"Hey guys, let's go use that back booth. OK?"

Shawn, Gary and Les had pre-planned to meet at their local gay bar,

'The-Boys-Will-Be-Boys-Bar', and were looking for a very private space to have a very private conversation. The three men each got a beer from the bartender and headed for the back of the bar, to the most private spot.

They wanted to have some conversation that others could not overhear.

"OK guys." Shawn said after they got situated in the booth. "OK, did you guys find out anything yet?"

"Yea we think we did." Les replied. "Gary thinks he found what we are looking for, and we just need until after Thursday evening to confirm it."

As Shawn looked across the table at Gary and Les, he then asked.

"OK Gary, what did you find? Fill me in guys!"

"Shawn, there is this guy that works out at the same gym that I use. His name is Jon. I found out that he is married, heard him talking about his 19th anniversary coming up next week and about his boy and girl planning on throwing them an anniversary party. He looks like he is about maybe 41 or 42, and I know he is 6 foot one, and weighs in at 195. When he did his monthly weigh in at the gym, I just happened to be there, and after seeing his weight, I then asked him how tall he was and he told me 6 foot one. Good body! Damn good body! He works for some kind of a design firm.

So he's a white shirt type of guy, but a damn well built one! He's got a hot body that he has really worked on! I've asked around some, and I know that he is at the gym twice a week, Monday and Fridays, and he ----now catch this-----he runs three times a week! That's our ace in the hole! He runs about two miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. That's why we need till at least Friday before we are ready to make a move. I want to make sure, for his next two run days, that he always runs the same course. He runs over at Brown Park, and Shawn, you know how many hiding places are in that place. A little after dark, hell, you could live in there and nobody would know it. And, come to think of it, I'll bet a bunch of homeless guys do!"

"Great! Sounding great so far guys!" Shawn exclaimed. "So do you know anything about his attitudes or have any feelings about if he could handle this or not?"

"Yea-I kind of think I do-maybe a little." Gary replied. "In the locker room a couple of times I've heard guys make negative comments about the gays in town and he never jumps in and agrees with them when they are getting nasty. He doesn't seem to really appreciate that type of talk.

One day when I could hear some of them in the next locker row over, they were talking that way, and this Jon guy was getting dressed in my row, and to see what he would do, I grabbed my crotch as if to offer it to him, and he laughed and just said,-- Sorry, I'm a married straight guy! I was kind of just acting like I was playing back to the shit, that those other guys were spilling out, but at least I got a chance to kind of make a slight offer to him. He did not get mad, but then he did not come over and grab it either! Oh--yea--an added plus to the picture----hung like a damn horse! I haven't seen it hard yet, but shit,-- that day I was ready to find out right there what his attitude was!"

Then looking at Les, he continued. "Well, not like you and yours--but hey, a big dick that I was ready for anyway!"

"So you really have no idea if he has ever done anything or not then, right?" Shawn asked.

"No, I really don't know for sure. I don't have any way of really knowing!" Gary replied. "But I do know he is a married, straight, guy!"

"Gary, do you think that if we put this off for one more week, that you can manage to get some kind of a conversation going at the gym and try to find out if he has ever done a guy before or not? I really want to see if we can find us a guy that has never been with a guy before. Think you can work that out?"

"Well, hell Shawn, I sure can try. You know, the locker room conversations are pretty open once in awhile. If I set out to see what I can do, then maybe I can get it done. So you want to put it off one more week and let me see what I can find out?"

"Yea Gary. Let's do! I really do want a virgin guy if at all possible!" Shawn replied.

"Well Shawn. If I find out this guy has been with other guys, do you want to just drop him and move on to somebody else or what?" Gary asked.

"No, I will not say just drop him. I like the physical description that you gave for him, and regardless of, even if he has been with a guy, I want him too. But if he is a gay virgin, wow--how much better! And if he is virgin, and we already know that, it just makes everything that much more fun, since we really know what we have at hand! But you do know for sure that he is a married straight guy, right? And he's a daddy, too?"

"Yea, I know for sure he is a married straight guy, and he has two kids. A boy and a girl. Yea, he's the married kind of a guy! Now we just need to hope he's the married, straight, daddy type of a guy that might like to do something a little different for a change. Maybe get some spice in his life for a change!" Gary added.

"Shaw?" Les asked. "What we are doing,--couldn't this be called rape if we got caught? I mean, doing this against someone's will, isn't that getting pretty dangerous?"

"Hey Les, I'd rather call it, "Giving a guy a new perspective!"

That's why we find out just as much about the guy as possible,-- so that he understands that if he makes any trouble, then we could expose him as the one that got it started. When he finds out we know who he is, and a lot of personal stuff about him, then he is much more willing to walk away. But!

Hey don't worry about it. When I used to do this up in Minneapolis, practically every one of them wanted to know how to stay in contact so they could do it again. Let's face it,-- it really does give them a new perspective. That's why I really do like to find the married daddies that have never done it with a guy! They are the ones that can really get all carried away with it. Scares the shit out of them at first, too! They think they are going to be all physically altered for the rest of their lives, but then pretty soon they find out they really are OK. At first they think it is wrong, but then they pretty quickly change their minds.

I've only had one guy that really got all pissed about it, and hell, he was some religious fanatic anyway. He was the kind of a guy that if you gave somebody some money to go get something to eat on, he would have a problem of some kind! Probably something like, --make him go get a job, and learn how to feed himself! You know guys, actually most of the, so-called, straight guys out there want to have gay sex, but they just need someone to force them into it the first time. They don't have the guts to tell another guy he wants to either suck that guy or get sucked by that guy, so he doesn't do anything at all, until--until some other guy forces it on him. Then he is actually glad, and he has finally had his first time! Had his first good time with some other guy!"

Shaw was 24, 5'11", 180 pounds, muscular well built body, light brown hair and a completely bare chest. Nice 7" dick that did have the ability to get very stiff and rigid when appropriate.

Gary was also 24, stood right at 5'9", 165 pounds, and although a good body, not as muscular as Shawn's. Sandy hair with a nice trail that went right down the chest to the bush in the crotch area. Nice little trail of sandy hair that all of Gary's playmate loved to lick on and bite with their teeth.

