Strips for the Thrill

The Birthday Party

My wife Barbara and I have a great relationship with five other couples. We ski, play cards, and usually vacation together at the seashore. Recently, we planned a surprise birthday party for Royce, one of the husbands. The Thursday before the party, a group of us went over the last minute details and someone suggested that we should arrange for a ‘Strip-O-Gram’ for Royce. Katie, Royce's wife, laughed and said, "Royce would love it, especially if the dancer has great boobs. Royce is definitely a boob man."
We called around, but with such short notice, only two agencies could even handle the request, and neither had a large-breasted dancer available for Saturday night. Resigned to the fact that we were too late to book the surprise dancer, we started discussing other items. But before long, one of the wives started teasing Barbara about being the stripper. Barbara is very beautiful and, at twenty six, is years younger than the rest of our ‘over thirty five crowd. She has a flawless peaches'n'cream complexion, is five foot five inches tall, a brunette, and she has a fantastic, and very firm 36C-24-35 figure, so the teasing was not really a surprise. Soon, Katie was agreeing with the other wives and Barbara finally realized that they weren't just joking. Katie took Barbara's hand, "Barbara,” she said, “Please say you'll do it. It would really make Royce's party a night to remember. Besides, it's just us. We've all seen you in your bikinis and it'll be fun! If I were built like you, I'd probably be making a living doing it!" 

I know Royce has always found my wife attractive, especially in her bikinis at the beach or pool, and on more than one occasion I caught him trying to sneak a look down her blouse or dress. So, I was certain he'd really appreciate Barbara being his ‘personal stripper.’ But Barbara still wouldn't agree. The women were still coaxing and I smiled and agreed with them that I thought it was a great idea, too. Barbara looked at each one of us seated around the now quiet table. She stopped at me and said, "Alright, I'll do it. If that's what you and Katie really want, I'll do my best to make it fun."

We all cheered and clapped her on the back and told her what a good sport she was being.

After work on Friday, Barbara went to Victoria Secrets and bought a new set of sexy underwear for the party and showed them to me. The bra and panties were white and so sheer they were almost transparent. The panties were not really more than a tiny triangle of white in the front and a thin strap between her cheeks and on the hips. Barbara had also purchased a white garter belt and stockings.

Even though she was going to strip, I was still surprised that Barbara had selected such revealing things, but I was glad that she was getting into the spirit of it. I could feel my cock harden as I thought about my wife showing off her fantastic body to our friends in these very sexy undies.

Saturday seemed to drag until it was finally time to get ready for the party. Barbara took a bottle of wine and a glass and locked herself away in the bathroom for a long time. When she emerged, the wait had been well worth it. She looked beautiful. She had carefully applied her make-up and topped it off with a bright red lipstick. Her dress was a short white cocktail dress with thin red trim, and finally, very red, very high heeled ‘fuck me’ shoes. She looked lovely. 

I stood at the door and whistled. "How about showing me what's under that dress?" I asked.

Barbara smiled, "No way. No sneak previews. I'd see your reaction and either we wouldn't get to the party at all, or I wouldn't have the nerve to do this. I'm really very nervous, Evan." 

"Relax. This is supposed to be fun. You'll be terrific." 

Katie and Royce's boss, Shawn, one of the other husbands had conspired to get Royce out of the house for the afternoon, playing golf and having a few drinks at the 19-Hole at country club. The house was decorated when we got there, and we started getting the food ready. Everyone else had been there for a while, and the punch had everyone in a gay, partying mood, already. 

Katie handed us each a drink and said to Barbara, "You look absolutely fantastic, Barbara. Are you still going through with the dance?" 

Barbara drank down the potent punch and got a refill before she said, "Well, as long as you haven't changed your mind and I don't pass out from a case of nerves, I'm going to do it.”

Katie patted Barbara on the shoulders, "I knew we could count on you. Royce will love it.  And I know the rest of the husbands are looking forward to it, too.”

Barbara looked around the room at the other husbands and blushed. "How do you want me to go about this, Katie?" 

