Although I thought I was straight, I guess I always knew that I preferred guys. I mean I checked them out all the time, but I thought all guys did that, ya know compare themselves to others.

Well I knew and know that I am hot looking and I have a fine body. I work out a lot and have a nice firm chest and almost a perfect six-Pac. I have a little bit of baby fat on my gut though but not much. Mostly I think that I am about an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. I make heads turn as I walk down the street.

Anyways it was Friday night around 10 PM and I really felt damn horny. I turned on the telly and there was a show on called the American Gladiators. It was filled with a bunch of hot looking guys and gals buffed up to the extreme in Spandex.

Funnily enough, I found I was checking out the Guys more than I was the Chicks. They had fine bodies and in their spandex they showed nice baskets.

I rubbed my crotch a few times and then decided to go out for a walk and work off my horniness.

I lived downtown in Toronto and the streets were usually crowded. I wasn't far from what was known as the Gay Village.

I kinda knew what gay was but didn't know exactly what guys did with each other. I though probably jerk each other off and touch each other.

So I decided that I wanted to see how many guys I could get to look at me and I ventured into the Village.

I had put on my tight faded Button Fly denim jeans, a snow white tank top and my Cowboy boots. I checked myself out in the hall mirror, Dang, I looked good. I showed a nice basket as I always did since I have a 8 inch cock that is about 4 inches when soft, and my balls were very large, about the size of extra-large chicken eggs. And my ass, well I had one nice ass I had received compliments on it before. Even a few friendly light slaps by friends in the locker room.

Well I was ready so I hit the Village.

There were hundreds of guys everywhere. They were dressed in all kinds of stuff. But I found what really turned me on was this one really hot masculine guy dressed in Leather. He had on tight faded blue jeans with chaps over them. And he showed a monster bulge in them. Cowboy Boots. Some kind of leather chain harness over his bare chest, oh ya by the way he had a hard six Pac and succulent pecs and arms. And he had on this hot leather hat. He also had a couple of leather studded arm bands around his upper arms.

He looked my way and saw I was checking him out. He looked me up and down and then nodded his head with approval. Then he approached me. He greeted me and said he hadn't seen me around before. I was a bit shy but I managed to mumble out a Hi and that I was new to this part of town.

We talked a few minutes and he stuck out his hand and told me that his name was Kyle.

I told him my name was Darian or sometimes Dex to friends.

He had a warm firm grip and for some reason it sent chills up and down my spine.

He asked me I wanted him to show me around and maybe have a beer or two.

I said Shit ya, that would be great.

So he put his arm around my shoulder and led me down the street. We came to a local bar and he paused and looked through the door.

Then he said to me that damn, it's really crowded in there, we will have quite a wait for a beer. Then he laughed and said I know, what do you say that we head back to my place and I can crack open a couple of cold ones and we can get to know each other.

I didn't realize that I was getting picked up or what was in store for that evening.

That was the evening that I found out my true place in life and what I really was and wanted to be.

He told me he didn't live far and we got to his place in about 10 minutes.

We entered his apartment building and he took me up to the penthouse floor.

There were only two apartments on that floor and one was his.

His place was huge he led me over to the couch and had me sit down and went to get us a couple of beers. When he came back, I could swear that his crotch looked somehow bigger than before.

He handed me my beer and we clinked glasses and toasted to each other.

The beer tasted so smooth; there is nothing better than a perfectly chilled beer.

Kyle sat down beside me and we talked for a while, I don't remember about what, just stuff.

The he asked me if I liked to get high. Well I had smoked a joint or two occasionally so I nodded ya, sure I would love to.

He opened a drawer in the end table and pulled out a big thick joint and sparked it up.

Then he asked if I ever had a supertoke? I didn't know what he meant. He told me to get ready to inhale and he put the joint in his mouth the wrong way and then leaned into me with his lips close to mine and then started to blow smoke out of the end of the joint. A big bellow of smoke came out and I quickly inhaled as much as I could. I had never taken in so much smoke before and I was almost coughing but I was able to hold it. When I let it out my head was spinning. Fuck I was fucken high. Then I felt I should do the same for him, I almost burned my mouth but I managed.

