"bye guys." I said to my co-workers. I worked at Felipe's Restaurant. I wait tables, how exciting. I opened the door and walked towards the subway. I looked at my watch and it read 11:30. I was so tired. I dragged my feet down the street as I walked. It was cold and dark and I could feel eyes on me. I started to get a little nervous. I felt someone watching me. I stopped and turned to look behind me. Nobody is there. I walked a little faster. I constantly turned back to see if anyone is following me. I walked past an alley and somebody wrapped their left arm around my waist and one over my mouth. My eyes became wide with fear as I was pulled into the alley. I was pushed to the ground. The large man must have weighed 230 lbs. My slender frame was no match for his strong body. I weighed a mere 146 lbs, and stand at 5' 6". 

"I've been wanting you for a while. I noticed how cute you are when you first started working at Felipe's." that was over 8 months ago. Was he stalking me?

"Now what I want you to do is call your parents and tell them you will be late so they don't get worried." I complied to is wishes not wanting to get hurt.

"Hi mom... yeah I'm okay. Yeah I will okay? I just wanted to let you know that Imma be late Yeah. Yeah, I love you..." 

"you ready?" He asked in a menacing tone.

"L-look. I-I don't w-want any trouble. I just want to go home and w-we can forget this ever happened okay?" I said stumbling through my words really wishing I was a bit stronger so I could at least defend myself against the 6'4" well muscled 200 pound man that was on top of me.

I hastily followed the instruction so he didn't make him any madder. He roughly pried My legs apart. He stood and took off all his clothes as well and sat back down right in front of My now open legs. He leaned down and took My cock in his mouth and started sucking and licking while gently massaging my balls.

I knew that it should have felt good, but to me it just felt plain old wrong. I definitely felt pleasure, but it was overcome by the sickening feeling that I felt in the pit of my stomach. Jake clamped his eyes shut, and began to cry silently. "how could this have happened? Why me? This is just sick. I hate him." I thought in his head. I came all over My rapists mouth, and I felt humiliated all over again for having cum even though this was wrong.

he sat up and licked his lips and then kissed me. I managed to push him off and run, but not before me tackled me to the ground again. "How dare you run from me! I tried to be nice, but now you give me no choice!" he took a hold of one of My legs and dragged me to the wall. All the while I yelled for help trying to attract someone's attention. He took his belt and secured My hands to a set of storm drain grates below me and gagged Me with a sock. "Now I will do with you what I please. No one will hear you scream either!"

He took My legs and put them on his hips and positioned his cock near my asshole. "NO! DON'T DO THIS! PLEASE!" I tried to cry out through the gag, but it was of no use no one could hear me.

"Oh, almost forgot the lube." he reached into his backpack and pulled out a bottle of lube and applied some to his cock and put some on his finger. He slowly reached over to Me and lifted my ass off the ground and shoved his lube covered finger in My asshole. I writhed and twitched in pain and part fear. I tried so hard to get loose, but I  couldn't. My rapists belt was too tight. Then He grabbed My legs and put them back on his hips and back in the same position he had before he left.

He looked Me straight in the eye with an evil smile and plunged his cock in my asshole. "AHHHHH!" I screamed through the gag.

"Oh c'mom. Stop being such a baby." He grunted in between pumping his cock in My ass. I was now sobbing uncontrollably wishing I was anywhere else but here. The pain was unbearable, i felt like I could die. However, that wish became impossible to obtain when my rapist took a hold of My cock and started stroking it up and down making 

Me all the more aware about what was happening to me at the moment.

"Oh that feels so good. Your hole is just so tight, I could go at it all night." he grunted out laughing manically in the process. I wished he wasn't serious, because I didn't know how much i could take. "Oh... I'm going to cum! Do you want my hot white cum in you?! Do you?" I shook my head, but it was of no use. He squirted all inside of me and I cummed all over His belly.

"Wow that was amazing" My rapist said pulling out of Me letting semen drip out of My ass. He pulled the gag out of My mouth and let loose the sobs that had been muffled behind the Gag. "Now, you tell anyone about this, you are gonna get a lot worse than a little fucking you hear?" I nodded in between my sobs. "Nice to know you understand. "

He finally untied My hands and left Me there crumpled on the floor. I felt a blanket fall over me, but I didn't really bother to look up since I knew where it came from. "I'm going to leave now, leave if you want to, or stay here till morning. I don't give a shit just don't mention anything to anyone." He said and walked off.

I just stayed there sobbing curled up in a ball on the ground. I cried until I blacked out wondering how I would ever face the world again.




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