I pushed through the door of Starbucks and was instantly hit by the aromatic smell of coffee, just as how a constructive wave crashes onto the shore, bringing with it the rich sediments and jewels of the sea before retreating back, leaving people wanting more. Exotic blends from faraway lands of the likes of Sumatra, Peru, the Arabian lands and much more tingled my taste buds, exciting them at the thought of tasting a mere drop of any one of the rich brews as I joined the queue in the cozy coffeehouse, with its dim lighting as Peter Vronsky's Reprise played through the speakers, calming the minds of everyday people as they had their daily dose of caffeine, siphoning any unduly stress before the morning began. But, recently, whenever I do visit Starbucks, I was not there for the coffee. "Venti Hot Chocolate, please," I ordered.

The barista smiled and bustled about as he prepared my order. Once paid, I carried my drink and chose a table at the back of the coffeehouse. With my back facing the wall, I had a full view of the coffeehouse, just in case there was any sign of trouble. Old habits die hard. I took a sip of my order and closed my eyes, letting my tongue roll over the sip, tasting the rich bitter dark and sweet milk chocolate intermingle with one another; a combination that drove my taste buds wild as they begged for more. There was a hit of vanilla syrup at the back that cut through the rich bitterness of the dark chocolate, wrapping the drink up nicely that would make any chocoholic drool. I swallowed the treat and could immediately feel a warm feeling blossoming from within me. I smiled slightly in spite of myself. Known as an aphrodisiac, chocolate is also an anti-depressant, something that I need, especially after recent events.

Tyler and I had broken up after I learnt that he had been cheating on me with another roofer in his company. Ever since then, I had shut myself off from the world. I don't know why, I guess it was a biological defense system for me, for me to maybe heal from the wound, or possibly because I needed the time alone. Home had become a foreign place to me, its hallways and rooms filled with once joyful memories that now serve as a painful reminder as to what was my greatest treasure. Sleepless nights became a routine, as I lay in my California king bed that had somehow become too spacious for me while I tossed and turned, finding a new comfort spot to replace what I lost. I sighed. It sure would be a long route to recovery that I knew I had to arrive not immediately, but definitely.

"Shouldn't we talk about it?" a voice asked, snapping me out of my reverie. I looked up and saw Alex sitting before me with a concerned look on his face. Lost to my thoughts, I had not realized that he had slid up to me. Alex has dark gold hair that kicks out in front with a slight cowlick in the back and in the summer Sun, his hair would always be bleached to a shining wheat gold. His eyes are like two pieces of emerald gems floating down the River Nile, a pair of determined crystals that complimented the rest of him - tough, cool and smart. There was a hard edge to them and gave a glimpse to the wizened maturity embossed in his mind. Standing at six-foot-two, broad-shouldered and muscular Alex was the dream of every girl and the envy of every guy. Alex had been my senior in secondary school before he dropped out to pursue his passion - sailing. He won multiple prestigious awards at some of the most renowned competitions, bringing home honor as well as pride to my home country. In his spare time, if he was not working out at the gym or training, Alex also loves to travel and I bet that day had been no different.

"There's nothing to talk about, Alex," I told him simply. "So, where have you been lately? New Zealand?" I asked, hoping to distract him from pursuing the subject any further. But knowing Alex, once he set his mind onto something, he would not stop until he had achieved what he wanted. That was why he is one of the best sailors out there.

"Oh, really?" he asked sarcastically, ignoring my distraction, to which I cursed silently. "Then why are you touching your chest as though you're fingering that dragon-shaped dog tag Tyler gave you as a present for your birthday?" he asked calmly. That took me off guard. I looked down and realized that I really was fingering the exact spot where the dog tag had lain before I had taken it off after the break up, right over my sternum where my heart is. But I guess old habits die hard, or was I just pushing away the plain hard truth that was before me?

"As if you don't know I like to touch myself, Alex," I smiled, biting my lower lip seductively as he shook his head in disbelief, his eyes rolling at my reply.

