It was in early spring and I was just meandering around the house in my birthday suite , having just gotten out of the hot tub. As usual, I was kinda horned up and thinking about slippiing in a porn.

The door bell rang two or three times in succession and I began thinking about disconnecting the damm thing because it is annoying as hell.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and peeked out the door to find one of my nephew's buddies, Stephen , standing there grinning like a Cheshire cat.

'Adam's isn't home , is he ?' ask Stephen. To which, I naturally said 'No, You know that he's working down in Tampa today.'

'Yeah; I know>' said Stephen , grinning sheepishly. 'I thought I might get to watch some of porn , if you don't mind.'

'Ok, well here we go.' I thought to myself .. 'Almost all of Adam's friends come by when he's not at work. Some want Massages with Happy Endings , Some want to watch porn and Jack off, and others want to get in the hot tub and get get fucked or jerked off there ...or a combination of all .... ' I just laughed to myself.

So; Stephen came inside and he picked out a porn which happen to be one of my very favorites called 'Bi-Coastal' .. The females pussy is amazing and the hard young cocks are just awesome, to say the very least.

We sat there about ten minutes before I saw ole Stephen kinda massaging his package and groaning to himself in a very low voice. We were on the couch and I still had the towel wrapped around me ; BUT it was starting to tent , so I just slipped it on off and began jacking on my now hard-aching Dick that was needing some attention.

Stephen sat there for a few seconds and like a lightening bolt, he was sitting right next to me watching me with his eyes wide open. 'Damm; You've got a nice 'Worm !!' he almost screeched out' To which I said , 'It's not too bad.'

I saw his arm move as he reached over and took hold of my now leaky Cock and begin to stoke it very softly ... up 'n down .. up 'n down ..twisting every now and then at the head and the base ...He leaned over and began to lick just under the head , lightly as a cat might do to cream .. only the cream he was now licking was my pre-cum dripping down the throbbing shaft of my hardness.

This was my chance and I decided to take it to another level. Taking Stephen by his hand I pulled him up off the couch and lead him into the bedroom. Isat down on the bed with him standing there in front of me and I began to unfastn his belt .. Then, I reached over and started to play with his hard Dick as it pushed against the fabric of his cargo shorts. Reaching down , his balls were tight and begging for some attention as I played with each one thru the material.

Now ws the time as he moaned and groaned about how great this was feeling. I puled down the zipper and slid his shorts and boxers to the floor and pulled them over his feet. Now; I took off his socks and shoes , so that he was totally naked also as he wasn't wearing any shirt.

Easily; I pushed him back onto the bed and told him to turn onto his stomach. I reached into the bedside table and took out a tube of silicone lube and began to apply it to his hole as I spread his cheeks with the other hand .. First, one finger inside , now two, and then three fingers were probing his ass and he was squirming and bellering about how fantastic it was and how he was about to cum.

I quickly positioned myself between his legs and very gently began to ease my now fullly swelled cock between his legs and let it slide into his waiting hole .. plop, I felt the damm head go in and now I began to push a little more forceful as the entire shaft was inside him clear up to balls deep ....

Waiting a few seconds for Stephen to get adjusted to my Dick inside him , I reached around and was playing with his cock and balls ;massaging them and rubbing them lightly , then softly ... bringing him just to the edge of cuming ; then back off so that he wouldn't ... and it was driving him nuts.

Now; I began to pull back and thrust in ..back and in .. fast , then slow ... my dick working like a Stanley Drill inside his young boy ass and bowels as I plunged inside , balls deep ..each and every time .

Then; I felt like a volcano building up inside my balls .. my Dick was getting larger and harder and then I began to blow my load inside his ass .. I just came and came much to my enjoyment and pleasure.

I let my hardness go down limp before I turned Steven over and took his aching young cock in my hand. I tightened my grip and began to stoke .. paying special attention around the glans of the head as I massaged his taint with my index finger of the free hand. That was all it took as he erupted and blew his load all over my hand and both of our stomachs ...

I helped him to clean up and we both got dressed. As he walked out the door he said 'Thanks, I really enjoyed your worm, Can't wait 'tll next time ..'

Oh hell yeah ; there WAS a next time and it Rocked ...



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