Stripped at the garage is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real life people or situations is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are in their late twenties or older and the sex is consensual though a little rough. This is just a fantasy and no one gets hurt (permanently) emotionally or physically. In the real world safe sex and mutual respect are the way to go.


It was dark and beginning to rain when I got to the camp ground parking lot. I parked the car, opened the hatch and gathered up my tent and heavy knapsack, then set out for the camp-site. The only sound was the gentle rain on the leaves and my feet scuffling on the gravel road -- my little flash-light showing me the way - there was no wind.

Paul's was already at the camp site waiting for me. I could see him sitting by the fire with an umbrella. We come from opposite directions and this park is a great half-way point to meet. Paul jumped up as he heard my footsteps get closer.

"Where have you been?!" Paul rushed over and grabbed my tent from me and I unslung my knapsack and let it thud down to the ground. "I was getting worried and cell phones don't work out here..." He looked at me funny as I got closer to the firelight. "And where did you get that ratty cut-off shirt? It is twice your size... and it stinks." My response was a wide slightly embarrassed grin.

"Shit!" Paul said. "What happened this time?"

"Nothing happened..." I said a little too defensively. "Well I got a two flat tires at the same time ..." After a bit of a pause I added. "But there was a garage just across the highway from where I stopped, so that was lucky." Then I began unravelling my tent. Paul was unfolding the ground sheet but stopped and stared at me. When I didn't continue he asked. "That explains why you're late but not the shirt? ...Which really stinks by the way..."

"You're right, it does..." I pulled the shirt over my head and noticed Paul staring at me, he always liked my tight athletic body but we have been friends forever and are practically family and I don't think of Paul that way.

Paul's eyes suddenly went wide. "What the hell happened to your chest?"

"What?" I asked.

"That big long bruise on your chest! Where the hell did that come from?" He grabbed my shoulder and led me closer to the firelight. The cold rain drops on my bare skin made my nipples hard. Paul reached up and ran his hand along the edge of the bruise, checking me. His touch gave me goose bumps and I winced as he poked the center of the bruise.

"Oh, that was hurting a bit but I didn't know it bruised up like that. Shit." I shivered and self-consciously turned away from Paul and went over to my knapsack and took out a waterproof jacket. Quickly, I put it on and zipped it up covering up my bruised chest. Then I began smoothing out the tent on the now-wet ground sheet.

"Well?" Paul uttered exasperated.

"I don't know. It was kind of embarrassing" I said while erecting the tent poles and snapping the tent onto them one by one.

"What was? Come one tell me, we don't have any secrets and nothing exciting ever happens to me."

I thought a moment. It was true, Paul was sweet and nerdy and quiet. We were the same age and I had always been athletic and muscular and had a pretty face though he was tall and I was kinda short. My good looks earned me a lot of attention whether I wanted it or not while Paul had confided in me that he would like a little attention at least once. I thought of the time Paul asked me why I spend time with him when I could be off on with some hot exciting man. I was mad at the time when he asked as if he felt I was only there because I felt obligated because we grew up together. The truth was I loved spending time with him and was hurt by the question. Then I realized he needed reassurance that I wasn't going to turn my life in a direction that didn't include him. Never going to happen!

"Ok.." I sighed. "Ok..." Then I looked up at him. "But this is just between you and me." I knew it would be but I warned him anyway.

"I knew it, how big was the man you got that shirt off of?" Paul sounded eager for every detail and I was having second thoughts about telling him.

Suddenly the rain started to come down hard. "Quick! Get in my tent and I'll tell you." Once Paul disappeared in the now erect tent I quickly snapped down the tent-fly and dove in after him. The rain was loud.

I yanked my knapsack inside and zipped up the tent. Then I got out the sleeping bag and laid it out flat so we could both get cozy and I turned out the light. "Ok..."

Another long pause and then I tried to get up the nerve with one last. "Ok..."

"You keep saying that!" Paul was getting impatient.

"Well, I'm still processing what happened..." In the darkness I paused and Paul got worried because he couldn't see the grin on my face.

"He didn't hurt you did he? I mean..." Paul sounded alarmed. "Are you ok?"

"No nothing like that, they were a little rough but..."

"THEY!?" Paul choked out. "There was a "THEY"?

"Do you want to hear this story or not?"

"You know I do." Paul said eagerly but then added sombrely "You sure you're all right though..."

"Yea I'm fine but it was..." Another pause "...unexpected." And then I started at the beginning, when I got the flat tires.

I must admit I was a bit late starting off but I was making good time along the highway towards the park. I knew that Paul would be there much earlier, he can never wait to get there and away from his family. It was hot so I had all my windows open and was enjoying the breeze. I had my shorts on and my favourite thread-bare navy blue tank top on. I was enjoying the wind coming through the windows as I sped along.