"How about you hide in the utility room. When Royce and Shawn walk in, we'll all yell 'Surprise!' and sit Royce in that chair in the middle of the room. I've made a tape of some songs with a strong beat, so I'll turn the stereo on real loud and then you can make your entrance and do your thing.”

Barbara nodded and I looked around the room at the other three grinning guys. I couldn't wait for the party to start. Finally, we heard Royce's and Shawn's cars pull into the driveway and we all took our places. Royce seemed genuinely surprised when he walked in and we all jumped out, yelling "SURPRISE!”

Katie snapped a few pictures and sat him down in a chair in the center of the room. Then, she turned on the stereo.
Barbara picked the beat up as she danced down the hall behind Royce's back. We all applauded as she danced into the room and up to Royce. Katie had yelled to him to not turn around, so he had no idea what was going on until he felt Barbara rub up against the chair and run her fingers through his hair. Royce still didn't know who the dancer was and his look when Barbara bumped and grinded her way around in front of him was one of pure shock. Barbara danced sensuously, humping to the beat, as Katie taped the whole thing on her camcorder. A few voices yelled out for her o "Take it off!" and I could see that Barbara was getting turned on. Of course, the whole room was crackling with energy and feeling turned on. When Barbara danced up to Royce, turned her back to him and pointed to her zipper, I thought my cock would burst. Royce looked at the zipper with a look of pure lust in his eyes and then a guilty look when he turned towards me. When I gave him a smile and a nod of approval, he grinned like a kid on Christmas morning. 

"I can't believe this!" he yelled as he reached for the zipper. Then Royce slowly unzipped Barbara's dress until she could slip one shoulder and then the other out of it. Turning around to face Royce, she allowed her dress to fall to her feet.

My heart swelled with pride. Barbara was magnificent.

Barbara stood there in her flimsy see-through underwear, garter belt, stockings and red ‘fuck me’ high heels. Her beautiful dark-pink nipples stood erect and puckered against the thin material. The firm round globes of her ass were beautiful. But the biggest surprise was not just that her dark bush was clearly visible through the tiny panties, but that she had trimmed the hair short and into the shape of a heart. When I saw that, my cock got even harder. It was obvious by their whistles, catcalls and cheers that the rest of the people saw it, too.  
Barbara was really enjoying herself as she put one leg forward and her foot between Royce's legs so he could slip off her shoe and stocking. His trembling hands on her bare thigh made his crotch bulge. When he had the first leg bare, she offered her other leg to him. He quickly slipped the second stocking off as Barbara danced away from him, dropping her garter belt to the floor. Barbara danced to the end of the song and stopped, and I thought it was the end of the show. But everyone, including Katie, from behind her camera, shouted, "Take it off!" as the next song started. Barbara glanced at me and I shrugged and said, “It’s your show so it’s entirely up to you.”

She looked down at Royce and saw how excited she'd made him and began to dance again. At the same time even though I wanted her to continue, I couldn't believe it when Barbara moved right up in front of Royce and reached behind her back to unhook her bra. Sensuously she unhooked her bra and cupped her hands under her breasts while she slipped the bra straps off her shoulders and arms. Then on a beat, she pulled the cups away from her firm boobs and handed the flimsy bra to Royce. 

The room went wild, guys and girls alike. 

Still dancing, Barbara bent over Royce and shocked her firm, naked breasts only inches from his face. Her nipples were hard and erect and aching to be kissed and sucked. It was fantastic seeing Barbara's breasts bared to a man who had been trying to peek at them for so long. 

Everyone cheered Barbara and encouraged her to take off the only remaining bit of clothing she had on. 

"Show us your heart!" they all began to chant.

Eyes ablaze with excitement, Barbara motioned to Royce to pull the coffee table over in front of his chair. Then Barbara stepped up onto the low table and guided Royce's hands to her panties and hooked his thumbs inside the elastic waistband. She then slowly pushed his hands down her thighs so her panties went down with his hands. Once Royce got them down to her ankles, she stepped gracefully out of them. Now, Barbara was completely naked and dancing on the table in all her glory before the entire crowd, and especially Royce, whose face was level and close to her beautiful, trimmed pussy. 

