The red light flashed and the siren screeched like a scalded cat. It was no great surprise. The world was naturally suspicious but being a guy, crossing an international border, by air, setting off the detector was always going to result in a thorough grilling. Most times just lately it had been easier than in previous years. Just a five minute conversation with an official asking where I was going, who with and what for. A pat down just to be certain and I was on my way. But these things pass and security was once again being ratcheted up.

Against the background of complaining travelers, they'd implemented a segregated security routine. Women, who are not viewed as suspiciously have their own security channel through the port and almost always pass through unhindered. Guys, all guys, go through the more rigorous security. There's the metal detector, the backscatter x-rays that strip every male electronically, the mood scanner and the thought scanner. I'd set off the mood scanner. Normally just a psych analysis by one of the guards would straighten that out, but this time, my traveling mate, Tom, had run into the same problem. Noting that we were traveling together on the same ticket, it was more than just questions that security wanted answering.

I glanced at his name badge as I sensed Tom joining me at the counter. James was looking pristine in his uniform. Tanned, smooth complexion nicely contrasting his stark dark blue uniform. 'Gentleman, would you follow me please?' he said, opening a side door. He led us down a long corridor, dimly lit with aging fluorescent tubes. Turning off to the right, the corridor widened. There was the standard looking security pedestal in the middle of the corridor. It was the same one that were in most public and government buildings these days. Tom and I approached it silently.

'Just the usual biometrics gentlemen.' James told us, never once loosing his professional demeanor. Tom was nearest the machine so he went first. Looking straight ahead at the white light, a quick flash and his face appeared on the screen. Almost automatically he placed his chin on the rest and the machine gave a high pitched beep as it registered his iris. The red pad lit up almost before the echo had dissipated. He placed his right thumb on, there was another beep, followed by the right with the same result. Reaching into his pocket, Tom handed James his ID card, which James inserted into the machine. A green tick appeared on the screen next to his face. All clear.

After I'd repeated the process James told us that there would be a further check. 'Do you want to do this at the same time? It'll probably get you to your flight faster.' Adding, almost as an afterthought, 'Assuming that everything is clear. Of course.' Before I had a chance to speak Tom piped up 'Yeah, of course. We're cutting it fine anyway'. James looked over at me to check if I was in agreement. 'Why not?' I said with a smile.

Advanced security measures were just a way of life these days. The state had really picked up on the idea that they needed to watch everyone and everything. The biometric checks were common place, not just the government anymore, shops and businesses were taking them on too. It all started of course with the backscatter x-rays. You could be stripped virtually whenever 'they' decided it was necessary. Then there were the newer machines that could detect what mood a person was in and the thought detector which scanned electromagnetic impulses to see your positive or negative vibes. It was these machines that had convinced the state that men were far more volatile and so in need of much closer monitoring.

James jumped the couple of steps from the security pedestal and went to the door closest to us on the right. He motioned us both inside. The light in the room was really bright. The floor and the walls were covered in a perfectly white, almost plastic type material and there was a low counter in the middle of the room. 'Just stand in front of the desk and I'll be right back.' he told us.

'What the hell were you thinking about to set that thing off to level red?' Tom asked me.

'I don't know.' I told him. 'I think I was just pissed off seeing the female security line going through in minutes while we're queing for half an hour. Anyway, you set the fucker off as well. That's why we're here.' I pointed out.

'Yeah, but I only got it to orange. And what do you expect? The whole reasons we're going is because Linda dumped me for that nerdy cyber controller.' he reminded me.

'So what is this check anyway.' I asked. Not that I really expected him to know. The country was full of rooms like this that they used for all sorts of interrogations and security checks.

'Dude!' Tom exclaimed, so I knew he was either pulling my leg or had interesting news for me. 'We've seen each other naked at the gym before. Don't sweat it.'

I could feel my mouth growing dryer and my head started to feel light. 'What? How would you even know that?' I asked him, searching for reassurance that he was joking with me, knowing that I'm not comfortable with things like this.

