. I could feel his cock thrusting into me. He thrust into me with so much force that every time he did he lifted me off my feet. When he had shot his load into me he held me around the waist keeping his cock in me and forcing me to the ground and laying on top of me. "I want every last drop of my juice to fill your gut.

He lay on me for awhile his cock had shrunk inside my gut. It had not slipped out. Manuel still lay there stroking his hard cock looking at us. Jose pulled his cock out of me as he raised himself off me. Manuel came over and knelt behind me and raised me into the doggy position. Jose stood looking down at us. Manuel straddled me. He rubbed the head of his cock into my crease, letting it find my man pussy by itself. I felt the head on my hole as it made the connection. One thrust and his cock sank into my gut to the base. My pussy was loose and well lubed with their sperm juice. Manuels cock slid into me easily. I could hear the slapping sound as his groin smacked against my ass cheeks. Juice was spilling out and dripping down my balls onto the floor.

Jose got down on his knees in front of me and started to slap my face with his cock. "White boy you like black cock. You respect your blackman." He wiped his cock along my lips. "Open, open that pussy mouth boy." He snaked his semi hard cock down my throat. Down to the base. My nose was pressed up to his pubic hairs. He grabbed my hair and held my head back as he thrust into my mouth. His cock was soon hard. Making me gag. I was being spit roasted.

"Lets all come same time" said Jose. "I'll milk the white boy while we fuck his face and ass." Said Jose. Jose's rough hand job milking me made me ejaculate first. As I did my ass muscles contracted and squeezed Manuels cock making him shoot his load. Jose let go of my cock and held my head firm as he skull fucked me. Shooting his whole load down my throat. Cum was still dripping out my cock. Manuel cock was still dripping sperm juice into my gut. Jose was squeezing the last drops of his sperm juice into my mouth. They continued to fuck me until they were too tired to fuck me anymore. Jose left about 11pm. I could not walk I crawled to my bed. Manuel had fucked me from about 8am in the morning, I was fucked by both of them for the last time about 10pm. I could hear Manuel saying to Jose that if he wanted any sessions fucking me to give him a call on his cell phone.

Manuel got me to dress as a girl just for him. When he fucked me dressed as a girl I was Samantha. When Jose and Manuel had sessions fucking me. I was just a whiteboy. Sessions with Jose got less and fewer. Women occupied his mind more. Samantha came home and continued their relationship. Manuel dumped me once the real Samantha came home. The relationship hit the rocks and he split with Samantha (Maybe Samantha didn't satisfy him like I did. If I wanted to be bitchy I would say that was the reason) Last I heard about Manuel, he was into his 5th girl since Samantha. I moved on too.......:-)



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