Les was younger. Les was only 20, or as he would proudly announce:

"I will be 21 in just a few weeks." Much smaller guy! 5'6", 160 pounds, but about 10 of those pounds were all in his dick. Soft,-- measured a good 4 1/2 inches just hanging, and excited and hard, one very rigid 9 and one half inches of true measurement. And it had been measured by many of a guy, that just would not believe what other guys were trying to tell him.

Poor little, young, Les has been led to the rest room many of times, had his dick jerked on to get it as hard as he could get it, then measured to prove the truth of the 9 and 1/2 inches that were claimed. His friend would then collect the 5 or 10 dollar bet that was on the table, depending on if it was really that big, on 'that little guy', or not. Les always managed to corporate nicely and managed to get it as hard as possible, for measuring! He was the money maker for the group, and he did his duty!

Occasionally the bet included another 5 or 10 dollars for being able to prove, or disprove the claim that Les's hard-on dick also measured at least 7 inches around it, when it was good and hard. $20.00 total had often been paid to Les and his friends when some asshole simply could not believe that, "some little guy like that," --as he was often referred to,-- could be hanging that much meat between his legs. Actually it was not a true betting situation. It was much more of a one sided bet. If they proved what they were saying, then the payment was made. If they were wrong--which never happened--then it would be just an apology for making an untrue statement. That was always the agreement. Les and his friends never had any concern about--not collecting the money!

Many of a times, when in, The-Boys-Will-Be-Boys-Bar, all of a sudden some friend of Les's would come up to him wherever he was at, and simply say, "Hey Less. Sorry to bother you, but we need to take this guy to the back room for a moment."

This never created a problem for Les. He was always very accommodating, since he never wanted to miss a chance of letting some additional man see, and feel his sausage stick. The only problem might be the trying to explain, to somebody that he might be drinking with, of just why he needed to accompany the other guys to the rest room.

Legal drinking age in the state is 21. Les is in the bar drinking!

Seems this should be a problem, right? Wrong! The owner of the bar was one of Les's regular bottom "boys", although about 35 years older, and with the promise that Les would not use it anyplace else, he had provided Les with a good fake ID to have,-- just in case-- the police came into the The-Boys-Will-Be-Boys-Bar. Les had to promise that he would never attempt to use it at any time, or for any reason, other then to have it at that bar, for 'a just in case,' situation. The owner's rules were: Do as I ask, and you get to drink at The-Boys-Will-Be-Boys-Bar, but if you screw it up at anytime, or if I hear you are using it someplace else, then I will take it back, and you do not get to drink here until you are actually 21. So if you use it like you are told, you can drink, and I will not have a problem of you and your friends doing the betting think in the bar,----as long as you do fuck me at least once a week!

The agreement has been in force for more than three years now, and Les found this arrangement to be very acceptable! In addition, Les had stood very true to the part of the agreement of, 'at least---- once a week'! This had been a blessed agreement, cast down from the heavens, for both Les and Harry, the bar owner. Les has now been able to drink in the bar since he was aged 18, could get his dick measured and played around with by anybody that wished, and Harry got fucked by this young kid, the one with the telephone pole dick, at lease once a week, for the past three years now. And the 'at least" was just that! Les would often ask for some type of a personal favor, like---oh, perhaps letting some under aged trick of his get a drink, or asking Harry if he could drink naked for a couple of hours late at night, or actually do a jack-off demo right out in the bar when a bunch of guys were all begging for it.

Les actually begged with Harry one time to let him actually screw some guy right in the bar, if he pledged an extra 5 fucking sessions for him over the next two weeks. The "bottom" was really getting obnoxious with everybody and was bragging just how easily, and how quickly he could and would be able to take Les's dick, ---if--- he ever had the chance. The crowd considered the man nothing but hot air! The entire bar crowd wanted to see Les ram his pole up in that guy and shut him up once and for all.

Everybody was convinced that the big mouth would scream for mercy, and they wanted to be there when it happened.

It happened! Les screwed him, right in the bar! Harry got the promise of five extra screws over the next two weeks, and the big mouth did scream for mercy, just before he jumped up from the floor, grabbed his pants and headed out the door, running! The bar crowd got to see it all happen!

The last thing the crowd heard from the obnoxious guy, as he was running out the side door, was, "Oh God! Oh God damn that hurt! Oh Shit man! Damn, my ass hole is ripped!"

Harry knew that letting these things happen in his bar was very risky, and was putting his liquor license on the line, but knowing that if he allowed it, meant that later that night, he was going to be feeling Les's 10 inches long and seven inches around, up in his ass, and that made him a very agreeable person.

The three men finished their beers and agreed that Gary would see what additional information he could uncover about Jon, and that he would verify that Jon did use the same running route each time he ran. They decided to re-meet Sunday night at 8PM here at the bar, and at that time they would make additional plans or alter those that they were currently working with.

As the men were ready to leave the bar, Gary and Shawn decided that they wanted to stop by the Crotch Bar and have another drink. Since Les was not, of quite yet, legal age to be in another bar, he decided to hang around The-Boys-Will-Be-Boys-Bar, and see if Harry was going to happen in a little later. Les knew that regardless of how empty his plate might be on any given night, anytime he wanted some ass and some good strong sucking, all he needed to do was to hang around until Harry showed up.

For Les, two beers later, quite a number of interesting conversations later, --usually about size, and of course the normal, almost required trip to the "measuring room", Harry showed up. Les heard someone in the back of the bar say, "Harry's here. Les is smiling!" And then he heard another voice chime in, "Yea, Les is happy and smiling, and Les is going to get it!"

The original voice then added, "Well maybe Les is going to get it, but Harry is going to be getting it too! And in a big way!"

The comments made in the bar did not bother Les at all. He loved being the center of attention. He loved the fact that all of the guys always wanted to have a piece of his action!

8:00 Sunday evening came, and the three men again met at the back booth.

"OK guys!" Shawn said. "Just where do we stand with this Jon guy?"

