Stripped! At the Cottage:

The following story is a work of fiction and portrays rough unprotected but concentual sex between two adult men. It is an etoric fantasy and no one gets hurt or infected with a nasty disease.

In the real world I always recommend protected sex and getting to know someone well before fucking their brains out, or riding their cock and bucking like a donky in a tornado.

Stripped! At the Cottage:

Not having yet found a job for the summer now that University is out, I'm spending a couple of weeks at our family cottage. The cottage has been in the family for ages and we could never afford a place on this lake now. It is small and rustic. The only hint that the cottage is even there from the lake is the small dock where we have two canoes and a kayak sitting. There are some huge mansions on the lake now and they completely ruin the wildness but it is still a great place to be


I like being outdoors and have been kayaking every day since I got here. I've been noticing how toned and fit my arms and chest have become. When I wear a tank top and head into town, I've noticed a few people staring at me. Some girls would smile at me and I would polietly smile back, some men as well. The men who took notice of me would be quick and cheery but I could tell that they were looking me up and down, drinking me in. I liked that feeling when the men looked at me that way.

On Friday my mom sent me into the marina go get some supplies at the store they had there. Rather than take the lake road I just hopped into the kayak and headed accross the lake. It was a cool day but I just had on my blue tank top and shorts because I knew that I would be hot by the time I got going.

Once I got to the marina dock I tied up and hopped out of the kayak. I leaned my paddle up against the side of the building and went in. I was told to get milk, cheese, and apples among other things. It isn't a big store but I was concentrating on what I was supposed to look for when I suddenly heard a cheery good morning behind me.

I started and turned around. The man was well built, about 45 to 50 and wearing a button-down shirt, shorts, and deck shoes without socks. With his top few buttons undone I could see the nicely defined crease between his pecks and a hint of a nice field of hair covering his well defined pecks. It only took me about one second to take him in, my throat was suddenly dry so I had to swallow before I could say anything. "Ahh, yes, good morning, sorry in my one little world."

"Didn't meen to startle you." He had a rugged but bright smile.

"Don't worry about it." I smiled back and had to look down. His legs were amazing. Hairy, defined calfs, strong knees and it looks like his thighs expanded up from his knees with some serious muscle. It was just a glance and I made it look like I was looking in my basket. I did blush a little which I'm sure he noticed.

His smile seemed to brighten more once I looked back up. "I'm new to the lake... Just bought the cottage for sale at the end of the north bay."

"Welcome to the Lake then. My name's Ian. Out family has had a cottage here for generations." I reached out to shake his hand. His handshake was firm but gentle and I for a second couldn't believe that I was touching him. "I'm Trevor. You're a local then."

"Well for a few weeks of the year anyway but I get up here when I can."

"It's a nice lake, you're lucky to have this growing up."

"There have been a lot of changes, people don't respect the lake anymore. They come up here and build monster homes and ruin the shorline..." I trailed off and blushed profusely, I didn't know what cottage he had. "Sorry, I may have put my foot in it."

He laughed and said. "No you didn't." Still holding my hand he reached up and gripped me on the shoulder with the other hand and squeezed my muscle a bit and looked into my eyes. I could see a bit up his short sleeve and saw his ample brown pit hair which caused my dick hardened a bit. "I feel the same way. The cottage I bought was built only 8 years ago, but it's small, well made, winterized, and it still has a completely natural shoreline. Being at the end of the bay also means that I'm cut off from most of the commotion going on the lake these days. That's why I bought it."

I smiled back and he released my hand and my shoulder. "Whew." I expelled some air. "I'm always putting my foot in it when I meet people."

"Don't be afraid to voice your opinions, expecially when they are good opinions." He said in a friendly way. "Well I better let you get to it, I've got lots of work to do on the place. Fell free to kayak in anytime and have a look around." The invitation made my heart pound.

"Thanks I may take you up on that."

He put an arm around my shoulder and guided me to the window. My skin tingled and goosebumps formed on my bare sholders before quickly smoothing out from the heat of his large warm forearm. Once I was facing the window he let me go. "See that monster there with the grass going down to the lake." He winked at me mischeviously. If you go past that, I'm 5 docks down, out of site around the point. Right at the end of the bay. There is a small dock there with two Adarondak chairs on it. The end of the dock has a fish carved into it. That's me."

"The rest of the cottage is even more impressive. But the previous owner was getting older and had to sell quickly, poor man. Some bits of the cottage are in need or repair and repainting."