I stopped at a 4-way stop intersection and noticed the sky getting dark with clouds. I had just started up when I heard hissing. I must have gone about 500 feet when I noticed the back tires seemed spongy and were making odd noises. So I quickly pulled over to the side and got out. Both back tires were flat. I watched as the car settled down and was soon resting on the rims.

Just as I was reaching for my cell phone I noticed right across the highway was a little garage. A big bulky man in a red cut-off shirt was sitting out front on a bench and was looking my way. I started walking over to him and he got up and came out to meet me.

As I got close I could see that he was well muscled, easily three times my size, a bit chubby but handsome in an unrefined sort of way. When I got close enough I said hi and told him I have a flat and asked if he would be able to help me out. He had a name tag on the shirt which read Karl.

Karl smirked at me and put his arms behind his head in a stretch. I couldn't help but look at his deep hairy pits and his flexed biceps. My dick grew a little bit. "Looks like you have two flats" he observed with amusement.

He told me that they were just about to close up but he was sure that they could help me out. "Shouldn't take long" Karl added and then shouted for a man named Clarence. A moment later a man about 45 years old and only about three and a half feet tall came out. He looked amicable but I wondered why he was needed just then.

It wasn't long until I found out. Clarence would steer while Karl and I push the car across the highway and into the shop. I thanked them for helping and shook both their hands while we crossed the highway together. Karl could have pushed the car himself I'm sure but we both pushed and Clarence was steering and using the parking break. He couldn't reach the pedals. I noticed him looking at me out of the rear view mirrors and smiling. When we stopped in the garage I was sweaty. Clarence hopped out and said "Not bad for a pretty city boy" smiling at me. I responded with a good natured sarcastic "thanks".

Karl pointed me to a bench in a little waiting room by a tall counter. "Have a seat while Clarence does his magic, he's a wiz with tires."

I said thanks then a little louder I said "Thanks Clarence, I really appreciate it."

"Don't you worry about it..." floated in from the garage from Clarence while Karl took up a station at the counter and began working on papers. Not having much to do, I looked out the window. I could see Karl behind the counter in the reflection and as it got darker his reflection grew stronger and I began to fantasize about what he would look like without that shirt on. It was a high counter and I could only see his head and shoulders above it. He really filled out the shirt and his naked arms were bulging as he wrote on the papers in front of him.

Karl did a flexing stretch again and I couldn't help but turn and look at him directly so I could see his biceps and hairy pits again. "Wow" I thought, he was one hot brute. He looked at me and I perhaps jerked my head away a little too quickly because he grinned. I blushed a bit but I don't think he noticed that. I suddenly felt a little exposed sitting there in my shorts and tank top with no one else around. I looked at myself in the reflection and I wondered if Karl was looking at my slim muscular bare legs and arms just waiting for a chance to jump me.

When I tried looking out the window it was so dark that I could see more inside than out now. In the reflection Karl was looking at me and smirking. I suddenly felt scared but as you know me, that didn't stop dick from growing. I had to change my position because it was starting to show.

After about another 15 minutes, Karl said it was all done and held out a paper for me. I didn't see Clarence anywhere and wanted to thank him but maybe he just fixed it and went home. I got up and went over to the counter and rested my arms on it. Karl leaned kind of close to me and lifted up his left arm and flexed it, showing his hairy pit again. Then he grinned and said, "I get the impression that you see something you like"

I just gulped. I did see something I liked but I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to say it or not. Could it just be a ruse to do some pansy boy red necked gay bashing... When I didn't say anything in my moment of stunned s silence, he put down his arm and pulled aside the cutoff sleeve exposing a big erect nipple.

I was staring at it with my mouth open. Then Karl took my wrist in his hand and pulled my hand to his nipple. I felt it and began playing with it. Karl started saying that he liked how I work his nipples and grabbed my other arm and pulled me firmly to the counter with a strong hand firmly gripped on each of my wrists. I felt the corner of the counter pressing into my chest hard and looked up at him in alarm.

That is when I heard hinges working like a door opening below the counter. I tried to look but Karl had me locked solid.

"What are you doing?" I asked him nervously. Of course my cock was embarrassingly rock solid now and sticking out of the top of my shorts a bit. That is when I felt hands pulling down my shorts. I tried to back away but Karl had my upper body locked against the counter and down below someone was holding onto my shorts with strong arms keeping me from moving my feet back. Hands started to feel up my legs and fondle my balls in my underwear. I looked at Karl who was laughing as he held me in place while enjoying my panicked and indignant expression.

"Don't worry." he said, "We are just going to have a little fun, that's all. After all we did stay open late for ya. Least you could do"...