"Come on, Zul. I'm being serious. You and Tyler were in love. That doesn't disappear completely just because you declare that you're moving on, or took off a dog tag, for that matter," he replied gently as he placed a reassuring grip on my shoulder. I stiffened and instantly shrugged it away.

"Yes, it does," I replied curtly. He sighed.

"You don't see what I see. It's not that you make him to be a better person, you do and that's great, but you don't see how significant that change is," he replied gently. I looked up at him, gazing intently into those emerald green eyes that seemed to gleam with the knowledge of a sage as he continued. "You challenge him, surprise him, you make him question his life, beliefs. Your love for him will always be pure and that's the best thing for him."

"Really?" I challenged him, feeling my eyes widen in feigned surprise. "You once told me that there will always be multiple perfect relationship partners and that to find the others, we have to let go of the previous ones. Have you seen that video? He's over me alright, he'll find more," I replied acidly as I narrowed my eyes, feeling the familiar dregs of anger sparking back ablaze at the thought of that accursed video that showed Tyler's treacherous mistake, kissing another roofer in his company as well as doing other expletive acts.

"He won't, Zul," Alex stated calmly, unaffected by my sudden outburst. "Don't you see? You're his equal; he won't be able to get over you because you both are a complete reflection of each other." I remained silent, refusing to believe his words as we lapsed into silence, the void between us filled only by the clink of mugs and the sound of the espresso machine as the world around us continued to move on. I downed the last of my drink in a single gulp and stood up abruptly.

"Zul..." Alex began, reaching out his hand to me.

"No," I told him as I walked away from the table. I could feel Alex's emerald green eyes piercing through the back of my head, staring at my very soul with each step I took. I turned to look at him and saw that his face was a mask of defeat. Crestfallen, I told him simply, "I just need time." I walked out of the coffeehouse, deciding that a walk around the neighborhood might do me good as Alex's distant words seemed to echo inside my head like a rerun on television, the truth behind them haunting me each time I placed a foot before the other. Suddenly, I felt a drop of water trickling down the side of my face. I looked up and the drops grew heavier as the rain poured down from high above. Sullen clouds gathered ominously, occasionally illuminated by the sudden flash of lightning that cracked through the grey monochromatic firmaments as the boom of thunder reverberated across the Heavens. Within seconds, I was soaked to the skin as I pulled the hood of my jacket over my head, jamming my fists into the pockets of my jeans as I surged through the rain. It was as though Mother Nature herself was mirroring the emotional turmoil I had within me.

As I walked by an alley, what sat at the entrance made me stop in my tracks. My God, he was a sight, and not in the usual good way. The color had drained away from his face, taking away the youthful glow to his alabaster-white skin that he always had, leaving behind a weak sickly hue to it. Matted by the rain, his chocolate-brown hair was no longer in its regular spike and clung onto his scalp lifelessly. Dressed in a plain rain-drenched white shirt that had been washed way too many times to the point of being translucent and a pair of blue jeans, he sat with his back against the wall, his eyes closed as his right hand clasped around the neck of a Jack Daniels, fast asleep. "Tyler?" I gasped out, appalled to see him in this state. He let out a groan, apparently unaware of my presence. His face was gaunt and there were dark circles around his eyes. Dear God, what happened to him? I have never seen him like this before. Was this my doing? And in that moment, everything just disappeared. All of my anger and hatred towards him vanished, only to be replaced by care as well as concern for his well-being. Without hesitation, I knelt before him and scooped him up into a fireman's carry over my shoulder. "Let's go, big boy, I'm taking you home," I whispered to him.