"I know the dock, I've been in the bay many times. And I said hello to Mr. Stravinski a few times in the stor here"

"I forgot, you're a local. It's still all new to me." His smile melted me.

He looked at me for second, thinking. "Say, I know you are probably on vacation, but if you want a job I could sure use some help getting things done. If you can paint then I can get other things done. Say $500 for 3 days work."

I hesitated, it was a tough decision. I could use the work so I could help pay for my 4th year. He seems so nice and genuine and all I can think about is his body. Working for him would be tourcher.

He caught my hesitation and said. "Don't feel obliged, you can think about and let me know..."

"No, I mean. Yea I would love to."

He reached out and shook my hand again to seal our verbal deal and slapped me on the shoulder. "Well then, great! I've found me a painter!" He hefted his bag full of groceries into view and started walking for the door. "Well, I'm set. See you tomorrow morning around 10:00 then?" He paused to look back holding door open a bit.

"Yea, I'll be there!" and with a smile and a nod he left for the parking lot. He must have used the lake road to get here.

I finished my shopping and headed to the chashier who knew me since I was a baby. She was also one of the sweetest women you would ever want to meet. And she was also the gossip of the lake. Never mean gossip, but what she lacked in meanness she made up for in volume. She could probably topple corporations and ruin mariages with what she knew about the people on the Lake.

"Hi Ian. I see you met Mr. Worthington, the retired hockey player. He's been the talk of the lake since he bought the Stravinski place."

"He hired me to do some painting. He seems really nice." In a conspriatorial tone I said. "Doesn't like the big cottages either." I knew that Doris felt the same way but running the marina means that she has to try and avoid political issues.

"So I heard. Well he is a nice addition to the lake, and very handsome" She looked a bit longingly out the glass door.

I smiled. "He won't spoil your view then." I winked at her. She said that a person spoiled her view if she didn't like them.

"No he won't" she said ringing up my purchase. "And neither do you. You've become quite a good looking young man and those glasses make you look so smart. Quite a catch."

I blushed deep red again. "For a dorky bookworm I suppose" I replied akwardly.

"You mind now. I've been around long enough to know what I'm talking about and to hear what other have been talking about." She grinned at me and touched her finger to her nose.

Feeling intrigued but not wanting get into a more akward conversation about girls which I have no interest in whatsoever, so I changed the subject. "Um, ok. Well I will see you later, thanks." and quickly made my way out.

My head was swimming. One of the most handsome and manly man I've ever seen, and a retired hockey player no less, hired me to work in his place. And at the same time, Doris intimated that people have been talking about me being good looking. Lost in thought I sat my bag down and was fumbling with the kayak's hatch. I shuffled and kicked the bag. A few apples rolled off the dock and plunked into the lake. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Doris grinning. She knew she flustered me but I was determined not to lose my cool.

I yanked the hatch up, plunked the bag in and hopped into the kayak. "No paddle". I had to get up, and walk past the glass door to get it leaning against the wall. Doris was smiling. I grabbed the paddle and shrugged my shoulders smiling and walked back. I got back in the kayak WITH the paddle and pushed off. I collected the floating apples and put them between my legs and powered off home. I wanted to go really fast but decided to just relax and take it slow. I didn't want to give Doris any more insite into my thoughts. And she could see right into you if you let her.

Once back home, I hopped up onto the dock then turned and bent down, scooped out the groceries from the hatch and sat them on the dock. I grabbed the kayak by the rim and hefted it up onto the dock with one arm. It dawned on me that it seems much lighter than it did last year. I was dragging it up on the shore last year. I must be getting stronger.

I told mom about the job and that I would be working for Trevor Worthington, the retired hockey player. She said she knew who Trevor Worthington was; Doris had told her. So I sighed and said "Of course she did."

That night I couldn't help going over the little intimate glimpses, smells, and touches I had with Mr. Worthington. I woke up with a major hard-on. I pulled off the cover and slid down my boxers and looked down at my blond pubes and 7" cut cock and stroked it slowly but I had to pee badly so I got up and headed to the bathroom. My cock was so hard I had to bend way over to pee and as I did the erection finally subsided. For some reason I didn't want to jerk off to get rid of my hornyness. Some part of me, perhaps subconciously, wanted me to be horny just so I could enjoy the effect that Mr. Worthington had on me.

