I've been going to the gym a lot lately. Some frustration with my family has made me want to be away from the house as often as possible. Mostly, my parents are hyper-religious, and anything gay offends them beyond belief. My step-father has been making life difficult lately, and unfortunately Mom's feelings aren't much different.

Wednesday, I hung out a bit longer than usual after school, just talking with some friends, when I mentioned that I was probably going to go to the gym right after I got home.

Will, a straight guy in our group who isn't really a good friend of mine, asked if I needed a lifting partner. He'd been meaning to go to the gym more, but had no one to go with. We agreed to meet and maybe make it a regular thing.

Now, I'm gay, young, and horny, so naturally the gym is one of my favorite places. There is always some eye candy, and the idea of sweaty, hard bodied guys with high heart rates gets my heart rate (and my dick) up. My gym fantasies are among my most common imaginings during long masturbation sessions.

As soon as I arrived at the gym, I immediately scanned the crowd. Of course I would love to walk into the locker room, find some hot naked guy, and put on a show for all the guys in a porn-like fantasy turned orgy - but in reality I understand that it's mostly only crazy older dudes who aren't fun to look at that let their balls fly in the locker rooms.

Still, I can't get the fantasy out of my head every time I walk through the doors, and picking the guys I'd want to see naked is always motivation for my workouts.

"So, you've come out, like all the way," Will said, interrupting my thoughts as he helped me lower the bench press bar to my chest. I had been so caught up in my own gym fantasy world, that I hadn't even bothered to notice his crotch hanging right over my face. He's straight... and I have a mental block with "straight" that just says "off limits."

"Yeah," I responded, pushing the bar back up and hooking it on the bench. "Why?"

Will's face actually looked a little guilty. "I told my parents about you coming out. They're cool, but I think they called your parents, just to see how they were doing and make sure you were ok and stuff."

Now I know why my parents are acting so weird.

Will wouldn't meet my eyes. I had forgotten that Will had an older brother come out a few years ago.

"You think they talked to my parents, or you know they did?" I asked, already knowing by his guilty look. This must have been why he wanted to meet up at the gym. He had to get this off his chest.

"Well, my family isn't... like yours..." he stammered. Not like mine meaning Mormon. "They were worried that you wouldn't get the support, or the safe sex talks," his eyes finally met mine.

"It's cool dude. They aren't cool, but whatever. I've got some other people to talk to about the sex stuff, so it's fine."

We moved over to the free weights.

"Well, you know me," he continued... or started... I couldn't determine which.

And I did know about him. Will was long term relationship oriented, but not a stranger to sex. I first heard about his experience from a girl who he slept with when they were 14. A lot of girls felt he pressured them into sex, but none of them were complaining. He's probably corrupted more religious girls in our school than anyone else I had known, and he was known for being a bit freaky in bed. But I didn't really know what he was getting at, and had no desire to talk pussy with this kid.

"I like having stuff up my ass," Will blurted out. I almost dropped my weight. Not exactly where I thought this conversation was going. "I'm definitely not gay though."

I actually didn't need the clarification, and didn't even find this odd. I actually know quite a few straight men who enjoy anal stimulation. In fact, my friend that got married a few weeks ago has a dildo of is own. His wife asked me what I thought of that and the fact that he liked it used while they were having sex, and whether that meant he was hiding any gay tendencies.

I expressed my personal opinion to Will. Liking anal sex doesn't mean your gay. If you have an emotional connection and desire an emotional relationship with a guy, that means your gay.

"Do you think I could try anal sex for real? And not have someone think that I want to be gay? It's really just a curiosity thing. A dildo feel fine, but I kinda want to know what it's like for real."

My face flushed a bit - and the undertone of this conversation was taking an unexpected turn. Will was nervous talking about this with me. I couldn't tell if it was because I'm gay and he wanted to make sure I understood that he was a straight man who just enjoyed anal play, or what. But there was something else in his tone... a hint of excitement. It made me excited... and I happened to glance at Will's crotch in the mirror. He was half hard in his basketball shorts. Fuck... my head was reeling.