"Hey" Gary responded. "Les and I followed him both Wednesday and Thursday nights, and he used exactly the same route running as he had last week and this past Tuesday. I'm sure now he uses the same route all the time, and he stops in that north side rest room, takes a piss and rinses his face off every time he does that run. By using that same route, I think he can time himself that way. I worked out at the gym at the same time that he did Friday night. I managed to get some short conversation going while in the locker room, and especially while in the steam room. That was the most successful one. Actually managed to get him to tell me he never has played before. Of course to get him to tell me, I had to really come out of the closet and actually proposition him! Thank goodness he and I were the only ones in the steam room for a few minutes. I really played up to him, and I told him how well built he was, and then I looked at his big dick hanging down, and then I made a mention about it, and then I just told him, well,-- 'I guess you probably already know I'm a gay guy, don't you'?

And then I asked him if I had any chance with him."

"He told me that he certainly did appreciate me making the good comments about him, but he was a married straight guy, and he does not play with guys. He said it really nicely. He did not seem pissed off that I actually had told him that I wanted him. God man! If I am going to be doing this kind of stuff, it sure is good that I don't mind telling guys that I am gay. I managed to get him to tell me he does not play around and if I had been afraid to admit that I was a gay guy, I'm not sure how I could have found out about him. I still think he is not real opposed to the idea though, well anyway he doesn't get nasty when it's talked about."

"After I asked him if I had any chance, he did not get up and move away from me. Our legs were almost, well once actually did, touch, and it did not seem to bother him. When he told me he was a married straight guy, I joking asked, --Well that sure don't need to stop you does it? He kind of laughed and slightly said, --Well, guess you could be right, couldn't you? I still think he is approachable, I really do!"

"Well men!" Shawn then said. "We will find out on Tuesday! We will find out! You two are still in this with me, right? I mean, neither one of you are getting bugged by the idea of doing this are you?"

"Shawn!" Les said. "Shawn, if I can throw some guy down here on the floor, here in the bar and fuck the hell out of his little pale ass, while everybody cheers me on, you don't think I'm the kind of a guy that will back out when the hot gets hotter, do you?"

"Hell no, Les!" Shawn answered. "Of all the guys around here, you are the one that I have the most faith in would run from the east side of town to the west side of town, completely naked and with a ragging hard-on, if you thought it would be fun, sexy, and exciting! You, hell man--you I would never figure as a quitter! Gary, how about you?"

"Oh shit man! I'm in! Hell I have not been scouting this Jon guy out as long as I have been just to find out he is a married, straight, guy, and then walk away. Hell no! I'm in! A married straight guy! Shit man!

I've never set out to do one of those as a set goal before. Maybe I have, but just never knew it,-- since they don't always tell you everything about themselves! Hell, wonder how many married, straight, guys I have played with, and just never knew it? I'll bet it has been quite a number, though." -------------------------

Tuesday evening, 5:15 PM, men's room, north lakeside lane in Brown Park, and Shawn, Les and Gary have gathered.

"OK guys." Shawn said. "As soon as he goes into the rest room, all of us get ready to go in and surround him."

"Hey Shawn, what do we do if there are other guys in there too?"

Les inquired.

"Let's face it men. We've already been out here for about half an hour ourselves, and there had not been one guy come down this lane yet.

Hell man! This place is so deserted I wonder if maybe this Jon guy isn't using it as his running place just in the hope of something funny happening back in here. I kind of wish I had known about this place earlier! It's so out of the way, it's a good place to use to have some fun."

As the three men were tucked out of sight among the bushes, they saw Jon approaching along the trail. Jon entered the men's room, used the urinal, turned to rinse his face off at the lavatory when Shawn approached him and said. "Hi! I understand you are Jon!"

Jon looked at him in quite a surprised manner and answered. "Yea.

Yea I am. How are you? And how do you know me?"

As Shawn moved closer and closer to Jon, he replied. "Oh hey man.

There are a number of us guys here around town that happen to know you and are real anxious to get to know you even better."

Then turning toward the door, he continued. "Hey, Gary and Les.

Jon is waiting for us. He's getting really anxious for us to get started in here, guys."

Gary and Les came into the rest room and as they did, they said


Jon looked at the two new members of the group and said. "Gary, I know you! You work out at the gym. Gary, what in the hell is going on here. Gary, I don't understand! What is going on?"

Gary walked over to Jon and said. "Well Jon, my man! Remember how I asked you the other day if I had any chances with you? Well, I didn't really get the kind of an answer that I was hoping for, so we kind of set this up so that you can have another opportunity to give me a different answer. My buddies and I are all anxious for you to give us, and our dicks, a good old fashioned blow job."

"Gary! Gary, I don't give guys blow jobs! Gary, I'm not gay.

Gary, I'm a straight married daddy! Gary I told you that at the gym the other day!"

"Yea, yea we know Jon. That's the excitement of doing this! We really like to give the straight married daddies a chance to do something different than they get to do while with their little ole women. See Jon, we have dicks, and of course you already know, your wife does not have one for you to play with, so here we are! We are all ready and anxious for you to use us, use our dicks and get some real good gay sex!"

As Gary was talking and trying to explain the situation to Jon, Les and Shawn were stripping their clothes off, and were now standing there completely naked.

Jon looked back and saw that the other two men were naked. He looked at Shawn, and did a very fast double take when he saw Les's man meat.

"That one is pretty scary isn't it?" Gary asked. "Just imagine, you will get to swallow as much of that as possible in just a few minutes!"

"Gary, please! Gary, I don't know where you got the idea that I want to suck on some guy's cock, but I don't! Gary, I'm straight! Gary, please, let's just get out of here and forget we ever had this conversation in here. Gary, I do not intend to suck on that guy's cock or any guy's cock. Do you understand me? Gary, I'm not sucking any cock!"

As Gary started to remove his shirt and shorts, he then told Shawn and Les. "Hey men. Jon is not acting real anxious to work with us on this, so I think maybe the ankle restrains just might be an advantage.

Strip those shorts off of him so that he doesn't get any of our cum on them, and then have to go home and explain to the little old wife, of just where that all came from."

Without any warning, as they stripped his running shorts and his jock strap off of him, Jon realized that each men had ahold of an ankle and he was immediately ankle strapped. It had happened so fast, that he had no chance to even attempt to run or try to get out of the rest room. He was not capable of anything more than a very, very short step. Running or even walking normally was now completely out of the question. He was now completely at their mercy!

Shawn and Les took ahold of Jon's arms and Shawn said. "Hey man!

