I finally regined my composure and Pushed Mac away, saying, 'This is all wrong.' I turned and headed for the blanket we had laid out.

Mac grabbed my arm and said, 'Why is it wrong? If we both want it, what makes it wrong?'

'Mac, look, we have a great working relationship. We're together five nights a week. I'm afraid that if anything happens it might affect that relationship.'

'Rex, I can seperate work from pleasure. I think you can to. As far as work is concerned, I think it will only make our relationship better.'

He stepped in front of me and our lips met, ever so gently. Within seconds however, our tongues were vigorously exploring each others mouth.

We went to the blanket and after kissing some more, Mac began licking my body. First down to my nipples and then my navel and then to my balls. Next he was eating my ass. He then moved back up and licked up the underside of my cock shaft. I moaned softly. When he took my cock in his mouth and swallowed all nine inches in one move I screamed in pleasure.

He sucked me a while then stopped and said, 'I want that up my ass.'

'Raw?' I asked.

'Fuck yea. Raw and with just spit for lube.'

He got on his back and raised his legs and I began eating his ass, getting it nice and wet.

After spitting in my hand ans smearing it on my cock I got into position.

'When you go in go all the way with just one thrust.'

I did as instructed and his ass was so fucking hot and tight I thought I'd shoot my load right then. 'Now fuck me hard fast and deep.' I did as instructed and with me as horny as I was and the way he worked my cock with his ass muscles, I was ready to climax in no time. As my load shot out, we both screamed in pleasure.

After I regained my breath and pulled out I looked at Mac and said, 'I want you up my ass as soon as possible.'

'How about now? you came so fast, i didn't have time for a spontanious climax. I'm ready to go.'

I flipped onto my back and Mak quickly got into position and fucked my ass. I loved evey bit of his eight and a half inches up my ass. It was enev better when he fed my hole his load.

We went back to the lake to wash off, then returned to the blanket. After a while we were heavily into a hot sixty-nine. The rest of the weekendwas spent sucking, fucking, rimming and kissing.

On the way back into town, Mac grasp my hand and said, This weekend had been fantastic. Being able to go nude and have sex whenever we wanted was super.'

'Yea, I enjoyed it also, but we need to get some rest. We have to work tonight.'

'Don't remind me,' he said with a laugh.

For the next few nights nothing about the weekend was mentioned. Then on Thursday night Mac casually said, 'Man, I'm horny as hell.'

'So am I. Guess we had too much last weekend.'

A few blocks later I turned off onto a dimly lit street and into the shadows behind an old warehouse. I got out and walked around to Mac's side of the car and told him to get out. He did and I said, 'Give me that cock baby.' He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. I squatted down and sucked him off and when I finished he sucked me off.

That became a mid week occurance. Most weekends, Mac stayed at my place.

About six months of this arangement was all I could take. One Friday morning as we headed back to the precinct, I looked over at Mac and asked,

'How would you like to move in with me on a permanent basis?'

'What? Are you serious? And what do you mean by permanennt?'

'Mac, would you be my lover?'

'Hell yea. Rex, I'd like nothing better, but what will the guys all think?'

'As far as they are concerned, in order for us both to save money, you're renting a room from me and sharing expenses. You can put your things in one of the room for appearances.'

'Great idea.'

We moved Mac in that weekend. over time a few of the guys that we suspected were either gay or bi made small comments but we blew them off, insisting that we were just roommates.

Mac and I have been together five years now and we're sure some of the guys have figured it out, but they have never said anything or treated us any different. It seems that the world is becoming more acceptible to homosecuality. Now, if the military would just follow that lead.

THE END..........?



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