'I got the same treatment when I flew home for Christmas.' Tom said. 'I'd forgotten to take my ipod out of my pocket and it showed up on the backscatter. I took it out of my pocket to show them, but they said they had to be certain and that the only way I was on the flight was to strip. It's no biggie.' he added.

Before I could question Tom any further, James walked back in the room with a clipboard. He took up his position behind the counter and typed something onto the touch screen. I saw him scan both our ID cards in and on the screen behind him was my picture and that of Tom. 'The central security computer has identified you both as requiring advanced screening because of your responses to the electromagnetic brain resonance indicator. All other routine security procedures were clear and your biometric security information has been accepted. This is a secondary, but still routine procedure and as long as you are cleared, you will be free to continue your journey and there will be no record of these proceedings retained by the transport or security departments.' We both knew that he was reading the standard spiel from his particular agency.

'Place both hands, palms down on the green pads on the desk.' James told us, his voice now sounding a little more authoritative. We both did as requested. The pads lit up when we placed our hands on them. James waved a light wand over the top. The computer told him that both Tom and I were clear of any traces of explosives or drugs either between our fingers or under our nails.

James pressed a button and two chin rests raised up from the desk. It was an automatic response; without asking we both placed our chins on the rests and looked straight ahead. 'Open your mouths.' he said. Placing a disposable hygiene tip on the end of the fat, phallic looking metal probe, James put it into my mouth and told me to close my lips around it and try to suck back, assuring me that the probe wouldn't move. I did what he asked until he told me to stop. Moments later, another reassuring beep from the computer registered that I wasn't carrying anything in my mouth.

'Nice action!' James grinned as he took the probe out of my mouth and discarded the hygiene tip. Normally I'd be annoyed by that type of comment in such a formal situation, but my mind was still spinning with thoughts of what was still to come.

The same test was repeated with Tom. When that was done, James had us to the usual thing of ruffling our hair while he waved a light wand over our heads. He didn't pick anything up. When he was done with that, he put the probe back into its sheath on the side of the desk and reached under to pick up two baskets.

'Now would you please remove your clothing and place everything into these baskets. I'll then place them into the material scanner which will check for any contaminants. This process will not cause any damage or leave any residue.' He was reading from the prepared script again.

I glanced over and Tom had already started. He was pulling his shoes off and dropping them into the basket with a clunk. Pulling his socks off, he put one in each shoe. As he started unbuttoning his shirt, I decided that there was no getting away from this and that I'd better get started.

Although my head was light and it was almost as if I wasn't there while I was stripping, I could feel my hands starting to shake as I took each piece of clothing off. There was a definite shiver when I pulled my t-shirt off and I could see James glancing over me. My nipples hardened as they were exposed to the air. Mentally I was trying to calm myself down, realizing that any behavior that might make me look nervous, as if I had something to hide, would only lead to more problems.

Folding my jeans roughly I put them in the basket and I was standing there in my blue and white aussiebums. James looked over at me and sort of nodded down towards my lower half. I glanced across at Tom just in time to see him pulling his boxers from around his ankles and putting them in the basket along with the rest of his stuff.

I sort of sighed and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my undies and pulled them down. I bent down to take them off and placed them into the basket; quickly covering my flaccid cock with my hand while I did it. James noticed and pointed to a sign on the front of the desk that I hadn't seen before: 'Attempts by male passengers to conceal any body part may result in further, more invasive, inspections'. I put my hands by my side, revealing my freshly shaved crotch to James. I saw Tom look over and grin when he glanced my smooth genitals.

James pressed another button and a sliding door on the counter top retracted. He took both baskets and secured them into holders. Pressing the button a second time, the baskets were lowered and the door closed over again. It was then, with the clothes gone, that I realized I had been stripped completely naked by the state; and it wasn't over yet.

