(This story is dedicaed to Curtis H from Arkansas, my most loyal reader and friend. I hope you enjoy this Curtis.)

Being the old proverbial traveling samesman, I'm on the road all the time. Usually I'm home every weekend, but with a couple of my routes, they are so large that it's better for me to stay over the weekend rather than go home and drive back. This was one of those routes.

It was early on a Friday afternoon and I was headed back to my motel in Dawson. I needed desperately to pee and knew that there was a rest area just ahead.

As I pulled into the rest area, I saw him. He was standing by his big red semi truck, the hood raised. He was shirtless, muscular, tall, slim waisted, hairy, and hot. I knew I had to help him out.

I quickly took care of business and went back outside. I saw him squatting by the right front tire, his head in his hands.

I walked up to him and asked, 'Problems?'

'Man do I ever,' he began. 'This bitch started acting up back down the road and I managed to get this far. I can't figure out what's wrong and now it won't even start. I was going to call the mechanic in Dawson to come get it and tow it in but my cell phone died and my charger quit working.'

'I'm Matt Connors, and you're welcome to use mine.'

'Thanks,' he replied. 'I'm Josh Baker.'

Taking my phone, he dialed a number and waited. Then after a few minutes of fustration and cursing he hung up.

'Bad news?' I asked.

'Their heavy duty wrecker won't be back in town until eaarly morning. They said I could wait here with the truck, or if I could get a ride into town and give them the keys, I could get a room and they would come get the rig as soon as the wrecker got back.'

'Not much choice,' I said.

'I'd stay here, but with it not starting, I have no AC or back up power.

Look, Josh, I'm on the road all the time and you drivers have helped me out many times. If you'll let me, I'd like to 'pay it forward' and help you out and give you a ride into town.'

'Hey, Matt, I appreciate that but I'mlow on funds. The company office in Bakerstown, where I have my drop, has money for me.'

'Hey, no problem. You'rewelcome to share my room with me but there is only one king size bed, or I'll get you a room.'

'Matt, I can't let you pay for a room.'

'Well, like I said, if you don't mind sharing the bed with me you can stay in my room.'

Hey, that wouldn't bother me at all. I come from a poor family and even way up into our late teens, my brother and I had to share a double bed. And in the Marines, when I was in Iraq, to keep warm at night, we'd frequently double up together to sleep.'

'Well, what would it be?' I asked.

Smiling, he said, 'Let me grab a change of clothes and my bag and lock this bitch up and we'll get the fuck out of here.'

He did and we headed out. As I drove, we talked and I found out that he was twenty-seven, single and had no girlfriend.

'Having a personal life is next to impossible for me in this occupation.'

'I'll bet,' I replied.

He said he started driving after getting out of the Marines, he started driving trucks since that is what he had done in the military.

He asked about me. I told him I was also single and was in the same basic situation as he was.

'Being out of town all week and a few weekends included, it's impossible to have anything more than just acquaintences.'

He smiled and asked my age. I told him I was twenty-seven also.

I told him that I lived in Bakerstown and found out he drove for a manufacturing company and delivered to their warehouse in Bakerstown and two other cities. At each sop, he'd pick up returns from customers and return them to the plant. He said he was in Bakerstown about every other weekend, and usually stayed over at least one night.

'Do you get a room or stay in the truck?' I asked.

'The office has a big room with one shower and several bunks that we can use but I usually get a room with a decent bed.'

My mind began woking overtime. Maybe, If we got along, I could convince him to stay at my place with me when he was in town, and maybe get him into my bed for sex and not just to sleep.

We arrived at the dealers garage and Josh went in and gave them the keys to his truck and all the information on it. They needed a number to contact him at and he gave his cell number and also mine.

We left and went to my motel room.

'Make yourself at home. There's beer in the mini-fridge. I'm going to change and get comfortable.'

In the bathroom, I stripped down and just as I was about to slip into a pair of shorts commando, Josh walked in with two beers in his left hand and

his bag in the other.

Seeing me nude and putting on the shorts with no underwear, he smiled and said, 'Ah, another that likes to go commando.'

'Oh, yea. You too?'

'Always. I don't even own any underwear.'

Without any hesitation, he sat our beers down on the vanity and began stripping, saying he needed a shower. I took my time and opened our beers as he stripped. Soon he was totally nude and I handed him his beer. As he took a big sip, I looked over his beautiful body, especially his cock. His cock was about seven inches and just sightly thicker than 'average' and cut.

I left the bathroom and returned to the main area and propped up in bed, turning on the TV. I found an old John Wayne war movie and began watching it.

