The two young men were naked. Jamie, 24, sucked the other man's cock lusciously. It was a slow up and down motion and while one hand was under the man's back, the other was wandering all over his smooth chest.

The penis fell out of his mouth and Jamie took his hand off the man's right nipple, and grabbed it. He didn't immediately place it back in his mouth. Instead, he flicked the head and the underside of the shaft with his tongue, while making eye contact with the man. The man's cock was about six inches long and average thickness. Jamie liked it. His own penis was hard as a rock and hung down between his kneeling legs. The man he was sucking was lying on his back, legs spread slightly apart. Jamie was kneeling between them.

Jamie licked the underside of the man's penis, from the start of his scrotum, up to just below the head. Whenever he reached the frenulum, that little "v" just under the head, the man's body gave a slight jerk. He was super excited and Jamie knew it.

The two had met about an hour earlier at the park. They'd both been jogging and had both stopped to take a breather at the sitting area. Jamie immediately noticed the man's awesome hard body. This man worked out something fierce. His chest, arm and legs muscles were very defined. His chest and arms were hairless, and there was only fine light-colored hair on his legs.

And, he had a tattoo. It was on his right arm and took up his entire forearm. It was an elaborate abstract piece of black and white art and for some reason, it turned Jamie right the fuck on. He was staring at it when the man looked over at him and said hi. They made small talk and after about a half hour decided to go back to the man's nearby apartment for some iced tea. One thing, of course, led to another and here they were on the man's bed, having some pretty fucking wild sex.

Jamie kept tongueing the man's shaft, but slowly started concentrating on the upper part. He would almost take it into his mouth, then go back to kissing, sucking and licking the shaft. He would either be staring the man in the eyes, something he'd always found hot as fuck as the recipient of a blow job, or he'd close his eyes in concentration.

He needed to touch be back touching the tattooed man's nipples and so used his free hand to rub his them. He traced the lines of the man's muscles with one finger, then palm the entire area, paying special attention to the tiny hardnesses in the center. First one side, then the other. His other hand, wrapped around the base of the man's dick, directed the cock this way and that, moving it around to increase the pleasure.

Under him, the muscular man was undulating. It felt as though his body was doing the wave from shoulders to flat, washboard stomach to ass nearly lifting on and off the bed.

Jamie couldn't take it anymore. He needed to taste that chest, those tits, those nipples. He let the man's penis go and started making his way up his body. First he used his tongue to trace the muscle of the man's six-pack abs. He lingered there, making a pit stop every now and then at the belly button. It was an outtie and he wasn't sure why, but that really turned him on.

Then he moved even higher, up to that chest he so wanted. He licked rings around the man's right nipple then dragged his tongue across and did the same to the left one. They were so fucking awesome and while he was up there, his own cock dragged across the man's thigh and a jolt of pleasure ran from the base of his penis into the pit of his stomach. He loved the feeling, but wanted to concentrate on giving for the moment, than on receiving.

After a few moments on the man`s chest, he moved lower again and kissed and sucked the underside of his cock. He didn`t use his hands for the moment. They were busy holding him up. He used his mouth and tried a few times to suck the head, now resting on the man`s belly, into his mouth, then he tried positioning his mouth the right way to take the rock hard penis in. A few seconds of trying and the man took Jamie's right hand into his and placed it on his cock.

Jamie grasped the base, as he had done before, and resumed sucking, only this time, the top third of the man's penis spent a lot more time in his mouth. With his hand still near the bottom of the shaft, Jamie began giving him a proper blowjob.

His lips caressed the sides of the man's cock and he began rubbing up and down on the man's boner with his hand, for some extra intense sensations. He used a moderate squeeze pressure with his hand and kept his lips firm around the penis.

His lover's undulation continued and started to become slightly more intense. Jamie sped up his motions, wanting to make this man's orgasm a beautiful one. He suddenly needed to taste this man's salty semen and feel it all over his face and chest. Yes, he wanted the man to come in his mouth and on his chest. He wanted to rub the sticky goo into his nipples like body cream.

Jamie was sucking this man hard now, but he wanted a position change. He lay down on his back and for the man to position himself for a little sixty-nine action. Once in position, the man took Jamie's rock hard fuck stick into his warm mouth and the sensation nearly took him over the edge. Jamie accepted the man's cock into his own mouth and both men sucked each other, only Jamie had the advantage of being able to use his hands too. And he did.

The mansex in the room, on the bed, was overwhelming. The slightly sweet scent of both these men's sweat, deodorant and horniness and of course the sight of these two young, hot men, would bring anyone to drop their pants and join in from the sidelines.

Jamie kept working on the man, as the man worked on him and soon the man began thrusting into Jamie's mouth and he knew he would soon be able to taste this man's cum. He wanted it so bad. He masturbated him hard and sucked good and within two bucks, the man was spurting semen into his mouth.

With his hand still working the man's cock, Jamie aimed it at his chest making sure he got at least one spurt on each nipple and then... and then, that just about did it for him. Jamie thrust his own cock up into the man's mouth once, twice, three times and then he came. And he came. He wasn't sure he'd ever come that much before, and the man took it all in. He swallowed every drop of Jamie's cum, sucking it all out. Good to the last drop.

Jamie took his hands off the man's penis and rubbed the semen on his tits and all over his chest. He concentrated on his hard little nipples.

The man rolled off of him and lay on his back, but kept a hand Jamie's thigh, not far from his softening cock. He rubbed his hand on his thigh and that felt nice. Maybe, there'd be another round. In fact, Jamie was pretty sure there would be. With or without this hot man who gave awesome blowjobs and swallowed, no less. There sure would be a round two, even if he had to do it himself.




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