Grabbing hold of the light wand again, James walked around the front of the desk and stood in front of Tom. I turned my head so that I could get a look of what was happening so I knew what to expect when it was my turn. He asked him to raise first his left arm up and to brush through the hairs while he moved the probe up and down and then to repeat the process with his right arm. Next he had Tom turn around and lift up first his left and then right foot. Again the light wand was waved over the sole of each foot and lingered over his toes, trying to detect any trace of the dreaded 'contaminants', or rather drugs or explosives, that might be hidden there. After that, he had Tom turn back around and knelt in front of him, asking him to brush through the thick curly pubic hair that Tom had. For some reason, seeing Tom being made to do these things to himself gave me a jolt and I was sure I could feel my cock swelling slightly. I knew I couldn't move my hands to cover it and mentally willed myself to stay soft.

It was my turn next. I'm sure I could feel myself blush as I raised up each arm and brushed through the soft curls of the hair in each pit with my finger tips. I could feel the warm glow of light from the probe bouncing off me as James checked out my body in fine detail. I don't know if it was my light headedness or nerves but I had trouble keeping balance as I turned around and lifted each foot up for James to inspect. I was sure I saw him smirk as he pointed out that I did have any other body hair to brush through.

Looking at his watch, James stood in front of us; 'If you two gentlemen don't mind doing the next part of the screening side-by-side simultaneously, it will speed things up and we'll have you on your way.' It was more of a statement than a question. He'd clearly decided that we were good enough friends to see each other in whatever humiliating plan he was going to direct us into. I just shrugged and Tom, always the more laid back of the two of us just gave a casual 'Sure, whatever man.'

Of course, Tom knew what was coming. Despite a discover about ten years ago that circumcision is useful in staving off various infectious diseases in men, in this part of the world, it hadn't taken off and consequently both Tom and I were fully equipped with foreskins. The government, by all accounts, not satisfied with their general unease towards men, equated the in-tact penis with concealment and the new security procedures required every possible hiding place to be opened up. And my own government sanctioned humiliation was going to be no different.

'Just move next to each other a bit closer would you please?' James asked, orchestrating the whole thing. 'Please lift your penises up.'

I looked straight ahead and swallowed. My mouth was dry as I held my cock up for James to shine his invasive light over my balls. For some weird reason, I was certain I could feel my dick swell slightly.

'Now would you please point the head of your penis towards me and retract your foreskin all the way back.' As he said the words, it was like pins being stuck into me. I looked over at Tom who was busily pulling his ample skin all the way back. I reached down and did the same.

'Place one thumb on either side of the head of your penis and open your urethra.' James ordered.

I stood there with my thumbs parting my piss slit as James had ordered while he got to work on inspecting Tom. He pressed a button on the probe and the white light turned into a focussed green beam from the end. He went up close to the tip of Tom's knob and aimed the light into his opened piss hole. I looked over at Tom who was staring down at James working closely by his cock and again, I got another jolt. There was no doubting it now, my dick was getting chubby at this humiliation.

'Just hold your foreskin back while I have a look at your friend.' James ordered Tom.

I couldn't take my eyes of Tom being made to stand there with his cock skinned back. I don't know why, but it was turning me on. Having James turn towards me, at eye level with my cock and faintly feeling his warm breath on my skin wasn't helping.

'Open it a little wider for me please, Sir.' James asked, snapping my attention back to my own humiliation. I applied a little more pressure on either side of my piss slit and, even in its slightly engorged state, the hole widened up. James aimed the light into my small hole. It seemed like forever as his warm breath hit my uncovered cock head and there was no doubt, I was getting hard.

Finally, the damn thing beeped, telling James that I hadn't got anything shoved down my dick. I went to relax, but he hadn't finished yet. 'Point your penis up for me please.' he ordered. I compiled, making it clear to both James and Tom that I was stiffening up. Tom was watching him as he inspected around the glans. 'Now point it down.' it was like I was tuned out to everything except his orders. James took a while checking out under the head of my cock, I could see it getting redder. 'To the left.' his words brought me back again momentarily. 'And to the right.' I moved my shaft again for this government official to take away all of my privacy.

