One night after working a late shift, I got on the London Underground at Green Park station to begin my journey home. It was a warm night, I was tired and I couldn't wait to get back, have a shower and jump into bed. For once, sex was the last thing on my mind.

I was in no particular hurry, but by force of habit and like most people on the underground, I ran down the steps, swiped my oyster card and ran down the escalators. As I reached the platform, the doors closed and I was too late; the next train wasn't for four minutes so I sat down on the bench to wait. As I sat there, I watched the people filtering down the platform and a guy in a navy blue suit stopped in front of me. He glanced back towards me and said 'Do you mind' gesturing to the small but empty space next to me 'Cause not, go ahead' I said shuffling up and getting my first look of this gorgeous specimen. Although I am blonde haired and blue eyed myself, I am really attracted to other blonde guys and this was a mighty fine example. He was tall and slender in his sexy blue suit, with a crisp white shirt and red tie. His muscular, tanned neck stood proudly against the white collar and his strong chiselled jaw was one of a Calvin Klein model. This handsome man had a long, straight nose, bright blue eyes and dimples in his cheeks as he smiled at me; all this was crowned by a neatly cut head of light blonde hair with soft curls throughout. I was stunned by his good looks.

I was sitting there for a while, flicking through my IPod when I felt a tap on my leg. I removed my earphones and turned towards the suited blonde. 'I hope you don't mind me asking, but what's that aftershave you're wearing?' he said, stunning me into silence. I had never been asked this by a guy before and what did it mean? Was he flirting or did he just want to know? 'Umm, it' it's Bulgari Pour Homme' I stammered nervously. 'I'll make a note of that' he said, tapping it into his phone. We both jumped to our feet as the train pulled into the station. Blondie stepped forward next to me and as the doors opened he followed me onto the carriage.

It was a really busy train and as I stood holding onto the bar by the doors I found myself squashed against and standing face to face with that gorgeous stud. He was the same height as me and we were literally eye to eye. I felt a surge of electricity through me as we stared at each other. 'I'm Simon' he said smiling seductively, 'Alan' I replied, certain I had sounded like a shy, thirteen year old girl, he said nothing and kept looking into my eyes and smiling. As we pulled into the next station, another five or six people crammed into the carriage and we were pushed closer together and were standing chest to chest. I could feel that Simon's body was toned and firm and the feeling of warmth emanating from his torso was beginning to make me horny. Then something happened that took me pleasantly by surprise, but by surprise none the less. Simon put his hand on my backside and stroked up and down whilst he continued to stare erotically into my eyes. We were surrounded by people who had their backs to us, so we felt somehow alone on a busy underground train. 'Firm' he said quietly as he caressed my arse. I looked around nervously, not sure what to do, but his eyes had some kind of power over me and suddenly I didn't care. 'I'm firm too' Simon whispered as he took my hand and placed it on his dick. Simon had a long, thick, concrete boner in his trousers and I wanted to drop to my knees and suck it there and then. As the train pulled into King's Cross, Simon said 'My stop, you coming?' Without hesitation, I followed him off the train and out of the station.

Simon led me to a nearby car park and we jumped into his black Range Rover that had tinted windows and plenty of room for whatever fun he had planned. I quickly forgot about my tiredness and my plans for a shower and an early night. We slammed the doors and before I had the chance to say anything Simon undid his belt and pulled down the trousers of his sexy blue suit; he was sitting there in a pair of tight fitting Calvin Klein briefs that hugged his massive balls and showed every contour of his juicy fat cock. Simon sat there holding my gaze and rubbing his member through his pants. He leaned over and gently pecked me on the lips then slowly glided his tongue into my mouth and made my dick harden instantly with his passionate kiss. The stud then took my hand and placed it inside his pants. The warm, moist feeling of his groin cupped in my hands was enough to make me want to cum. My fingertips were touching his sweaty balls, whilst his clammy, thick meat was pressed against my palm. I began to stroke back and forth as his pubic hair brushed against my wrist; I wanted to rip those pants off and gag on every last millimetre of that swollen rod.

