Dean Lanquist, 18-1/2 years old, air force private, stood at parade rest

at the perimeter of Airstrip #35, somewhere in Nam. He felt pretty logy

out there at midnight on a starless night. He was brought up in the

Dakotas, he should be used to longliness as him Dad's farm was miles from

their nearest neigbor. 'As Swedes,' his father told him, 'They should be

used to hardship and no friends.' Dean know that he was not really a

Swede, nor was his father. It was actually his Grandfather who come to

the US from the old country but still Dean's house looked Swedish and

they ate Swedish food. His father still had the trace of an accent from

his own father and even Dean had some sing-song lilts to his speech.

Dean was a beauty, although he didn't see that. Others did though and he

was often conscious of guys looking at him 'like they wanted to eat me

up,' he thought. He didn't know how close he was to the truth. He was

just under six feet, he had the pale blue eyes of the northern regions

and the fine grained white skin as well. His features were regular and

his full lipped mouth, with its pink tinge was a sexy feature.

The Cong had been infiltrating the airstrip and burning a plane or two.

The CO decided to ring the field with some of the unneeded privates and

place them 300 years apart. 'Shoot if you have to!' the Sgt of the

Guards advised and each man was given a side arm although few of them had

ever received instruction on how to handle it.

It was now a few minutes past midnight. His tour ended in about an hour.

He could not make out the other guard, 300 years away as it was a very

dark night. A few minutes earlier he thought he heard groaning sounds.

He knew he was forbidden to leave his post and he had been told that the

Cong use all sorts of tricks.

A few minutes later he began to make out a figure making its way toward

him. Dean clutched his holster. Soon he made out clearly a GI coming

closer. He called out softly as he neared: 'Hi soldier. Getting bored

out here?' Now Dean could see him clearly. He was a young guy wearing

OD shorts, chest bare. 'I was up shooting hoops near the headquarters

building. Can I talk to you a bit?'

Dean knew that he was forbidden to converse while on duty but the kid

looked so friendly and harmless that he relaxed and began the aimless

chatter that GIs engage in about their outfits and COs. The kid held out

his hand, 'Names Billy.' Billy peered closely at Dean. 'Gee you're a

good looking guy; you could be a model.'

Dean blushed very red, even across his chest, but he enjoyed the

compliment. Billy moved closer. Dean felt a little uncomfortable and

stepped back a bit. Billy moved with him and kept up a steady stream of

talk as he clipped his hand inside of the open flight coveralls that Dean

was wearing. 'It's very lonely out here. I bet you also get horny. You

miss your girl, right? And the sex, huh?'

'I don't have a girl,' Dean informed; then wondered why he supplied this


Billy began stroking Billy's upper chest. Dean found himself breathing

deeply. 'Been layed? No! You're a virgin. 'How about guys? 'No. A

double virgin.'

A flight suit in a one piece coverall. Billy opened the two buttons that

held it together and slipped the belt open. It a moment the suit was

opened from throat to crotch. Dean stood there enjoying the attention

but unable to resist Billy's purposeful moves.

'Did you see me get that guard's gun over there.' Dean stiffened. 'I

mean his cock.'

Dean had heard about blow jobs and guys who liked males but this was his

first encounter.

'Would you like me to suck you?'

Dean come out of his stooper. ' I am afraid someone will hear us and I

don't think that would be moral.'

Billy laughed harshly. He stroked the jutting bulge on Deans front.

'You are hard as a rock. Stop thinking and enjoy it.'

Dean sighed in resignation. 'OK,' he said in a strangled voice.

Billy moved the shoulders off and allowed the whole garment to fall at

Dean's knees. He was entirely naked, no shorts. All the guy dispensed

with underwear, it was just something else to wash.

Billy's breath caught. 'You are a super stud. That marble chest and

those strong legs and that long pale, uncut cock with the shell pink head

looks good enough to eat and I will.' So saying he kneeled down and took

the smooth, un veined tube into his hot lips. He held it there a moment

and then began to move his tongue in side his mouth over the tip, tasting

drops of precut dripping from the head. Both boys were transported.

Billy could feel the dick vibrating and the hairless soft balls becoming

thick and pulling up. He knew the kid was about to deliver and a moment

later Dean grunted and shook and spew several large pulsations of cum

into the waiting mouth.

Billy had opened his fly and his large thick cock was sticking out of

one side of his very short shorts. Billy was breathing hard. 'Hey kid,

want to suck on me or at least use your hands.' Dean shook his head no.

He began to button up. 'OK spoil sport, I'll have to do it myself.' He

stood up and began to stroke his cock, moaning and shaking. Dean tried

not to watch but he was fascinated. He had never seen another hard cock.

He found himself beginning to get another erection as he watch.

Suddenly Billy swayed toward him, put his arm around Dean's waist and

began to shoot a long stream of white cum.

