The story features Devin, a gorgeous 19-year-old blond college sophomore who was student body president. He was not only handsome but a very popular student leader. He stood 6-feet, 160 hard pounds, blond curly hair, blue eyes, a great personality and always showed a huge manhood in his pants.

On graduation day at the end of his sophomore year, Devin had a serious disagreement with the administration. The stress was increased by the fact that he had broken up with his 21-year-old girlfriend, Bette, the week before. This is where I entered the picture.

On graduation day, I learned of his problems and at the end of the ceremony, I called his apartment. He was crying and in bade shape. I immediately drove over to his place. With tears in his eyes, he gave me a very long, tight and sensual hug as I felt his hot breath on my neck. I felt the huge bulge in his pants. I became horny as hell. I invited him to go for a long hike on a nearby mountain trail.

As we drove to the trail head, I could see Devin starring deep into my eyes with what I thought was a hint of sexual desire. He had the most beautiful sexy eyes. Could it be true? I was 40-years-of-age at the time, a gay man, and very experienced at making love to especially older college athletes. I stood 6-feet and 2-inches, dark hair and eyes, weighed 160 pounds, rigged chest, stomach, abs and hard biceps. I had a reputation of knowing how to really turn guys on with my 10-inch thick cock.

I had been on the faculty for ten years and the student government adviser for the past six years.

As we continued to drive to the trail head, Devin reached over and placed his hand on the inner part of my hot thigh and said: "Eric thank you for being here for me. I really do enjoy hiking. Maybe, we can go camping some weekend." At this point I got a huge hard on. Oh, how I lusted after this hunk.

I said: "Devin, I would love going camping with you. Maybe we could share a sleeping bag?"

We began the hike and after about an hour we stopped to rest on a bench. Then it happened, without any warning, Devin looked at me with those big eyes and said: "Eric, may I ask you a question?" Without waiting for an answer, he continued: "Eric I know you are gay. I have heard how some of the athletes love that cock of yours. I also know about our mutual friend Ned and you. He told me how fantastic you are in bed. I would like to be the same kind of friend."

This was all I needed to hear from this hunk. I became rock hard and felt a wet spot in my briefs. I reached over and put my hands on the back of Devin's neck and drew his beautiful sexy lips up against my dripping mouth and lips. I plunged my tongue deep into his throat and began a series of hot sloppy kisses. Devin used his tongue to also slide into my wet mouth. Devin began to moan and breath hard as he started rubbing his hand across my monstrous bulge in the pants.

We fell to the ground and Devin mounted me and began a wild humping as his 10-inch cock rubbed against my huge boner. Devin managed to utter: "Eric, Baby, do you feel my 10-inch raging hard cock against your hot crotch?" I replied: "Hell, yes, Baby, I love your humping me. Oh my god, I am in total heat. You are incredible."

As the lust was overtaking us in this beautiful forest, we heard voices approaching us. We got up and brushed off the leaves and sat back down on the bench as if nothing had happened. A family approached us and said hello before they continued their hike.

WE decide this was too risky so we hiked back to the car and went to dinner as we had gained a big desire for food and drink. During dinner at a nice restaurant, Devin was so horny that he began to use one of his feet under the table,after removing a shoe, to play with my crotch. I almost shot a load right there. Devin was getting very naughty which I loved.

I drove home with great speed so horny to fuck this gorgeous stud. It was a beautiful evening so I took Devin to my backyard where I had a large swimming pool. As we entered the backyard we began to remove all our clothes until we were butt naked and then jumped into the pool.

We began to engage in horseplay as we dunked each other. We soon were embracing as we floated and got into hot kissing. Before long, I placed my back up against the wall of the swimming pool as Devin dove taking my cock in his mouth underwater. WOW, was that ever erotic. He started a series of coming up and back down in the water giving me a wild blowjob. After several minutes of getting my cock sucked, I returned the favor. it was so pleasurable having ones cock sucked under water. It was slick sucking cock under water.

We exited the pool and I placed Devin in one of the poolside recliners, got on top of his naked body and began humping him like some wild animal. Cock against cock and the heat from our bodies made for great sex. We both began spewing precum on our bodies. I finally went down on his smooth trimmed pubic hair and cock. I began by kissing, licking and putting my tongue into the large open piss slit of this large cock. The taste of the precum and his body odors were driving me almost into a hypnotic state. I had never smelt and tasted anything as lustful or delicious. I turned my attention to spitting and licking Devin's long and thick shaft over and over. I then began lowering my mouth onto and down this 10-inch horse cock. Devin yelled and grunted as he begged me to swallow his entire wood. He moved his hips up and down to savor meeting my mouth for his first blowjob by a man.

I felt his cock head swell even more, the veins in his shaft began to pulsate, and his balls came up against my body. Devin yelled: "Eric, Baby, you better pull off or I am going to drench your throat with my huge hot load." At this point, I was too horny to pull off this amazing blowjob. I need that cock in my mouth and I wanted his seed. Soon I felt a huge stream of hot cum shoot deep into my throat. He seemed to have a huge supply for me. I did not want Devin to ever stop ejaculating in my mouth. The cum meal was incredible.

I came off his now semi-hard cock and began kissing this stud to share the creme. We rested for some time and Devin then begged me to fuck him. I took him to my master bedroom and placed him on his stomach on the bed. I lubed his ass, lubed my cock and began lubing the condom when Devin stopped me. He said: "Please fuck me bareback. I douched myself before you came to my apartment hoping you would fuck me bareback."

Now I was beyond control. I had never been so turned on. As Devin used his hands to pull his ass cheeks apart, I began driving my aching cock into his beautiful pink ass inch by inch until I was all the way into his guts.

Devin caught on quickly for his first man fucking. I felt his ass muscles tighten around my cock shaft and he used his hips to push up and down meeting my cock as it drove in and out over and over. The fuck became very wet, sloppy and slick. His ass felt like Jell-O or whip cream as my cock slide in and out like an oiled machine.

Devin begged: "Eric, please fuck me harder and harder. I love your cock in my ass. Yea, that is it. I feels so good. Give it to me. Fuck me all night."

This dirty talk and desire for my cock, did me in. I exploded load after load of my seed into this virgin ass until I was drained of all my cum. I pulled out and took my still leaking cock up to Devin's mouth and gave him the last drops of my nectar. We had become physically connected like only sex can cause. I guess I would have to wait until the next time to feel Devin's cock in my ass as he had already come.

I then got on top of his beautiful body and laid there as our over heated bodies melted together.

Devin said: "Eric, my girlfriend always made fun of my sounds when we fucked. She made me feel inadequate. You loved all my sounds. This sex was the best ever. I am through with female sex. I love you."

WOW, these words and our joined bodies did something to Devin's cock as it began to swell under my body. Before long, Devin threw me on my back and his raging libido had him ready to go again. He lubed my ass and his swollen big cock and dove deep into my experienced ass with one large thrust. He used his strong legs and hips to fuck me with out any mercy. He began ripping my ass apart. His 10-inch cock was able to explore areas of my ass where no cock had been before. His cock was making my ass raw from the length and width of his mighty cock.

We bucked and thrashed around for several minutes when I realized he had passed over the blue line. His cock head swelled and I felt stream after stream of cum flow into my guts. WOW, it felt great and smelt the same way. When spent, he pulled out and had me suck the last drops from his cum covered cock.

We spent the night together and I knew I had a new fuck buddy. He was so special.



Naughty Eric


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