I had known Ben for about 5 years and even though he had only known me with girlfriends he knew I was bisexual becuase I had told him one night when  I was drunk.  He was fine with it and it was something of a joke at times. One night, after a party, when we had had a few too many drinks I made a move on him, tried to grope him. He was kind but made it clear he wasn't into 'that kind of thing'. He did say though that if he ever did think of having a gay experience it would be with me - apparently he thought I was a good looking chap. So that was that - I'd embarrassed myself thoroughly although Ben didn't seem to be bothered.

It was probably two years later when Ben and I went out , got drunk and ended up back at my place for a last drink. Around midnight Ben said he should leave. I saw him to the front door and gave him the usual friendly male hug. As he was about to walk out of the door he stopped, then went as if to walk on, then stopped again. " You know a couple of years ago" he said, "when you kind of tried it on with me" I was suddenly really embarassed -" yes - sorry" I said " I don't know what I was thinking. " It's ok" he said. He pasued and then said " I kind of liked it - but didn't want to admit i"  I must admit I was really shocked. I had assumed Ben was completely straight but this was a revelation. I acted really cool " That's fine.. don't worry about it..... it was a long time ago and we were both drunk" etc. Ben laughed at this and reached out and gave me a hug. This wasn't unusual - as blokes we were very tactile and never had any problem hugging or giving each other a kiss on the cheek. This time however, the hug lasted langer than usual and suddenly Ben's mouth sought out mine and he kissed me, passionately, pushing his tongue into my mouth.  After about 10 seconds I pulled away. I laughed nervously " Are you sure you know what you doing Ben" I said. This time Ben grabbed me and begain to kiss me harder, he also pushed his crotch into me and I could his erection though his jeans. I wasalso  getting really turned on and my cock stiffened, but I was also wary that Ben was drunk and would come to his senses any minute. Instead, Bens hand slid down and begain to grope me though my jeans, His beathing was heavy and passionate and he was grinding his crotch against me. I slid my hand betwen his legs and started to feel his hard cock, running my hands under, over his balls and up against his arsehole. He moved against me, this time kissing my mouth more tenderly and moaning. He sliped his hand beneath my shirt and begain to rub my chest, my nipples, my neck. I wasn't sure how far Ben wanted to go so I continued kissing and groping until I felt a hand on my zipper. Ben unzipped my jeans, and pulled my pants down releasing my cock. He immediately slid down my body and put me in his mouth, licking and sucking at me. This was amazing, It felt amazing and I was really turned on. After about 5 minutes I pulled him up and kissed him hard. I pulled on the buttons of his jeans and tugged at his pants. His cock was so hard it literaly sprang out of his pants and I grabbed it with my hand, rubbing up and down the length. I then sank to my knees and took him in my mouth. He groaned with pleasure as I ran my tongue up an down the shaft , sucking the end of his cock into my mouth at which he began to thrust into my mouth, small gentle movements at first, getting harder as I allowed him to continue. I reached up and began to pnich at his nipples while he f**ked my mouth. At this his groans increased and I pinched his nipples with one hand and let the other slide beneath his crotch and into his arse.  I squeezed his nipple and very gentle probed his arse hole, rubbing gently around the rim. I felt him tense "I'm going to cum" he said. "Cum" I said increasing the movements with mouth and hands. As I felt him stiffen and his body tense I took his cock out of my mouth and wanked him. He sagged at the knees as he came into my hand, spraying onto my face and neck, He pushed into me until he was done, then  pulled me up to his face and began to kiss me passionately. His hand went straight into my already open pants, pulling out my erect cock. He also sank down and begain to suck at me, licking the shaft and sliding his mouth over the end, sinking my cock deep in his throat. I was going to come, I warned him but he continued ith my cock deep in his mouth. I said out loud " shit - I'm goin to come now" but still he sucked my cock deeoer into his mouth, until with no control left I shot cum into this mouth - it kept coming, spurting out and I could feel it lubricating my cock as it slid in and out of his mouth. I have seen Ben twice since that night. the first time we went for a few drinks and he took the train home, then next time however, he (deliberately) missed the train and stayed at my flat where round two took place. He is coming over again on wednesday....!




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