Straight men do make great bottoms

I met an attractive man named Juaquin who was a fantastic fuck while I was in a Mexican prison. I had the unfortunate luck to run into corrupt cops while I lived in Mexico. Before I knew it I found myself in a prison in Tijuana. It was a time mixed with fear, horror and intense sexual opportunity. Prisons are full of young men with pent up sex drives. Mexican prisons are no exception. If a prisoner has no support from their family they could find themselves unable to buy life's basic needs like soap, tooth paste or toilet paper. The prisons in Mexico usually are for housing the prisoners only. Often these young men would do things they would never dream of doing if they were not in prison. I was fortunate to have a steady retirement income from my service in the military. I had many of what I call sabrinos. That is nephews in English. I chose good guys that were street wise and trustful to run errands for me or escort me around the prison compound to help me avoid problems. Of my closest companions I let them know that I am gay.

One day I was approached by a bilingual attractive man who had heard chismes (gossip) about my hiring guys for sex. He explained that he wanted to work for me. I told him that I was not passive. In other words I was an exclusive top. His reply shocked me. He said 'that getting fucked could not be like something from Mars.' His logic as we know is correct.

I am no predator and I already had plenty of sabrinos that I was attracted to but didn't want to take advantage. I told Juaquin that I also had regular sex buddies who are equally hot looking and I really didn't need another at this time. I sent my runner to the store (one of many in this little village surrounded by high walls and barbed wire) to buy the attractive man some of the basic items everyone needs. During this time I learned that he had two girls and a wife on the outside but no money for his support. This is the typical story in this prison. When my runner returned, I gave him the items and fifty pesos (a little less than $5) then wished him good luck. The hotties who worked for me in the sex department usually got much more and he knew that. Juaquin had his own plan.

The next day I was walking through a crowded corridor between two buildings. My muscle bound security escort was behind me when suddenly Juaquin stepped in front of me and backed his round butt into my crotch. He gave his ass a wiggle then looked over his shoulder and said 'I bet you want this tight ass! I never have been fucked before so you know I am tight.' I answered that virgins are not good fucks, but I will think about it.

Juaquin needed money that was obvious. He was willing to do what he could to earn it. He was not the only one to approach me like this but he was one of the most persistent. Later that day I sent one of my nephews to find him and tell him to come to my apartment. Yes in this enclosed village prison I had my own studio apartment with air conditioning, TV, and hot water for my shower. Juaquin was sleeping on the floor in one of the cell block's hallways. All he had was a bed roll and a small floor space to call his own much like most of the others in this facility holding ten thousand but built for 2000. The lucky lived in a cell if they could afford to pay the guards 500 Pesos, the rest were in the hallways or on the streets. My feelings about paying a straight guy for sex changed once I figured out I was providing a help in a mostly hopeless situation. There were many sad stories please allow me to stay focused on Juaquin.

I love the Mexican sense of propriety, Juaquin showed up at my place freshly showered although he probably took a cold buck bath. His clothes were clean too even though they had signs of wear. I offered him a bottle of orange and mango juice. He started to guzzle it but caught himself and slowed his consumption so as not to appear that he had not had such a treat in a long time. Then I asked him about himself and how his family was doing without him. As he talked I took note of what he was saying, his nervousness, and his clear skin on his face. I have a particular attraction to men that have thick eyebrows like Juaquin's with a few strands of hair that bridge the gap between the two; but not unibrows. Alone now, with him I really noticed his natural beauty. He has strong arms, lean narrow waist and under his t-shirt are indications of developed pectoral muscles. Juaquin is yummy indeed. I wonder what his wife would think if she knew what he was doing this minute.

It was time to get down to business. I asked Juaquin what he wanted to be paid. Most guys underestimate or vastly over estimate their worth. So I let him make the first offer. He answered my question with a question. This is another technique that I am familiar with. He asked how much do I usually pay. I replied how much did he think I paid. A question answered with a question. Juaquin had no answer so I asked again how much do you want for your special services. He fidgeted a bit then answered 200 pesos. I countered with 400 pesos which was equal to $38 at that time. Then I said that if he had me pull out before I was complete I would pay only 100 pesos. He agreed then stood up and began taking off his clothes.

The show was worth the whole amount. His body lacked hair for a 23 year old man except under his arms, around his large dick and jumbo balls. I will never get use to how for a few dollars (at least to me) I can have guys put on such an erotic show. I am a top so it was not long before I asked to see his other side. Juaquin turned around. WOW! Two round globes like the Latin Boyz model Joven who inspired me to write this experience, they where now before me and within arms reach.