This is going to be fun! We have ourselves one nice hot looking married, straight, daddy guy, and he is going to take care of us like an old pro.

Aren't you, Jon?"

Jon protested and again tried in vain to tell the three that he did not suck cock, and that he was a married guy. He tried to tell them that married guys do not suck off other guys, and they don't get sucked off by guys.

"Yea we know!" Replied Les. That's why we like you so much.

Married guys that have to learn, are the best cock suckers around, and that is why we chose you! Down, get down on your knees, big man, so that you are right at the same level as these cocks that you are going to take care of!"

Shawn and Les pushed Jon down on the shoulders. Jon knew what they wanted. They indicated without saying anything that he would do as they wanted. Jon knelt down on his knees. He could not run, and Shawn and Les both had ahold of his wrists. He was now under their control, and he was only one against three rather healthy young men, that had ideas of their own. He knew that unless something very unexpectedly happened, that he was going to be forced to suck on their cocks, and he had been telling them that he did not want to do that. He kept trying to tell them that married guys do not do this kind of thing.

Jon did not say anything, but his three captors did see him look around to see if there was anything in there, that he could find, that could help him get out of this predicament. He knew the north lakeside lane was very seldom used, and even those that did use it as a running path seldom stopped in the rest room. He told him captors that he seriously was wondering just why in the hell he had stopped in here. He knew he had been doing that as a standard thing, but he now had serious questions as to why he ever started doing, --what he had now decided was a very stupid and foolish thing. He told his three men, that he felt very trapped, and he decided that had been the plan of his three captors. He admitted that they were using a very hidden part of the park, and that they had found a very private place to capture somebody and play with somebody, with nobody else close by. He told them that it sure did look like they knew what they were doing!

Once again Jon pleaded. "Hey guys! Hey, you guys know I don't know how to suck cock and I'm afraid that if I do, I might get sick since I just don't do that! So can I ask you guys again to just let me go, and I will not let anybody know this happened. I'll not say anything to anybody!


"No--not OK" Replied Shawn. "No man! We are not going to hurt you any, and I'm sure that by the time we all get done in here you are going to be glad we fed you some dick, but hey man, you are one hot looking, married, straight, guy, and that means you are just the kind of a guy we like to play with. And, oh hey, Jon! Just in case you might just happen to think that you could cause trouble for us after we are all done here, and if we have to talk to the law, we will just blame this all on you and let the papers report how you, the married daddy of two children, one very nice and polite boy, and one very pretty young lady, and one of our city's better design detailer citizens was the instigator of all of these actions and he was the one that made us three have sex with him. We just know too much about you for you to even think about trying to get any revenge, so drop that idea right away! And besides Jon. By the time we are done, I am sure you will be asking how you can get back together with us again so that you can do this all over again, and do us,-- all again! So see man. It's all going to work out to everybody's advantage. You just don't realize that yet!"

"Come on Jon". Gary said as he walked up close to Jon's face.

Gary took his dick in hand, and rubbed it up against Jon's face. Jon held his mouth tightly closed. He shook his head, "No". He indicated that he did not want Gary's cock stuck in his mouth!

"Come on man!" Gary encouraged. "Come on Jon. You might as well take it now, nice and agreeably or we will have to force your mouth open and push it in there. Jon there are three of us here and we all want our cocks sucked on by you, the married straight guy, so you might as well start cooperating or things could get rough for you. Now, are you going to open up so I can use your mouth for some dick fun, or not?"

Gary once again placed the tip of his rod right at Jon's mouth.

Gary placed his hand under Jon's chin, and said, "Come on man. You might as well accept the fact that today you are going to learn how to suck cock, and mine is the first one, so let's get it going man!"

Gary pulled his cock to the side, and slapped Jon's face with it.

He repeated that action from the left side.

"OK guys!" Gary said. "Guys he is not cooperating, so I guess it is time to let him know we do mean business. Shawn, how tightly can you grab a bag of balls?"

"Oh Gary! Oh Gary I can grab mighty tightly! I'm sure our Jon will know he has been grabbed when I am done."

"OK men, lets see if he is interested in doing me now. Shawn, if he refuses again, you know what to do."

Shawn watched as Gary once again put his dick in front of Jon's face. Shawn saw Jon close his mouth. Shawn grabbed ahold of Jon's bag of balls and started to squeeze. Jon did not open his mouth, so Shawn squeezed a little tighter. Again Jon did not cooperate so Shawn squeezed even more.

Shawn told Gary, "OK Gary. This guy is taking some convincing that we are going to be using him for our enjoyment, so just keep your dick up there good and close and pretty soon he will decide that letting you fuck his face is really better than having his balls all in a whole bunch of little pieces when he goes home! So let's just continue to work with him and pretty soon, he'll start to understand."

"Won't you big man?" Shawn asked Jon.

As Shawn spoke to Jon, he once again tightened up his grip on Jon's balls. Jon let our a groan of pain.

"Ah ha!" Shawn replied with. "So now we are finally finding out just what type of pressure it takes down here to get some actions out of our man, aren't we?"

Shawn squeezed again. Again Jon let out a slight squeal. Shawn squeezed tighter, and jerked on the bag. Jon finally opened his mouth, but, in a futile attempt to once again try to tell his captors that he does not suck cock.

Gary took immediate action as he saw Jon's mouth just slightly start to open. He immediately placed the tip of his cock into Jon's mouth.

Jon could not speak.

"Jon!" Gary said. "Jon if you so much as even act like you are going to bite my dick, so help me man, I will tell Shawn to pull those damned balls right off of you, so don't even think about trying that! I've seen guys that thought they had control, and after Shawn came damn near of,-- de-balling them, they had a whole new attitude of just what they were willing to do! So believe me man, his hands are on your balls for a damn good reason, and right now it is to protect my dick!"

With that very specific statement and threat given to him, Jon decided that regardless of how terrible this whole thing was to him, and how totally disgusting it was to even think about putting another man's dick in his mouth,-- if he wanted to protect the family jewels, he had better cooperate. He relaxed his mouth and let Gary slide some more of his dick in.

"Nice man!" Gary proclaimed. "Shawn, I think we finally got to the man! My dick is about half way in his nice cherry mouth! He finally decided that he likes having his balls down there, ----didn't you Jon?"

