After that night that we swapped partners, Rusty and I kept talking about what a great night we had, and, yeah, we shouldn't really do it again - but...

It started to become harder and harder to see him or talk to him without me thinking about that night and dreaming about his body - big, solid, built, a tiny bit taller than me, all that marvelous tattooing I did all over him, his smile, his eyes, and you know what else. We began talking endlessly about wanting to fuck again but worried about Rusty's new boyfriend, my husband, and how complicated this could really make everything.

It turned out that when we both told Mark and Ryan we'd be working late at my shop on the rest of his leg tattoo, neither one of them said anything about it, despite all the suspicion we felt. Maybe it was in our imaginations?

So we had an appointment. We actually made the date awhile ago, before the swapping/watching thing happened and we had planned to work late after the shop was closed.

Rusty showed up at 6:00 with some takeout food. We ate in the back lounge of the shop and talked and we were both anxious to get working. One by one, my co-workers finished and last was Mike (the owner) and Mary (manager) and they finished up their business and locked us in around 8:00 p.m.

We did a lot of coloring and talking and had a nice time. Music was on loud. We took a break at about 9:00 and decided we were only going to go until 10:00 the latest and we'd be close to finished. At 9:00 we headed to the back room where we had a beer and sat across from each other - me on the couch, him on a chair, with a small low table between us.

We were silent for a few minutes, and sat there looking at each other. I set my beer down and he set his down and he climbed over the table and sat down next to me and looked into my eyes.

'You're driving me crazy, you know,' he said.

'You, too,' and I sighed.

'So?' he looked at me and grinned.

'Get over here,' and he grabbed me and pulled me into him, kissing me hard and pulling me onto his lap.

The heat came on really quickly between us and I knew we were locked in the shop alone and could do whatever we wanted. I paused for a moment and said 'hang on' and grabbed some towels to put down on the couch and then he stood up and pressed my whole body into his and started nuzzling my neck and putting his hands underneath the back of my shirt.

I could feel his already hard cock pushing into mine and it caused me to moan a little and pull him in even closer. He started kissing my neck and biting it a little and I started digging my hands into the back of his shorts, trying to get at his ass.

I pulled away for a moment and said 'We gotta wrap up that tattoo before we go any further,' and I ran back to my station to grab what I needed.

I returned and took care of his leg and as I stood up he took off my t-shirt and his own and we crushed our bodies together again and kept on kissing and stroking each other's backs and I pulled back a little and started kissing his chest and pulling on those nipple rings of his and he was looking up to the sky and sighing and then I pushed him playfully back onto the couch and went for his waistband, . I couldn't wait to get that monster cock in my mouth. As I started to undo his shorts he looked down at me and I looked up at him.

'We can't stop this train, you know. I don't want to,' and he put his hands on my face.

'I can't either - I can't stop thinking about you and wanting to be with you again - all day I've had trouble focusing,' I said and then looked down to continue getting his shorts off as he took off his shoes.

He lifted up so I could pull his shorts and boxers down and off and then I grabbed his cock - fully erect and so huge - and I took it in my mouth all at once, Rusty groaning really loud and putting his hands on the back of my head.

I worked on him for awhile, sucking him, working his shaft in and out of my mouth and he had his eyes closed for a few moments and then I started attacking his balls with my tongue while stroking him with my hand. I did that for a bit and then I got down and kneeled in between his legs and yanked his thighs out and up and held his legs there and started rimming him, my tongue going everywhere in his ass, fucking his hole with my tongue. All the while Rusty was moaning and laughing and trying to stroke himself and I just couldn't stop. He finally said 'hold on,' and I moved away and he stood up and took my shoes and my jeans off.

He kneeled down in front of me and started working on my cock and the moment he took me in his mouth I was on fire. I couldn't help but start fucking his mouth pretty hard and he was squeezing my ass really hard and I had my hands on his head and he let me go on for a few minutes doing that.

Rusty stood up and took my hand and we went to the couch and we both sat there for a minute or two, stroking our own cocks and he looked at me and smiled.

'Do you have any lube or condoms?' I finally said.

'Of course!' and he grinned.

'Do we flip a coin on this?' I joked.

'No - the owner of the supplies gets to go first,' and he kissed me on the head and got up to get his messenger bag.

He came back and stood and looked at me while he stroked himself a little bit more and put on a condom and added lube. Then he grabbed my legs and spun me around so I was laying on the couch and he kneeled between my legs and lifted me up a little and started tonguing my ass. Rusty has this way of making me feel so over the top - maybe it's the tongue stud? So he kept on for a few minutes and then backed off before he plunged his dick in me all at once, moaning as he went in and my eyes went up in my head for a moment and it was a little painful even.

The pain quickly turned to pleasure as he began thrusting in and out of me, all the while staring at me. His eyes are so expressive and the look in them was not one of lust but of love. I could feel it, absolutely. He kept it up while I resumed stroking myself, my jaw clenched as he kept plunging into me. He soon leaned forward and started kissing me, tenderly, lightly kissing my forehead, nose, cheeks, temples, and then he focused in my mouth and locked onto my lips for a few moments. He then moved towards my right ear and whispered 'I love you, Steve,' and it made me smile and I said 'I love you, too,' and he pulled out and flipped me onto my knees and went in me again. He leaned over me while he stayed inside for a moment and started kissing my back and holding my hips and I could feel his face resting on my back and he sighed deeply.

He sat back and began fucking me again, and I could tell he was about to come as he picked up the pace and then I heard him groan and he pumped into me one last time and kept going until he sighed again. He stopped, his cock still inside me, and started stroking my cock from underneath and managed to fuck me some more and it put me over the edge and I came hard, cum shooting directly into my face and onto my upper chest and I had my eyes closed.

When I was through he pulled out of me and I sat up. I went and got cleaned up in the bathroom while he threw the condom away in the bag with our takeout food trash. We both ended up on the couch again, sitting next to each other.

'I don't know how we can manage this, but I can't stop this,' he said, not looking at me. Then he reached over and put his arms around me and pulled me next to him. He buried his head in my neck and started to cry a little.

'It's okay, Rusty,' and I ran my hand through his hair and squeezed him closer with my other arm.

I didn't want this moment to end. I love him so much, and yet, I love Mark so much. I know Rusty already feels the same way about Ryan. We were entering into a very complicated affair, an affair that seemed to be okay in the eyes of both of our partners. I still don't know why Mark and Ryan encouraged us - well, I guess it gives Mark leeway to sleep with Andy, which I know has been a plan of his for awhile now. I don't really know what Ryan is thinking.

We stayed locked in this embrace for another few minutes and realized how late it was getting. We got dressed and Rusty helped me clean up and get my shit put away. Before I unlocked the front door I shut out all the lights and he pulled me into him again and started kissing me.

'I will always be yours, Steve. No matter what.'

I wasn't sure what he meant by that entirely but I smiled and told him I loved him and we alarmed the shop and locked up. His car was close to mine and we stopped to talk a little before going off to our homes. We talked about nothing and everything in those two or three minutes. He was trying to say something but he couldn't get it out. I kept trying but he gave up and instead kissed me again, this time on my forehead, cheeks and neck and then went back to my lips and held me there for a long time and we said goodbye.



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