Its just me and my older step-brother, jeremy at home tonight, our parents are gone out on vacation for a few days. I'm just sitting in a chair watching tv while Jeremy is taking a shower, 'oh how I wish I was in there right now' I think to myself, 'seeing the water run off those perfectly shaped muscles all the way down that smooth hairless body that is just so irresistable, down that smooth butt of his that is just to die for' and then the water shuts off.

I shift my postion to try to hide my stiff cock but it does no good. I hear the bathroom door open and then the bedroom door open, Jeremy then comes walking into the living room with nothing on but his boxer breifs and my boner grows even more seeing him with nothing on but that little peice of cloth, it is the only thing that stands between me and that piece of meat that I have fantasized about so many times before. He sits down on the couch and puts his hand down his pants and starts to watch the tv. He glances over at me and see's my growing hard-on, at that moment I see the one thing I never thought would happen. His dick gives a little lurch in his briefs. Suddenely my heart begins to race and I almost start hyperventilating right there, I give myself a few seconds to calm down and get my courage up.

I get up out of the chair and go over to where my brother is, I sit on his lap and kiss him so passionatly it feels like I am on cloud nine. As our tounges explore eachothers mouths I feel his cock harden in his briefs under my butt, we break apart and he says 'Wow!' you don't know how long I've wanted to do that' I said, he gives me another passionate kiss and gets up and carries me to the bedroom. Once in the bedrom he lays me on my back and, him still in between my legs stars to make out with me. After a while I give him a little shove and he stands up, then I take his briefs and pull the down, his 8 inch dick falls out, my mouth falls open aAnd he gives a little chuckle.

Then I start to feel all over his smooth hairless body I start to kiss the area where his pubic hair should be and begin to move down around his dick and down the his balls, I suck in one at a time and leave them there for a while ' mmmmmhmm' he moans ' that's so good.' then I look up at his dick, now dripping pre-cum, and start to lick it up, he let's out another moan and I know he likes it. I then take his big hard dick into mouth, I get all I can in there and then try to relax my throat muscles to get more in, finally I get almost all of it in and then I start to hum making my throat muscles vibrate, he let's out a loud moan and I feel his balls start to draw up and then hot thick cum shoots down my throat and I swallow it all. 'That was the best blowjob I've ever had' he grins at me, ' now it's turn' I say as I lean back on the bed , taking off my shirt.

Then he starts to unbutton my jeans and slide them off along with my underwear, by this time I am ready to cum, 'I'm not gonna be able to take very much' I tell him, ' that's alright we have as long as we need' he replies with a develish grin, and then I feel his hot wet mouth on my dick, it doesn't take long for me shoot my load, he keeps it in his mouth and comes up to kiss me and we swap my cum while we make out. 'As we break apart I tell him 'I want you to make love to me' 'with pleasure' he replies. Then he moves down to my ass and begines to eat it out, sticking his tongue deep in, I moan out in exctasy, then he comes up and kisses me and I feel his cock slide into me, my back arches up in pleasure, ' Youve got it all' he tells me and starts to slowly pump his 8 inch cock in and out of asshole in a tantric rythmn, about 45 minutes later I feel his thick ropes of cum inside me, I cum at the same time and he licks it off my stomach and chest and we kiss passionatley and he collapses behind me and we cuddle until we fall asleep.




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