'Lift up your scrotum please.' James said. I was hesitant. I thought that this was over with the detailed inspection of my cock.

'Huh?' I sort of mumbled, half in surprise.

'Your testicles, Sir. I need to check behind them.' he told me.

I pulled my balls up to press them against my lengthening shaft as James took the probe and waved it in the space between my legs. He looked up, straight in the eye and immediately I felt ashamed that this stranger was able to do these things. 'Thank you.' he said.

Letting my cock and balls fall back down, I watched as James moved over to Tom and started the detailed examination of his cock head. Tom's dick had definitely lengthened. At the time, I thought this was probably because he'd been made to stand there with his skin pulled right back. The gentle breeze of the silent air conditioning hitting the ultra sensitive skin. Though later, reading about these new security procedures, I read a couple of theories that suggested they pumped some chemical into the air which would deliberately cause men to have the physical signs of sexual arousal without of the mental benefits. The idea was to heighten their feeling of being vulnerable in order to make concealing anything even more difficult.

James stood up after checking behind Tom's balls. It was obvious that both of us were half way to getting fully hard. 'Right gentleman.' James started, and I sensed that this was going to get even more unpleasant. 'Please turn around to face the back wall, bend over and spread your buttocks.'

I could feel the adrenalin coursing around my body and I was getting a bad taste in my mouth as my nerves rose. Still, I turned and bent down, sticking my arse out and spreading my cheeks for James to see the last part of me that had up till now remained private. Tom looked over at me while we were in this position. I could see his dick half hard between his legs. His face wore an expression that made me think he was concerned about how I was holding up through this. I just looked back at him blankly. There was nothing either of us could do. We were both naked and exposed in this room, it was sanctioned by the law and it was going to happen whether we liked it or not.

Tom turned his head and looked down at the floor. It was obvious that James was behind him. The beep from the computer confirmed it just before he moved behind me. I could sense the probe being waved up and down my exposed crack, hovering just millimeters away from my tight hole. It beeped.

'Thank you gentlemen.' James said and we both straightened up and turned around. He looked straight at me again. 'I need you turn with your back to me again, squat down and cough hard please.'

I'd heard about this, but never thought it had any place in reality. I could feel myself flushing red at the thought of it, but I was resigned to the fact that there was no way out of it, and complaining would only hold things up even further. I did what he asked. I could see my dick sticking out in its semi-aroused state and my heavy balls dangling between my legs a I squatted. I had do doubt that James could see them hanging down as I squatted. I coughed. The sound reverberated around the room and I could feel my arse hole relax and clench again.

'Once more.' I heard James say from behind me and I complied.

I was waiting for him to tell me to stand back up again, but he didn't. 'Now you please, Sir.' he said, obviously talking to Tom. He was going to leave me in this exposed position while he checked that Tom hadn't pushed anything inside him.

Tom coughed twice as I had done. Once again, I anticipated the end of this ordeal, but there was another twist. Speaking to Tom, James said 'I just need you to cough once more, but this time, please hold your testicles up while you do it.' I could hardly believe it. It was almost as if this guy was getting both of us to manhandle ourselves for his entertainment or something. Once again, Tom's cough echoed through the room.

'Thank you.' James said. We both stood up and faced the desk again as James moved once more to stand behind it. A quick glance over revealed that Tom was now completely erect and my own cock was sticking out at a ninety degree angle. The room also seemed to be getting warmer.

I was scanning the counter top, waiting for the baskets to reappear so that I could cover myself up, but was brought up to meet James' gaze as I heard him speaking to me. 'Sir, as you registered in the highest warning percentile on the electromagnetic brain resonance indicator, there is a further check that I'm required to perform. It will be necessary for me to verify that you are not in possession of any controlled substance by carrying out an internal control check.'