I tried to joke about it, "Well, anytime you're up for it," I laughed, but it sounded a little forced.

"Would you tell anyone?"

I felt the blood drain out of my face and down into my dick. Were we seriously having this conversation?

"No," I responded as seriously as I could. "It's no ones business" (I failed to mention "except my blog readers).

"Cause if my girl found out... You're blushing."

"I just cant' tell if your punking me." I laughed nervously again.

"No kissing, no sucking, no touching my dick. I don't want to touch yours."

He was really rambling off his rules!

"I'll put in porn, you wear a condom, I'll jack off. I shoot, you leave."

"You're serious?"

"Can we go now, before I change my mind? You got time?"

Will isn't the most amazing looking guy in the world. He's cute in his own sort of way, but isn't cut like Ryan or Eddie, or even Chad at the Home Depot... but here I was, less than 4 weeks since I lost my virginity having a straight guy ask me to fuck him.

How could I say no?

We left the gym quickly, and I followed him back to his house. While I was driving he called, and we spent the whole trip talking about anal sex. He asked questions about whether I liked it, and I told him the truth "Love the orgasm, not the biggest fan of what it takes to get there."

I was rock hard the whole way to Will's house, and when we finally pulled into the driveway, and he got out, it was obvious he was too. He had to tuck his boner a little more securely into his shorts after he stood, the sight of which made my dick start spewing precum. My heart was pounding so loudly that I could hear it in my ears, and I was quite sure the color hadn't returned to my face yet. I was about to fuck a straight guy.

I did take notice that Will's house was empty. I still don't kow what his parents do for a living, or why no one else was home, but we made our way to the basement living room. Will wasted no time putting on a porn DVD, and only glanced at me slightly as he pulled his shorts off.

His dick was pretty average, and hairier than I prefer. In fact, all of him was a bit hairier than I prefer, but he was still fuckable... I followed suit, dropping my shorts, and peeling off my shirt.

Will's eyes grew wide. "Shit, you're bigger than my dildo."

What guy doesn't' like to hear that?

Once we were naked my nervousness didn't subside like it usually does. I was very unsure of myself. How would we start? No kissing or foreplay? I couldn't play with his cock, or kiss him, or caress him in ways that I would with a gay man - he didn't want any of that. How would we go from naked, to fucking?

And that's when it became a bit awkward for me. I just sat on the couch next to him, but not too close. I was nervous to watch Will jack his cock, because I didn't want him to be uncomfortable with me watching him. But here we were, naked together, he knew I was gay, so how much looking was allowed?

After a few minutes of awkward jerking (for me anyway, he seemed fine), he said "Ok, get a condom on."

I complied, and took a moment as I slid the condom down my dick to close my eyes and enjoy the experience. I was about to fulfill a common gay-guy fantasy - to be the first guy to fuck a straight dude.

When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see that Will's ass was right in front of me. The sight of it caused blood to flood into my dick. If I was at all flaccid due to anxiety, the sight of Will's ass hanging precariously over my dick overcame my cock's reservations.

Will was facing forward watching the porn, jerking himself with his right hand, slightly bent over my dick. I wasn't quite sure what to do, but he didn't resist as I took hold of is hips and guided him down.

For a straight boy, he was very familiar with his ass. It didn't take him long at all to find his sweet spot and put just enough weight to slide the tip of my dick in.

"Holy fuck, you're big," he said.

"Holy fuck, you're tight." I responded.

"Yeah, don't talk ok?"

He pulled himself up a bit, and I felt his sphincter push against my cock. The sensation sent tingles of pleasure up my spine. My dick ached to be inside of him.

As he sat again I pushed, just a little, and my dick went about half way in. Will gasped a little, but then moaned and sat the rest of the way down onto my lap.