Shortly, Josh came out of the bathroom, one towel wrapped around his waist, and drying his thick hairy chest with another. Laughing he said, 'It takes one towel to dry my body and another just to dry my chest. Sometimes I consider shaving it all off.'

'Hell, I wish mine was hairy. To me it's a sign of masculinity.'

He laughed as he removed his body towel. Standing nude, he reached into his bag and retrieved a pair of gym shorts, slowly putting them on, then lay down next to me.

We continued talking about things in general, and before we reaized it, it was almost 6 p.m. and I was hungry.

'Josh, I know you're short on cash, so dinner is on me. Let's get dressed. I'm starved.'

'Matt, you've done enough already. I can afford a meal.'

'Don't argue, I'm buying. Now get dressed.'

We both slipped on jeans and shirts and went to dinner. As we drove back my cell phone rang. It was the garage calling for Josh. He talked a minute and I could tell he wasn't getting good news.

'When he hung up I said, 'Well?'

'Their wrecker got back early and went and got the truck. There is a part they need but they have to order it. It won't be in until mid-morning on Monday and it will take several hours to get it put on. They said I would have my truck first thing Tuesday morning.'

'Well, you can say with me. I'm enjoying your company.'

'But you have to work Monday,' he said.

'So? You can ride with me on my calls.'

'Man, you are fucking unreal,' he said. 'I guess you're the boss. I know that if I refuse, you will override me.'

'Yep, I will. End of discussion.'

We returned to the room and as we removed our shoes, socks and shirts, I decided to go for broke.

'Josh, there is somehing I need to say.'

Smiling slightly, he said 'Oh? What's that?'

'Well, I hate clothes. When I'm at home or here in the room, I usually go nude. However if that would make you ucomfortable, I'll were underwear.'

'Matt, it won't bother me at all.'

'You sure?

'Yea,'he said laughing. 'I sleep nude and if driving a night I requenty drive nude. I hae clothes also.'

'Well, shall we just do what makes us the most comfortable?'

'Sure. Why not? My brother and I always slept nude, although our parents never knew. And when in the field, my buddy and I slept nude when trying to keep warm.'

Watching each other, we both removed our jeans and when we were both nude, I went to the door and hung out the 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign.

'I don't know about you but I'm hoping to sleep late in the morning.'

'Sounds good to me,' he replied.

He grabbed each of us another beer and handed one to me. Both nude, we lay inches apart, watching TV and sipping our beers.

Then, after a while I got up to go pee. When I returned, I noticed that ir appeared that he had moved coser to where I had been laying. When I was again in bed, I knew that he had. I wondered if he suspected that I was gay and was waiting for me to make a move.

After a few minutes, I turned onto my side and faced him and said, 'Josh, when you're in town at the warehouse, give me a call. If I'm home that

weekend, why don't I pick you up and you stay with me?'

'Fuck Matt, I'd love that. The only motel near the warehouse isn't that good,' he said turning onto his side to face me.

Our faces were less than a foot apart, and our eyes locked together. For a couple of seconds we hed each others gaze wneh suddenly he quickly leaned intome and pressed his lips to mine. When I didn't resist or pull back, he slowly parted his lips and offered his tongue.

I immediately partedmine and accepted his ongue and offered mine. instantly, his arms were aroound me, pulling me to him. I wrapped mine around him and we kissed passionately for a long while.

When we parted, he said softly, 'I've wanted to do that ever since you walked up to the truck. And when you said you had something to tell me, I was hoping that you would say that you were gay.'

'I almost did,' I replied.

We kissed again, both our cocks now rock hard. He then said, 'I was afraid that you would tell me to get out when I kissed you.'

'Not on your life,' I replied.

Josh then began kissing my neck, slowly working himself to my nipples then lower to my balls. After sucking them for a couple of minutes, he moved down and began rimming my ass. Then he moved up and quickly deep throated my throbbing cock.

Sucking slowly at forst themn quicker, he soon brought me to a roaring climax, swallowing every drop fed to him.

Afer another kiss, I returned the pleasure to him.

Afterward, I told him, 'Let me know in advnce what weekends you will be at the warehouse and I'll adjust my schedule and make sure I'm in town.'

'I will.'

'Do you really drive nude at night?'

'Hell yea, but my shorts or right at my feet nd easy to get on if I happent to get pulled over.'

'That's wild,' I said. 'You ever run into other gay drivers?'

'Oh yea. There are more bi and gay drivers than people realize, and most of those that are bi are married. They live the gay life on the road and the straight life when at home with their wife.'

