Trev slept like he lived. Beautifully. Carefree. With abandon. The sheets were tangled around his lean hips. One arm behind his head, the other across his flat stomach. He had spent most of the night sleeping on his back. I felt a little odd knowing that I had spent the night watching Trev sleeping, but how was I supposed to sleep?

Trev stirred and I resisted the urge to brush his dark hair away from his from his forehead. I didn't like what Trev did to me. The way he made me feel. He made me feel like I was fourteen again. That naive and passionately obsessed with a crush. It was insane and he loved it. It didn't help that I was constantly reminded that I was only one of many.

But last night...

One word and I was more confused than I had ever been in my whole life. It had all felt the same. Trev's lips. His body. His cock. In the month and a half since we'd met, nothing had changed. Sometimes he would text me. Sometimes I would text him. If Aaron was gone, my dorm room. Trev was twenty-four and lived alone so his apartment, and every single surface in it, was fair game. I tried not to think about the fact that I wasn't the only person Trev was fucking to death. I couldn't.

I don't like to give into expectations. What was expected of me was that Trev would grow tried of me pretty damn quickly. I was young. Younger than the other guys Trev fucked around with. I hadn't been eighteen very long. I was only a couple months into my freshman year as an English major at Columbia. I wasn't a virgin--far from it--but still nowhere near the sexual prowess Trev was no doubt accustomed to. To be honest, I didn't mind learning a thing or two. Trev didn't mind teaching, apparently, because he'd been asking me back to his bed for a month and a half.

Nothing had changed. Sex, then, depending on where we were, Trev or I went home. No one ever stayed the night. Standard Trev behavior. No strings attached.

But last night... That one word. I'd stayed the night. I hadn't planned to and I was no doubt going to be doing an infamous walk of shame. Still, I'd been asked to do something no one else in the sexual history of Trev had ever had the opportunity to do: stay.

When he was sleeping, I'd considered calling Aaron and spending the hours picking apart what Trev had said and how he had said it. How he'd said it confused me more than anything. During sex. Deep inside of me. Nothing was different. Until he'd looked down at me with those incredibly gorgeous, smoldering green eyes and asked me to stay. One word and I'd been paralyzed, unable to move against him anymore.

'Stay...Please, Brennan?'

Trev stirred again and I looked at him. The sun was starting to come up, spilling through the blinds onto him. Onto us. In bed. Together. Wow. I propped myself up on my elbow to stare down at him. I hadn't slept at all, trying to savor this night. Nothing had changed. He was still the same old Trev.

But last night... Last night had been different. Trev was notorious for never asking for what he wanted. He was sexy enough and smart enough, to have everything fall into place for him. Yet, he'd asked for me. Asked me to stay.

'Stay...Please, Brennan?'

I wanted to be as bold as him.

I reached a hand out tentatively and laid it on his chest. Nothing had changed about the way his skin felt beneath my hand. My hand slid up until my thumb was caressing his lips. Nothing had changed about him. Everything had changed about me. I wasn't going to leave. He couldn't get rid of me now. Not yet.

Trev's lips surrendered to mine in his slumber. I was careful with him. Not ready for him to wake up yet. I traced his throat with the tip of my tongue. His skin was warm, reddening from subconscious arousal. I loved touching him. My hands wandered as he slept. I could tell he was dreaming as my hands explored his body.

Lower and lower, I roamed. Trev was already half hard by the time I'd gotten the sheets off of his legs. My mouth descended upon him, which made Trev moan softly. I wondered how much of this he thought he was dreaming. I smiled as I tongued his impressive cock. He was a modest seven and a half inches, but Trev's cock was as beautiful as he was. Just thinking about it inside of me got me rock solid.

I raised my eyes and found Trev watching me silently. Trev wasn't overbearing, but he was a dominant lover. Even now, he dominated every inch of my body, but I was in control. He played with my hair gently, letting me pleasure him at my own pace. I kept my eyes on his as my lips and tongue teased him. I released Trev before he had a chance to come. Not because I wasn't willing to swallow every drop--I most definitely was--I just wasn't ready for this moment to be over yet.

I slid my body up Trev's and we kissed. It was in Trev's nature to try and be the one calling the shots but my body fought back and Trev gracefully submitted. It was much better with him awake. I really enjoyed having control over what Trev felt and when he felt it. It was empowering.