Jon kind of mutter a slight, but not a real convincing, "Yea". He was letting the three know that he was not at all happy with the idea that he had some guy's dick stuck in his mouth!

As Gary took ahold of Jon's head to have a good and solid control of it for his soon to happen fucking session, he told Shawn. "I think you can let up on the balls some now. My friend up here now seems to realize that getting it down the throat is better than losing his manhood back there, so just stand by an let's see if he is going to be a little better boy, and let me do him the way I like. If he starts giving me any more trouble, then we will go back to using your vice grip hands on his bag!"

Shawn let loose of Jon's bag. Jon actually expressed a little appreciation and attempted to say, or at least mutter, "Thanks."

Gary pushed the rest of his dick into Jon's mouth. He pulled Jon's head completely into his gut, so that he could push his dick back into Jon's throat as far as possible.

Jon choked. He attempted to push off of Gary's dick so that he could cough, and rather gag. Gary pulled his dick back partly, but did not completely remove it from Jon's mouth.

"Jon, my man." Gary asked of his bottom toy. "You OK? You will get used to it pretty soon! Right now you need to be glad it's just my dick you are learning on. Look at that damn big pole of Les's over there that is just waiting to get his chance at you. Imagine what in the hell your mouth would feel like if it was that damn big pole stuck in there."

As Gary made that statement, Jon did attempt to look somewhat sideways and look at Les's dick. He had not yet seen it at full staff, and when he did, he uttered and muttered something to the sort of--"OH God!"

"One hell of a lot of dick on that little guy, isn't there Jon?

That's why I and Shawn are teaching you before you get the real thing. You get the little sticks first, then after we are kind of done with you, then we pass you on to the dick of the day, and let him show you just what sucking on a real stick of meat is all about!"

Jon attempted to say something, but the best that the three tops could figure out was that he was trying to say he could never do that one.

Shawn then told Jon, " Don't worry about that one right now man!

You have Gary's and mine to accomplish first before you have to open every tube in your upper body in an attempt to get that one down in there! We won't force that one on you until we know you are ready and can handle it!

How is he doing on you, Gary?"

"Well, for a guy that really did try and fight this whole thing as much as he did, I think he is doing pretty good. I can tell he is not really doing any sucking and any actions on his own, quite yet, but he's letting me push my little dick rod in and out of his mouth without too much fighting back. I kind of think maybe he has now found out that having a guy's dick stuck in his throat is not going to make him throw up any, and maybe, just maybe he is now starting to understand that there is more than one way to get a real joy out of that dick of his!"

Gary grabbed ahold of Jon's head and started using it as a piece of jack off equipment.

Jon tried to object and tried to tell Gary to stop, but that only encouraged Gary to continue it and to pick up the speed of action in his mouth.

"Jon, my man!" Gary exclaimed. "You are now getting your face fucked! Shut the hell up, and let me fuck you! This is only the first face fucking that you will be getting today, and right now it is with the smallest cock here, so just shut the hell up and learn how to take a good active face fucking!"

Jon tried to express that this was not good, but he had no control over the actions, so he was forced into cooperating. Gary used Jon's head to his "fucking" advantage. He jerked Jon's head back and forth at his will. Once in awhile, he would grab Jon by the back of his head and just for a moment, he would pull him completely up against his gut and hug his head up against him. Then he would immediately resume his face fucking.

As Gary was taking care of Jon's mouth, or perhaps it was now Jon's mouth taking care of Gary, Les and Shawn were getting each other all excited by playing around as if they were very young guys, and had never touched another guy before. Slight grabbing and slapping. Just being silly.

As Gary continued his face fucking, he calmly told Jon, "Jon, I'm sure you have never tasted another man's cum before, since this is the first time you've had a cock in your mouth, but today is going to be your introduction to guy cum. I'm starting to get all kind of filled up, and I can tell that it is not going to be too long before I will need to just let it fly, so when you feel something nice and warm hit the back of your throat, you will know you have just been indoctrinated into the real world of cum eaters!"

Jon tried to strongly object and tried to push Gary off of his dick.

"No no! Man!" Gary responded. "No, no! No,---don't you try to get off of my dick now man! You've been doing real good here since I finally got it all the way in you, so don't screw things up now. I am going to cum, and you are my boy of choice to take it, and so don't get yourself all excited about it. It's been done millions and millions of times by guys, and even by the gals, and today is just your first time, so get ready. Our talking about me unloading in your throat is getting me all that much more excited, so it is going to fly faster and probably harder now than before."

Gary had resume his active, fast, rough, and hard fucking of Jon's virgin face. He grabbed ahold of Jon's head firmly since he knew Jon was not anxious or even willing to take a mouth full of cum.

"Oh Jon! Oh Jon! I'm cumin! I'm cumin!" Gary almost screamed.

Oh man! You are going to be eating my cum! It is---Ohhhhh--man----Ohhhh man eat it! Eat it man!"

Gary had seriously let it fly. His moaning and groaning was not an act. He had let a very serious cum load hit Jon squarely and fully.

Jon jerked his head back. He pulled off of Gary's stiff, cum dripping dick. He gagged and bent over.

"Swallow man!" Gary barked. "Swallow it! It's OK! Swallow it!

Jon, it's better to just let yourself swallow it!"

Jon bent his head over and then attempted to swallow Gary's cum.

Part of the mouth full of cum spilled out of Jon's mouth. Gary reached over, grabbed a paper towel from the dispenser and handed it to Jon. Jon wiped his mouth, and then shook his head.

"Hey guys, can I rinse my mouth out? Can I get some water?" Jon pleaded with his captors.

"Yea, here I'll help you up." Gary responded.

Gary helped Jon to his feet and over to the lavatory.

"If you think eating my cum is so bad and so sickening, when you put your face close to that lavatory, if you don't throw up from seeing how pathetically disgusting it is, then I don't feel so bad about filling your little virgin mouth so full of man cum.

As Jon rinsed his mouth out, Shawn then took him by the arm and instructed, "OK man! You've done one! Man number two is now real horny after watching you take a mouth full, so back on your knees and open your mouth. I'm the last practice run you get before you have to take Les's telephone pole, so let's practice and get it good!"

Shawn helped Jon back onto his knees and immediately aimed for Jon's mouth.

