I'm Mike Thomas and Greg and I have been best friends since the eighth grade. We were like brothers, always together. In high school we worked out together and played football together. As graduation neared we talked about our future. We wanted to take some time off from schooling, but couldn't find aplace that would hire us both.

We then talded about the militart and found that the Marines had a 'Buddy Enrolement.' They would guarantee that during training and throughout out first enlistment we would stay together. WE signed up and after boot camp, we were sent to military police school. We served together for our first enlistment, but neither re-enlisted for a second hitch.

We returned home and both applied to the Texas Department of Public Safety to become state police officers.

After a month of not hearing anything we were beginning to get depressed. Then one day I checked the mail and there was a letter. I was given a date for an interview. I called Greg and he had received a letter also.

We went to the interview in Austin from our homes in a small west Texas town. They said that everything looked good and that after a background check and reference check they would be in touch.

Another three weeks passed before we got word that we had been accepted to the training acadamy, north of Austin. The letter told us what and what not to bring, and gave us our rigourous schedule. Training was 15 to 18 hours a day, six days a week. All trainees were required to stay at the school in the barracks.

'Fuck, back in the military,' we thought.

We arrived and reported in and were directed to the barracks. We were met by Sgt. Baker, one of the instructors and who over saw the barracks. He and Sgt. Jones alternated staying at the barracks w week at a time.

'You can take any bunk that has a rolled up mattress. Get settled and then your free to take a look around the immediate area. There will be a meeting in the hall next door at six-thirty. Don't be late.'

We chose lower beds side by side as neither of us liked sleeping on a top bunk. We were at the front of the rows closest to the instructors room and the restroom and showers.

We settled in and went out to look around. We ended up at the snackbar where we met a few more recruits. The snack bar was only open during training from six to nine, monday through saturday and noon to nine on Sunday, our only day off.

We all walked around and mde sure we were at the meeting early. There were forty of us to start. We were told that about half would either wash out or drop out. We were told about our training schedule and what to expect. It would be split between physical training and book training.

Then Sgt. Baker seemed to relax.

'Gentlemen, most of you have been in the military and know how barracks life is. Things get kind of 'hard' on a guy if you know what I mean. Sgt. Jones and I are very open minded. What you do in your bunk, the showers, or on the can is your business, whether you're alone or with others. If anyone can't accept this, leave now. We will not put up with any name calling. If it happens you will be booted out. Sgt.Jones and I are the only ones you will be able to report to. If anyone has a problem, let one of us know. The chow hall is open. Get something to eat and get to know each other. See you men in the morning at six



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