I had had a great 3 days, my fuck buddy had been staying with me whilst he was on business in town. Garry is the same age as me 25. He's now married with 2 kids. His marriage is not working out too well at the moment so there's no sex. He likes to visit me and release all his pent-up frustration and aggression by fucking me silly for a few days. He always leaves feeling satisfied. Garry has a 6" average thickness cock which fits perfectly in my ass. Garry sure knows how to use it.

I'm Jason 25 years old 170lbs (77kg) 5'10" (178cm) tall. Athletic build toned body.

Garry had left earlier in the morning after fucking me before he left. My ass was over flowing from all the sperm juices he had pumped into me, some had run down the inside of my legs. I needed to plug my ass to keep it in me longer. He had also fed me copious amounts of sperm juice, I still had the taste in my mouth. My face was caked with his dry cum I didn't wanna wash it off. My legs felt weak and my body ached from the many positions he had fucked me in. It was still early, the sun was up, nothing to do all day. I thought I would go and lay on the bed and rest for awhile. I drew the drapes and opened the window. Letting in the rays of the warm sun, which fell upon my bed.

I was feeling well fucked and thinking how lucky I was to have Garry as I lay on my bed with my legs wide apart. Garry's juices were bubbling in my stomach. I lay there letting the rays of the sun warm my body. I turned onto my belly and after awhile I fell off to sleep. I felt someone stroking my ass and running their fingers along the crack of my ass. I thought I was dreaming at first but I was soon jolted out of my sleepiness when a hand gripped me firmly behind my neck and pressed down hard. Someone shouted in a loud voice "KEEP STILL." I recognized the voice immediately, It was Steve from the gym he was a roofer and I had asked him to call and have a look at a leak in the guttering just above the window. Fuck I didn't expect him to call today. He must have seen me lying naked on the bed and climbed through the open window.

Steve is 40 years old 260lbs (118kg) 6'6"(198cm) tall. Weight trains several times a week. Nicely sculptured body, flat stomach, well defined but not too bulky muscles; just perfect. Won a few bodybuilding competitions in the past. He knew I was gay and teased and taunted me in a non-malicious way. I never took what he said seriously. He was a typical straight guy just talk (so I thought)

He had his hand on the back of my neck pressing me down, preventing me from getting up or turning. I know Steve well but I felt scared and vulnerable. Steve was kneeling between my spread legs stroking my back and patting my ass, sometimes lightly spanking me. I felt my cock stiffening. "What's this?" he said as I felt him pull my ass plug out. "Look at all that cum oozing out ya fucking ass. You've been well fucked by the looks of it," he said. I could feel his fingers running along my ass crack probing around my cum filled love hole. He penetrated my cum filled hole and wiggled his fingers in and out massaging my prostate, making my cock throb. I tried to struggle free; it was useless and futile me trying. He was too strong for me. I had no choice but to submit totally to him. I was shaking and trembling with fear. He continued to stroke my body and finger fuck my ass. I could hear his heavy breathing as his fingers sunk deeper in my ass, making me moan out loud.

Steve grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. "Turn over onto your back," he said. He straddled my chest facing me. He pulled his T-shirt off over his head. Revealing his well-defined glistening torso with his outy bellybutton, washboard stomach and well-defined pecs, I felt a rush of excitement. "Feel my arm muscles," he said. I felt and squeezed his muscles while he tensed and relaxed them; I felt the smooth skin of his chest and his hard pecs. I ran my hands down his flat stomach. I was mesmerized by all I could see and feel. Fear was being replaced with pleasure.

"You want to see more?" He said as he stood up and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and underwear. He could see my wide opened eyes staring at his massive cock, his balls were enormous, his ball sack hung very low. Steve bent down and leaned over me and placed one hand on the mattress above my head for support. He held his oozing precum hard cock, which was sticking straight up with the other hand pulling back the foreskin to reveal the maroon shiny glans. I lay there passive and submissive as he pressed his cock down and dragged it over my chin and face leaving a shiny trail of precum on my cheeks, nose and forehead. His ball sack dragged along my neck. I was looking up into Steve's eyes all the time. "Do you like it?" he asked as his cock dripped more precum over my face. "You know I do," I said. He smiled down at me.

I squinted as he drew his leaking cock across my eyes and down to my lips under my nose. "Smell it" he commanded. His cock had a strong musty aroma. "Taste it," I sucked the strands of precum into my mouth then licked his shiny glans. He gave out a sharp gasp. I had a slight taste of urine mixed with precum on my tongue. (He must have just pissed before he climbed into my bedroom)

"Do you like it?" he asked. I opened my mouth to say yes, he slipped his cock deep into my mouth "Suck it." I moved my lips up and down the shaft taking it as deep as I could. Large veins ran down the whole length of the shaft of his cock, several of them joined up about half way down the shaft. "You want me to fuck you with it?" I nodded my head to say yes. When I heard him say that I had this overwhelming feeling come over me, my whole body started to shake and my head started to buzz. Then I realized what I had committed myself too. Fuck his cock is twice as big as Garry's. I pulled off his cock and looked up into his eyes. "I don't think I can take your cock it's too big".

