He was always stretching.

Arms up and over his head, chest out, stomach sucked in - his shirt lifting just enough so that I could see his scant little blond trail of hair that lead from his navel into the top of his navy blue scrub pants.


He's a guy that I work with at the hospital.

He is young, 29, and straight. Met a very nice girl while he was serving in Iraq with the National Guard. He is engaged to be married - we will call her: Carly (because that is, in fact, her real name)

A very lean and slender boy - er - man. Slightly curly dark blond hair, high and tight; muddy blue eyes, the build of a runner but with a wrestler's arms, chest, and thighs.

I'm guessing at the thighs - I've never actually seen them.

But he's shy - and goofy - and...


I was nervous to get close to him at first. He had been working on the unit for almost a year. Some of the patients described him as 'cocky' and 'arrogant'. All the female nurses swooned when Billy worked.

Did he know the fit of his scrub top and pants made him irresistible?

And his scent!



He smelled of dial soap with the faintest hint of musk every morning. And after a long day - it was reminiscent of pot roast just out of the oven. Carrots and potatoes and a little onion.


He is perpetually dieting. Protein shakes and a weird (yet delicious) combination of Root Beer, Orange Gatorade, and this citrus powder that he kept in a large blue water bottle near his seat at the nurses station.

He offered me a taste once, and I couldn't resist.

A drink from Billy's bottle.

I have to admit, I was a complete dick to him at first. He represented a huge part of my teenage years where I was bullied by a wrestler in high school. One that I would later grow to love, and then hate.

So I was cautious.

My guard was up.

I didn't want to get close to him.

But he tempted me - or so I thought.

I made him laugh (I mean - really laugh) with my sarcastic dry humor once. And when he smiled and chuckled, my heart melted.

When he patted me on the back - I tensed up.

When his hip brushed against my shoulder while I was seated at my station - I held my breath.

When he leaned in from behind me to ask a question, I froze.

And after I took his patient to the floor for punching him in the face - he hugged me (bloody lip and all).

I was hooked on Billy.

When I saw his cell number listed on the After Hours contacts, I added it to my phone.

When he text me out of the blue to ask how my day was - I became giddy.

But on this day...

...on this day; Billy did something that I never would have expected.

I was in the debriefing room, enjoying my lunch and perusing Facebook on my phone when I heard the key swipe chime and the door open.

He came bopping in, said, "hey" and opened the patient refrigerator to retrieve a Gatorade.

"How's it going out there?" I asked him.

He turned, and came to stand next to me at the table. He raised his arms above his head and stretched - as he always would - and moaned, "oh - you know".

And I looked.

I looked for the trail.

The trail that lived against his tan taut skin and ensnared his crescent shaped "outty" of a navel.

And when I saw it, in that moment, I was lost.

As if to stare longingly at a photo of a Tom Ford Underwear model. His clarity, the slight rise of goose flesh from the effect that his shirt had from brushing against his skin while he raised his arms. The hairs sprawl and fan out when released from the confines of the fabric.

I was captivated.

I knew he knew I watched him.

Of course he had to have suspected.

I have the subtlety of a horny sea lion.

How could he not have noticed?

But I hoped he hadn't.

Because I like him.

Not as a meaty slab of hotness, but because he was a really good, honest, nice, and charismatic guy.

But my fleeting hopes of anonymous voyeurism were destroyed with his words.

"You know - it's okay"

"Okay to what"

"To look"

"To look?"

"Yeah - I know you look. And it's okay."

I swallowed hard and looked up into his eyes.

He took a step closer and lifted is shirt with his left hand. The dark blue cotton fabric slid up the skin on his stomach and revealed his navel again. The curly blond hair flittered as his ring and pinky finger slowly moved up through them as the shirt raised to his chest.

"I like it", he said.

"You do?"

"Yeah..." he stuttered, "...I do"

And then he smiled a devilish little grin.

I swallowed hard again.


He tensed his abdominal muscles, and the crests and valleys became very pronounced. There was a small mole just to the right of his navel.

With the fingers of his right hand, he stroked his stomach - as if he were playing a guitar. And then slid his thumb into the elastic waistband of his scrub bottoms and pushed them down an inch or two.

The trail from his navel grew wider and thicker as the fabric moved down to reveal his lower stomach.

"Well... what do you think?"

I paused to respond.

He was inches from me. I could feel the heat from his skin as I attempted to inhale him.

"I think..."

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

"I think you are messing with me..." my hands trembled and I dropped my sandwich on the table, "...and it's working."

I leaned in and gently kissed his navel. As my lips met his skin, he retracted his muscles in reflex, but I pushed into him. The slight hair above tickled my nose, and my chin was engulfed in what grew below.

I almost expected him to push me away, but he didn't. He stood there and let me kiss his stomach.

When I slowly raised my hands up and took him by the hips, he braced himself. I moved oh so slowly over his stomach, side to side - gently kissing and licking his skin.

His scent rushed into my nose, and my cock grew beneath the table.

His ass was firm in my hands. I could feel the indentation on the side of his butt. I imagined what he looked like naked and it excited me even more.

When my chin touched his right hand, I felt his thumb extend and caress the side of my cheek and then he pushed the waistband down even further.

My head moved down further until the end of his cock was exposed.

Not the head, just the base of his shaft.

He was getting hard, and I wanted to take him in my mouth. But I was enjoying his stomach so much - I didn't want to stop.

My tongue slipped out and I felt the base of his cock with it. Buried in a nest of thick curly dark blond hair.

He was salty and pungent.

"Oh yeah..." he whispered.

At the sound of his voice, I looked up at him, and he was staring back at me.

I had to pause, more so out of disbelief and the fact that I think I had been hold my breath the whole time.

Inside, my heart was racing, and I was sweating.

I rested my forehead on his stomach and tried to regain my composure. It was then that he cupped the side my head and lifted my chin up.

He held my gaze for an eternity before leaning down and gently kissing me on the lips.

He grinned and said 'this is going to be fun'.

I had no idea what to expect next.


Christian Crowne

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