'Fucking unreal,' I said.

'I have run into some that are bi and their ife travels with them so hey can watch their husbands have sex with guys.'

I just shook my head in disbelief.

We kissed and cuddled for a while when he looked at me and said, 'I want you to fuck me.'

'Only if you promise to fuck me afterwrd.'

'I promise.'

Seconds later, Josh was on his back,legs pulled up and I was pistoning in and out of his hot ass.

'Yea, baby, fuck me. I've needed this for so long. I want to feel you fill my hole with your hot load.'

'Well, get ready because I'm damn close.'

Seconds later my cock exploded and as it fired off deep into his ass, he said,'Oh fuck yea. I love it. Give it all to me.'

I did and moments later he was ploughing my ass and I was in heaven, begging for his load up me. He soon gave it to me and it was awesome.

Afterward, we kissed and cuddled and soon were sleeping soundly in each others arms.

Sometime during the night I woke up to find him sucking me again. I turned and got into a sixty-nine andwe got each other of again before returning to sleep.

We awoke the next morning about ten and after another sixty-nine, we went to breakfast.

Later I asked if he and his brother had sex when they slept together.

'Fuck yea,' he replied. 'It started when he was 14 and I was 13. By the time he joined the Marines at 18, we were sucking and fucking each other seveeral times a day.'

'You still have sex with him?'

'Oh yea, whenever we can get get together. He's sill in the Marines and is making it a career.'

'How about your bud you slept with in Iraq?'

'He was married but in conversation we decided it wasn't 'gay' just to help another bud out. All we would do is blow each other with some kissing.'

The weekend was fantastic with ons of hot raw man to man sex. On Monday, while driving a lightly traveled road between customers, Josh unzipped my pants and blew me while I drove. Now that was hot.

We parted Tuesday morning, agreeing to keep in touch. We did and got together as often as possible. Josh convinced me to take vacation

and ride with him in his rig. there was sex every night in his sleeper and I got to suck him while he drove.

Then, after we had plans for him to stay with me at my apartment, I had to call him and cancel.

'Why?' he asked.

'I was driving home and was just ouside of town when an 18-wheeler lost control and almost hit me head on.'

'Oh fuck! Are you okay?'

'Not really. I've got some internal injuries and seveeral broken bones. I'm in Baker Memorial Hospital.'

'I'll be there as soon as I can,' he said.

Josh arrived the next day and when he came into my room, seeing me bandaged up, he said, 'Oh fuck, baby.'

His use of 'baby' surprised me. Comong to the side of my bed, he asked, 'Can I kiss you?'

'If you don't I'm going to kick your ass when I'm well.'

He leaned down and tongue kissed me and afterward said, 'Matt, I'd be useless if anything happened to you. I love you so much. You're what keeps me going. I have given up having sex with anyone but you.'

'Josh,I had no idea you felt that way,' I said.

'Well, I do. I love you with all my heart. I was going to tell you this weekend while I held you in my arms.'

'Josh, my love, I love you also. I have for months.'

He insisted on staying with me that night. He wouldn't even leave to go get something to eat. I had the nurse bring in a guest tray for him.

When he did leave, he'd call me several times a day. We'd profess our love for each other and his calls helped pass the time. When i finally went home, he insisted on taking his vacation to take care of me.

During his stay, he convinced me to ontact a lawyer. 'Baby, yu've got one hell of a lawsuit here. I read your copy of the police report and the driver was high on meth.'

I filed a law suit and my lawyer was asking for 20 million. The company settled for 15 million.

After he lawyer took his fee, I cleared 10.5 million. It was an unheard of amount for that type of accident, but my lawyer had of copies of previous accidents of the companies drivers and in more than one case, the drivers were on drugs. The company knew that if that information was brought out in trial they would loose many of their customers. One stipulation of the settlement was that the company do monthly drug testing of all its drivers.

Needless to say, i didn't return to work. I didn't have to. Instead, I bought Josh a new truck with a custom oversize sleeper and he became an independent driver, hauling whatever needed to be delivered anywhere in the sates.

I sold my condo and bought a lake house and all the property surrounding it. I rode with Josh and eventualy got my CDL license. We were not only lovers, we ere team drivers. When everr we wanted we'd take time off and enjoy our lake house.

We've been together six years now and coudn'y be happier. A while back, as we rolled down the interstate, we began taking about our meeting that first time.

'Do you believe in fate?' I asked him.

'I didn't, but I do now. This was meant to be.'



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