Katie moved closer to record this special, fantastic moment. Barbara started to get down, but Katie asked her to stay and pose for just a few more seconds. Royce put his arms around Barbara's thighs and pulled her against him. To everyone’s surprise and pleasure, she put her hands around his neck and pulled his face into her crotch, so that his nose and mouth were buried in her pussy. There wasn't a soft cock in the place. After a few more seconds, Katie thanked Barbara and Barbara stepped down and picked up her dress. She told Royce to keep her bra and panties as a memento, along with the video. 

Flushed and still naked, Barbara then fled upstairs to put the dress, stockings, garter belt and heels back on. The whole crowd cheered when she returned, and the party got underway. 

Royce thanked me again and again for letting Barbara dance for him. We both have a copy of the video to remind us of how beautiful, sexy, and exciting my wife is. 

I loved having her dance for the party. It's such a thrill knowing our friends shared in seeing my beautiful, young wife's fantastic, sexy body.

My naïve husband doesn’t know the whole story. It wasn’t my idea to dance at Royce's party, but in truth, when it was suggested, I loved the idea. I can't explain why, and it surprised me at the time, but I suppose that in reality I’m an exhibitionist because the idea of dancing and showing myself off in front of other people really turned me on. I acted innocent, and ‘allowed’ myself to be coaxed into performing, but inside, I didn't hesitate for a second. As Evan described me in the letter, I am attractive and definitely have nice breasts. I also had noticed Royce and the other husbands sneaking their peeks at me whenever they could. I like my body and work hard at the gym to keep it firm and tight and I never minded their looking. And I think Evan enjoyed other men ‘eyeing’ his young, ‘trophy’ wife. 

Anyway, I prepared carefully for the party, just as Evan described. I was so excited and hot, I could barely breathe as I dressed and we drove to Royce's house. Waiting for him to arrive was pure torture. 

When the music started and I danced into the room, I felt like I had been waiting my whole life for that moment. I was transported to another plain emotionally.

Evan described my dance pretty well. 

I was so excited, I felt like I was on the verge of a gigantic orgasm the whole time I danced. I had purchased the see-through lingerie because I was sure that that was as far as the wives and Evan would tolerate me going. When they urged me to continue and yelled, "Take it off!" I almost forgot to give Evan a questioning glance before proceeding. I was thrilled to keep going. 

What no one saw was, at the very end, when I held Royce's face to my pussy, his tongue shot straight into my wet snatch and flicked my clit a few times. No wonder my legs were wobbly as I climbed off the coffee table. 

Realizing that putting clothes on in front of a crowd wasn't nearly as sexy as taking them off, after gathering up my dress, stockings, heels and garter belt to the applause of our friends. I ran up the stairs, to dress out of sight of everyone in a bedroom. 

Evan didn't mention that Royce soon followed me upstairs to ‘change out of his golf clothes.’ I was already dressed and was combing my hair when Royce rapped softly on the open door and said, "I'll never be able to thank you for the thrill you've just given me, Barbara." 

Totally giving in to the moment, without a thought of the possible risks and repercussions, aroused, wet, and feeling lustier that I’d ever felt in my life, I opened the door and smiled at Royce, "Come on in and maybe we can think of a way." I knew from his eyes and the expression on his face that I’d caught him totally off guard. Still standing, I spread my legs, bent forward over the bed and said, "Come on, Royce. You have to finish what you started with your tongue downstairs."          

Now, it was Royce who didn't need coaxing. His pants and underwear were down at his ankles in a flash. Just as suddenly he flipped up my skirt and tugged my see-through panties down over my smooth round ass and down to the backs of my knees with one hand while holding me down firmly with the other. As he held me in place he ran his fingers along my smooth, wet slit and pushed a finger inside me. And just as quickly, he run the head of his cock against my ass hole and down to my wet slit, and rubbed the head up and down, covering it in my juices. 

“Please fuck me,” I pleaded as I looked over my shoulder at him. Then he guided his cock towards my hole and drove it in hard, and as far as it would go into my still sopping-wet pussy. I jerked up and moaned loudly, and started to cum as soon as he entered me. As he pulled out and drove it in harder, he took a handful of my long mane in his fist and jerked my head back as he thrust his cock into me. With every stroke I was moaning loudly, urging him to fuck me harder, and to spank me. 