My parents were still in bed when I headed off at 9:15. It takes about 45 min to paddle to the north bay from my cottage. It was colder today but I knew it would get nice by the afternoon and my exercise would keep me warm. I put on my tight briefs in case I got an erection, my loose shorts and a bright orange tank top and headed out. Half way out I felt a burning in the back of my head. I was thinking that Doris is probably watching me form the store as I make my way to the cottage of the hot Trevor Worthington. I put her out of my mind as I rounded the point into the north bay.

As I headed in, I went straight for the dock with the fish on it. As I got closer I noticed that Trevor was sitting in one of the Adarondak chairs. He was wearing a rugged sweater, jeans, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. Once he heard my paddle, he looked up and grinned. I was still a ways off but he looked so handsom I lost my concentration. The paddle caught on the water and I slamed it against my finger on the side of the kayak. Ignoring the pain I continued towards the dock with smooth powerful strokes as if nothing had happened. Water was streaming off the bow. I dug in the the paddle and arched gracefully to the side of the dock.

"Wow, you sure handle that thing well." He got up and came over to me. His compliment sent my heart pounding again. He continued. "I was just enjoying the morning. You eaten yet?"

As I hopped onto the dock he bent down and lifted the kayak out and sat it on the dock. If I thought it was lighter than last year then for Trevor it was just a feather. His exposed forearm was roped with muscle and hinted at what was hidden under his bulky sweater. "Look at you. A well oiled machine while I'm sitting here freezing. Must bet getting old."

"you're not old" I said a little too forcefully.

He winked at me. "I feel younger already. Thanks. So have you eaten?"

"Um, yea"

"I'm just having coffee for now" He lifted his cup to show me. Lets go inside and get started.

I had never seen the cottage up close before, just throught the trees. Mr. Stravinski was a master carver and him and his wife really loved it here. There were birds and trees and whole scenes carved everywhere. It was beautiful and it was small. I suddenly wondered if Trevor a wife or even kids here at the cottage but I didn't want to ask. I wanted to keep the dream of it being just me and him for as long as possible. We went up a couple of steps to the small deck that ran the length of the cabin. It had round logs with a playful trail of otters carved in it.

"Wow, this is amazing."

"So you've never seen it before. Ah ha! I've seen something around here you haven't." He put a hand on my bare shoulder and guided me to the front door, grinning.

I opened the door and walked into an inferno. "Wow, it's hot in here." I stammered.

He came in behind me. "Yea, sorry about that. I'm still getting used to things. One of the other reasons I was out on the dock." He explained further. Stravinski put in a mass furnace, it works by setting a fire and that fire heats a mass of rocks." He pointed to a large rock chimny like column by the couch that sat opposite the window that looks towards the lake. "I was cold so I put a fire on in the furnace. After an hour I was still cold so I added more wood. Then it started getting warmer, and warmer, and warmer. Now I have to wait for this thing to cool down. I even have the windows all open and it is still hot as blazes in here." He gave me a lopsided grin that just about melted me into the floor. "But you know what the irony is?" I shook my head. "Here, read this."

Below the door to the furnace, carved in wood were the words. "Good things come to those who wait".

I laughed out loud. "Thats funny, I would have done the same thing.. Never used a mass furnace before." I grinned feeling very comfortable around him.

"Yes, well old Stravinski must have had a sense of humour."

"He did." I confirmed.

With that he pulled off his sweater. I watched him lift it up over his head. He was wearing a worn old tank top and as he lifted it up I could see his trim waist expand up to a well muscled chest. His pecs had a light covering of hair which I could now see more of now. As he pulled it over his head I got a good view of his deep hairy pits and the way his erect nipples poked into the fabric. The procedure lifted up his tank top a bit and I could see a treasure trail running down his trim abs and into his jeans. I drunk in every drop of this brief view of his body. I would replay it again and again later I thought to myself.

"It's too hot in here for these" He pointed to his jeans and walked into the bedroom. I could see him by shadow, moving around, heard a zip then a rustle of fabric. He walked out wearing some worn sweat-shorts with an elestic waist band. "Much better!"

I'll say it was better, his legs were beautiful and muscular. I suddenly felt that the cabin seemed very small compared to this hot mountain of a man. He filled the room. He caught me looking at him, probably with wide eyes and an open mouth and cleared his throat. "Um, well best get started. It is the bathroom that needs painting first." There were really only 3 rooms. The bedroom, the sitting room with kitchen and the bathroom, which was a bit cramped.

I felt stupid and blushed again. Sometimes I hated being blond and fair skinned. I would blush at the drop of a hat and it was a beacon for all to see. He walked up to me and put both hands on my shoulders, spun me around and marched me to the bathroom while in my mind I was saying to myself "stupid stupid stupid... I was probably making him feel awkward. I knew this was a bad idea." Many thoughts per second flew through my mind until he interruped them.