We gave each other super tokes until the joint was done. I was so fucken high I couldn't believe it. I had never felt so good before.

Then all of a sudden he leaned forwards and started to kiss me and stuck his tongue into my mouth. I was shocked at first but excited too. I had never kissed a guy before.

I couldn't resist, I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tight as we madly kissed each other.

When we finally came up for air he inquires of me if I had ever done this before. I had to admit that no I hadn't.

He said so you haven't had sex with a man, do you want me to show you what it is like?

Yes I was curious and eagerly nodded.

He then told me that we should really get high and that would make it easier to accept what he would do too and teach me.

I was a bit scared but I was also already high and I felt a strange urge in my gut. Ya I wanted to learn.

Ever done Magic Mushrooms he asked me and I told him no.

He reached into the drawer again and took out a little baggy and it had some dried mushrooms in it.

He took out a small handful and told me to pop them into my mouth and chew them till they were good and moist and then swallow them. I obeyed.

He did the same. They tasted a bit funny but not really bad, just funny. I chewed and chewed and slowly they got softer and softer.

Apparently if you chew them before swallowing they hit you faster and you get an almost immediate high.

As I swallowed I noticed that my head had reached a new High. My mind was swirling and I felt like I was on top of the world. I felt invincible.

Then to my amazement, Kyle stood up and towered over top of me, he looked magnificent.

(OK Jamie, I am going to pause for a moment to convert to my story telling mode. It is easier to express what happened to me that way. So here goes. And remember Dude, this is real life stuff, this really is how I was brought out and trained to be a horny bottom hungry for Horse cock.)

"How do you feel, Dex. You want me to show you how to be a Gay boy? Give you some real man pleasure?" Kyle inquired of me with an expectant look on his face.

My head was so high, I was so excited, and yes I wanted to find out, to learn. So I blurted eagerly out in a strong voice, "Fuck, Ya Dude, show me what I have been missing all these years. Please."

Kyle tilted his head back and let out a husky laugh and spoke out in his masculine voice, "Oh, Ya, I get to train a Virgin, make him into a willing wanting fucktoy. You are in for a treat boy. When I am done with you, you won't know what hit you. Now I know you have never been fucked before, but that is what I like to do and I want a piece of your hot melon ass. First we are going to have to clean you up a bit. Come to the bathroom, I am going to give you an edema! Clean your ass out real good so that I can eat it and then fuck it and make it a glory hole. You want that don't you boy; you want your new daddy to make you his Boy Toy?"

I was so high, I couldn't think straight and all I could do was nod my head. I somehow deep down inside of me, wanted him to command me, to train me. What was happening to me?

He reached down and grabbed my hand and pulled me up out of the couch, stood back and in an authoritive voice ordered me to take all my clothes off. I jumped to obey him and within seconds I was stark naked in front of him.

He looked me up and down and made a motion with his hand for me to turn around for him. I complied.

"Fucken Hot Dude, you are so fucken Hot. And what a damn ice cock you have. I am going to work that fine body of yours." He drawled out in his studly voice.

He led me to the bathroom. I will cut a long story short and just say he had me bend over in the shower and spread my cheeks. Then he stuck the hose from the enema bag up in me and filled me full of water and proceeded to clean me out.

When I was nice and clean, he gave me a good slap on my ass cheek making it ripple and said, "There Boy, now you are ready for Daddy. You're gonna be a good boy and do everything Daddy tells you, aren't you?"

I felt somehow like I was hypnotised. All I could do was to blurt out in a docile voice," Yes Daddy, Please, Yes. I want to know, I want to learn."

Was this really me talking? God what had come over me? I was so high; I wanted to do anything this stud wanted me to. I was willing to go all the way. My feelings had become free, I felt like I was in a fantasy world. I was experiencing total and lustful want for him.

He led me back into the other room and then down the hall and opened a door to his bedroom.

As I entered my mouth fell open. It was a total playroom for sex. There was a leather sling suspended from the ceiling by chains. A Dresser drawer set with various Dildos and other Sexual Devices on it and some jars of lubricant.

There were floor to ceiling mirrors on one wall and across the ceiling beside the sling. The closet door was open and hanging on hangers was an assortment of leather gear.