Letting go of my hair, Royce used his hands to spank my ass firmly with each stroke. As I begged him to spank me harder, he started to fuck me faster. 

Burying my scream in a pillow, I erupted into a second orgasm and Royce soon followed. 

I wiped off with a tissue and ran downstairs while Royce stayed to change. We couldn't have been upstairs together longer than three or four minutes.  No one was the least bit suspicious. Evan failed to mention that Royce and all the other husbands knew I was naked under my dress for the rest of the party. It turned me on knowing that, and I loved it when I was the object of their sneaky cheap-feels and gooses the rest of the night.             

Royce and I never really discussed our ‘quickie’ but his flirting became a little more aggressive, as did that of most of the other husbands' flirting. I guess when a man sees you do a striptease and you show them your naked breasts and pussy, they right away think you're some kind of loose woman and if they play their cards right, available to them.  

Mark had his birthday two months after Royce's. All during the party, the husbands were teasing me about doing another strip. ‘Fair is fair!’ they all said. And I would have loved to do a repeat performance, but since none of the wives mentioned it, I behaved. I think all the wives had seen more than enough of me at Royce's party. 

About five months after Royce's party, I got a call from Shawn at work. He jokingly moaned about not having his own ‘Strip-o-Gram’ the previous weekend at his party, too. He went on to say Julia, his wife, was out of town for the approaching weekend and he was wondering what it would take to persuade me to give him a birthday dance, and he stressed just a dance for him. 

I knew that this was more than an innocent, casual request from a friend. He wasn't just asking to borrow the car. I could tell he wanted more than ‘just a dance.’ Shawn was Royce's boss, and I assumed that Royce had told him about our little ‘upstairs episode.’

I thought about it for a few minutes and realized I very much wanted to feel as sexy and alive as I did the time I danced at Royce's party. 

I called Shawn back, "I owe Mark a dance, too. Have him there, also, and I'll come over and dance for you boys on Saturday afternoon." 

Telling Evan I was going shopping and then to the gym for a ‘workout,’ I left the house on Saturday with my dress in my gym bag. I drove to the mall and bought the blackest, sexiest, laciest panties and bra that I could find and dressed in the change room. When I rang Shawn's doorbell, I knew from the stares I’d gotten in the mall that I looked hot. 

I’d made a tape to play while I was dancing, and it hadn't even finished before I was naked in the middle of Shawn's living room floor moving toward Mark. Reaching forward, I felt his already erect cock through his pants. Eagerly I unzipped his pants and encircled his already hard cock in my hand. 

Kneeling down, I leaned forward and started to lightly kiss the tip. My mouth opened and I slowly sucked his cock into my mouth. I could feel him inside my mouth. I loved to suck his cock. It was the perfect size for my mouth. 

Soon my mouth was moving slowly up and down the full length of his shaft. As my mouth reached the base and I took all of him deep into my mouth, the tip of his cock tickled the back of my throat. Up and down my mouth slid. I took him from the side and slid the strength of my tongue up and down along the full length of his cock. I sucked the tip deeply and then ran the tip of my tongue under the ridge at the head. I used my hand to grasp him firmly at the base while my mouth worked its magic on his shaft. I was in heaven.             

While I was sucking Mark's cock, Shawn moved up behind me, grabbed me by the hips and started fucking me doggie-style. When the large head of his cock entered my pussy, I arched my back and moaned for him to fuck me. I was dripping wet, so Shawn slide right in all the way to the base of his cock, He didn’t hesitate he started pounding the hell out of me. 

In moments Shawn was grunting like a pig, with sweat running down his back. I was crying out in pleasure as his cock was pumping in and out of my pussy. I moaned and squeezed my ass cheeks as I cummed. The sound of my pussy juice mixing with his pounding cock took over the room. This must have turned him on because he started to fuck her even harder and faster which made me even more excited. I yelled, “Fill my pussy full of your hot cum,” and then they traded places and the three of us fucked and sucked the afternoon away, until we were exhausted. 

When I got home, Evan asked, “Did you have a good workout?”