"you probably wonder why this bathroom requires 3 days of work." He let me throught the doorway. "Behold!" he commanded.

"Holy cow!" The bathroom had intricate carvings in the walls, supports and ceiling. The ceramic toilet and the shower at least remained carving free. The paint was all water damaged and it was quite a mess. It all needed striping and repainting.

"The window apparently got broken last winter and it has been exposed to storm and tempest for months. It was the realtor who came in and found it this way and had wood put in. I just had this new window put in last week." He explained with his hands still on my shoulder. He gave both of my shoulders a squeeze. "Still interested?" I looked at me expectantly. I could see his face in the mirror and suddenly felt quite small with this man mountain behind me. His charming face of course melted me and I replied with. "Yea I'm up for it!"

"Great! Have a think and I'll get the supplies."

I looked around and wondered what I had gotten myself into. I didn't know if I had the skills to restore something like this or not. Three days suddenly seemd like a very short time to get all this done. I pulled at some loose paint and exposed a tiny bit of wood underneath. I heard Trevor return, he relaxed with one hand on the top of the door and in the other he held out a heavy bag filled with paint stripping stuff. Being that close to him, his left pit exposed again and now I could really see his bicepts and they were amazing. With the heat and my racing heart I felt like I was going to faint but I kept it together. I took the bag from him and started laying out on the floor. There was paint stripper, a heat gun, some scrapers, steel wool, some brushes, rubber gloves and a bunch of other stuff he thought the job might need. "Ok, I'd best get started."

Trevor left and I heard various bangs and thumps as he was evidently working on other parts of the cottage. My finger was getting sore and a bit swollen from where I banged it on the kayak so I was struggling to get into all the tight crevaces in the carvings. After an hour I seemed to have made very little progress when I heard footsteps coming toward the bathroom. I was kneeling on the floor opposite the shower working on removing the paint in a very detailed carving of a nautilas. "Gotta take a piss." Trevor informed. "keep working, don't let me stop you." He put his hands on my shoulders, pushing me back down as I was about to get up and side stepped over me. I felt his crotch slide along the back of my head and my cock began to grow. "Uh, ok." I stammered, my thoughts whirling.

I looked at him standing at the toilet. The back of his legs were awesome and as he pulled his shorts down at the front I could see a bit of crack in his ass showing. He gassped in relief as a thick stream of piss hit the toilet. "Ahhhh" he sighed. "Much better!" With his piss still streaming hard he said. "So how is it going?"

My mind was a blur but I managed to say. "It's going well. It is taking a while though." My throat was suddenly dry again.

"Don't worry about it, remember Stravinski's message under the furnace."

"Right!" I said and then added. "Good advice." And I kept working wile the corner of my eye took in his ass flexing in his worn shorts as he was chopping out the last of his pee making splashing sounds in the toilet. He bent to flush, pulled his shorts up and I distinctly heard his dick slap his abs as he did it and turned toward me. I quickly stared at the wall. He didn't leave but stopped and looked at what I had done. "It's looking good, keep at it." He gave my head a playful push and I had to put my hands out behind me to steady myself. He was smiling at me as I fell backwards. My hard-on was rock solid and running down the leg of my shorts. I hoped it wasn't obvious from his position. I quickly leaned forward but he was already site stepping in front of me. This time his crotch brushed my face hard and I could smell his musky sweat and feel a heavy thick cock bang my face.

"Oops, sorry Ian" He continued by lifting his trailing leg up and over my head and hopping a little to get his balance before setting it down when he was past me.

"It happens." I thought I was sounding cool and relaxed but my voice was higher than normal. My throat constricted and the adrenalin was making me shake. I tried to calm myself but I was so turned on. When his leg lifted up and over I saw up his shorts. There were two awsome hairy balls in there and I could see his cock dissappearing down the other leg of his shorts. Not only wasn't he wearing any underware under the shorts, he was hung like a horse. In the other room I heard the snap of a wasteband elestic against skin and wondered if he was getting hard and had to re-adjust himself. A dick like that would tent out those shorts like a bigtop at the cirsus.

I realized I was staring at the wall blankly for about 2 minutes solid before I came back to myself and my cock was still rock solid. When it gets like this sometimes it takes an hour to go down. "Shit" I thought to myself, gotta think of something un-sexy. So I set back to work and eventually I went off the boil. I quickly reached into my shorts and yanked my dick from going down my shorts leg and back into my tight briefs where it belongs. I kept my thoughts un-sexy as possible for about 45 minutes when I heard Trevor shout. "Ian can you help me for a moment?"