Although he was speaking quite clearly, I wasn't really taking it in. I think I was torn between concentrating on getting my clothes back and subconsciously trying to put out of my mind what his words seemed to indicate. There was no escaping the reality though as James pressed yet another button and a flap at the front of the counter slid down and, with nothing more than a smooth electronic humming as a padded bar moved out about two feet from the counter, held securely on the end of two metal bars.

My mind was in a whirl, but I could somehow sense that James was speaking to Tom. 'Sorry, it's policy. You have to stand in my line of sight at all times while you're in here.' I'd caught the tail-end of whatever he was saying but Tom moved so that he was standing directly in front of the counter, just next to the metal bars and looking straight back at me.

'Now Sir' James started towards me, 'if you just stand in front of the bar and bend over please.'

Despite my stomach tightening and my mouth getting dryer, I somehow finally managed to find my voice. 'Are you sure this is necessary. I'm not sure I can consent to this really.' I said, trying not to let my voice tremble.

James' voice became firmer, more authoritative 'Sir, you have no choice. Security regulations require it and legislation allows males to be searched internally without recourse to any legal authority.' He was right, although I didn't want to believe it at the time. The law had been amended a few years before so that not only could men be strip searched by state security without needing any particular reason to do so, we can now be subjected to intermit, internal searches without needing a warrant from a police chief or judge.

'Sir, please?' James place his hand on my back and motioned me forward to the bar. For some reason I focussed on Tom. Perhaps because he was the only familiar and reassuring person through this whole ordeal, or maybe there was something in the warm air of the room that was forcing me. I concentrated on him as my navel pressed up against the cool black leather bar and as I leant forward, grabbing the metal bars. I was conscious that Tom's penis was achingly erect. His foreskin now pulled back only by the force of his erection rather than him holding it back any longer.

My concentration was broken as a small screen in front of me flickered on. The image was clear. It was my backside with James standing just to one side. 'You have the right to see the procedure being carried out.' James said, as if he was reading from a prepared script. 'Would you like me to leave the screen on?' he added.

'Yes.' was all I could manage.

'Please move your legs apart.' James commanded. The result was clear on the screen in front of me. My balls were once again hanging obscenely between my legs and only my increasing erection kept my penis from appearing in the same scene.

'I'm now going to insert a specially lubricated probe into your anus.' James was reading from his script again. 'It usually eases entry if you are able to relax your sphincter and gently push by while I'm doing this.' I wasn't taking any notice of him now. 'The probe will remain inserted for approximately twenty seconds while you are scanned internally.'

Yet another button press and a separate compartment in the counter was opened. James took hold of a shiny metal handle and pulled out another phallic looking probe. The same as the other that he'd been using for all of his examinations except for that it was dripping in a clear lube. As he pulled it out, the I swallowed hard, wondering how much of its eight inches would be inserted. James scanned the handle against what looked like a barcode reader and the probe illuminated. Four rows of green and white lights appeared up and down the length of the silver probe. He moved behind me and spread my butt cheeks.

The view on the screen automatically adjusted and zoomed in on my tight arse hole. I could feel the cold, dripping metal between my cheeks. It was clear on the screen that my crack was quite hairy. The lube was dripping down, matting the black hairs. A shiver ran up my back as I felt the tip touch my puckered hole.

'I'm going to insert the probe now.' James told me, adding 'Try to relax.'

Relaxing while seeing this wet metal probe approaching my virgin arse hole was not on the agenda. I felt the cold tip around the soft skin of my hole and instinctively tensed up. 'It will be easier for you if you push back.' James told me.

He waited for a few moments and I tried to relax the smooth muscle and do as he suggested. Then, with no further warning he pushed the end of the probe. I grunted and then shouted out as he pushed firmly, the tip of the probe piercing my hole, stretching me while the rest of the cold metal made its relentless way inside me. My head was spinning with the pain and I could feel my sphincter contracting, trying to repel the invader, but it was no good. James was going to push until the whole thing was inside me.

