I met Stephanie in one of my art classes. I'd mentioned to Trevor, one of my professors, and a little pervert, that I missed having a woman occasionally. He tried to set me up with his math department friend, but neither of us were interested.

One afternoon, he called me in for a special staff meeting. His staff meetings usually involve me bending over his desk while he licked and fucked me. This time was different. A young, dusky, Hispanic woman was in his office. Stephanie was a year older than me. She was around five feet, four inches tall. She had long black hair and brown eyes.

Trevor asked us both to strip. Stephanie was a transsexual with a small cock and balls. She was a little thicker than me, but still very appealing. She seemed to like what she saw.

Trevor had a real meeting coming up and sent us away. We went to the coffee shop and talked. She was like me, in a relationship with a nice man, but still desiring a woman or another tranny from time to time. She liked the idea of a casual affair. I mentioned Walt wanting to watch once. Shes aid she'd think about that.

Stephanie didn't have a place we could meet, and didn't want to go to a motel. I told her I had my old apartment and that Walt had finished a spare room as a "guest" room. We had another room between it and our bedroom. We used my old apartment the first time. Both of us liked the experience and decided to meet regularly.

I convinced Walt to take me clubbing one evening. He dances at ballroom settings but didn't care for night clubs. He's very self conscious about not knowing modern dancing, but he tries very hard to please me. Stephanie and her husband met us at the club.

Roger, Stephanie's husband, is very tall and slender. He was injured overseas and needs a cane to walk. He is very funny. He and Walt hit it off. They sat at the table and watched us dance.

Stephanie and I have similar tastes in dresses. We both wore very short dresses with low necks and very low backs, the kind that make you want to slip a hand down and feel a smooth bottom.

We were having a great time. Men, and sometimes other women, would ask us to dance, but we politely declined. We could see Walt and Roger admiringly us. Stephanie and I danced a little longer before I asked if they would like to come back to our place. I found out Walt had suggested it to Roger earlier.


We'd barely got in the door when I grabbed Stephanie's hand. "Gentlemen, would you excuse us for a while?"

Both men nodded knowingly and smiled. Walt went to get them a beer and I dragged Stephanie to the guest room. We undressed while kissing. We kissed and explored our bodies. We decide to suck each other. While my cock is small, hers was smaller, a perfect size for sucking. It didn't take long for each of us to come. I really like her taste! It must be from what she eats! We also ate each other's ass.  We played just enough to take the edge off our passion.

When Walt finished this room, he made sure I had space fo rextra clothes. Stephanie and I dressed in my trademark denim cutoffs and tank top, braless, of course!. My clothes fit her tighter, but she looked hot in them.

We must have been gone for over an hour! And may have been a little noisy while playing. The guys were grinning when we can out, but Roger's eyes widened when he saw Stephanie. She was very pleased at the lustful look she gave her!

As Stephanie sat in Roger's lap he commented, "We need to get you some clothes like these!" She laughed and hugged him.

I sat on Walt's lap. "Have a good time?" He asked ."Uh huh!" I replied.

Roger commented, "I would have liked to watch that show!" Walt nodded in agreement.

Stephanie replied, "Take me home and fuck my ass off and I might think about!" With that note, they said goodnight and left. We promised to get together again soon.

"Take me to bed and fuck my ass off and I might tell you what we did!" I purred. He did, and I did!


The following Friday, Roger would be away, visiting an old army buddy. I asked Stephanie to come home with me after class. I let Walt know I was "entertaining". He replied he'd get a bite before he came home.

I fixed a light lunch and we made small talk. Stephanie asked how well I functioned since I had my testicles removed. I replied it was harder to get and maintain an erection, but I still came easily. I told her the treatments were more effective. My hips filled out and my bottom was a little rounder. Unfortunately, my breasts didn't fill out further. She laughed and said Roger paid plenty of attention to hers! I said Walt seemed to enjoy mine.

We kissed awhile, sitting on the couch before she suggested we go to bed. We took our time undressing each other. She kissed and sucked my breasts several minutes before moving down to my cock. As I lay on my back she reached around under my thighs and spread my legs, holding them apart. She took my cock into her mouth, slowly sucking me. She deep throated me, running her tongue along the seam where my ball sack used to be. Her touch was electrifying! I bucked underneath her and soon filled her mouth.

Stephanie moved up and drizzled my cum onto my nipples. She sucked lightly and ran her tongue over them. She scooped what was left and coated her nipples. She placed her nipples by my mouth and encouraged me to lick her clean.