"Sure" I called out and got up. My legs were stiff from being on the floor for so long so I had to get them going again and I limped a bit as I went. I walked into the living room where I found Trevor part way up a ladder. He was holding up a trap-door with one arm and holding onto the ladder with the other. His head poking up into the space in the attic.

Trevor heard me and bent down out of the trap-door to look down at me. "This hole is too small for me, would you mind trying it? If you can get through,

I have a wire I need you to feed through the roof in the bedroom. I'll hold the door open, it's heavy. Come on up."

"I'll give it a try." As I approached the ladder, Trevor side stepped so only one foot was on the ladder and the other leg was hanging free. He was hugging the ladder to give me room to get up and past him while his muscled arm was holding up the trap door. I started my way up and looked up his shorts, he was now wearing briefs under them. I wondered if he had gotten a boner and needed something to keep him from tenting out. The thought started to make me hard. As I climbed my smooth arms brushed his hairy legs and I could feel the heat coming off of him which only made me harder. The cabin was starting to cool down but I was getting hotter and hotter. I tried to keep my eyes up at the door and not look at Trevor. I really wanted to lick him, to kiss him. I was right next to this hot man and his hairy pit was once again exposds as was his left nipple which I noticed when I got to the top. We exchanged a few words but I can't remember what they were. My head was at the top and I was smelling his musky armpit and the length of my body was pressed against his as he clung to the side of the ladder. I felt my erection poke over the top of my briefs and I hoped not over the top of my shorts. Shit I thought, not now.

I had to slide right along his sweaty hairy pit with my bare shoulder as I got my shoulders through the opening. I turned my head and sniffed my shoulder. It smelled masculine and hot. The hole was definitely too small for his broad shoulders. Once my arms were through I was able to get leverage on the sides and my strong arms easily leveraged me up. Just as my ass was going past the rim of the trap door they caught on something from behind and they and my briefs were yanked down. Or rather I went up and they stayed in place. I stopped instantly. "Shit, my shorts caught."

Trevor was laughing. "Well this is a situation for the funny papers isn't it."

Trying to regain my composure I thrust myself up further and they slid down to my knees with my big angry boner fully exposed but I swung back from the hole so I was sitting on the edge with my shorts below my knees and I looked down. Trevor's massive arm was still holding the trap-door up and I looked down to see him unhooking my shorts from something. He could only see my bare knees thankfully and was laughing hard. "Don't be embarassed, as you said. "It happens". He was sniggering and his smile was just amazing and I could only laugh back. "Right!" I lifted my legs up and was able to squat upright in the attic space with my shorts around my ankels. I zig-zagged my undies and my shorts up and tried to stuff my boner back in. I noticed that the door didn't look all that heavy. It was a simple sheet of plywood on a hinge. My thoughts turned to my task and after regaining my composure I found the wire he laid and feed it through the roof in the bedroom. I noticed a big trap-door over by the bedroom. "You know, there is a big trap door over here."

"Really?" Trevor sounded mistified. "Where"

"Over by the bedroom." I answered, crouching with my hard cock mashed between my thighs and my chest.

"I don't remember seeing one in there." His muffled voice trailed off.

"Try the closet." I offered.

The trap door slammed shut and I heard the ladder being pulled away. Then footsteps and a door opening, a bang and steps on metal. The big trap door opened as if it was a feather and Trevor poked his head through. "Ahh, right you are. Sorry to put you to all that trouble, I didn't know about this one." He looked a bit embarassed.

"It happens." I gave him my best grin.

"Smartass" he said. "Well you best come down this way then. I'll hold the door for you."

I was about to say that I could make it on my own when I chenched my jaw and thought about being so close to him again. My cock was rock hard again but I would do my best to hide it on the way down. So, I squatted over at the ladder and stepped on the first rung down from the rim. My leg was pressed against the length of his arm. I got the other leg onto the same rung and then slid along his arm another step down. I noticed that he had his neck bent so that he could look up as I was on my way down. As I passed his exposed pit I sniffed and got a whiff of his musky manhood again and it made me a bit lightheaded. I continued down step by step. My hands were on the run of the ladder level with his crotch and he let the door fall shut and shifted to the center of the ladder a bit. As he did his crotch pressed hard against my hand. He didn't say anything but I felt he was pretty hard and as I moved my hand down I had to slide it down between his cock and the ladder. When I was on the ground I let go and Trevor simply let go and landed with a thud next to me grinning. The whole cabin shook. He gave me a wolfish grin which made me tingle.