"Open up man! I've got myself a hot dick here that wants some of that action that I just saw. I've got a hot load of cum that's been building up for about the past four or five days, and I know just where I want to shoot it! Open up! I want your face!"

Jon looked up at Shawn and pleaded.

"Shawn! I've already been fucked in the face once man! Shawn I'm not used to this kind of stuff man! Please can you maybe just jerk off or something? Shawn, really man!"

"Jon shut the hell up and open your mouth! I am going to fuck you like Gary got to fuck you, so shut the hell up and open up!"

Jon realized that there was no hope in trying to get Shawn to change his mind about fucking his face. Jon opened his mouth and let Shawn push his dick in.

Shawn grabbed ahold of Jon's head and immediately pulled him forward. He shoved the entire length of his dick into Jon's mouth.

"Hey man! This dick is a little fatter than Gary's was, isn't it.

Kind of fits in your mouth a little tighter, don't it man?" Shawn asked.

Jon attempted to kind of shake his head in a 'Yes' motion, but was pretty well confined to just holding as completely still as possible so that Shawn could fuck him rather royally!

Shawn was not as patient with Jon as Gary had been. Jon decided that since he was the number two guy, that he could expect Jon to know more of what to do and how to react to different things. He fucked Jon's face madly! He had no compassion for Jon being a beginner at this. He had Jon's mouth and he was anxious to really use it to his advantage!

"Hey Les!" Shawn said, in the direction of where Gary and Les were now playing with each other. "Hey Les. This man is not getting as excited about doing my dick as I think would be nice, so I really do think that what maybe we should do, is get some of that grease out of my backpack over there, and give his ass some attention just like his mouth is getting.

Les, get some grease on your fingers and put one up in our man's asshole!"

Jon attempted to kind of yell "No!," but to no avail!

Les greased up his middle finger of his left hand, and after rubbing some grease around the outside of Jon's asshole, he inserted his finger up into the nice warm chamber.

Jon again attempted another "No!"

Again he attempted another indication that he did not want Les's finger up in his ass, but each time that he attempted to utter any objection, Shawn would just slam his dick father down his throat so that he simply could not say anything at all.

"A dick in your mouth and a finger up in your ass! You are living man, you are living!" Shawn exclaimed! "Jon, my man. Do you know how many guys love to have two men in them somewhere at the same time? Man you are really getting treated right man! In your mouth and in your ass! Shit man! It's been too long since I've had that type of treatment!"

Shawn continued to fuck Jon's face, and Les continued to play with his ass. As Shawn fucked, he continued to give Les instructions as to what he wanted Les to do with Jon's ass.

As the fucking got hotter and hotter, Shawn started yelling that he was about to cum, and he was forceful in his wanting Les to have at least four of his fingers up in Jon's ass before he shot his load down his throat.

Once he got a confirmation that Les had four fingers up in Jon's ass, and with much attempted distress from Jon, he then told Les, "Keep them there, I am going to shoot off!"

Within just a few strokes, Shawn started throwing his head up in the air, and back and forth, and everybody else that was in the room knew he was right on the very edge of letting his cum load fly.

"Get ready Jon!" Gray said. "Shawn is getting really, really close! I can tell! He is about to let it blow! He is about ready to explode out of his dick, man! You are about ready to get another load and I'll bet it will be bigger than the one I fed you! Breath through your nose. Get ready,-------get ready Jon, he is right there man-----!"

Suddenly Shawn's body went completely still and rigid! Every muscle tightened up. He thrust his dick out in front and as far down Jon's throat as he could. He let out four very loud and strong moans. He jerked.

He grabbed Jon's head and pulled him up tight to his body! Jon pushed back in an attempt to get his mouth off of the explosive dick.

Jon choked and coughed! He bent over and attempted to spit out some of the cum. It dripped from his mouth and his chin. He coughed again! He again attempted to spit out some of his mouth full! Les pulled his fingers out of Jon's ass.

"Here man!" Gary said as he handed him another paper towel.

Jon took the towel and wiped his face and mouth, and then attempted to wipe part of the inside of his mouth.

"Jon exclaimed. "Oh shit man! Let me rinse my mouth out again, please!"

Jon rinsed his mouth out and took a number of deep breaths.

"God, I'm trying for you guys, but shit man! Damn, when you load my mouth all that full, I can't breath! God men! Is there a way to fuck me without shutting off my air supply?"

All three of the top fuckers looked at Jon when he asked that question!

"Oh so getting face fucked isn't so bad after all, is that what I hear?" Asked Shawn. "Is there a way to fuck me without shutting off my air supply?" Shawn repeated. "Hey men, sounds to me like getting face fucked is now OK, but the lack of breath is kind of a problem. Is that what you are saying, Jon? Sounds to me like maybe the face fucking stuff has all of a sudden turned kind of OK. Right?"

"No, no!" Jon replied. No it is not! But I am smart enough to know there are three of you guys, all much younger than I am, all much stronger than I am, and I am not dumb enough to think that I can get out of here safely without doing whatever you three decide I am going to do, so all I'm saying is, I can't breath when you have your dick in my mouth and you are loading me up with sticky cum. That's what I am saying!"

"OK, so we make sure you are breathing!" Shawn answered,-- but not answered very seriously. "So how did Les's fingers feel up in your butt, while I was fucking your face? Like that? Feel good man?"

"Hey" Jon replied. "Like I just told you guys. I'm smart enough to know that to get the hell out of here all in one piece and get no bodily damage, that I would have to explain to either my wife and the kids, or even to the cops, that I will just have to accept whatever, and no, the fingers up the ass did not feel good, but--like I said--whatever! Just got to just get this all over with and still be OK! Right now that is my objective! And another objective is, --to ask for some simple compassion as far as that damn big rod of that guy's! My God! That damn thing is way too big for any guy, of any size, to have hanging from his crotch!"

Jon was of course referring to Les's dick, which he knew was next in line, and he knew he had to take as much of it as he could.

Once the small talk, or the getting things re-organized had happened, the three agreed that it was time to get things started again.

Agreeing with Gary's suggestion that Jon had expressed his understanding that he had no other choice than to just cooperate if he wanted out of this situation with no body harm, they decided to remove the ankle restrains so that Jon would have better body movement capabilities, especially since it was now Les's turn to take care of him. All three agreed that Jon would need to use every available capability, available to him to take Les successfully.