As soon as I reached home, I dried Tyler off with a towel before changing him into a fresh pair of jeans, unable to find a shirt that would fit him. I tucked him into bed and closed the door softly behind me as I ran a hand through my damp jet-black hair. I walked to the window, watching the raindrops race down the glass, hitting me with a nostalgic wave of when I was young and pretending that it was a real competitive race. I traced the pathway of a single raindrop absently as I delved into my thoughts again. Where do I go from here? And in a few hours, I had made my decision. My ears perked to the creak of the door to my room opening. I turned and saw Tyler standing by the door, his head hung low as he averted my gaze. I calmly walked over to him and stood before him.

"Look at me," I told him. He slowly raised his head and I saw tears cascading down his cheeks as his mismatched yellow-gold eyes stared back at me with remorse, pleading for clemency as his body racked with sobs.

"Do you know why you're here?" I asked him. He gulped.

"You're going to punish me, aren't you?" he asked softly as he shifted nervously from foot to foot.

"Tyler, I'm forgiving you," I told him.

"But..." he began; he didn't manage to finish, because I swooped in and kissed him full on the lips. Initially, he was reluctant, pushing me away as I tried to force my tongue into his mouth as he adamantly clenched his teeth to prevent my doing. However, his aversion changed when I pushed him up against the door. I grabbed him by the arms, firmly but gentle enough to remind him of my love for him, ceasing his struggle entirely before lifting him off the floor. He snaked his legs around my waist as he wrapped his arms around my head, pushing me deeper into him, finally welcoming me into his being as we melted into each other's familiar fissures. I felt the weight of his tongue upon mine, feeling the heat coming through it as I wrapped mine around his, sucking and pulling on it ever so slowly as a moan escaped from him, begging for more. Our tongues danced in mid-air as he chased me in my own mouth, touching every nook and cranny my mouth had to offer as he reinstated his passion for me. With every probe he made, my insides seemed to rejuvenate with life as though it had been touched by the hand of God Himself. I could feel my insides warming up steadily as we continued our dance further, my body feeding off the heat we created, thriving off the love we had for one another, as I easily evaded his capture, having known the dance well. Nonetheless, he managed to corner me against my lips, leaving me no means of escape, but he did not strike as fast as he could have, allowing me a small window of opportunity to freedom. I looped my tongue around his and forced us both back into his own mouth as I pushed his tongue down his throat. He gagged slightly and pulled onto my hair viciously as we both moaned out with an insatiable desire for each other that was finally being satisfied. We parted and I realized his lips were swollen, as was mine, a line of drool dribbling out from the corner of his lips. "You hot fuck," he panted.

I gave him a wintry smile. He had no idea what he was in for. I ran my hand through his hair, feeling the silky strands brush by lightly against my skin, before tightening a fist over them. "Hey!" Tyler cried out in pain as he fought valiantly to pry my fingers off, but I was stronger and held on, dragging him by the hair back into the room, closing the door with my foot before hauling him to the end of the bed. He cowered before me and I could see a flash of genuine fear cross his eyes as he stared back at me. He started to crawl away, in an attempt to escape, but I had anticipated it and simply reached out to his ankle, viciously gripping it before pulling him back towards me. I grabbed him by the neck and slammed him against the bed as I heard his quivering panicked breath.

"Now, is that any way to treat your Master?" I asked sweetly, as I clenched his jaw wide open, spitting down his throat, and was pleasantly surprised to see him swallowing it. "That's better," I told him. I released him from my grip and he massaged his jaw that was increasingly reddening as I relished at my power over him. Like the good boy he was, Tyler knelt before me and caressed the side of his face against the growing bulge of my leather jeans as he inhaled deeply the erotic scent, his eyes rolling up in sheer ecstasy as he kissed my bulge tenderly. He looked up at me, his yellow-gold eyes pleading me to permit his move. I brushed his hair lovingly and smiled down at him. He held onto my hips, unbuttoning my jeans with his teeth before pulling the zipper down in the same manner while I took off my jacket. My rock hard cock was pressed against the black fabric of my Armani boxers and there was a small wet spot of my precum on it. He grabbed the hem of my black Armani boxers and pulled it down, releasing my cock from its cage as it stretched out towards him like a lazy panther basking in the Sun.

