Being a sales rep for a large wholesaler, I am on the road every week, covering part of three states. On one group of customers I have to drive almost five hours just to get to their area. The week I make that run I usually leave Sunday evening and get a room part way to their area.

However this particular week things were different. On Saturday morning, as I lay out my sales calls, I received a call from another customer in need of an emergency order. I offered o take it over the phone but he said he needed to see me, since it was a very large order and he didn't want any mistakes. I said I would be by on Sunday and he said to call him as I entered town and he would meet me at his business.

The trip to see him would add about three hours to my drive time but I felt sure it would e worth it. You see, I am gay and out of all of my customers, he is one of three that I know was gay and have sex with. There are others that I suspect but to protect my job, I refuse to make the first move.

I left on Sunday shorty after lunch to make my extra call. When I was an hour out of town I called him and he said that the delivery gate would be open and the private door to his office would be unocked and to come on in.

I arrived and as I parked, I saw him peek out of the blinds on the window. I went in and as I had expected, he was nude. I knew what was to come sooner or later.

I took his large and, for me, profitable order and said I would overnight it to the warehouse.

After we were finished, he came to me saying, 'Why don't you get comfortable? I owe you a lot to make an extra trip here.'

I was soon totally naked and as I had undressed, he opened the sofa bed in his office and was laying on it waiting for me.

After I lay down, we kissed and fondled each other then he got beween my legs and went to work sucking my cock and balls and eating my ass. He took his time, making sure it was pleasurable for me. After a while he concentrated on my cock soon bringing me to a raging climax. I watched as he looked up at me and milked my cock dry before eagerly swallowing my large load.

After a few minutes of kissing, I began to return the pleasure. He was one hot stud and I always enjoyed having sex with him when I was in town.

John was thirty-one, married, had a nine year old son he adored and planned to leave the company to.

His one secret was that he loved sex with men. Any sex, oral or anal.

I accidentally found out about John on one of my visits when I was at an adult video arcade on the other side of town. I was in a booth with a glory hole and when a man entered and put his open mouth to the hole, I shoved my cock through and received one of the best blow jobs of my life. I returned the favor and sucked him off, curious as to who had given me suck a great blow job.

I exited my booth and as I did, he exited his. We froze when we saw each other. Then as he passed me said, 'Meet me outside, please.' I followed him out and once outside we talked. He begged me not to say anything at work. I told him not to worry and anything beteen us styed between us. Thus began our relationship.

As we dressed, his phone rang. He answered and told his wife that we had ust finished the order and hat he would be leaving momentarily. After a hot kiss, we walked out of his office. As he ocked the door he said 'See you next trip, and thank you for coming by.'

'No problem,' I replied as I got into my car.

I then headed down to my scheduled area. It was nearing six in the evening and I had another five hour drive. This highway was two lane instead of four and I wasn't familiar with it, so I decided to drive straight through to my motel.

As I headed out I stopped and bought a six pack of sodas, placing them in my small cooler on the floor behind the passenger seat. Since the weather was warm, I used their restroom and changed into a tee shirt and short cut off jeans, commando as usual. Needing ice for my cooler, I pulled into a nearby motel as if I was going to one of the rooms. Parking near the ice machine, I took the bag the clerk had put my sodas in and filled it. Returning to my car, I quickly poured the ice over the drinks and left.

Trying to conserve gas, I lowered the windows and turned off my air conditioner. Later, as the sun began to set it cooled off some and was nice. I reached between the bucket seats and retrieved a cold soda. Later, of course, I needed to piss.

It was now totally dark and there was practically no traffic on this highway. I pulled to the shoulder and stopped. Leaving the car running, I turned off my lights and stepped out of the car. After shutting my door, I pulled up the right leg of my shorts, exposing my cock and pissed there next to my car. Before getting back in, I removed my tee shirt, tossing it on the passenger seat.

I returned to the road and about an hour later I reached back for another soda, veering slightly over the center stripe. Once the soda was in hand, I lifted it to my lips and took a big swallow.

Suddenly, right behind me headlights suddenly came on as did red and blue lights. I eased to the shoulder and stopped, retrieving my drivers license and insurance card.

Seconds later, a state cop walked up to my door, asking me to step out. I did and he asked for my license and insurance. I handed it to him as he slipped his flashlight under his arm. In the dim light, I could see him looking me over.

'Why was I stopped, officer?' I asked.

'I noticed you drift over the center line then drinking. May I ask what it was?'

'Cola,' I replied. 'It's right there in the drink holder if you'd like to check. That's all I have in my cooler.'

Slipping my infrmation into his shirt pocket, he asked, 'do you have any objections to my searching the vehicle?'

'No. Help yourself.'

