I'm a eighteen year old high school hunk, and my name is Michael. I play on the varsity football team. A little about me is that I'm five foot eleven inches have a muscular build and I believe an impressive 8.5 inch dick. My ass does get noticed by all the girls they are always grabbing it.

Well I had been single for a few weeks and was getting so horny not getting off. So I had begun to jerk myself. But the only problem was it was getting harder and harder to get a quick jerk off session. I was busy with all the things I had to do and finding a good place to do it was becoming hard. So I had begun to start jerking off after football practice at the school in the bathrooms. I was always alone and had the time and privacy to jerk off. So every Tuesday and Thursday I would jerk off in the far bathroom. A lot of guys didn't use it because it wasn't really located near anything and there were these holes in the walls of the stalls, and the stall doors didn't lock. At the time I didn't know what they were. Or who they were used by.

I have fairly large balls so when I'm jerking off they make a slapping noise that is slightly loud. Little did I know how loud it really was until the day that I was caught? I had been sneaking into the bathroom for three weeks and so far nothing bad had come along. I was still able to get my rocks off and wasn't being found. I had just satin down and started jerking when I heard a whistling. It was coming from the hallway. The janitors didn't come down this hallway until 6 and it was only a little after 4:30. So I stopped jerking and held my aching member in my hand. The whistling was coming closer, and I had no clue who it was. Only one thought was in my mind, "Who is it? And please don't come in here."

I heard the whistling start to echo off the bathroom walls. Then I saw him through the crack in the stall door. Mr. Hawk the coach of the football team. He was a buff man with large muscular arms and from the rumors I heard he was built like a horse. I didn't move even as he came closer to the stall doors. I just hoped and prayed he wouldn't push open the one I was in. he took the stall next to mine and I heard his pants unzip. I heard some papers rattling and my curiosity got the better of me. I started to peek through the little hole in the stall wall. Mr. hawk was sitting on the toilet with one hand wrapped around what I had to guess was an eleven inch cock. And in his other hand was a GAY PORN MAGAZINE!

I started to hear another noise it was the sound of shoes. Although Mr. hawk must have heard it he kept stroking his dick his balls slapping his hands. The noise got closer and I heard them coming into the bathroom. I peeked through the crack and it was Mr. Adams the assistant coach. According to the rumors and they seemed to becoming true he too was built pretty big. He was walking toward the stalls and he reached forward and turned the knob on MR. Hawks door. Mr. hawk jus looked up and smiled. He set the magazine down and with his hand reached out and grabbed the front of MR. Adams pants. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Mr. Adams and Mr. hawk started to feel each other up and I didn't understand why but my dick was beginning to harden. MR. hawk began to undo Mr. Adams pants and pulled them down. Out sprung a ten inch dick that was extremely wide in girth. MR. hawk leaned forward and engulfed Mr. Adams dick. By this time my cock was leaking pretty badly and I thought to myself that I had never before been so turned on. I was dying to reach out and stroke my cock but I didn't want them to hear me.

Unfortunately though I leaned back and the toilet flushed. I sat there in stunned silence and what was worse it was silent. I was no longer hearing the sounds of a dick being deep throated. Slowly so very slowly the stall door that I was in opened and there stood my two football coaches.

"Looks like he likes what he was hearing." MR. hawk said.

"NO it's not what it looks like." I tried to explain. " I was already in here jerking off when you guys showed up."

"Yeah but it looks like we got you even hotter. So why don't you get on this." MR. Adams wrapped his hands around his cock and thrusted it further.

"I'm not gay." I stuttered.

"You will be." Mr. hawk said. He grabbed me by my shirt and yanked it over my head. He pushed me to my knees and pressed my face into Mr. Adams cock. I kept my mouth closed not wanting that monster to be in my mouth.

Mr. hawk slapped my ass and I gasped my mouth opening. Mr. Adams took that time to shove his large dick into my mouth. He began to thrust in and out. I was gagging as his cock went in deeper and deeper. "Just relax." I loosened my throat and his cock all but slid down it. My face was smashed in his pubes, and my lips felt like they were going to split. While my mouth was being impaled by this very large dick Mr. hawk was raising my ass up into the air.

Mr. hawk began feeling up my ass and my mouth was to busy to tell him to stop. "Hot damn this ass is huge." Mr. hawk bent closer and started to rim my ass hole. His tongue was sliding across it and I had to admit that it was strangely appealing. He blew softly and the air while it tickled made my dick jump. He licked his finger and was inserting it into my ass.

I was groaning on Mr. Adams dick because I didn't want it but they thought other things. "See he's starting to enjoy it." Mr. Hawk said. I felt him hit a spot inside me and it made me lean backwards onto his finger trying to get more inside. He started to move his finger in and out and soon he had two, three and four. I was starting to moan because it was feeling really good. All of a sudden he pulled his fingers out. Mr. Adams pulled his dick out of my mouth which gave me time to wipe all the precum off my face. "why'd you stop?" I asked either one.

"You said you weren't gay." Mr. hawk said.

"Did you want us to continue?" MR. Adams asked.

\"I-I don't know"

"Well do you want this?" Mr. Adams was moving his dick in front of my face. I couldn't deny that I wanted it. So I reached out with my hands and grabbed his ass then I pulled him toward my mouth and swallowed his dick. MR. hawk seeing this raised my ass up again and began to finger it. "I can make it feel better." Before I had a chance to say anything I felt something blunt touching my asshole. I froze in place and didn't move. I was just starting to pull off of MR. Adams dick in order to say no when he thrusted forward and it pushed me backwards making me sink down onto MR. hawks dick. About seven inches went in and it felt like I was on fire. MR. Adams was moaning as he was fucking my face and Mr. hawk was starting to moan "Man his dick is so tight. You would have ripped it wide open." MR. hawk kept pushing and then I felt his balls on my ass. I groaned loud ah!.

Mr. hawk began to slowly thrust in and then out after awhile it began to feel really good and I was forcing myself backwards onto his dick. My cock was so hard it hurt. After ten minutes or so Mr. hawk stopped and held my hips so I couldn't bounce back on his dick. He motioned for Mr. Adams to pull his cock out. "Come on!" I yelled.

"What do you want?" Mr. hawk asked.

"You know what I want."

"Say it!" my coaches said in unison.

"I want to be fucked so fuck me."

Mr. hawk pulled all the way out and laid down on the bathroom floor. His long cock pointing in the air. "If you want it come sit on it." I crawled across the floor to his dick and raised myself above it. I slowly sat down on it, and moaned. "What do you want done with this?" MR. Adams asked waving his cock in my face. "Shove it in my mouth until you cum, the same goes for you MR. hawk fuck me till you cum." We were all a hot mess as we fucked. It was about fifty thrust later when MR. Hawk began cumming in my ass. This triggered mine and the feel of coming spraying onto his chest had MR. Adams cum pouring down my throat while MR. hawk's was pouring out of my ass. I slowly pulled off Mr. hawks dick and laid on the floor next to him.

"That was so hot and so amazing." I said.

"Told he would be gay." MR hawk said.

"I can't wait for next time." MR. Adams said.

"Neither can I." All three of us turned to the door way where the janitor was standing already hard with his ten and a half inch dick cocked and ready to load.

"Yep this will be fun" I said as I got up and started to lick the head of the janitors cock.



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