"When I arrived this morning a guy was leaving he the one that fucked you?" "Yeah" I said. "He fuck you over the week end?" "Yeah from Friday to now," I said. "So your loose and well lubricated, just what I need for my cock," he said as he ran his finger under his nose and sniffed it. "I need to fuck I haven't fuck anyone for 2 weeks and they didn't take the whole of my cock in them," he said.

He knelt on the bed between my legs, then lifted them up, placing them on his strong shoulders. He was going to take me face-to-face. He spat into his hand and rubbed it over my anus. Then he leaned down more, probing around for the entrance. I guided it to my hole. I must be mad the shaft was too thick for me to even get my fingers around. I tried to relax, how do you relax when you are about to be penetrated and fucked by the biggest cock you have ever taken and delivered by a big powerful muscular guy. I pleaded with him to be gentle with me. I just at to hope he was not one of those guys that can't control the urge to violently jam their cocks into your ass in one foal swoop.

"Don't worry when it's in and I'm fucking you, you will love it," he said. He tightened his grip on me and bore down. I felt my anus being stretched more and more until I thought it would split. He moaned in pleasure, as I gasped in pain as the head of his cock slipped in. ""Ummm feels good and tight. Your still fucking tight for my cock even after all the fucking you had from your guy," he said. "You have such a big fucking cock," I said. He could see me grimacing. "It will hurt you at first, but it will feel good later. Try to relax." He gave me a moment to catch my breath and for my inside to adjusted before he started to thrust again. I prepared myself as best I could for the next thrust. Fortunately he was not too rough with me as he gently thrust the shaft of his cock deeper into me. His cock was stretching my anus and inside more and more as he penetrated me centimeter by centimeter with each thrust.

He placed his hands on my shoulders to support himself and to restrain me as he thrust into me. When I looked down, I could see the thick veins that joined up half way down the shaft. Fuck I had only taken about one third of his cock. It felt like it was all in me. He pulled back and I felt my ass being stretched outward. His dick hurt me almost as much when he pulled back as what it did when he thrust forward. My hole suddenly gave in to his relentless thrusting. The thick part of his shaft stretched my anus even more as a good 3 inches or more slid into me. It hurt so badly it made me scream out. I struggled to pull away from his cock pushing on his thighs. He angrily looked down at me "DON'T FIGHT ME!" he shouted at me. With his strong grip on my shoulders and his cock in my ass I wasn't going anywhere. I saw in his eyes the determination to get the whole of his cock into me. I had no choice but to submit totally to him.

He lowered himself more, forcing my legs further down and my ass to arch up more. With one final thrust he was all the way up me. Hitting parts of my inside that had never been hit before. I could feel his pubic hairs rubbing against my ass cheeks. He gave me a few minutes for my inside to adjust to his cock. When he saw I was looking relaxed he started to fuck me slowly rotating his hips from side to side as he slid his cock up and down gently inside my gut. I was loosening up some, so he could fuck me more vigorously. I reach around him and felt his muscular butt cheeks tighten and relax as he rotated his hips. I had a new dick fucking my ass and now after all the pain I was enjoying it.

His cock was sliding more easily in my gut. It was an awesome sensation to feel his thick veined shaft slide through my anus. He was more into it now pumping faster. He was inhaling and exhaling faster. He was sweating. I felt the muscles on his arm as they flexed with each thrust. The muscles on his well-formed calves and thighs flexed as he used the power of them to thrust deeper. He paused for a moment to catch his breath. "Wow my cock feels good in ya ass," he said as he looked at me and smiled. I looked down and watched his cock sliding in and out of me on Garry's cum juices. His shaft was covered in Garry's cum. I knew he was going to fuck my ass until he had satisfied his sexual lust. My ass hole caressed and hugged his big cock. I wanted him to fuck me forever!

I knew he was getting to squirt his load into me. His back muscles tensed and his whole body shuddered as he held me tight and pressed hard into my love hole. His cock exploded in my gut. I felt a warm sensation in my gut as his cock swelled even more as it squirted copious amounts of his sperm laden juices into me, mixing with Garry's juices. He continued to pump gently into me making sure I got every last drop. My cock squirted my ivory strands of cum onto Steve's belly I had not touched myself it was spontaneous. We were both sweating as we lay there. I could feel his cock shrinking inside me as I felt the whole weight of his body on me as he relaxed. He lay on me running his fingers through my hair. I wrapped my legs and arms around him. He kissed my forehead then ran his tongue across my lips and kissed them. " Man that was great you took all of me I'll be fucking you lots of times from now on."

"I bet theirs lot of girls that love your cock," I asked him. "Unfortunately not, some are too scared to try, others try but it hurts too much. Most girls I fuck don't take it all. Be better if it was smaller"

"Am I the first guy you fucked? Yeah, you're my first. I've had a few blowjobs." I was in heaven lying there stroking his magnificent body. All good things come to an end, after fucking me twice more he had a shower and left. He didn't stay away long, he is a regular fuck buddy and lives local.



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