He looked at me. "Ian, wanna see a trick?"

"Umm..." I didn't know what to say. I wasn't expecting him to say that. His grin had made my brain melt. "Sort of a magic trick, it will only take a second."

"Ok, how does it work?" I asked unsure.

He put his hands again on my shoulders and spun me around and marched me out of the bedroom into the larger floor-space between the couch and the big window in the living room/kitchen area. "It's sort of a dissappearing act, you'll be amazed." He stopped and with his hands firmly on my shoulders, I stopped as well. He bent his mouth to my ear and in a low voice said. "Are you ready?"

"Sure..." I has just said sure when I felt him grab my tanktop on either side of my head. There was a ripping sound and in one fluid motion he pulled my shirt down, grabbed my shorts and underware on the way down and yanked all my clothes to the floor. He then thumped my on the back causing me to step forward and out of my clothes. I was suddenly naked with just my sneakers on. It all happened so fast that I didn't know what happened for a minute. I was standing there fully clothed and now I'm buck naked wishing I didn't have this huge raging boner to give away how turned on I was. I was blushing profusely for the hundredth time today. I turned to face him trying to cover my dick with my hands but it was too big and hard to hide all of it at once. "What..." was all I managed to stammer.

"Don't be embarassed Ian" Trevor was saying. "You are hot and sexy and that hard-on looks so damn good on you."

I was still embarassed and shocked and so bloody turned on that I just stood there dumbly covering my dick.

Trevor smiled warmly and he once again melted me and I felt more at ease. "Come on Ian, I know I turn you on, you've been wanting to bury your face in my armpits all day." He lifted up one of his arms and just let me see it fully exposed and inviting. "So what do you say, come over here and bury your face in here and we will see where this goes."

"Um," Suddenly I was embarassed like this was all some sort of joke to expose me as some horny pervert. But that couldn't be true, everything he has done was to get me here and the cabin being so hot and him taking off his sweater in such a hot fashion. Getting me to climb the ladder next to him, coming into the bathroom and stepping over me twice and pissing in front of me. It was all starting to sink in. "You set this up from the beginning."

His wolfish grin made my heart thump. "Yep" was all he said and grinned as he walked toward me. He looked down at my raging hard-on. "And you sure look happy about it..." As he came closer he snaked his left hand around the back of my head and as he did that he lifted up his right arm and brought my face into his musky pit. His scent filled me and I sniffed and licked and tasted his sweaty body. I was in heaven as he continued to hold me there and he moaned a deep gutteral sigh that filled just turned me on more. I stopped covering my cock and felt up his shirt. Damn he was built, I could feel solid power from his abs up to his pecks. He wispered into my ear. "When I first saw you in the store all I could think about was getting my cock and stuffing it up that sweet ass of yours.." I gulped and pushed away going to say something when I felt him press me harder into his pit where he wispered. "Don't worry I would never hurt you but I want your ass so bad. Feel how bad I want it, reach down my shorts."

I did as he asked. He pulled my face back and switched arms. My face was now buried in his other pit and I started licking again. Still buried in his pit and still licking and sniffing his manly musk, I felt his crotch. Moving my hand up I fumbled under his shirt and into the elastic of his shorts. I reached down and felt an enormouse cock coiled up and hardening fast.

He let me go and I came up for air. "So what do you think of my hairy pits?" He asked as if asking the most simple question of the day.

"shit you're hot" was all I could say.

He looked me up and down then put his big hand on my left peck. He squeezed with a look of concentration on his face and slid his hand down to my abs, smoothed his hand over my abs and then down to my cock. His big hand closed around my hard shaft and he rubbed me gently. It was extacy and I gapsed. He did that wolfish smile again. "You're really hot yourself. But what I really find hot about you is this."

Before I knew it, he spun me around and lifted me up by the hips right off the ground and stood there holding my ass up to his face. I gasped and felt a little dizzy. I was getting spun around quite a bit and I was loosing track of what was up and what was down. I was bent in two, looking at the floor and my feet my hands could just touch the floor for purchase. I felt something rough and wet run up my crack. I squirmed and goosebumps erupted all over me. I moaned.

