I usually go to the gym several days a week if I can. This day I did my reps, squats and other calisthenics. It had been a good workout, and I was sweaty, and looked forward to taking a hot

shower. I peeled off my clothes and threw them into my locker, and walked naked to the shower room with my towel slung over my shoulder. Once there, though, I had a rude shock. There was no hot water. So I took a quick cold rinse and headed for the steam room.

Once inside, I leaned back against the warm tiled wall and let the hot moisture caress my body. I sat directly opposite the only other person there. He was a blonde good-looking guy that I had seen around campus. I think he was a sophomore. He had short hair and the tight streamlined body of a swimmer. I had seen him at a couple swim meets. He was quite good. But for some reason he seemed nervous. He had a thin white towel wrapped around his waist while I was naked with my legs spread in front of him so that he could plainly see my balls and soft cock resting on my seat.

I couldn't help it but the sight of him there, looking so fresh and clean made my dick start to lengthen against my leg. He averted his eyes when he saw my condition so I grabbed my towel and placed in over my lap with my hand pressed over top of my excited prick.

But it was too late to hide. I looked up to see him staring at my crotch. His eyes met mine for an instant then he tore his gaze away. But below, in the middle of his tightly stretched towel was a bulge that hadn't been there before.

When I saw his bulge growing, my dick snapped to full attention. Now there was no hope of hiding my condition. His towel tented up even more, as if his hidden cock was trying to escape from under his towel.

I carefully made eye contact, and winked, as I moved my hand down, and caressed my hard rod. He swallowed hard, and then in a flash he ran from the steam room holding his towel over his own raging erection..

Damn! Had I been too aggressive? I thought out loud. But it was clear that he had been interested. The reaction of his own body had told me that. I, too, left the steam room with mixed emotions. Did I want something to happen between us or was I just playing around?

I went back into an empty locker room and dressed quickly. I ran outside and quickly found my new sitting on a bench outside the gym. He was wearing a ball cap, a tee shirt, and running shorts, which were just a bit too thin to conceal his still-apparent erection.

'Excuse me!' I said. 'Don't I know you?'

He looked up at me and stood up. He looked scared but stayed in place.

'I don't think so,' he mumbled.

'Then can I talk to you?' I said. 'Just for a minute?'

'Okay' he said, his voice rough with emotion. 'But not here, all right?'

'Where?' I said.

'My room,' he said. 'My roommate has a class right now.'

It was only a short walk to his dorm. As we entered the deserted dorm he took my hand and guided me to his room. Once inside he slammed the door behind me and locked it.

'Look,' he said. 'I have to go to a class too, so I just thought I should tell you. I'm not gay.'

'I'm not gay either,' I said.

'I'm sorry,' he stammered. 'I didn't mean...'

I took a step towards him and grasped his still bulging crotch. As my hand touched the cloth draped flesh, he let out a deep moan, and collapsed backwards, onto the edge of his bed.

'Ohhhh!' he said. 'Don't do that!'

I gave him another little tug, and then stepped back.

'Whatever you say,' I said.

He looked up at me. He was breathing hard and his eyes seemed a bit glazed over. Without saying a word he grabbed my hand and put it back on his covered dick. I let him grind into my palm for a minute, and then pulled away.

'Uh...' he said. 'Can I. see your cock again?'

I stepped closer to him.

'Go ahead,' I said. He reached out a hand tentatively and traced the outline of my stiffing cock through my jeans. His hands were shaking as he fumbled to pop the buttons open and pulled down my fly. My dick flew out since I was not wearing underwear and it was stiff with excitement. My precum was oozing out just a few feet from his face.

'Go for it man, take my jeans off.'

He reached over and pulled them down and off. My cock was aimed right at his face.

'Now you, take your clothes off,' I ordered. He pulled them off and sat trembling and timid on his bed before me.

'Stand up,' I said. 'I want to see you.' I made him stand on his bed and turn around so that I could easily see all of him. His tight young butt was a shade paler than the rest of him and seeing how sweet it looked made my dick even harder.

Completing his turn, he stepped off the bed, and reached shyly for my rod. He moved closer to me and as I felt his hot breath on my chest, I was overcome by a moment of lust. I grabbed him against me and forced my mouth against his. My tongue intertwined with his and I let my hand roam down to his ass.

When we finally broke the kiss, he stood there looking as though he didn't know what to do next.

'So what do you want to do now?' I said. He mumbled something.

'What?' I said.

'I said 'Do whatever you want to.'' he said.

'Like what?' I taunted him.

'I never did anything with another guy except jack off together with a buddy so I don't know what to tell you. I've always wanted to do more, but don't know what to tell you. So lead me in this. Give me some suggestions and tell me what to do.'

'Do you want me to fuck you?' I said. 'Do you want me to ram my dick up your ass?'

He hung his head low and nodded.

'What?' I asked.

'Yes dammit!' he yelled. 'I want you to fuck me!'

'Good,' I said, shoving him back onto his bed. I shoved my dick closer to his face; just barely touching his cheek. 'Lube this up good for me.'

He didn't know what I meant at first, but with my rod poking at his lips he soon got the message. He parted his lips tentatively and I rammed home quickly pulling out of his mouth when he started to gag. But he continued to lube my cock by mouthing and licking me cock. Soon my dick glistened with his saliva.

'That should be good enough, ' I said. 'Now lay back and relax'

He lay back on his back with his hands clenched into fist at his sides and let me lift his legs up and drape them over my shoulders. Then I began to work my slicked up cock inside his rose bud. He gasped and asked me to go slowly.

I nodded my consent and bent down and kissed his lip. I was determined to be gentle and not to hurt him. I was about two thirds of the way in, when I heard him mutter something.

'What?' I said.

'I can't believe I'm letting myself get fucked!' he said.

I couldn't believe it either. Once all the way inside we both got lost to our passion. At first I fucked him slowly but he started to moan as my cock massaged his prostrate. He pulled he in deeper by grabbing my ass and pulling me roughly inside him.

'Fuck me harder damn it!'

I braced myself on the bed and rammed my 8 inches deep inside him.

'Ow! Shit that hurts! he screamed.

I withdrew.

'But that's what you wanted.'

'I know but didn't think it would hurt this much.'

I entered him again and slowly lowered my self until my entire dick was buried in him. My pubes were against his butt cheeks. Gradually I increased my speed and started slamming into him again. I was lost in my frenzy, fucking him like a mad man until at last I sprayed a load of cum deep inside his convulsing body. As I was emptying me cum into his butt, his own dick erupted and shot his cum over his chest and belly. The fucker was not even touching his dick when it exploded.

He let out a yell so loud that it must have been heard all over the dorm.

We both regained our composure and took a quick shower together and dressed.

'You got to get out!' he whispered. 'My roommate will be back any minute. But let's keep in touch. There is a lot more that you can teach me and I am eager to learn.'

I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and headed for the door.

'I'm Bob, by the way. Who are you?'

'Anthony,' as he closed the door behind him.

To be continued..............



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