After a search, he said that there had been numerous incidents of drunk driving aong this stretch of the highway and he was just checking me out. I said that I understood.

He asked if I always dressed like this when I traveled and I said that in this type of weather, yes. He asked where I was going and for what reason. I told him that I was a sales rep and was working that area for the next week. He casually shook his head, yet continued to look up and down my body, especially at my crotch.

I noticed that there was a rising bulge in the right leg of his trousers. This got my cock to stiring and as it began to stiffen, i was afraid the head would peek out of the leg of my shorts. It was obvious that he noticed my bulge.

As he made notes in a small notebook, he asked where I would be staying. I told him and as he made notes, he said that I was free to continue on my trip but to be careful when I reached for aother soda and make sure I stayed in my lane. he handed me my information and bid me a safe trip and thanked me for my understanding.

However, instead of reurning to his atrol car, he remained still watching me get in my car and leaving.

As I drove away, I continued to visialize the buge in his pants. It looked large and nice. he appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He was extremely muscular and good looking. His hair was dark and in the opening of his collar, I noticed a nice amount of dark hair telling me that he was hairy chested.

I finally willed my cock back to normal and later reached my motel. After checking in, I showered and jerked off while doing so.

I made my calls on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday evening, after returning to my room, I went to the bar for a drink then ate dinner in their restaurant. There were several hot looking studs in the bar and I considered going back and seeing if I could score, bu for some reason I decided to return to my room.

I stripped down to nothing, and lay on the bed, finding a movie to watch on HBO. It was near eight o'clock when I heard a knock on my door. I slipped on my old cu off shorts and answered it.

I froze when I saw who was standing there. It was the state cop that had stopped me Sunday evening. This time, however, he wore snug levis and sport shirt and boots.

'Uh, hi,' I managed to say. 'Uh, is there smething wrong?'

'Oh, hell no. I was off tonight and remembered where you said you would be staying and thought I'd stop by and see if you'd like to join me for a drink.'

'Uh, sure, but I'll need to change. Come on in.'

I let him in and as he entered I noticed the large bulge down his right leg that I had seen Sunday night. I now felt sure he was here for something other than having a drink. I decided to 'test the water' as some people say.

Without hesitation, I removed my shorts in full view of him and as I picked up my jeans, I said, 'If it's just beer you want, we can say here if you want. I have that in my cooler.'

'Hey, that sounds good to me,' he replied.

'Great,' I said dropping my jeans. Without picking up my shorts, I walked over to my cooler and retrieved two cold beers. As I handed him one. I said, 'From stopping me, you know my name is Mark. May I ask yours?'

As I asked the question my cock stiffened just sightly. I saw him notice.

'Fuck man, I'm sorry. I'm Greg,' he replied, offering his hand.

We shook hands and afterward, I reached for my shorts.

'Mark, this is your room and if you're more comfortable being nude, please stay that way. It won't offend me in the least. I've got two brothers, one a year older and the other is two years younger. We frequenly go camping along the river and stay nude there, so I know how comfortable it can be.'

'You and your brothers go nude together?'

'Oh yea. We have for years. We did it when younger when our parents were gone and do it now when we go camping.'

'Well, I'm a firm beleaver of being comfortable so if you care to join me please feel free to do so.'

'Thanks, but are you sure?'

'Hell yea. You haven't got anything I haven't seen many times before at the gym.'

'Well. okay then,' he replied setting down his beer and slipping off his boots. He them removed his shirt and I was right. He was hairy chested.

After removing his shirt, he casually removed his jeans, adding them to his shirt and boots. He was also commando.

'Feel better?' I asked after checking out his beautiful large long cock.

'Much,'he said, 'but it feels strange to be doing it with a civilian I stopped on the highway.'

'The civilian doesn't mind,' I replied, taking my beer and laying back on the bed, slighly spreading my legs, offering myself. I wondered if he'd take the hint.

We began visiting and I soon patted the space next to me on the king bed saying, 'Feel free to stretch out here if you want.'

He smiled and immeditely joined me in bed. As we talked, I found out that he was twenty-nine and his brothers were twenty-seven and thirty-two and only the older was married. Greg said he'd been with the state police for six years after getting out of the Marines where he was with the military police.

I told him I was twenty-eight and also had a brother a year younger and he and I also went nude together when we could.

After a couple more beers, my cock stiffened a little more and I turned onto my side facing him and asked, ' May I ask you a personal question?'

'Sure, I guess so.'

'When you and your brothers are out nude camping, do any of you get erections in front of the others?'

'Man, what a question, but yes it happened often.'

'What did you do about it?'


'Well, I was just wondering because it always happened with me and my brother. I was wondering what other brothers did about it.'

