One of the most interesting times, I had as a male stripper, occurred when one of our clients hired my troupe and another for a stripoff. This guy had a lot of savvy when it came to keeping his customers entertained. He rotated in three male stripper groups for their entertainment. When he came up with the idea of the stripoff, the third group was already booked. So he hired our group from the Midwest and another group from the South.

Our troupe was pretty big, so our manager had a time picking four of us to go. His first choice, David, was a definite winner. His dark exotic Mediterainian look coupled with a huge dick made him our most popular dancer. Short little Brad with his pretty blue eyes, swimmer build and bubble butt, wasn't much of a dancer but neither men nor women seemed to care. He was a real money maker. Raphael was one of those coffee and cream Puerto Rican dreams. With a nice cofee stirrer. And me, auburn hair, and hairy, long and lean. Almost didn't get to go, but Kevin, pretty dark haired dancer, threw a prima donna act and pissed Flo off. Flo, our drag queen manager and emcee didn't put up with a lot of guff from us. Either work or get out she always said, there are always more boys behind you.

The trip down to our job, was long and boring, so when we pulled into town, we were ready to go.

Another bus was already there with some hunky men lounging about. The competetion had beaten us there. There was some guarded sizing up as we came out of the bus. Flo told us to make nice then she was off, into the club, to see the owner.

One of the competetion, a rangy blonde with a nice set of arms sauntered up to us. He looked us up and down then smiled. ' I was worried, youall'd be no fight at all, comin' from the north an' all. Nice to know you'all got some looks.' David just smiled and gave him a knowing look. Ice broken, we all started talking. One guy Louis, had my juices pumping. Short, dark, and Cajun, he was hot as hell. And, hairy with a nice bubble ass thrown in. I sure would have loved to ride that piece of man. Flo was out the door and herding us back in the bus, so we could get to the motel and rest up before the gig. So I reluctanly pulled myself away from the Cajun hunk and we headed out.

There was an excitement in the air as show time hovered close. I had always loved working this club, it was huge, the sound was great and the stage was topnotch. The owner had really advertised the event and the crowd was packed in like sardines. Men of every imagineable type and quite a few women. I just hoped they didn't tuck away all of their money into g-strings before I got on stage. Unfortuneately for me I was the last of the group to go. We had drawn straws rather than try to lay out a show plan. David the lucky stiff got first shot. Although if anyone could whet the crowd's appetite for more it was David. The oppossing troupe got to go first. Their first dancer, a nice looking borwn haired guy was okay, not great. He just didn't seem to know how to connect with the crowd. Points for us. David followed him and worked his magic. By the time he was out of his clothes and flopping that enormous dick around, he had that crowd in the palm of his hand. When he lit the matches in his pierced nipples, they went wild. Round one to the Midwest boys. Next up was the rangy blonde. Who knew he was a contortionist. That man pretzeled himself into unbelievable positions. No wonder he was so cocky. Even suave cool David was awed. Raphael while pretty and a very good dancer just could not compete against that. Round two to the opposition. Their third dancer, a totally buff body builder, couldn't dance worth a dime, but with that body and a goodsized package he didn't have to. But Brad with his curly hair and taught little bod was his equal. Then it was Louis's turn. Man, that Cajun hunk could dance. There was a wicked sparkle in his eyes and he worked that crowd into a frenzy.

My turn. I pulled out all the stops. I worked that crowd to within an inch of a riot. I had pulled out my best costume, a California Highway Patrol uniform, and danced with my nightstick, my gun (Fake)and finally was down on the stage on my hands and knees in nothing but motorcyle boots a g-string that was just legal and a badge placed strategically. When the votes were cast, David, the Rangy blond, and Brad had won. The Cajun and I were tied. The owner to the delight of the crowd declared Louis and I had to do a dance off together to break the tie. To my utter joy, he came out in full sailor gear and I came out in Marine dress. The crowd went crazy. Instead of moving off to opposite ends of the stage Louis and I faced off with in touching distance. I surprised him by taking the iniative. Instead of reaching for my clothes I started stripping him down. I thought the crowd would go nuts. Louis knew a good show when he saw it and let me strip him . When I had him down to a pair of tighty whities, he suddenly knocked my hands away and yanked my jacket down around my arms. He ripped open my shirt (Wince, not cheap to replace) then ran his hand down my furry chest. He yanked open my belt, then my pants were down around my ankles.

He was so close and so sexy it was hard not to pop a boner. Soon I was down to a pair of boxer breifs and he was in his whiteies. I looked him in the eyes and slipped my hand into his shorts, he held by gaze and did the same. Like it was choreagraphed we both ripped away our underwear. To my shock and joy, we both through some twist of fate had on the exact same patriotic g-string.

As we both stood facing each other, hard bodies glistening, body hair damp, I found myself at a loss what to do next. Louis solved it for me by going into a wrestler's crouch. A slow grin spread across my face as I followed his lead. We circled each other, making feints, and then we closed. Bills flooded the stage as our bodies slid and strained against each other. I was semi hard and so was he. Clad in those skimpy g-strings I'm sure the crowd got a glimpse of more than was legal in that county. He was a good wrestler, but i had a bit more size and weight, and almost as the music ended I had him pinned. The music went still, and the spots bathed us in hot white heat as we lay there gasping, our bodies pressed together.

The crowd went wild. The owner declared our troupe the winner because I managed to pin Louis.

As I untangled myself from his hard body, I saw he had a full on hard on, looking down I saw myself in the same state. The crowd loved it. Men were surging toward the stage to try and stuff bills down our g-strings. Flo came out and began to shoo me off stage. I looked back over my shoulder and gave Louis a slow grin and a wink.

Later back at the motel, because Flo had a rule about not partying in the clubs we work, I went out to the ice machine and to my surprise there was Louis. He grinned when he saw me. ' You n' me, I thin' ave some unfinished business, no?'

' Yeah but I'm sharing a room with another guy, ' I said. ' Soo... I be thinkin' there be rooms here available maybe. You game?' A slow grin of understanding came across my face as I nodded and together we headed out to the desk.

As for what happend next...... Another time.




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