Once again they positioned Jon on the floor on his knees.

"Hey guys!" Jon said. "Hey guys I kind of think you guys have found out that if I try, then I can do your dicks, but since I have really tried to not be too much trouble, even though I do consider this whole thing as being gang raped, can we take it real slow with this guy so that I can kind of take it at my own pace?"

"Well, that's totally up to Les!" Shawn answered. "It is now Les's turn and it is up to him if he wants to take it slow or if he wants to see just how fast he can teach you to take about 10 inches.

Les---what's your answer, man?"

"I think slow, at least at first is our best bet!" Les replied.

"Once I get it in him, then we will see. I like the way he has tried to do what we ordered, and I really do want to know that I was successful in getting my dick all the way in his throat, so at first, I think we will go slow, and then if he wants faster, I'm sure he will tell me, right Jon?"

Jon looked at Les and replied. "Yea! Yea, if -and I do mean-- if---I can get that damn big thing down my throat! Men, shit men, this is really something for me. Shit men! I've already taken two big dicks down the throat and a big load from each of you guys! When guys get a dick in the mouth for the first time, do they usually get this much? I mean-men--you guys have pretty well worked me over for being my first time!"

Shawn looked at Gary, then looked at Les and exclaimed, "For my first time!"

"Men" he continued, "Did you hear that? Our toy boy is now referring to it as his first time. To me that kind of sounds like there will be additional times, right? So-hey--maybe-just maybe we have ourselves a new member of the, fuck my face group, that we can use! Sound like that to you, guys?"

The other two men shook their head and agreed.

"Well,-- wait a minute guys!" Jon exclaimed. "Wait! I did not mean that I'd ever do this again, but I just meant I had never done it before."

"Yea --Yea-right!" Les said. "Yea--right. You haven't had me, yet! Just wait until you get this premium meat sick first, before you declare if you will ever, again or not. You've go to get the good stuff first,-- before you decide. Come on man, let me give you the Grade A meat, and then you decide."

Les had a ragging hard-on! He had been excited during the previous two face fuckings and cum loadings, so he was anxious to get his chance.

He walked up to the face of Jon, nicely positioned right at the right height for his entry, and said, "Open man. I need your mouth. Open wide!

It's a big one!"

Jon did have to agree, at least to himself since he could not talk to anybody else, that yes,---this sure as hell was a big one. He forced his mouth open as far as possible to get as much of Les's dick in as he could.

Jon did seem to be much more into taking this dick than he had been on the two previous ones. He had been aware of this stick of meat ever since earlier, when he turned to look at it, and he decided that if he was going to be fed all three dicks, then he would go for as much enjoyment as possible on this one.

Les was very experienced in knowing that he needed to be very patient with guys that had enough guts to even attempt to swallow his dick, so he did not force Jon into any situations that did not seem to work for both men.

Les and Jon worked on Les's dick very patiently and with great concern for their efforts. Slowly Jon managed to take more and more of Les's dick, and Les was well aware that he was being successful in getting it down Jon's throat.

"Man, you are doing good!" Les complemented. "You are doing good!"

Shawn was feeling rather left out of the activity, especially since the actions were not as fast and ferocious as he personally preferred. He started fingering Jon's asshole.

As Shawn fingered Jon's ass hole, he reached over toward Gary and motioned for him to come closer. Gary approached. Shawn grabbed ahold of Gary's dick and started sucking on it. Now, things had developed into a four way. Jon was sucking on Les, Jon was getting fingered by Shawn, and Shawn was also sucking on Gary's dick!

Jon had noticed what was happening, pulled off of Les for a moment and commented, "Hey guys! I like this! All of us are involved, all at the same time! This is really hot! Oh shit man! Oh, somebody's got their fingers up in my as! Oh man, I like that this time. Yea, yea, that feels good!"

Nobody responded. Each man had his own personal agenda to attend to.

When Shawn heard Jon's positive comment about having his finger up in Jon's asshole, he was very pleasantly surprised and increased his activity on Jon's ass. Jon responded positively and attempted to express his pleasure, but had a very large item rammed down his throat at the time, and that rather limited his abilities of responding.

Gary was now being sucked on by Shawn, as Shawn continued his fingering of Jon's ass, and Gary decided that Les's ass just might be a little hungry too.

Jon knew that he was not the only person getting fingered in the ass, and he attempted to reach either Gary's ass or Shawn's ass since he was feeling left out of the ass actions, but both men were beyond his reach.

Gary saw Jon's actions, and accordingly told Jon, "Hey man. For some virgin guy, you already have your mouth completely full, and now Shawn has got at least one finger up in your ass playing around, so I think you have got just about enough on your plate, so to say. You suck on that dick you got in your mouth, man! Les is smiling one hell of a big smile, so you must be making him feel really good, so you just keep your mouth action going and make our man, Les, feel really good, OK?"

Jon attempted to shake his head in a "yes" motion, but was restricted from doing too much up and down action. He was limited to an

'on and off' motion. And he was realizing how much longer the 'on and off'

motion on this dick was, as compared to the two previous dicks.

Suddenly Jon felt somebody going onto his own dick. He managed to look down as far as he could and he realized that Gary was now sucking on his dick. Jon was in an almost complete shock. He was sucking on Les's enormous dick, he was getting fingered in the ass by Shawn, and now he was getting sucked on my Gary. All three men were doing something to Jon, all at he same time. And each action was exciting!

Jon started some very fast and ferrous action on Les's dick, which made his own dick get much more active in Gary's mouth, and of course his butt hole was getting more and more action down there as his other actions increased in speed and velocity.

Les exclaimed. "Oh Jon, suck me hard man! Suck me man! Suck me!

Oh God guys, he has got my big rod all the way down his throat! Shit I can't believe this! Gary--Shawn--this guy has got all of me! Oh Jon, suck me man!"

None of the other two could respond, since Gary had Jon's dick in his mouth, and Shawn was sucking on Gary's shaft! The only person without a dick in his mouth at that time was Les.