I'd never ridden Trev before. I frowned a little. Every time we'd ever had sex he'd been so captivating that all I'd ever wanted to see was what he could do to me. I straddled Trev's hips and looked down at him. He placed his hands on my thighs and stared back, not speaking. This was my show. I kissed him again as I reached into his bedside drawer for a condom. Trev gasped into my mouth when I reached back and slid the condom down his cock.

I took him into my hand and placed the head of his penis at my hole then hesitated.

'Yes,' Trev whispered. 'Yes, Brennan.'

His cock head slid past the rim with little resistance, of course. I couldn't fight that. I didn't want to. I wanted him so badly I was aching. When he was finally, fully, deeply inside of me, the both of us groaned. I lay against him for a minute, kissing him. Then I sat up and placed my hands on his smooth chest for leverage and began to move. Slowly at first, gaining momentum, encouraged by Trev.

'Fuck. Yes, Brennan. Oh, fuck. Yes. God.'

Trev was staring up at me, eyes burning as I rode him faster and harder with each turn. I was blushing from the exertion and a sudden wave of shyness. I brushed it away, needing Trev too much to let anything stop me. A moan escaped me, then another, and another.

My arms gave way and I collapsed on Trev's chest and he took over. I kissed his neck and his chest and he thrust his hips, and his cock, into me. One of Trev's hands gripped my lower back possessively and the other cradled my head gently. Nothing he'd said since he'd woken up had been spoken louder than a whisper.

'I love fucking you, Brennan.' In my ear.

I could only moan in reply.

'You're so fucking hot.' Against my throat.

Trev flipped me onto my back, laying over me, in control once more. Each thrust went deeper than the last. Deeper, but slower now. Trev was trying to make it last. I wanted to touch him but I didn't know where to. My hands switched between his arms and his chest and his back. Trev reached a hand between us and started stroking me. I was going to come and I told him.

'Yes. Come for me, Brennan.' He leaned down and kissed me, swallowing my desperate moans.

Trev slipped his tongue into my mouth and picked up the pace again, holding onto my waist to stop me from crashing into the headboard from the force of his thrusts.

'Oh my god, Trev,' I gasped as thick streams of cum shot out from my cock onto my stomach. I felt the walls of my ass grip Trev as I came. My orgasm was barely over before Trev was digging his fingers into my waist and thrusting as deeply into me as he could as he started to come. I clawed his back as he did, urging him on.

Trev collapsed against me, breathing heavily into the side of my neck. Soon, he sat up and pulled out of me. I moaned, still sensitive. Trev wiped my damp hair from my forehead and smiled. I closed my eyes. I'd woken up at nine am the day before and had been awake for 20 hours. I was dead tired. I feel asleep as Trev was kissing my forehead.

Trev woke me up three hours later, shaking my shoulder.

'Hey, get up. Your roommate called. You have class in an hour.'

Trev hauled me out of his bed and laughed a little when I stumbled groggily. Everything flooded back at me and then reality set in. Walk of shame, here I come.

Trev laughed again. 'What are you doing?' He grabbed my t-shirt out of my hand and tossed it on the floor. 'You can't wear the clothes you wore last night.'

Trev gave me one of his many shirts and I tugged it on, catching a pair of briefs he tossed at me. I pulled those on as well along with my jeans. Trev pointed at me.

'I want that stuff back, Brennan.'

'Okay,' I said dumbly.

I grabbed my bag from Trev's counter and headed toward his door.

'Agh, Brennan, wait!' Trev stopped me by grabbing the collar of my--his--shirt. He spun me around, pressed me against the door and kissed me. I kissed him back easily.

'I have to go, Trev,' I mumbled as I pulled away. I didn't want to drag this out any longer. Nothing had changed.

'Are you coming back later?' Trev asked, looking into my eyes.

'Uhhhh,' I hesitated. I didn't want to just be his toy when I knew he had so many others. 'I'm sure you could find someone else to come over. I have homework to do.'

'Oh.' Trev's face fell. A pause. 'I don't want anybody else to come over,' He said softly.

'Nothing's changed. Nothing's changed.' I repeated in my head over and over again. 'Trev... I want more than just...this,' I said out loud.

Trev nodded. 'I want to give you more. Be more. Have more. Of you.'

I held back a smile. I needed to be sure. 'This isn't a game to me, Trev.'

'Same here, Brennan.'

I took a deep breath and kissed Trev. I licked my lips when I pulled away.

'Come back tonight.'

'Okay,' I agreed and turned to open the door.

'Wait, nevermind.' My stomach dropped.

Trev's hand reached over my head and pushed the door closed, grabbing me by the waist and pulling my back against his chest. 'Stay.'

There was that word again.



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