'What did you and your brother do?'

'I won't lie to you. We'd jerk off together and often jerked each other off.'

'No shit? So do we. We have for years. Personally, I see nothing wrong with it.'

'Me either. It felt so natural. We still have fun when we're together.'

'So do we,' he replied.

By now, both of our cocks were slowly stiffening. Then I dropped my bomb, wanting to see his reaction.

'Hell, when we were seventeen and eighteen, we even started doing more than jerking each other.'

'We have also. Still do.'

'Oral,' I asked, 'or anal or both? We did both.'

'So did we.'

'You still do it when you're together? My brother and I do.'

'Yes, we do.'

'Nice. It brings brothers so much closer I think.'

'I agree', he said.

'Well,since we're speaking so openly, I'll confess that I decided male sex ws my thing. Mike however decided he liked both and is bi. He has some regular male friends he gets with as do I.'

'Since we're being so honest with each other, John and Steve and I are all three gay.'

'Damn! What did your parents say?'

'Mom passed away before we came out but dad accepted it openly. It surprised us.'

'Our parents were acceping also, however since Mike is now married, they think he should give up the men. They have promised not to say anything to his wife.'

'That's nice of them,'he said.

'Greg, did you plan this on the highway and come here hoping t have sex?'

'Yes, I did. I had a hunch by the way you were dressed and he bulge in your shorts that you were either gay or received.'

'I suspected the same with you by your bulge. I wanted to drop to my knees right then.'

'Well then, shall we get on with what we both wanted?'

'By all means,' I replied.

Seconds later we were wrapped in each others arms, kissing passionately, our hard cocks pressed between our prone bodies. When the kiss ended, Greg began woring his way down my body, licking and kissing.

Before long he was rimming my ass, spreading my ass cheeks and drilling his tongue deep into my hole as I moaned loudly.

After a few minutes, he stopped and moved to my cock, swallowing all eight inches at once and burying his nose in my pubic hairs. He sucked slowly and lovingly and when I climaxed, it was huge and mind blowing. Greg easily accepted i all swalowing every drop.

After a long passionate kiss, I returned the pleasure to him, copying his actions. I swallowed all nine inches of his manhood as he moaned loudly. And when I brought him to a climax, I thought I had my mouth over Olde Faithful. He shot stream after huge stream of thick creamy cum down my throat and into my mouth.

Afterward, we dressed minimumly and went to the local truckstop for a late night snack. Aswe drove back I asked if he could stay the night.

'I sure can. I'm off tonight and tomorrow night and don't have to be back on patrol until ten Thursday night.'

'Perfect,'I said. 'I'm aheadof schedule on my calls so I can take tomorrow off and and we can play all day.'

'That sounds like a plan to me,' he said.

After returning to the room, we lovingly fucked each other, filling each others holes with our loads.

During the day Wednesday, as we lay cuddled in bed, Greg asked,'Have you ever done group sex?'

'Yea, but just a couple of times. I really enjoyed it but why did you ask?'

'Both my brothers live here in town. Would you like a four way tonight?'

'Oh, hell yes,' I quickly replied.

He picked up the phone and dialed a number. First he called John and invited him, telling him to come to room 320 at the Echo Motel at seven. Then he called Steve and told him the same thing. Afterward, he said, 'All set. Both will be here.'

'Fucking hot! I get to have sex with three brothers, and I know what I want to do first.'

'What would that be?' he asked.

'I want to get the three of you side by side sitting on the side of the bed and suck all three of you off one after the other.'

'Then that's what you get under one condition.'

'And what's the condition?'

'You call me every trip here and et me know when you're coming.'

'Baby, you got a deal, and I want John and Steve to in in one night.'

'I know after they meet you that will be expected.'

Steve and John arrived moments apart. After Greg introduced them to me hey both immediately stripped. Seconds later the orgy began with what I wanted. I worked back and forth sucking them then finished them off one after the other. After that, anything was allowed. It was hot as hell waching brothers suck and fuck each other. Every one if us was sucked and fucked by each of the others.

Steve and John were equally as handsome and built as Greg was and equally as hairy. All three turned me on like crazy. I have a thing for hairy men.

After that trip, I'd always call Greg on Saturday before I went to the area. And I began detouring over to the highway where Greg was patroling. I made sure it was always dark and I always found red and blue lights behind me. I'd stop and we'd get on the passenger side of the cars and kiss and make out and suck each other. Oral was hot with him in uniform.

This continued every five weeks for over three years. I changed jobs and the nex thing I knew, Greg called me saying he had requested and received a transfer to my district. Needless o say, he moved in with me and we soon became lovers. Steve and John both visit us often both seperately and together. We love keeping it all in the family.



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