The first thing that he did was to place his hands firmly on my butt cheeks and push me all the way into his lair over beside the sling next to the closet.

He reached in and took out a pair of chaps and told me to put them on, along with a Leather harness for my chest and pecs, leather arm bands for my triceps and a pair of heavy leather boots.

I had never worn leather before and when I was dressed I could smell the strong odor of leather. It was so intoxicating that it made me feel higher than I already was.

"Now Dex," Kyle boomed out in his masterful voice, "I promise not to hurt you but I am going to make your ass into a total pleasure chute for me to use as I wish. I want to possess you and make you beg me to use you. Do you understand?"

"Oh fuck, Ya Kyle, I mean Daddy. I am so high that all I want is for you to take my virginity. Please. I can feel my ass twitching; it feels so strange, I think I am ready, I think I have always been ready." I looked him deep in the eyes as I answered him.

Kyle then put his powerful arms around me and lifted me up and placed me into the sling on my back. He secured my legs to the chains hanging from the ceiling.

Then he dropped to his knees, pulled my ass cheeks apart and buried his face between them and started to lick my hole.

I let out a pure moan of pleasure. Holy fuck, which felt so God Damn good.

He pushed it into my hole and started licking the inside of my chute. God I was quivering and shaking. This stud had opened up a new avenue for me.

Then he brought his finger up to my hole and started to push it in beside his tongue. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, and Damn it felt so good.

He took his tongue out and leaned back and stared at my hole as he fingered it. Then he took his finger out and I cried out loud in a begging voice, "NO, PLEASE, NO. Don't stop, PLEASE."

"Don't you worry BOY; I will give you everything you need. I am just starting on that pretty Virgin hole of yours." He purred out in a lustful assuring voice.

He reached his hand over to the jar of lube and scooped out a large dollop onto his fingers. Then he placed them against my butthole again. Back in went his finger, but he didn't stop there, suddenly he inserted a second finger. It felt so good. Then to my amazement the third and his forth fingers drove in beside the first two. Damn he had four fingers in my butt and it didn't hurt one bit. He started to open and close them, stretching my virgin hole.

I was almost crying out in rapture.

He continued to work my hole then he looked me straight in the eye and had a knowing smile on his face. He didn't take his eyes away from mine and he reached out with his other hand and picked something up off the dresser.

Then he held it up and waved it in front of my face. It was a big thick Twelve Inch Dildo.

I started to panic. He was going to put that up my butt? It would never fit, he would rip me apart. I struggled to get my legs out of the restrains that held them.

Kyle Laughed and in a calming reassuring voice said, "Dex, don't worry, I am not going to hurt you. I will take it slow. You have four of my fingers up your hole. This isn't any bigger. Once I start if you want me to stop just say so. But I guarantee, you are going to Love it and will beg for it."

He placed the Dildo on my chest and let it sit there. I reached down with my hand and picked it up and looked closely at it. Could I take it? Did I want to take it?

As I looked at the rubber dong, he reached over to the dresser again and grabbed something else off of it. It a little brown bottle filled with some sort of liquid.

"These are Poppers, Boy. I want you to open them up and take a few sniffs through your nostrils, they will help to relax you and make you able to receive what I give you." He said as he handed them to me.

He took the dildo back into his hand and as I opened the bottle, he smeared some lubricant all over it. He had taken his fingers out of my hole and was looking down at me expectantly. He placed the head of the dildo against my entrance and just held it there.

"Now Dex" he stated "I will not move until you want me to; for the next few minutes you are in control. Tell me what you want me to do. It is 100% your choice."

I leaned up a bit and put the bottle against my nostril and sniffed. I sputtered a bit, it was almost too harsh an odor. But he nodded at me reassuringly and I took a bigger sniff. Then another and then one more. Holy Fuck I wasn't prepared for what happened. Suddenly my head started to really spin. I was almost out of my mind. I could feel the rubber dong against my hole and then I couldn't hold back. My ass actually wanted him to push it inside of it.

"PLEASE, Daddy, I want you to fuck me." I implored in a pleading voice. "Please Daddy, please."

Kyle took his cue and then he started to slowly insert the dildo into my hole. There was no pain at all, just pure pleasure. He didn't stop until the whole 12 inches was buried into my ass. I had actually taken it and craved it.