All four men were in radical action. Fast and ferrous! Rough and ready! Les was fucking Jon's face now as hard as he could. He continued to exclaim, "Oh God men! I can't believe he has my whole dick! Guys he is a great sucker! Men, we need to keep him around. I need this guy on me a lot!"

Suddenly Jon was pushing his dick into Gary's face as far as possible and he pulled off of Les's dick long enough to announce, "Oh God men! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!"

Gary pulled off of Jon's dick and quickly almost screamed, "Good, good! Fill my mouth you,-- married --straight --daddy -- guy! I need some married daddy cum! Fill me daddy!"

He immediately grabbed Jon's dick and started feverishly sucking on it!

Shawn then pulled off of Gary's dick and instructed, "Fill my mouth Gary! Fill my mouth!"

All four men were completely engrossed in some very active and exciting sexual activity. All four men were active in one sex act or possibly two at the same time.

"Suddenly Les said, "Jon suck me man! Suck me hard man! I am going to cum! Oh Jon! I am going to cum! Suck me! Suck me! Oh God,--- here it comes! I'm cumin, I'm cumin! Oh Jon,--- eat it man! Eat my cum man!"

Immediately all four men climaxed at the same time, all in response to Les's loud proclaimed cumin statements.

Jon shot his hot load into Gary's anxious mouth, Shawn had been stroking his own dick as he sucked on Gary and fingered Jon's ass. Gary let a solid stream of cum fly into Shawn's mouth as Les was exclaiming his successful climax in Jon's mouth.

Jon was the one person that was supposed to be getting a mouth full, but things just did not quite work out that way! Jon got a mouth full, Gary got a mouth full as a gift from Jon. Shawn got his loading directly from Gary! Les was the only person in the room that did not have cum flowing from around his mouth. The other three men all had cum dripping out of the corners of their mouths!

As the four men managed to come to a pleasant halt of their activities, Shawn did say, "Well hell men! If I could have gotten my dick up high enough to get it in Les's mouth, the whole group of us would be dripping with cum! I just could not get my dick up that high! Maybe we should have figured out ahead of time that all of us were going to be involved this time, and gotten ourselves in a different position!"

"Shit man!" Gary exclaimed. "Who in the hell thought that was going to happen. Man, that was great, but who in the hell would have thought that all four of us were going to be having one big sex scene? I guess our man Jon, is kind of a joiner, wouldn't you guys?"

"Hey wait a minute men!" Jon quickly entered. "Hey, let's not get everything all confused here men. Yea, yea---I will agree that I kind of got into what was happening here, but that was only after I decided that I could not get away from you three husky younger guys, and that I had better just play along if I wanted to be OK. Just because I did what you wanted, don't lead that to think that I'd do this again. You guys can't seem to remember I am a married straight guy, and I am a daddy too. Hey guys, what happened here has to be completely our secret. Yea, I do know that I could create a lot of problems for all of you and call the law, --I mean, --let's face it, you three actually raped me, and on public property no less. I hear possible jail! No, I'm not going to do anything. Nobody got hurt.

Yea, I admit I got forced into doing some stuff that I did not want to do, but I can live and let live. Just don't think that I'd be willing to join in again, OK?"

"Yea" Gary answered. "OK guys, Les, Shawn,--we understand he got trapped and was forced into this and --right---we don't expect him to do it again with us right? Hey men,--better agree! He is right! He could call the cops! He could get all of us in a ton of trouble. Better tell him that yea, we all understand and won't expect him to do it again, even if we happen to be here at the same time he is. OK?"

"Yea, you are right!" Shawn said. "Yea Jon. I understand!

Thanks for not getting the cops after us man! Hey-Jon, I got to tell you though--you were fun! I really had fun with you!"

"Thanks man! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Not my bag, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!"

"Yea me too." Les said. "I mean, yea I agree. You are right Jon.

Thanks for letting us have some fun, but yea I understand that this is not your bag and I will not try anything with you in the future. Yea--you were fun! And, man! How in the hell could you take my dick all the way like you did? Hell, I can't get some of my regular suckers to get it down their throat as far as you did. Shit man! You really do need to become a professional cock sucker!"

"Hey Les, thanks for the, --complement--I guess. I mean to be called a good cock sucker is not exactly what I've always looked forward to being called, but it's better than some of the stuff I've been called before. Les, you do have a big dick! I guess my time on it was what they call beginners luck!"

"You know what men" Gary said. "It kind of looks like all of us have a little bit of washing up to do to be presentable. Let's get cleaned up. Jon, where do you live? Do you want me to drive you to your neighborhood and drop you off someplace close to your house since we have taken a lot of your time? I'm sure your wife or the kids will ask you why you are so late, if you just resume your run. Want me to drop you off so you don't get home too late?"

"Yea, yes Gary I really would appreciate that! Maybe we should have discussed this before we got started. My getting home too late has been a real concern to me during this whole thing. Yea Gary, I live over by Maple and 4th Ave. If you could, that really would be a great help. I really don't want to have to explain any of this to the family! Yea, thanks Gary, I'd really appreciate that!"

The men tidied themselves up, and after checking each other to make sure nobody was leaving the rest room with cum stuck to his face, they headed for the parking lot.

Each of the men, except for Jon, had his own car in the lot. Gary told Jon which car was his and they headed for it.

Gary turned toward Shawn and Les and said, "Hey guys! Thanks for the fun. I will see you guys tomorrow! OK?"

Both Shawn and Les responded with a, "Yea man. See you tomorrow!"

Jon yelled, "Bye guys!"

Gary and Jon got in Gary's car. As they exited the parking lot, Gary looked at Jon and grinned. Jon returned the grin. For a moment neither man said anything!

Then as the left the park area, and entered the city street, Jon spoke. "Well, --what do you think man? Think we pulled it off?"

Gary looked at Jon with a very, very, big grin on his face, and replied, "Hell yes man! Hell yes! Neither one of them has any idea,--not even yet-- that this was a total set up!"

"I totally agree!" Jon said. "Neither one of them even acted like they suspected anything! They were totally faked out! Hey Gary, --Are we still going to go to your place for awhile? I don't need to be home until about 8:30 or so. The wife and the kids are all out doing their thing. I really do need another one of your good ass fuckings, and if you feel like it, ---I sure am ready to eat out your ass and fuck your tight butt again, man!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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