Trevor's voice was a bit ragged. "The moment I saw you at the marina I wanted this hot ass of yours." With that he licked my crack again from top to bottom. I gapsed. Trevor buried his tongue in my hole and began teasing and blowing on my hole. It felt so good and was sending tingles all up and down my body. "What are you doing?" I wanted to know what felt so good, I had never been rimed before.

Trevor just buried his face in and really went to town. I was squirming, the sensations were almost too much for me. Every neuron was on fire and my head was getting dizzy from my position. I cold feel my face was hot and red. I don't know how much time passed but it seemed both a long time and a very short time that Trevor rimed me. In stead of putting me down he lifted me up higher and swung my legs over his shoulder and carried me ass first into the bedroom. He smacked my ass hard. "I bet you are wanting to get acquainted with my dick. Am I right?"

"Yea." Was all I could say, all vocabulary seemed to have left me except for 3-letter words. I was in a daze.

Trevor plopped me on the bed on my back, yanked down his shorts and briefs and hopped up on the bed straddling me with his massive thighs. I was pinned down and his massive dick was on laying on my chest. I was bending my head up to look at it, and at him. WOW was all I cold think. I wasn't the least bit embarassed now, I was turned on and wanted anything to do with Trevor and his dick that he could dish out. He looked massive and masculine with sweat starting to soak his tank top.

A thick black pubic bush erupted into his cock and balls. His cock was at least 9" long, and thick with an uncut head that looked just as manly as the rest of him. The hairy sack I saw earlier from the side looked even bigger when lying squashed on my abs. I cold feel my hard cock pressed along the length of his ass crack. He was grinding his hips slightly back and forth. I couldn't believe that my actual dick was in a man like Trevor's ass crack and he was humping me.

Trevor slid his knees forward so that they were gripping my chest and pinning my arms to my sides. He lifted his dick with his hand and was rubbing it on my face. I stuck my tongue out to taste it. It was sweaty and musky like the rest of him. Of course, I was turned on by that just like I was turned on by the rest of him. "Kiss it." he said and held his uncut dick head to my lips.

I kissed his dick head and tasted some precum that had oozed out.

"Now open wide" He grinned again and began playing with my nipples.

I moaned and as soon as I opened my mouth a bit he thurst his hips forward and his cock was going down my throat. He was BIG and I was choking a bit. He eased up and got into a rythm of humping his dick in and out of my mouth part way. I could never take the whole thing. He got harder and harder. I couldn't believe it. No longer resting on my chest, his cock stood up and out solid when he popped it out of my mouth.

"looks about ready" Trevor anounced happily.

"How about you." He added.

"I don't know" I said uncertainly. I had never been fucked except by one guy my own age and he was much MUCH smaller.

Trevor swung his knee over and grabbed my legs and pushed them back so that my knees were pressing into the bed behind my shoulders. My ass was in the air.

"Don't worry, I'll get you ready." With that he made a show of licking a finger and then I felt his finger playing with my hole. "Fuck you have a nice pussy back here" I wasn't used to having anything called a pussy so I said. "What?!" then his finger went in deep. It was painful and I arched my back and squirmed. He kept at it and suddenly I had wave after wave of euphoria as he poked my prostate. "This pussy" I felt him jiggle my hole for emphasis and he was grinning at me. He then stuck in another finger and began loosening me up, stretching me. I saw him spitting and felt warm saliva dripping on my ass crack. Then there I felt his cock at my hole and I tensed up. He pushed. "ahhhh" I gasped.

"Almost in" he said, hang in there. "Fuck you're gorgeous" Just as I was thinking about what he said and what it meant to me Trevor pushed harder and I felt my ass stretch hard and fast to make way for his huge cock. "Ahahhhhhhhhhhh man, shit"

Trevor stopped and looked at me. "Sorry Ian. I'll go slower." He bent down and mashed his arm pit which now had fresh sweat into my face and as he did I felt him slid in deeper and deeper. He helt paused with each thrust deeper. His musk was making me drunk and feeling his cock up my ass was so hot but I was still a bit scared. For one dumb minute I was wondering what would happen afterward, would it be awkward, would Doris find out about it. Trevor thrust in deeper and I felt his balls on my ass pressing in. I had taken all of him! Trevor lifted his hot smelly armpit off my face and looked at me with affection in his eyes. "Ok?" he asked.

I just nodded. Even 3-letter words were too much for my brain.

He slid his hands under my shoulders and held me tight with his face buried in the bed next to mine and started humping like a machine. Slowly at first then he built up speed. I was moaning!

