Stephanie's Story

After our near disastrous encounter with Monique and Gabrielle, Stephanie was withdrawn and depressed. I couldn’t figure out why. She finally confided in me.


I was born Esteban Moreno, 1979, the youngest of seven boys, in a small town across the border. I had a sister who was the oldest. I was very small, like my mother, and was often told I had her features. I was often told by family that I would have been a very pretty girl. My brothers had close cut hair, but I was allowed to let mine grow. My sister would often dress me in her old clothes and we would go out together. I liked dressing that way and preferred playing with my sister's toys.

I thought everything was fine, and I was happy. What I didn't know was my sister was grooming me to take her place! When I was thirteen, one of my brothers "accidentally" kicked me hard in my testicles, crushing them. I healed, but the damage was done. I was effectively castrated. I started growing breasts. Since I hadn't reached full puberty, I took on more feminine features. My body grew softer. I found out later, I'd been fed things to make me more womanlike.

On my fourteenth birthday, my sister led me to a room where my older brothers stood naked. She ordered me to strip and told me I had to blow out their "candles". I was forced to perform blowjobs on all them, as many as it took to drain them! Over the next year, it was a daily occurrence to give one or more of them a blowjob or two. I was frequently naked before them. I even had to start licking my sister's pussy and ass, often after one or more of my brothers had fucked her. Some time during that year I came to realize I liked giving head and eating pussy and ass! I soon started asking the boys to let me suck them.

After I turned fifteen, while my family watched, my father bent me over a hay bale and rammed his cock in my ass! He had a long, fat cock. He didn't bother lubing, just forced it in. I screamed and fought, but my brothers held me down. My asshole was on fire! I felt as if I was being torn apart! I begged him to stop, but he and my siblings just laughed. They were all so much bigger than I! I could see a clock on the wall. It was early evening and he only fucked me ten minutes, but it felt like an eternity! When he pulled out, my one of my brothers forced his cock in. I was lubricated by my father's cum, and would be lubricated by each brother's load.

As my brother fucked me, my sister was sucking my father hard again. My brothers stood around stroking their cocks, waiting their turns. My brother lasted about five minutes before coming inside. The oldest brother stepped up and started fucking. He was the longest and hit the back of my channel with each thrust. I'd never felt such pain for as long as I had! And still, my sister was sucking my father.

This brother managed to fuck me fifteen minutes. My father took his place behind me, while this brother moved to my sister and stuck his cock in her mouth. My father grabbed my waist and thrust as hard and as fast as he could. He managed to fuck me over fifteen minutes before he came. He moved back to my sister and had her suck him again. The brother with the long cock had moved behind her and was soon fucking her ass.

I'd been fucked four times at this point. Cum was dripping out my ass and down my legs. The next brother complained I was too slick! My father turned on a garden hose slowly and forced it into my ass and flushed me out. I made such a mess we had to move to another bale.

Each brother took their turn with me, some taking two or more turns. The pain receded, but still lingered. My father and my oldest brother tired of my sister and let her go to bed. I was roughly used most the night. When all my brothers were through with me, two held me down while my father flushed me again. He then took his leather belt to my ass, beating me until I was bright red.

He then pushed me face down onto the dirt floor, forced my legs apart, and entered me again! The feel of his body against my raw bottom was extremely painful. He ground against me, making sure I took his full weight. This wasn't about his sexual gratification: it was about power, about dominating me. He rode me for over an hour before he finally came. He left me laying in the dirt.

My sister, 26yrs old, came in later and told me to clean up. She offered no comfort and no sympathy. She told me how she'd been used like that since our mother died. She'd suffered this for over ten years, and now I was going to take her place! She led me to her bed and said it was her turn. She hadn't cleaned up from last night. She commanded me to lick all the dried cum from her body. I spent the next couple of hours cleaning her body with my mouth. I tongued her pussy and ass for what seemed like ages!

My father and my brothers used me all night long and every night over the next week. After that, I would spend a different night with each brother and my father. Most my brothers would come quickly, then have me suck them off. They weren't so bad. I began to enjoy fucking them. The oldest brother would ride me painfully two or three times the night he had me. I would finish by sucking him. I hated him fucking me: he didn't care if he hurt me!

However, my father was the worst! He would use his leather belt on my ass before he would fuck me. He would fuck me three times and use the belt before each time! He would call me all sorts of filthy names. When he was done, he would use the belt on me again. During the days, I would pleasure my sister. Often, the oldest brother would fuck me while I licked her ass. He was the longest and roughest.

After several months, I realized I had no future other than being sexually abused by my family.

I ran away.

I crossed the border with only the clothes I was wearing, and with what little money I could find in my father's wallet. I lied about my age and found a job as a waitress in a bar near the port in San Diego. I would date the sailors, often sleeping with them. Some would reject me when they saw my dick. Some were curious. Most used me brutally, knowing no one would care if I was hurt. Occasionally, some treated me decently. I liked men fucking me, as long as they weren't abusive.