'OK, Dean boy, we both got off but you got the better of the deal. Maybe

I'll see you tomorrow.' He began walking into the night and disappeared.

Dean could hardly believe what had happened. 'It was so hot.' He gan to

stroke the outside of his pants. He knew he wasn't finished yet. He

took out his cock. It was just as hard as before. He began stroking

fast and hard. He began to shake and grunt and then stiffened as that

feeling overwhelmed him.

Next night he was not schuled for guard duty. But the following night he

was back at his old post. He half hoped that Billy would reappear even

though he was scared and afraid of being caught and afraid of the

feelings that mouth on his penis had produced. He didn't want to be


About midnight he heard two guys talking as they approached him. As they

came closer he saw it was Billy and another kid; a very skinny tall boy.

'Shake hands with Bobby,' said Billy. 'Bobby meet my pal Dean.' Dean

didn't like his familiarity but he was relieved that Billy was with

someone which meant he wouldn't repeat what he had done two nights

earlier. (He was wrong.)

Bobby and I get it on together. He is a great fuck. I told him about

you and he wants to fuck you.'

'Forget about it. I don't intend to do something so queer. I you two

don't mover on, I'll call the guard in the next position.'

Billy laughed out loud and reached over a quickly kissed Dean before he

could react. Although Dean was taken by surprise and jumped back, he

sort of liked the feeling of Billy's warm lips and moisture from Billy's

mouth was on Dean's lips.

'I don't think youi will call anyone. All I have to do is report that

you made a mover on me. Bobby will spear to it as well. It might mean

many years in military prison for you.'

Dean expelled air from his held breath. It was true. What could he do.

At last he said 'OK if you or Bobby want to blow me OK, but do it


Bobby laughed. He knew and Billy knew that once this virgin got sexed up

that he would agree to anything.

Bobby slipped off his pants a nd bunched them up to kneel on. Dean

opened his coveralls and let them fall to his shoe tops. He was already

breathing hard, almost moaning. Bobby glanced up at Billy and mouthed:

'Get undressed.'

Bobby flatten his long tongue and began licking the outside of Dean's

cock. Dean's eyes turned upward. But he wanted more. 'Put it in your

mouth like Billy did.'

Bobby stood up. 'why don't you show me. You can get in nice and wet and

then it will slip into your pink hole easily.'

Dean lost his erection and he began pulling up his uniform. Billy

whispered harshly. You do it or I shout for the guard right now. Dean

was frozen in fear but part of him was remembering the great feelings of

a few minutes ago. 'OK, what should I do.'

Bobby and Billy giggled happily. Bobby said 'There is an old oil barrel

over there. Just lay on it.'

Dean hobbled over and lay across the barrel, his cock laying on the metal

under him. He felt Bobby come around in front of him. 'Suck now.' Dean

put his tongue out. It didn't taste and felt kind of warm and nice. He

opened his lips and took the cock just inside. Almost without thinking

he began to lick the sticky head. He a moment he was taking it into his

mouth and then into his throat. He realized he was salivating and

moaning as he sucked. 'He likes it,' Bobby said in a hoarse voice. 'He

really has me going. I'll have to stop soon.' Meanwhile Billy was

feeling Dean's exposed ass. Then he felt an exquite jolt as Billy's wet

hot tongue began to lick his ass hole. A moment later Billy's tongue

slipped inside. This caused Dean to suck harder and harder. At last

Bobby pulled out of Dean's mouth.

'A moment from now I would have spewed. Let's get on to the main event.'

Bobby went around to where Billy had been and put his thin long cock at

the opening. Billy had done a good job, it was slippery and gaping open

slightly. Dean was terrified that he would be hurt. But Billy came

around in front. He stroked Dean cheek. 'Don't get tense. Suck on me,

it will make you forget any pain. There may be a bit but soon it will

pass. You'll lover Bobby's action.'

Bobby's cock began to push at the opening and Dea n tensed up. Billy

told him to relax. Billy pushed his cock against Dean's lips and as Dean

opened to say something the cock slipped inside. At the same time

Bobby's cock slipped into his ass hole.

He began to groan and cry. Billy pulled out of his mouth. 'Baby, let

him do his thing. You'll see how good it will feel.' He began to stroke

Dean's hair and leaned forward and began to kiss him. As he was kissing

Dean , Bobby heard some sounds coming from Dean. He stopped kissing him

and then he smiled, Dean was in orbit, in another world. 'Ahhhh, I never

felt anything so good. Keep it up. I feel like I'm coming.'

Billy reentered Dean's mouth. Billy thought that he was getting a hot

blow job and knew he was about to cum. Bobby screamed out that he was

cuming and Dean began to shake and jackknife. The barrel was covered

with his cum and he lay panting on the ground, Cum was on his cheek and

on he ass cheeks.

'We better get going,' Bobby said.

Dean said weakly from his position on the ground: 'Do you think you'll

be here tomorrow?'



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