I prided my cock, for it was a grand length of ten inches long, and in that moment, it was dripping with my precum, just tiny streams of my precious gold dribbling down the length of my shaft. I trailed it along his face and he rolled his eyes in sheer euphoria as he felt my cock graze by him, tracking wet trails of my precum all over him. Yeah, that's right, Tyler... He leaned in, his soft full lips parting and I lost myself to him, to his wondrous rhythm of suction, to his warm wetness. He willingly, gladly, even, took the entire length into his mouth, letting my meaty cock slide over his tongue as I touched the back of his throat with the tip of my cock. I heard him gag slightly, but instead of letting him regain himself, I pushed myself deeper into him, feeling the tip of my cock slide down the tight constriction of his throat. He gagged slightly and I held onto his nape, forcing him to service me, denying him the opportunity to regain himself.

"Try again, Tyler," I told him and I heard my voice grow raspy from the intimacy. And he did. He slowly wrapped his soft slick tongue along the length of my shaft, instantly sending tingles of zest throughout my entire body as I dug my nails into his nape.

"Oh, fuck..." I gasped out, that was amazing. He sucked on me eagerly, licking up my gold as I heard loud slurps from him, drawing out moans from me. I grabbed his hair tightly in my hands as he slid in and out of me while I thrusted myself into him. He licked ardently, not wasting a single drop of my gold which I knew he had been craving for. He slid out, wiping his lips with the back of his hand as he stared back at me, his eyes glowing with a newfound lewd energy before kissing the head of my cock.

"Good boy," I panted as I scratched his chin, to which he smiled boyishly at me.

"Thank you, Sir," he said. He reached out to my chest and pushed me down onto the bed as my cock stood out, all ten inches proudly erected before us as it pulsated with the thirst of an orgasm. He turned his back towards me before lowering himself onto it, letting out a wince as I slid into him. I let his muscles conform to my cock, feeling his sphincter muscles stretch to accommodate me. I thrusted myself into him, feeling him work his butt muscles to milk me as he panted from the effort. Without warning, I sat up, my cock still within him as he collapsed onto my sinewy pectoral muscle while I got onto my knees.

"Wha...?" Tyler asked in confusion, but he never got the chance to ask because I slid my forefinger as well as my middle finger into his soft luscious lips, letting his tongue play all over them as he sucked fervently. He closed his eyes in rapture as I slid in and out of him, moaning out softly as his tongue worked indefatigably on my fingers. I felt the soft mass that was his tongue caress my fingertips lightly, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body as my cock grew rigid within him. I leaned into his neck and kissed him, letting my tongue trail along the length of his neck, tasting him in my mouth as his natural musk sent my nose to sheer ravishment that surpassed the seven layers of Heaven itself. I sucked on him, right under his jaw and he let out a long moan into the room. But when it comes to Tyler, I love to surprise him, and that day was no different.

I changed my suck and turned it into a bite into his shoulder, sinking my sharp canines deep into his glistening bare skin without the slightest hint of regret. Immediately, an animalistic wail escaped from his lips and into the room as he jammed his mismatched yellow-gold eyes wide open with horrified panic. I clamped a hand over his mouth and whispered into his ear, "Trust me, I got you." That seemed to calm him down and I continued. I alternated between biting and sucking, turning his muffled cries of torment into moans of delectation. He wrapped his arm around my neck and pushed me deeper into his bare skin, to the point that I could taste the slightest hint of his blood running through my mouth. And that was when I lost it. I bit harder into his skin, as though I was breaking down the Hoover Dam, drawing out rivulets of his crimson red blood into my long awaited lips as he moaned out with lechery, sucking his red wine eagerly into my system as I tasted the rich coppery scarlet nectar slide across my tongue like warm honey before swallowing gratefully. It was not a deep cut, but just deep enough for me to strike one of the many jewels he had within his system. I released him from my grip and slid out, our bodies flushed from the heat and sexual intimacy as I flipped him onto his stomach.

