I was a call girl, a hooker, a lady of the night.

I was very expensive, and

you didn't just get sex from me, you got company,

a massage, whatever made

you feel good. Sometimes my clients even became


Well, I had a client called Todd. Todd was a

very Noo Yawk kind of guy. He

had lots of celebrity friends and lived in a condo

in Beverly Hills. And I

always liked hanging out with him. He was a

nice person, a good lay, and he

was fun to be with.

One night, I was hanging out with Todd. He had

another working girl sent over,

one he didn't know that well. Then he told me

he had a surprise for me. The

doorbell rang, and he let in this beautiful girl.

She was tall and obviously at least part asian.

She was dressed in an outfit

straight out of Fredricks - clingy, short and yummy!

It clung to her slender

curves like it was painted on. Her nipples pointed

through it. She wore these

tall sexy high heels, her dark red hair was long and

wavy. Her lips were full

and she had high cheekbones.

'Courtney' Todd said, using my working name 'meet Teri'.

And he went into the

bedroom with the other girl leaving me with this vision.

'Todd told me about you' Teri said in a husky voice.

'He told me you like girls


And with that, Todd must've turned on music, 'cause

here was the most beautiful

girl in the world, dancing and gyrating for me.

She gave me the sexiest smile,

and I melted as she looked deep into my eyes, opening

the tiny buttons holding

the dress taut across her bosom. She kept looking

at me and moving her hips as

she pulled the dress off. She was wearing a

t-back and a bra - definitely

professional stripper-wear.

She took off the bra slowly, rubbing her perfect breasts

and pushing them

together. Yes, she had had a boob job, and no,

I didn't care. It was very

well done - the shape of her tasty titties was perfect.

When she exposed the nipples for me, I was getting

pretty excited. They were

pink and hard and small, and I wanted them - me, a

pro hooker! But I just

watched and waited as she pinched them and squeezed

them and shook her boobs

and ...

She was great! She stroked her inner thighs,

parted her legs standing high on

her heels, arched her back. I have never before

or since seen a woman move

and tease like she did. She stood with her back

to me, her taut buttocks hard

and firm, very rounded. Her hips were wide and

flaring, and very feminine.

And then, finally, when my hormones were running,

she took off her t-back.

She had the prettiest cock you ever saw! It wasn't

enormous, but it was a

perfect shape and color. I've seen a lot of

cocks, and many of them aren't

very attractive. But hers was nice, a very feminine

cock - not that that makes

any sense, but it was. And I have no idea how

she hid it in that t-back!




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