'It's all the way inside now.' James told me. I managed to focus on the image on the screen to confirm what he was saying. My cheeks were obscenely spread wide and only the end of the metal probe was left sticking slightly out of my arse. 'The machine will wait until you're calm and still before it starts the scan, so that it's accurate.' he said.

I looked over towards where Tom was standing. I almost had to do a double-take. He was stood there with his hand on his hard cock, despite not being told that he had to keep his foreskin retracted. More than that, the head of his cock was red, angry looking, throbbing and unmistakably there were a couple of drips of precum glistening around his piss slit and sliding down over his frenum.

Before my brain could properly work out what was happening, James broke my amazed silence; 'The scan is starting now.' he stated. There was a gently clicking sound and then my body tensed. I felt a slight, but definite pulse deep inside me. I could feel it deep inside, and the sensation seemed linked straight to my balls; a warm, tingling feeling. Followed no more than a couple of seconds later by another, this time seemingly running the length of my dick and it hardened even further. Then another jolt, sooner than the last one and my cock hardened still further. I could feel it touching my belly. And another, this time I could feel wetness; precum started oozing from my shaft.

My heart started to race as my eyes darted between the image of my violated arse on the screen, watching my body contract around the metal probe every time it clicked out of one its pleasurable pulses and Tom. His hand was not just holding his foreskin back anymore, he was stroking his shaft. The combination of seeing my best friend so incredibly turned on by my humiliation and the sensation of those pulses making my cock harder and stream precum onto the shiny white floor beneath me had my head in a spin.

There was one, final enormous jolt that seemed to wave over my whole body before zoning in on my cock. My body convulsed and I could practically feel my balls tighten and rise up. I couldn't help screaming out as I gave in to the hardest, most intense orgasm of my life. Even through my groaning and panting, I could hear my cum splatter against the front of the counter and onto the floor. Somewhere in my ecstasy I could feel something wet hitting me on my back and dripping down my side. I looked to my right just to see the final few drops of cum from Tom's cock drip onto the floor.

Everything stopped. The room was silent except from Tom and I panting, trying to catch our breath. I opened my eyes again, looking at the screen in front of me. The alternative, pleasurable universe of the most intense orgasm of my life was being lifted with every inch of the metal probe being pulled back out of my arse. In its place was the shame and humiliation of having to submit to this. Having had my body inspected and searched and being forced to show myself in the most vulnerable state to both a stranger and my best friend. Finally, the probe was out, James kept my cheeks spread and inspected my gaping hold one more time.

'All done.' he said quietly. I slowly straightened my body and the padded bar retracted. I could feel that this wasn't a dream as Tom's cum dripped down my back and over my arse cheeks as I stood upright. My erection was subsiding and the remnants of my orgasm glistened over my cock.

I glanced up at Tom, but immediately we both looked away from each other. He shuffled over to stand next to me, facing the counter once more. There was a strong smell of cum in the air and the evidence was plain to see on the floor where I had been bent over and just to the side, where Tom had been standing.

The counter top opened up and James took the two baskets of clothes from the holder. Meekly, I asked for a towel, but was told that there wasn't one available. I didn't argue. I saw Tom stuff his cum covered cock into his boxers, so I did the same, also pulling my shirt on over the drying cum that Tom had blasted onto my back.

We exited the room. There were a couple of guys standing at the security pedestal. I couldn't look at them. James opened a side door that led into the departure lounge. Tom and I walked through, silently checked the gate for our flight and made our way there. The girls were already waiting and asked us what had happened. We both tried to shrug it off, like nothing much had happened and told them that it had just been routine screening.

Our flight was called just a couple of moments after meeting up and we boarded within ten minutes. The girls sat in together in the row of us. Tom just glanced over at me as I winced when I lowered myself into my seat.




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