Oh, Tyler, if only you could see your wondrous bubble-butt, you would understand why I did what I did. I parted his cheeks ever so carefully, making him experience the tense suspense before slowly licking his cheeks and the top of his crack, circling my long wet tongue around it, spiraling my way closer and closer towards his hole. Every once in a while, I teased his hole with a quick flick of my tongue and he would spasm on the bed. When I finally reached his hole, I kissed it, long and hard, claiming him as mine, as he moaned out with pure enjoyment. I made my tongue rigid and pulled his cheeks wide open before slowly penetrating him, probing every crack and crevice that I came across, leaving no edge untouched as I drew out long moans of lasciviousness from him. I surged through him relentlessly, forcing myself not to burn out as I dove my face into him. I probed his spot and he convulsed on the bed as I teased him with it. "Holy shit!" he cried out as I held him down, probing his spot even more as he continuously twitched violently on the bed.

I slid out, and flipped him over onto his back as I took a good look at him. He was panting heavily and his red shoulder was raw from where I had bit him. His face flushed from the heat but he had a huge smile plastered onto his face as he stared back at me, hungry for more. I ran a finger down the ridge of his abdominal muscles and he arched his back as I slid down even lower, letting out the most erotic moan I had ever heard from him. I slid my cock into him in one fluid motion and he cried out in agony. "What? Gone tight over the few months?" I taunted.

"Fuck you," he winced. His eyes widened with surprise at his mistake, but it was too late.

"What did you say?" I asked through gritted teeth, taken aback by the disrespect. Without hesitation, I punched his pectoral muscles, showing no mercy at all as I repeatedly landed blow after blow onto them. He cried out in anguish and that seemed to fuel me further as I increased my pace, taking out all of my anger on it. As quickly as I started, I stopped, savoring the rawness of his chest before slowly sliding myself in and out of him. I hooked his legs over my shoulders as I gradually increased my pace, while he pumped himself. I drove myself deep into him, probing him in every way possible, not overlooking any recess as I excavated him hard. I touched his special spot and his body rocked with waves of enjoyment that travelled down the length of his body as he convulsed on the bed. Throbbing with salacious energy, I could feel my cock being milked by his butt muscles as I moaned with prurience, thrusting into him as I felt his legs pushing me deeper into him as I thrusted even harder. And the inevitable happened.

I exploded into him, flooding his entire being with a white hot river of my molten creamy goodness as he cried out with delight. "Fuck!" he sighed with euphoric enjoyment as his butt muscles milked every drop to his heart's content. At the same time, I held his mouth wide open and watched as spurts of his own explosion shot into his own mouth before disappearing down his throat. He milked me for a long time, savoring each drop that entered his system as though it was a gift from the Almighty as I licked his cum off my fingers, sweet as always. As I slid out from him, he grabbed my hand gently.

"Don't go," he whispered softly, staring at me with longing eyes that were frightened of the thought of being abandoned again. I smiled. I slid out and crawled next to him as I enveloped him within my arms. He snuggled against my pectoral muscles and nuzzled against them as he sighed with relief.

"Better?" I asked, and he nodded. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking about what had happened between us and buried the hatchet, everything was in the past now. What mattered most was that Tyler and I were back together, a fresh start that the both of us required badly. As we lay there, I realized that Tyler and I did not have the chance to dance together when we first met. I sat up, reached for my jeans and took out my phone before plugging it into the hidden speakers I had wired through the room. Soon, the soothing beat of Rihanna's "Stay" played as I stood up, my arm stretched out towards Tyler. He grabbed it willingly as I pulled him up, wrapping my arms around his waist as he did around my head before we rocked gently to the rhythm. As the song drew to an end, he gazed up to me.

"I love you, Zul," he expressed his heart's thoughts genuinely as I kissed his forehead.

"And I love you."




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