Then he pulled it slowly almost all the way out and then pushed back in. He started to build up a rhythm and was beginning to move it in and out building up speed until he was literally plunging it deep deep inside of me.

It was glorious, I was moaning and crying at the same time and I started to scream out in shear rapture, "OH, GOD, KYLE, DADDY. Please fuck me, fuck me hard." I begged him.

He worked my hole until it was wide open. He reached down to his crotch with his other hand while he fucked me and unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his growing hard cock. I could see it come out as I watched in the mirror on the ceiling. I let out a gasp, as it grew to its full girth I saw that it was huge, He was a long as the dildo but almost as thick as my wrist.

He was stroking it and getting it as hard as a rock.

"Sniff some more Poppers Boy; I want to ram my hard manhood into your hot ass.

You want the real thing Boy? Talk to me, you want the real thing? Beg for it, request it." He ordered me in a masterful authoritive voice.

I quickly sniffed some more Poppers and then Cried out in a pleading begging voice, "OH Daddy, PLEASE I want the real thing, I want you to take me, I give you my virginity. Take me, please take me."

With a loud suction sound he pulled the dildo out of my ass and place his hard thick cock against my hole and with a big smirk on his face yelled out in his demanding voice, " What do you want BOY, tell me what the FUCK do you want?"

"I want your cock SIR, I want your cock. Please fill me. Fuck my ass. PLEASE." I begged.

Without hesitation he started to enter my hole, the head of his cock was at least three inches across, as thick as my wrist. He held his cock just inside my entrance and then put his hands up on my secured legs and with one powerful manly thrust rammed his cock all the way in until his heavy cum laden balls slapped against my ass cheeks.

It didn't hurt a bit; it felt so wonderful, so right. My hole was made for him to fuck. He held it deep inside me for a minute to let me get used to it and then he started to fuck me. He was thrusting harder and harder. His balls were making loud slapping noises against my ass cheeks. Then to my amazement, he pulled all the way out of my ass. I felt so empty.

I cried out, "OH, God PLEASE don't stop, PLEASE."

I had such a crest fallen look on my face. He looked down and laughed as he spoke, "OH, don't you worry your sweet little ass; I am not done with you yet. Open your hole for Daddy; make your hole beg for his huge cock."

I pushed out my ass muscles as he watched; he let out a moan of lustful pleasure and then just leaned forward. His cock found my hole and he rammed all the way in, then pulled all the way completely out and rammed back in. My ass was staying open for him. He kept using my ass to the limit, it felt so good. I was his, he had broken me, I would never be the same again.

He kept that up for almost half an hour and then he yelled out in a roaring bellow, "OH Fuck, Dex, DADDY is going to give you his sweet ambrosia.'

Then he pulled all the way out and continued yelling as he plowed into me. "FUCK." Plunge "YOU." Plunge "ARE." Plunge "MINE."

He held me onto his pulsating cock as deep inside of me as he could be.

With the final plunge I couldn't hold back. I clenched my butt cheeks as tight as I could and started to shoot up high into the air. And then he let out an animalistic howl and started to fill me with his juices. His body was quivering and shaking as he convulsed in my, now his ass. He was Cumming so much that it was flowing out of my ass and down my cheeks. My spurts reached the mirror on the ceiling I came so hard.

Then we were both spent, he pulled my legs out of the restraints and with his cock deep inside of me, he lifted me out of the sling and fell with me onto the bed. Our chests were heaving and we were gasping for breath. We both passed out from sheer exhaustion.

When I came to only a few minutes had passed, Kyle cock was still buried in my ass. I was no longer a virgin and I had become a total Fuck Slut Toy.

Since as I found out he was an Army Major, and he wasn't always home as he traveled where his career took him. I only saw him every few months but I longed and looked forward to when he came home and would take me again.

This went on for a couple of years but then he got transferred overseas and we had to part. I tell you the final last fuck was something to behold.

That was three years ago and I was spoiled. Ya I had sex with other guys but no one could top like my Kyle.

I bought myself a dildo that was as big as Kyles cock and I would get out some pictures that I took of him and have sexual session with myself while I watched hard core leather movies and imagined he was with me again.


MAcho Dude

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