"There it is," I remember him saying. "Yeah, I'm going to plow that pussy with this cock in my ass."

I maybe laughed a bit at that line, but if Will noticed he was totally ignoring me now. I was his toy, his warm bodied dildo, and I after he started thrusting, I didn't mind.

His rhythm was fast. Much faster than I would have expected. I held onto his hip bones to make sure he remained centered on my cock,

"Fuck yeah," he cried out. "Go ahead dude, grab my dick. Jack it. I know you want to."

And I did. One of my favorite things to do during sex is to jack the cock of the guy I'm fucking, especially in the reach-around position.

His cock was covered in precum and lube, and slipped easily in my hand. I didn't have to do much jacking though, at this point he was bucking wildly, his dick sliding in and out of my hand with every bounce on my dick.

I don't know how cognizant Will was of me being in the room, but he yelped and moaned and swore more than anyone I'd ever heard. I found his vocalization to be a big turn on.

"Oh yeah baby, just like that. Fuck yeah I'm burying my cock in that sweet pussy. God your pussy feels great. It's so wet and moist. I'm going to slap that bitch ass of yours."

The woman on the TV screen, who I couldn't see thank God, started getting louder, and so did Will.

"Yeah baby, cum for me. Cum cause I'm fucking your wet tight cunt."

I have to admit him yelling for someone to cum drove me wild. Between him screaming and the woman on the screen screaming, and his balls tightening, and his dick throbbing, I coudln't help it. I curled my toes and thrust into him, hard, over and over.

He noticed the change in energy, but went with it screaming "Yeah yeah yeah!"

And my dick exploded. Luckily, Will was very close, because he wasn't about to give up riding my dick just because I came.

Every buck on my cock caused me to gasp in uncomfortable pleasure, my spine to buckle, and my legs to flail. "Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me!" Will cried, followed by a gurgle that started low, almost like it came all the way from his dick and up through his mouth, getting louder and more high pitched as his balls retreated further and further into his stomach.

I love the feeling of an exploding cock in my hand. It's the perfect reward for a job well done. Suddenly my hand and my legs were being covered in hot sticky semen that came out in a never ending spurt from Will's throbbing penis.

After it was over, Will practically jumped off my dick.

"Fuck that was great. What the Hell, did you cum in me?"

I looked down and noticed the condom, the tip ballooned out over my still erect dick, full of cum.

Will had a slightly disgusted look on his face. "Ok dude, whatever, but get rid of that ok?"

I flushed the condom, got dressed, and pretty much left with minimal dialog. The next day at school, I saw Will, and he asked me if I had ever seen one of those dick cloning kits. I laughed a bit, and told him he'd have to call me if he wanted my dick up his ass again. But I did consider making copies of my dick as a side business, if anyone's interested, LOL. I just need to find a place to make them. The kit video looks messy. I'm sure doing it in my kitchen or in my dorm room in college is out. Maybe I can rent out a science lab at the University of Utah or something.

Honestly, while fucking a straight guy sounds pretty hot, it wasn't my most fulfilling experience. I found that I missed the foreplay, the dick sucking, the kissing, the caressing, and even a bit of the cuddling. So straight guy sex isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Even when gay guys are having sex just to get off, there is at least a mutual connection, a shared experience.

I realize that this checks off one box on my Sexual Bucket List. I might be willing to help out Will again if the opportunity arises (pun intended), but we'll have to see. Maybe I'll steer clear of the curious straight boy, because wild mind-blowing fucking can only happen when both parties are sexually interested in each other.

Or is this not true? What do you think? Also, should I clone my dick for Will? Is it teasing if I tell him he has to get it live, but then not give it to him if he comes calling because the experience wasn't as sexually fulfilling for me as I would have liked? Or should I just wait for his older gay brother to come to town and show Will what gay fucking is REALLY all about?


Marc Dawson

[email protected]


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