She asked to fuck me first. Then she rolled me onto my stomach and proceeded to tongue my asshole. She forced her tongue into me and drained her spit inside my hole. She kept licking and dripping more saliva. I rolled on my back and raised my hips. She slipped in easily and fucked me with short, slow strokes. She may have a small dick, but she knew how to get the most out it! She concentrated on coming all the way out and shoving back in with each stroke. If Walt had fucked me like that, he would have torn me up! Instead, pleasant sensations emanated from my hole.

Stephanie didn't last long. When she came, she placed he rcock head against my hole. I could feel her come splashing along my crack. She reached between my legs and gathered her cum. She lay on her stomach and worked her cum inside her ass. Rolling onto her back, she raised her legs above her head.

"I want to see your cock fucking my asshole," she said.

My cock slid right in, my cum lubricating her channel. I leaned forward and let her legs rest on my shoulders. She was nice and tight! I found out later Roger was long and narrow, maybe one inch thick. I would push all five inches in then pull out and tease her opening like she teased mine.

"Oh, yeessss! Like that!" She cried.

I fucked her nearly twenty minutes before dumping my load in her sweet ass. I leaned forward to kiss her and she bit my lip! I could feel her squirming beneath me trying to milk the last drop from my now limp dick.

As I pulled out, she grabbed her ankles again. "I want to watch you lick my asshole. Be sure to get every drop!"

I ran my tongue around her rim, nibbling and kissing her brown hole. I ran my tongue deep inside. When she thought I'd licked enough, she had me lay on my back and straddled my face. Her hole was above my mouth, inviting me to lick some more.

She ground her ass against my mouth. "Let's be sure to get it all!"

She rolled of onto her stomach and raised her ass slightly .I lay behind her and reached around her thighs. I was going to hold on and eat her to my heart's content! She reached between her legs and stroked her cock a few minutes, then came. We lay in the bed, talking. She still wasn't enthused about Walt watching. She said Roger really didn't want to watch.

"Stephanie, what I really want is for Walt to fuck me while I'm eating or sucking another woman. He doesn't want to fuck anyone else. And I don't want him fucking someone else, either!"

We took a quick shower and returned to bed. Stephanie was spent and soon fell asleep. I slipped off to my room hoping Walt was home.

I crawled in next to him. "Do you feel like fucking me?" I asked. He only smiled and pulled me into a deep embrace.

I rolled onto my back and pulled my legs over my head, like Stephanie had done. He lubed then skid into me. Our frequent fucking was making it easier and less painful to take him in.

I was looking for a hard fucking and Walt willingly obliged me. His cock head still hurts when it hit the end of my channel, but I now could feel his balls slapping my bottom. He fucked long and deep with hard, fast strokes. I pulled him close and raked my nails down his back. He bit my neck and shoulders.

"Damn, Walt, you feel so good in my ass! Please, fuck me hard, tonight!"

Walt picked up the pace and was soon hammering into me and forcing me into the bed. His cock filled me completely. Soon I was coming. Not long after, he emptied into me. He started to roll off, but I held him close.

"Please, Walt, fuck me again! Fuck me very hard this time!"

He looked at me funny, but rammed into me hard after I lay face down. I had my ass raised slightly. He thrust all the way in again, his balls slapping the spot where mine used to be.

"Are you sure you really want it this way? I don't like hurting you!"

"Walt, dearest, I feel soooo goooood right now! I want you to fuck me as long and as often as you can, tonight! And when you're done, hold me close and stay inside me!"

He kissed my neck and resumed pile driving into me! I came two or three more times before he finally collapsed, totally spent. He was still in my ass when I woke the next morning.


Walt and I were drinking coffee after breakfast when Stephanie came out. She was toweling her hair.

"Angela, where did you go? I wanted to.........."She said stopping, seeing Walt at the table.

She was naked. Her eyes went wide and she ran back into the guest room. Walt and I laughed. Stephanie came out later, wearing one of my robes. She sat at the table, eyeing Walt closely while I fixed her breakfast.

After she finished her breakfast, I went and sat in Walt's lap.

"How do you feel about me and Angie doing ...... Well, you know?" Stephanie asked . "Do you get off watching her with others? Maybe joining in?"

Walt responded, "I was only teasing about watching. As to joining in.... Angela told me of wanting to be fucked while going down on another woman or tranny. I would do that for her, but I'm not interested in screwing anyone else while she watches."

Stephanie hesitated a moment then took my hand. "Well, I guess we should put on a good show!"

She let her robe fall to the floor and came to me, pulling me from Walt's lap. As she kissed me, she slid Walt's shirt from my body. We embraced, kissing passionately. I cupped her nice round butt and pulled her closer, allowing our cocks to rub together.