I felt arms wrap around my ass and a face was pushed into my crotch and was chewing on my cock through the fabric. The hands grabbed my underwear from behind and began pulling it. I heard tearing as the cloth ripped away from my ass. I again tried to look around and behind me but it was no use. Karl was looking past me and at the window. No doubt he could see what was going on in the reflection. My ass exposed!. Then I felt the elastic of my briefs being pulled hard and more tearing, then the remnants of my briefs fell away and my cock was erect and free. My face was beet red with embarrassment.

"Stand by for the milking of your life pretty boy." Karl said lustily. There was no loosening of his grip.

I was shouting "Hey" and "Wait a minute" and any number of other things as I was held to the counter as rough hands were yanking at my nut sack and a tongue was slurping up and down my shaft. I was starting to get more turned on than embarrassed though.

Suddenly there was tugging at my shirt from below. Then a sudden strong yank and my tank top ripped and was pulled down roughly below the counter. There was more tearing of cloth and that was the last I saw of my favorite blue shirt. I suddenly felt really naked and exposed. Every time I would jerk or gasp or twitch while my cock and balls were felt up was met by Karl's irresistible force holding me there. It was scary how easily he held me there.

My balls were squeezed and I shouted, then a hungry mouth began taking in my dick. Lips clamped tight around my shaft and I was being milked just like Karl has warned would happen. I was suddenly embarrassed again to be looking at this man who I don't know right in the face while some other man is sucking my cock and roughly working on my sack unseen below.

"Ohhh, oohhh" was all I was managing to gasp at this point when I felt a hand push between my inner thighs where fingers soon found my ass crack. They were forcing their way up my crack and toward my hole. "Ohh fuck, ohh fuck" I was saying red-faced and lifting one leg off the floor instinctively trying to get away from the probing fingers. This while feeling the ecstasy of a really enthusiastic blow job on my cock. Karl responded to my contortions by pulling me harder against the counter. A finger was forcing its way into my hole, then two. It hurt at first and I shouted while Karl was enjoying the view in the reflection in the window across from the counter. I was pulling hard away from the counter and my knees were buckling.

The fingers were in deep and ramming up and down into my ass while my cock was being sucked hard and deep. My knees were quivering and my face was no doubt contorted. "Shit! Shit!" was all I could say as the orgasm was starting. For some reason I wanted to warn that I was gonna cum to give him time to get off my cock but he must have known because I was losing control of my breathing. My legs were a bit unsteady now and I was arching my back as best I could when I felt the mouth on my cock hold on deep and I came right down that unseen throat. I didn't have any choice. The fingers rammed up my ass and held me in place. The unseen cock sucker has just drained my balls dry. I was still jerking and looking up at the ceiling with a beat red face.

Then the mouth withdrew and the hand pulled out of my ass at the same time. The door, panel, or whatever at the bottom of the counter closed. Just as I was wondering what would happen next, Karl released me. I stood up gasping, suddenly embarrassed again and pulled up my shorts. Karl held up the invoice for $250 and ripped it in two. "I don't think we will be needing this." he said with a grin. "You ok"?

"Yea" I replied, not really sure if I was. "That was... unexpected" I said.

Karl chuckled at me and flexed his left bicep. "Were you expecting this? Sorry, I don't like men but Clarence does and I owe that man a lot." "When a handsome pretty young buck like you came along, and I could see you were horny for men." He pointed to his chest and I blushed again. "We couldn't let the situation go to waste."

"Well your car is all fixed like we said and I think we have been more than paid for our services so you can head off." He looked at my naked chest. Oh, sorry about the shirt but Clarence will want keep that as a souvenir." Karl then took off his shirt and threw it at me and flexed his muscles. He really was a hot hairy brute and he smiled as my glance lingered way too long.

"Um.. Where is Clarence?" I asked Karl.

"Well he went off home. He is painfully shy and he'll be too embarrassed to face you I suspect." Karl offered thoughtfully.

"Um, ok" I replied not sure of what to say and still reeling after what just happened to me. I put on Karl's shirt, it smelled of man sweat but looking at Karl's bare chest made me want it around me anyway -- I floated in it.

"Then I just got in the car and headed here" I said to Paul and then added. "A little sore but, by Jove, I was fully serviced at that garage." I winked at him then realized it was dark and he couldn't see me.

"Ian. Why do these things always happen to you..." There was a pause and then "I'm just stunned I don't know what to say. I don't know what that was."

I reached over and grabbed his crotch and was rewarded with a handful of hard cock and an indignant "Hey!" from Paul.

"It looks like you are saying plenty." I chided. Paul's cock was rock hard in his jeans. I have never felt it though I had seen it hard while he was looking at me a few times. Bigger than mine I thought...

"Oh stop it Ian" and Paul knocked my hand away.

I responded with, "Are you sure you want me to stop it Paul? Because I don't want to..." I let that hang in the darkness for a minute and heard Paul breathing hard. "But I thought..."

"But nothing" I said and started stripping him off. We may regret this later on I thought but not at the moment...


Ben Hard


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