Juaquin also had the remains of a speedo tan line like Joven. This I noted for further questioning. But I wanted to see where my dick was to find some fun, so I asked Juaquin to bend over and show me his man hole. It looked truly like a tight round portal, crowned with a sparse amount of thin curly hair. Yum! I knew right then where my tongue was going. I told Juaquin that we could do business. This was my way to hide my building lust. Please move to the bed and lay down I asked next. He stretched out on his back which was okay with me. I wanted to suck on that monster cock of his, first anyways. I am no expert in giving head to uncut dicks but I do try my best. My God! That thing was to grow into a true snake. I worked on him until I noticed that he was fully lost in the moment.

I love changing up at these times. I asked Juaquin to roll over onto his stomach. I arranged myself between his legs and began to lick his hairy balls and curling the hair with my tongue. Then I moved to that area below his hole and lingered there long enough to ease his tension at my being where no one had been before. I have done virgins before. It takes patience and technique. Mine is to run my tongue across the hole up the valley and along the spine to the neck. This sent pleasure sensations through out Juaquin's body. I repeated this a few times before I concentrated on his man hole. Grasping both of his beefy cheeks I pulled them apart and suddenly violated his hole with my tongue. Juaquin gasped in joy. He began to rock his leg alternately up and down in response to my invasion. This squirming is a good sign. I knew that before long his hole would dilate and become more receptive to anything. He was learning that his rear portal can be a source of pleasure too. It was not long before he placed his hand on my head and pulled me in closer as he spread his legs to give me better access. I was lost in his building passion. I loved the velvety feel of his now elastic hole. That strong ring was finally relaxing. After ten minutes of savoring that awaking portal I moved beside Juaquin and said take the condom and place it on me so you are sure that we a playing safe. It was time for him to earn his pay. He rolled the protection then applied lubrication to my rod and his hole. I told him to take control and sit down on me at his own speed. I also warned him that at the first insertion it would hurt for a little while but don't hop off. Simply stop for a moment and let his body get use to it. Hopping off hurts worse I said. He followed my instructions perfectly. It took awhile before his dick finally rested on my stomach although it had shrunk from its hard state.

With Juaquin now sitting with my dick fully inside him, I reached for his man rod and jacked on it to keep his mind off of what was going on inside him. I pushed my pelvis downward into the mattress to start the motion we would be going for. He caught on and began to rise up and down. He took to riding my cock slowly but assuredly. I could feel the back wall of his love tunnel. Once I was certain that he could handle more I sat up and pulled my legs from under him while placing his on my shoulders in one smooth motion. Now I could take this straight married man's love cannel. I eased outward and pushed inward watching the expressions on his face. Once I detected a grimace of pain I reminded him that he could tell me to stop anytime. He said no, that the experience was not as bad as he thought it would be and he really wanted to finish this. Well finish we will. I increased my speed by increments. I could still feel that wall at the end of his tunnel I kept banging against it. To my surprise that wall opens a little. I could now feel my head peeking into it. Could Juaquin have what only a few have? I asked myself. After a few more deep thrusts that wall opened up and my dick head was greeted to a second ring deep inside of Juaquin! Wow he did have what only a few have. He has two rings in his ass. An outer ring that I was licking earlier and an inner ring my eight incher just barely could reach inside. Oh my God what a wonderful sensation. He groaned in a manly way every time I pushed inside that second ring. I was now really working on completing my task with rapid and deep thrusts. I reached down with my right hand and stroked him in time to my thrusts. He too was building in passion but faster than me. He sprayed his man juice up to his small pointed nipples. The ejaculation caused his inner and outer rings to clamp tighter around my invading cock. I followed his orgasm with my own. I rested briefly while soaking in his being all around my man rod before slowly pulling out. I wanted to kiss him and hold his body but I didn't know how he would take such man to man intimacy.

Juaquin walked into my life and almost threw out all the others that worked for me by providing this servicio especial, as I would call it. Juaquin became a regular employee and I provided other benefits which I will explain.

Juaquin had a high school diploma a rare thing in Mexico. He was living well in his home town. That is why he could have a speedo tan line. But he needed to make more money for his growing family so he came to Tijuana to cross over the boarder. One night Juaquin was caught in a house that holds migrants waiting to cross to America. They get thrown into prison like all other criminals. If he could pay his fine he could go home. His young family was in Vera Cruz, a city on the other side of Mexico. After I learned this entire story I instructed my lawyer to buy Juaquin a plane ticket and pay his fine so he could go home. It was a great joy to call his wife and say that Juaquin was coming home the next day. He was a great fuck but it would be wrong for me to keep him there if I could help him out. We parted as good friends. I do plan on visiting him some day.




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