A decision has been made to put Everytime We Touch series on hold as I need to get my mind clear on the message I want to get across to you the readers. So for now I will focus on individual stories and this is the first.

This story details true and fictional encounters between me and my current boyfriend and the status we are in our relationship.

I hope you enjoy!

Hello my name is Andrew but you can call me Andy. I don't think i'm conventially the most attractive guy on the planet but i've somehow ended up with my mr perfect

But for now a general description of me would be i'm a typical nerd I have brown hair and blue/green eyes, glasses and i'm chubby in weight and small in height, I have dyspraxia which is kinda like dyslexia and i've not had the best childhood but that all changed when I met my current boyfriend Riku.

I was on my laptop browsing generally when I come across a dating website and I thought it would be fun to join so i did and I managed to talk to Riku first.

Whilst we were having our general conversations I sent him a pic of me which I wasn't really confident on when he replied he cared more about inner beauty which I was really touched by.

Anyways before I get ahead of myself its time to describe my soulmate. His name is Riku he stands at a tall height and is the total opposite as he has that muscular frame. But he's not a typical jock he is smart and so considerate.

So we were talking our usual conversations when he announces that he is coming over to the UK to buy a house here. I am overwhelmed by his boldness but a little scared

So i'm now waiting at the airport with Riku's surname written out on a sign in large letters

I was largely anticipating this day and suddenly a man who fit Riku's picture and description was nervously looking around for somebody

I walked towards him, " Hi, are you in Riku?"

"Yes, Andrew?" he replied in a calming voice

I did not say anything as I just ran into his arms and almost knocked him off balance. It felt like we were hugging for eternity when I realised that we stopped and I offered to take his suitcases and bags for him which he politely declined.

Walking to the taxi from the airport he managed to get the suitcases in with the help from the driver and we were on our way back to mine

he held my hand the entire journey there and I've never felt happier in my life as I do now

Arriving at the house this time I help Riku with the suitcases and other bags that he brought and I pay the taxi driver his fare

"thanks very much" I said as I hand over the money

"No problem you kids have fun and here's my business card" he replies as he hands a card over to me.

I help Riku with the bags as we step through the front door to my place which wasn't large but plenty of room for 2 people.

The biggest surprise for Riku I feel will be the outdoor pool which I built myself for some naughty fun with my mr perfect.

I help carry the suitcase again to our bedroom and just as I place it down on the floor he pulls me in for our first deep passionate kiss.

At this moment of time the beating of my heart increases from the nerves and from the sudden realisation that true love exists.

He stops kissing my lips as he looks into my eyes. "Your eyes are the calm soothing colour of the ocean and I can feel myself getting drawn to them" he confesses to me as he wraps his arms around me.

"I was thinking that maybe when we've unpacked we could head out for a romantic dinner that's if your up for it?" I asked

"I think I should get some sleep I did have a long hour flight and I may be suffering from jet lag" he replies

He starts to undress in front of me and leaves his jockstrap on with a 9.5 inch bulge noticeable in his tight jockstrap

He climbs into the bed and immediately falls asleep as I made sure he is tucked in and I kiss his forehead as a sign of comfort

I head downstairs and grab a drink of beer as I recall the past month with Riku and how complete my life feels with him

Just as I was about to nod off I could hear footsteps coming down the stairs and the familiar muscular arms wrap themselves around me and lift me up when I see Riku is rubbing his own nose against mine as I giggle

"So where are we going for dinner?" he asks me as he pulls my hand down to his belly and I hear it growl

"Well I was thinking the local Thai restaurant in town" I say

" sure let's go there" he replies earnestly

I wait for him to put his clothes on and as he walks down the stairs he is dressed beautifully and his aftershave is so intoxicating

We headed out for the Thai restaurant as we sat down at the table and ordered a glass of beer

"I bought this for you while you were asleep" I said as I gave him a small box of chocolates and he gives me a kiss in appreciation

Anyways during the meal nothing much happens and it turns out to be the best dates.

We both split the bill and walk out han in hand as we return to bed and i'm now cuddled into his arms and I couldn't be in a happier place in my life


No sexual intercourse in this story I want to see the reaction I recieve from this story before anything more develops.




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