I entered my house, Damien not far behind me. We were instantly greeted by my mother.

 "Hello boys! How was school?" She asked, setting a plate of sandwiches on the kitchen table.

 "It was great for me, but Kaden failed his math test." Damien joked. My mother's cheerful expression faded. I elbowed the muscular football player in the arm as hard as I could, but he seemed unmoved.

 "He's kidding, Ma. But we have some studying to do, we have a-"

 "Oh well surely you two have time for a snack?" She insisted.

 "Well not real-" I began, but was instantly interrupted.

 "Whew! I'm famished!" Damien said as he headed towards the table. I shot evil glares at him, but I'm sure they were deflected by his firm bubble butt. I groaned as I sat across from him at the table. He smiled at me as he bit into the corner of a sandwich, his hazel eyes seemingly smiling with him. I rolled my eyes, mouthing the word "asshole".

 "Kaden, aren't you going to eat?" My mother asked as she set two glasses of lemonade in front of us.

 "No thank you, I'm not hungry."

 "Don't worry, Sarah, I'll eat it for him." Damien smiled to her. She returned it and exited to the living room. I waited until I was sure that she was gone.

 "If you kiss ass any harder, you're gonna be eatin' shit instead of sandwiches." I said through gritted teeth, trying to hide my smirk. He covered his mouth and stifled his laughter. He ran a hand through his short brown hair as he took a sip of his beverage.

 "You wanna go upstairs and uhh.. Study?" He said after a short pause. I answered him by standing and heading to my room. As I entered, so did he seconds later.

 "Lock the door and get your fucking clothes off." I ordered him.

 "Yes sir!" He grinned as he locked the door and removed his shirt. He approached me and put his arms around my waist. I soon felt his hands gripping and squeezing at my plump ass. He bit his lip. "This is what I'm really hungry for." He groaned sexily as he began invading my mouth with his own. I reached my hands up and felt every curve and dip of his tight, toned chest. I soon found his nipples and gave them slight pinches and tugs. I felt Damien moan into my mouth. That's his favorite spot.

 I began fumbling with his belt and soon got it undone along with his black skinny jeans, and let them fall to the floor. He practically ripped my shirt off of me. There was a noticeable large tent in his blue briefs. He noticed me looking and a sly grin plastered itself on his face. He grabbed his hardening cock and gave it a couple shakes.

 "You want this dick, don't you boy?" I looked him in the eyes nodded furiously. "Tell me how bad you want it."

 "I want your big dick so bad, daddy." I practically moaned. His smile widened.

 "That's what I like to hear. Now get down and suck on daddy's dick." He ordered. I dropped down to my knees and pulled down Damien's briefs, revealing his nine inch, thick cock. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked it, feeling it throb and swell in my hand. I leaned forward and sucked on the head, flicking my tongue against it and lapping up the few droplets of precum. I felt his hand on my head, guiding me farther down onto his stiff rod. I had about four inches of it in my mouth. I gripped hard at the base and began to move my head back and forth, running my tongue against the underside of his cock as I did so, just how he likes.

 "Fuck yeah, suck my dick just like that." He moaned. He thrust his hips a little, forcing more of his hard dick down my throat. I choked and spat, but kept going until I felt his pubes against my lips. "Swallow." He ordered, and I attempted to close my throat around his cock, evoking more moans from him. I pulled back, coughing and gasping for air, leaving strings of my spit hanging from his member. "It's a good thing you didn't eat." He laughed. He slapped his wet dick against my face. "Open." He commanded me, and I did so, opening my mouth wide. He grabbed a handful of my ginger hair and started violently facefucking me. I looked up at him as I continued to take his cock like his little bitch. He withdrew and pulled me up to my feet.

 He yanked down my pants and underwear as he pushed me over my bed so my chest was against it and my ass was being presented to him. Damien slapped his dick against my hole. He spit onto it and pushed his thumb inside of me. I moaned as I felt him prodding around. He smacked my ass with his free hand, earning him another moan.

 "I'm gonna fuck you until you can't walk. I think you like the sound of that." He continued to finger me.

 "Yes daddy! Please fuck me!" I sighed with pleasure. He removed his finger and spread my ass as he pushed his cock head in. I groaned as I felt the familiar stretching.

 "Fuck yourself on that dick, boy." He said. I slowly began rocking myself back, his thick dick sliding deeper within me. Finally I felt my ass hit his hips and he grabbed my side and grinded his cock against my prostate. I moaned loudly and I could feel goosebumps rising all over my body.

 "Again." I did as he asked and pulled off of his dick, then slid back down, over and over again. He was moaning loudly. "God damn you're so fucking tight. You like riding daddy's big dick?"

 "Y-Yes daddy." I stammered through my gasps. I looked back as I continued riding him. His hands were behind his back as he watched his cock slide in and out of me. He grabbed on to my hips and took over, shoving his dick deep inside me, pulling almost all the way out, then slamming back in again.

 "Oh fuck, Damien!" I moaned. He gave my ass a hard slap and proceeded to fuck me even harder and slower. "You know that's not what you call me." His voice was more serious now, and I can't tell if it scared me or turned me on. He grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back. He clenched my hair and started to fuck me at an increased speed. The sound of his thighs and balls slapping against my ass filled the air along with my near screams.

 "Yeah take that fucking dick you little bitch." My legs felt like they were going to give out from the intense fuck. "What's my name?" He asked as he pumped my ass even harder. I couldn't hold it. I felt cum spraying my stomach and bed.

 "Daddy!" I nearly screamed. He slapped my ass again.

 "I said what's my fucking name?" He growled.

 "Daddy! Fuck me daddy! Fuck me!" I couldn't hold back my loud moans and I was sure my mother had heard us.

 "Yeah that's right you fucking bitch. You ready for this cum?" He moaned.

 "Yes daddy! Cum deep inside me! I begged." With one fierce groan and a hard thrust, I felt his cock pulsing and then the warmth fill me. He pulled out and sprayed a few remaining shots on my back. The room was silent now, except for our exasperated breathing.

 "Fuck, that was even better than last time." He sighed. I could feel his seed trickling down my leg. "When's your mom gonna leave so we can fuck in the kitchen again?" He asked. I scoffed and turned to stand. My legs were shaking furiously and I knew walking would be impossible. I sighed.

 "Can we actually study now?" I asked. He leaned down and kissed me.

 "I think I'll be ready for round two in another ten minutes." He chuckled into my lips.

 "Jesus Christ, do you ever stop?"



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