Every once in a while he would crunch up forcing his dick into my ass with a bang and I would shout outloud. He kept it going and seemed lost in his own world. His breath was ragged and he changed his rythm to a slower pace but each inward thrust was hard and fast. I just held on for the ride with my arms pinned I could only feel his thighs as they flexed. Sweat was dripping out of his pits and running down my naked body.

He changed rythm again to a jerky little set of thrusts and he was gasping, then he rose up and looked down at me lustily. My face must have been contorted and he liked seeing how his cock up my ass afected my expression.

Then he began really banging my ass. With my thighs resting in his massive arms to each side of his body I looked up and saw his sweat dripping, his face as red as mine felt and I was turned on by the strain and pleasure in his face as he rammed in and out of my ass. He changed back to going slowly out and ramming in deep for about seven more times then he held his cock in deep causing me to squirm and gasp.

Trevor began to spasm and was moaning raggid and loud. I felt his cock harden even more and felt his cum pulsing into my ass. I had just been bread I would later find out it was called.

Trevor then drew in a breath, shook his head and said. "Fuck! You're hot!"

I was gasping for breath myself and before I could say anything he pulled out and straddled me agian with my still hard cock mashed between my abs and his ass crack. He began rocking back and forward. His cock was still pretty hard and still oozing on my abs. He was using the motion to milk my dick. He reached behind him and found my ball sack and grabbed it firmly. I was moaning but I felt a bit outside of myself as the sensations were overwhelming me.

Then I came like I never came before. Hot cum flew out of my cock and into Trevor's hairy sack. Some of it squirted past his dick and balls all the way to my chest, chin, and ear. "Shit man." Trevor said. "You cum more than I do".

He got up from the bed and looked down at me lustily with that wolfish grin. I grinned back. He looked awsome standing there with his big flacid cut cock hanging between his legs. I could see my own cum on his nuts and his thighs. The room smelled of sweat and sex.

I rose to my elbows, still gasping. Trevor reached out a hand an pulled me upright. I stood for a minute and then felt suddenly dizzy. I was just remember falling toward the wall when I felt strong hands grab me and set me back on the bed. I opened my eyes a minute later and Trevor was looking at me with the most hurt look of concern on his face.

"Ian I'm sorry, are you alright, I should never have come onto you so strong." He paused expectantly. "Shit, shit shit!"

"I'm ok." I said reassuringly, but weakly. His hurt expression made me more concerned for him so I added more strongly. "Really, I'm ok. I think I've just been hit by a freight train... "I shook my head to clear it. "...and I liked it." I grinned.

Trevor seemed somewhat reassured but he kept a very close eye on me from that point on. We sat talking for about an hour after we showered and I said I had better be getting back. I didn't really know what to expect after that, would he want to see me again now that his lust was satisfied, should I be angry that this was all a ruse to get in my pants and not a job at all. "See you tomorrow then?" He walked into the bedroom and as I thought about leaving I suddenly realized that I still had no shirt on, mine still lay on the floor somewhat ripped in half.

Trevor came back holding on of his shirts and said "sorry about your shirt" with a lopsided grin.

"All in a day work" I retorted.


With a serious expression he suddenly rushed me and grabbed me around the waist and hoisted me down on his right shoulder. "Hey, what are you doing?!" I was a bit nervous. With his free hand he reached up and yanked my shorts down exposing my ass and he felt me up roughly saying. "Get a good sleep and I'll be thinking about you tonight." He carried me through the door of the cabin to the porch and lowered me down on my feet and I pulled up my shorts, somewhat embarassed that I had a raging hard-on again. Then he added. "Ok, I gotta let you go before I drag you in here again." With that he turned and shut the door. I just stood there thinking. "Like I'm going to get any sleep now."

I dropped the kayak in the lake off the dock and headed for home. But I took my time and tried to get my dick to calm down for at least a minute. As I went by the end of the bay where the marina sat, I could see Doris watching out the window. "I wonder if she notices I am not wearing the same shirt I had on this morning. ...Probably."

When I got out of the kayak at home, I was limping a bit, I felt a bit stiff and sore in the ass area. I just told my folks that I was stiff from working for so long on all of the intricate carvings in that cabin.

I didn't know where this was leading. I realized that Trevor and I are at very different stages in our lives. He is much older and I'm still in University. Am I just a summer fling or does he have hopes for something long-term. I've fooled around before but no one had ever admitted to lusting after me the way Trevor did. Is it just because I'm young or because I'm the only young man around he was able get his hands on? Who knows. I decided to just take it a step at a time and enjoy the ride.



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