I met Roger after a couple of sailors beat me severely, putting me in the hospital. Roger was the detective investigating my case. He didn't care that I was a "tranny". I was a victim in need of justice! Because of what I was, he knew he wouldn't be able to prosecute the two. Instead, he had me relocated to a safe place further north. He set me up with a friend who got help for me. He also found a job in a book store for me. I later learned my assailants mysteriously died in Mexico, on a weekend visit. Roger was called up to active duty and went overseas. I didn't see him again for a couple of years. When he came home wounded, I was a volunteer at the base hospital.

He didn't recognize me at first. I'd since learned how to dress and act as a woman. I finished school and became proficient in English. I was in college studying engineering, and working as a volunteer in my spare time. When he finally remembered me, he brightened and told me he'd often thought about me while he was away.

I started coming to see him every day, even when I wasn't on duty. I assisted him as he learned to walk with a shattered leg. He had no family and few of his buddies came by. Roger was the sweetest man I'd ever met. He told me he missed my visits on those rare times I didn't visit. I even told him my story, something I'd told no one else. He didn't say anything, just took my hand me and gently kissed it.

One day, after several months, we were walking and Roger stumbled. I kept him from falling. He looked into my eyes and kissed me. I stepped back, stunned, probably looking afraid.

He apologized, and suggested I walk him back to his room. I just stood there, confused and overwhelmed by a flood of strange emotions! I could see the sorrow on his face. He was concerned about me! No one before had cared about me!

I hadn't slept with anyone since the assault, over four years earlier. I realized I was lonely, and tired of being alone. I stood on a curb and stood on my toes to kiss him back. We sat on a bench holding hands a few minutes before I had to walk him back.

He would often hold my hand when his leg hurt. I would sit with him till he fell asleep. I was there to take him to his home when the hospital released him.

He asked me out and I drove him on our dates. He was always a gentleman and never tried to get me in his bed.

Six months later, I offered myself to him.

We were at his place, watching "Pretty Woman". When she got on her knees to suck the actor, I got on mine and offered to suck Roger. He told me I didn't have to. He wanted me to be sure I was ready. I was. Even though I'd only been used in the past, this felt different! I wanted him and could tell he wanted me.

I unzipped his pants and released him. At first, I was concerned when I saw his cock. It was a long as my oldest brother's but not as thick. Roger didn't pressure me. After a moment, I opened my mouth and took him in as deep as I could. I sucked hard as I pulled back. He lasted only a couple of minutes before he filled my mouth with his load. It was delicious! I'd missed sucking cock.

He looked distressed that he came so quickly. I smiled, then went down on him again. I was tempted to keep sucking him until he was drained, but I wanted him inside me.

I stood up and undressed, allowing him to see what he was getting. I straddled him and guided his cock into my ass. We both moaned as I slid down on his cock. I took his face in my hands and kissed him passionately. I continued kissing him as I rode his cock. He came again very quickly, but I kept riding. His long cock stayed inside and was soon hard again. My mouth never left his as I rode him to a third orgasm.

I moved in with him. Six months later, he proposed.

"Roger, I'm not a real woman. I explained that to you, "I said with tears in my eyes.

"Hmmph! Coulda fooled me!" He snorted. He then showed me a website dedicated to explaining life as a transgendered woman. "Read this, and tell me again you're not a real woman."

I read and reread the stories. I realized I thought of myself as a woman. I lived every day as a woman. My doctor treated me as a woman. For the first time since I was a child, I felt as if a great weight was lifted from my shoulders.

"Why do you want to marry me?" I tearfully asked.

"I saw you with the other patients. Your dignity, your courage, your compassion, your kindness, your patience. I love your smile and the way you laugh. And of course, you cared for me, even though I was a constant reminder of your past! But most of all, I love you. Again I ask, will you marry me?"

I said yes and we married a month later. We've been married seven years, now.

Many times over the years, he and I talked about my feelings. I was curious about what it felt like to be with a woman. I’d never fucked one, I just licked my sister’s holes. He surprised me and told me to go find out! I had a few acquaintances who knew my situation. A couple were receptive out of curiosity, but nothing worked out.

Then, I met you, Angela. You were still struggling with your identity. You were also very freewheeling. We fit in the bedroom, but, most importantly, you became my best friend. Roger and I are very fortunate to have you and Walt as our best friends!

While I was curious about experimenting with Monique, I wasn't ready for Gabrielle and Craig! The way she used him and he loved every moment! She whipped him mercilessly and he would beg for more! I was reminded of the times when I had to submit to being fucked repeatedly by many men, and the times I was mercilessly whipped. I remembered the pain and humiliation and was suddenly afraid. I remembered all those times I was less than human in their eyes and I didn't want to go back to that kind of life! I was so very glad you got us out of there! I was glad you stayed to hold me till my panic left.

Both of us have had to struggle with our pasts.

------ to be continued ----------


Angie K


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