'Take them off' I said to Simon who immediately pushed against his feet and whipped off the briefs. As he pulled them past his package, the true extent of his talent sprang upwards towards the sunroof as though it was praying for my mouth to swallow it whole. Like mine, Simon's cock was about nine inches long, thick, juicy with shaven balls and shaft and a bush of neatly trimmed curly blonde pubes. Between his long and muscular thighs, his huge package looked so tasty and inviting that I nearly shot my load just looking at it.

I leaned forward and licked the slit of his bell end and then slowly sucked his plump tip whilst gently running my tongue around its rim. Simon shuddered with pleasure as I spat on his cock and then lunged forward for a better taste; he pushed my head down as I swallowed his prick till it was wedged balls deep down my throat. The smell of his perspiring groin really turned me on and I forgot about the pain in my jaw from accommodating Simon's mammoth rod. I slowly moved my head back and forth as I sucked hard on his shaft, drawing sticky, salty precum from the head of his cock. It coated my mouth and Simon's meat which made it glide in and out of my throat with even more ease as he wriggled, twitched and groaned with delight. As I withdrew from his package, the engine suddenly started and Simon sped out of the car park, trousers round his knees and cock rock hard and pulsating. He was obviously driving somewhere for a proper fuck.

'Where are we going?' I said, slightly uneasy but mostly excited about being fucked by this irresistible stud. 'Just a place I know' Simon replied 'get your cock out, I want to see your juicy fat dick' he demanded, so I obligingly undid my belt and removed my trousers and boxer shorts. My rod was rock hard and poised for what the sexy blonde had in store, my balls were warm, moist with sweat and hanging low, touching the cream leather seats of the Range Rover. My trimmed pubes were also slightly moist and neatly framed my smooth, veiny, thick shaft. Simon glanced down for his first glimpse of my cock and looked up 'nice' he said, 'can't wait for that fat prick to be shoved inside me'. My cock twitched with excitement. As we drove for what seemed to be ages, Simon had one hand on the wheel, while the other was firmly wrapped around my pulsating meat. He rubbed me vigorously and began to squeeze precum from my bell end which began to run down my shaft; as Simon's hand got gradually covered, he raised it to his mouth and licked it seductively, swallowing and groaning as he savoured the saltiness.

We eventually arrived at a car park, for what seemed like a park or a common of some kind. Simon turned off his engine and said, 'take off all of your clothes' I began to unbutton my shirt and he quickly followed suit. We were soon both sitting in his car butt naked and erect, waiting to fuck each other senseless. Simon leaned over and gently eased his tongue down my throat, we kissed for a short while until he suddenly, with some force, yanked my dick. 'Follow me' he said opening the door and walking stark naked into the pitch black park area. His body was like that of an athletic swimmer. His torso was muscley and tanned and as his lower back dipped in, his pert arse rose up like a ripe peach; he really was fit. I quickly got out of the car and followed Simon, who was watching me from under a tree. He pushed me up against the trunk and fell to his knees. As he firmly clutched my arse cheeks, Simon lunged forward and began to lick the underside of my shaft; as he moved downwards, he playfully tongued my balls and bit my scrotum stretching it away from my body. This really got me going and I said 'just swallow it, Simon'. With that, he spat on my cock and took every last inch into his mouth and down his throat; I ran my hands through his blonde curls as he slowly sucked the life out me.

Simon made the filthiest gagging sound as he opened his mouth wider and swallowed my dick deeper and deeper. When the cock-hungry stallion pulled away from my groin, strings of spit stretched from my meat to his face and I leaned forward to taste myself from Simon's mouth; I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had dumped a load of precum while he sucked me off and we both stood kissing, savouring the taste. I followed Simon over to a picnic table and he instructed me to lay on my front on the top, he spread my legs and lowered himself to my hole and slipped his tongue inside my ring. He spat on it several times and began to flick his tongue in and out of me, the sensation was immense and I just wanted him to roger me senseless. With that, Simon slid two fingers inside me and began to pound my hole vigorously; my body vibrated and wriggled with the intense pleasure and I began to groan with delight. I completely forgot that I was in a public place, but under Simon's touch, I really didn't care who heard or saw us.