"Mmmmm, nice!" She smiled, then turning to Walt, said, "If you want to see more, get naked and follow us!" Walt's view was of two very nice asses walking to the guest room.

Walt had installed a mirror on the wall by the bed. My playmate or I could look over and see all the action. Stephanie was face down on the bed, ass raised slightly so I could wrap my arms around her thighs and pull her ass close. I had my tongue in her asshole swirling it around. She was writhing and moaning in pleasure.

I'd been eating her several minutes when I heard her exclaim, "Good Lord!" Stephanie had just seen Walt and his eleven inch cock. Being over two inches thick, it looked like a monster! I often joked that when he was naked, his cock was in the room twenty minutes before he was!

Stephanie rolled over and openly stared at his slowly stiffening cock. "Do you really take that....that thing in your ass? Doesn't that hurt? I wouldn't let it near my ass!"

I looked over at Walt. That bothered him. I smiled brightly at him and said, "Yes. ALL of it. Anytime and every time he wants me! It hurts, at first, but Walt tries very hard not to hurt me." Then I grinned wickedly, "unless I want it to hurt. Sometimes, the pain can feel soooo goooood!"

"Well, I want to watch him fuck you, first, then you can continue pleasuring me!"

I raised my hips, wiggling, inviting him to fuck me doggy style. Walt moved towards me.

"Aren't you going to lube him first?" She cried.

"Oh! Right!" I turned and kissed Walt, then kissed the head of his cock. "I'm ready!"

I turned back around, presenting my ass to him. He grabbed my hips, but, instead of his cock, I felt his tongue exploring my asshole. He worked but around in me. I love it when he eats me! He ate me several minutes before he placed his cock against my opening. He must have lubed up while eating me. The head forced my asshole open, then popped right in. Stephanie gasped as he slid balls deep into me. She watched as he started thrusting slowly, gradually fucking me faster and harder.

Stephanie lay in front and presented her cock for sucking. I sucked for a few minutes, letting her watch Walt ram his massive cock into me. His thrusts were pushing me into Stephanie's crotch, causing me to head butt her while sucking. She rolled onto her stomach and pushed her ass into my face. I gladly licked her asshole. I was in paradise! She was moaning and writhing, trying to push her ass tighter against my face. Walt was hitting the end of my channel. I hurt, but I felt filled and satisfied. Walt grabbed my waist tight and thrust harder and faster. He was nearing orgasm when he did something different. He pulled out and sprayed my back and ass with his hot load. He then slapped my bottom and left the bed.

I was firmly erect, so I knelt behind Stephanie and pushed my cock into her. Even though I'd been tonguing her, she was still tight. I felt resistance, then the head popped into her chute. While I'm not as long as Roger, I fucked as deep as I could, tightly holding her hips. She was bucking wildly against me! Although I often come when Walt fucks me, I came harder than I had in a long time! Stephanie and I collapsed into a warm embrace, kissing and basking in the afterglow.

Some time during this, Walt left the room. Stephanie and I sat in my tub and enjoyed a nice bubble bath. We had been relaxing, letting the warm water sooth us. She sat on the edge of the tub, encouraging me to suck her. Since she had already come several times, I knew this would be a long session. When I eat pussy and ass, or suck cock, I like to drag it out. I've been told I have a strong oral fixation! I indulge it any chance I get!

"I've really enjoyed the last couple of days," Stephanie said. "Mmm hmmm!" I replied, her cock in my mouth. " Would you be interested in a threesome with Roger? I think he might enjoy a show like this. Maybe he could join in. I'd like to watch him with you."

"I dunno," I replied. "I would want Walt's permission. I don't want to mess up what we have together. And I wouldn't want to mess with your arrangement, either."

I resumed sucking, enjoying her taste. With her cock all the way in, I could lick her balls. She gasped with delight and emptied her load in my mouth. I swallowed it all.

We finished bathing and Stephanie dressed to leave. We promised to get together again soon.


Later that evening, Walt and I were finishing supper and watching an old movie. I snuggled next to him on our sofa, basking in his warmth. I ran my fingers across his chest.

"Walt, Stephanie wants to watch me and Roger together," I said quietly.

"If you want to. I only want you to be happy."

"And I want us to be happy. I'm going to tell her no!"

As he pulled me closer, he said, "I like us being happy."

"Me, too!" I straddled his lap and removed my top, sticking and presenting my breasts to him. "Now, how about dessert?"

Yes, I AM happy with this loving, caring man! And it doesn't hurt ( well, maybe sometimes!) that he has such a nice huge cock!


Angie K


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