I smiled and told him, “It was my best workout in months,” and that, “I’m going to have to do it more often.” 

That started my secret life. Stripping in front of eager men was the trigger for me to act as slutty as I wanted. I loved the way it made me feel, and my orgasms were the most intense of my life. 

Shawn threw a private party for Travis, the next birthday boy, at a motel. All five of the husbands, other than Evan of course were there and after dancing, I fucked and sucked all of them before we left. 

OH god, do I like the feel and taste of hot cum in my mouth. I also can have a good orgasm while giving a blow job, especially when he cums. Sometimes one of the guys wanted me to stop so he wouldn't cum but I can't because I’d already started to have my own orgasm. I had an orgasm the first time I gave one of my boyfriends a blow job. He wasn’t touching me anywhere at all. That still happens about 95% of the time I'm giving a blow job. 

Sometimes when I start cumming it will take the guy I'm blowing over the edge and he starts cumming too. When his cum hits the back of my throat I’ll start another more powerful orgasm and sometimes will squirt too. 

Once while giving a stranger who I’d met for the first time only about 20 minutes earlier a blow job. I was naked, squatting down in front of him while he was standing and leaning against his truck with his pants down. Due to the very erotic mood set by almost instantly starting foreplay after he picked me up at the mall. I’d started to cum and was on the down side of my orgasm when his first rope of cum hit the back of my throat. That started another super powerful orgasm for me. I started squirting and a lot of my fluids went onto his cowboy boots. He spanked and fucked me for over an hour afterwards.

Once we started partying the husbands all made dates with me and over the next month I went with them, but the sex with them individually was never as good as when I danced for them and then fucked all of them as a group. 

Soon, Shawn approached me about taking my act ‘on the road.’ He was entertaining some out of town clients and wanted to know if I'd be interested in being part of the ‘entertainment.’ On a whim, I agreed, but told him that since the clients weren't my friends, I wouldn't be free. Charging for my ‘services’ made me feel like that much more of a slut and that much sexier. 

Usually, my ‘job’ entailed dinner and drinks with a client or two at a hotel, and then back up to their room for sex. Sometimes Shawn joined in the fun, and sometimes he left me alone with the client or clients. 

Last week at a trade show, was the largest group yet, 8-men, including Shawn and Royce. By the time they were all fucked and sucked out, my jaw was sore and my pussy felt like I had just left the delivery room.  

My real surprise came when towards the last of the year Katie invited me out to lunch to chat. During the conversation she mentioned that a couple of the wives thought that I’d shown favoritism towards the husbands by dancing for Royce’s birthday, but not at any of the wife’s birthday parties.  

After lunch I found myself in a cheap motel room, doing a command performance for Katie. I’d never thought about it, but before our little private party was over I discovered that exhibiting myself to other girl was just as exhilarating as showing off for guys. And although different, even the sex was exciting. 

I found that there was something arousing than to first view, then feel the lovely softness and moist aromatic arousal of a beautiful pussy. I yielded completely to the pleasure of getting another woman off. I’d never touched a woman intimately before, but from my own masturbations I knew what would be pleasurable for Katie. 

I moved my lips to Katie’s clit and firmly kissed it before diving in to lick Katie’s precious dew from the lips of her first woman. Then I opened my lips and tongued Katie’s pleasure button, while I sucked it gently. 

Apparently Katie had just been fucked because I could taste salty cum overlaying the unfamiliar taste of female sex. My mouth effected a complete overload of stimulation from Katie oversexed pussy. Losing all control, Katie shrieked and gasped as the orgasms followed one after another, each one more devastatingly intense than the one before it. 

Julia, a member of the ‘bridge club’ liked to tie me down, spank my little bottom and then flip me over and ride my face cowgirl style.  

So, for the last four years, that's been my life. Once a month with Katie and her ‘bridge’ club, and at least once a month, usually twice, the five husbands and I get together in a motel suite, and we spend hours having group sex. I can’t help it if I love all the attention. And five, maybe six times a year, I entertain Shawn's clients. 

I wonder if Evan would still think my dancing for Royce was such a good idea, if he knew the rest of the story? 

The end…



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