Simon stood back and spat several times on his massive prick, he slowly yanked it to fully lubricate the entire shaft and as I lay in anticipation of his swollen rod, I felt his plump helmet being pushed gently against my ring. He glided forward and I felt my arse-hole stretch to accommodate his thick cock, every nerve ending in my rectum exploded with pleasure as he began to glide in and out of me with increasing speed. I loved the feeling of this gorgeous man's warm groin being pushed against my back side. As Simon pounded me harder and deeper, his balls began to swing and slap against my cock and balls bringing me close to climax. I really had to hold back, this was too good to bring to a premature finish! Within moments, Simon too began to wriggle and groan and I knew he was going to shoot his load, 'Stop' I said, 'We'll come together', so he quickly withdrew his cock from inside me and relaxed. Breathing slowly, Simon brought himself back from the brink and the stud now lay on his back on the table, ready to go on. I spread his legs and pushed them backwards, giving me access to his tight ring. Knowing how close Simon had come to climax I guessed that there may be a wad of precum waiting to burst from his cock so a gently jerked his rod and found that I was right. With one stroke, my hand was covered with his sticky lube. I added to it with my spit and rubbed it on his hole and my shaft for maximum lubrication. I was dying to fuck this stud.

I knelt on the picnic table and staring into Simon's bright blue expectant eyes, I gently penetrated his ring with my throbbing cock. 'Ahh that's good' he moaned as a slowly glided my fat prick in and out of his overstretched arse hole. I could feel his sphincter tighten around my shaft and as Simon moaned and groaned I gathered speed and fucked him hard, fast and deep. My pubes were bumping against his plump balls and his huge cock was bouncing in rhythm with my ferocious thrusts as we both moaned loudly in ecstasy.

Within a few minutes, I was beginning to reach the point of no return and ploughed harder in and out of Simon's warm, moist arse hole to savour the last moments of my insatiable fuck with the blonde stud. However, I was taken by surprise when with no warning, Simon wailed and the first of many powerful jets of hot, sticky, creamy cum exploded from the tip of his bouncing cock. The first jet shot upwards and hit my face, leaving a trail of his juicy load across my forehead, nose and cheek, whilst the remaining eruptions hit both of us in various parts of our torsos. Seeing Simon's vulnerability as he shot his massive load and tasting his warm, salty wad which had trickled into my mouth brought me to a sudden climax. I quickly yanked my cock from his now gaping ring and jerked it till my thighs tingled and my body shuddered. An explosion of hot jism fired from my pulsating bell end and landed across Simon's face and in his hair. Another five eruptions fired my creamy wad across his neck, chest and stomach. My orgasm seemed to last forever and cum dripped slowly from the end of my cock for ages after climax; we were both covered in each other's jizz and I was not about to let it go to waste.

Simon's tanned and toned body was glistening in the moonlight with sperm, as he lay panting from the exertion of our ferocious fuck. I began to suck every last drop of cum from his now flagging dick and then moved slowly up his body, gathering our creamy loads in my mouth. Simon watched me as he ran his fingers through my hair. As I got to his face, we stared into each other's eyes and he knowingly opened his mouth to swallow our juices; I held my mouth above his and slowly dribbled it onto his tongue and watched as it trickled down his throat. 'Umm, that's so fucking good' Simon said before I lunged forward and shoved my tongue down his throat. We lay there kissing for a while with sticky, jizz soaked lips, savouring the taste of our creamy loads. Simon had been one hell of an amazing fuck.

We both walked back to his Range Rover and, needless to say, I never did get home that night. We went back to Simon's flat, had a shower and something to eat, then we fucked until the sun came up. He has since moved to Germany, but whenever we're in each other's neck of the woods, we meet up for a repeat of that amazing, unforgettable night.


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