One of my favorite things to do is take a day to go to the State Fair by myself. I can do whatever I like without having to go along with what some one else wants to do. I did not have a lot of buddies because of my job. I was a male stripper. Mostly I worked in a local club, although I also worked with a traveling show. Those adventures are for another time.

I admit I am a bit of a show off. Well, duh, male stripper! I am six foot, have a hard wiry farm boy build and a reasonably good sized dick. Working in the evening lets me be out in the sun all summer, so I have a nice gold tan. My normally red brown hair bleaches out to strawberry blonde. So by Fair time I'm looking smoking.

This State Fair I wandered over to the animal barns. I like animals, and I love checking out the hot farm men that bring their animals to show. They were judging hogs, which next to horses, are some of my favorite criiters. I climbed up past some older folks to get a seat on the bleachers to watch for a while. Most of the hogs looked alike so I transferred my watch to the exhibitors. One beefy dark haired guy caught my interest all most immediately. The man had a huge ass. Not fat, but big round and just about bursting the seams of his jeans. I am a total ass man. I just couldn't take my eyes off him.

All too soon the judging was over and that wonderful butt was leaving the area. I got up to wander around and look at more animals, both critters and men. I was just about to head to another barn when a commotion in the aisles caught my attention. People were shrieking like a bull or a bear had got loose. Suddenly there was a huge hog running towards me. I saw a guide board propped up next to a pen and grabbed it. Planting my self in front of the escapee I lowered it at the hogs eye level to block it off.

The hog tried to swerve around this obstacle but I was ready and just kept blocking it off. Suddenly there was another guide board beside me. A quick glance showed me, that it was the beefy guy with the great ass. Almost dropped my board in surprise.

Between the two of us we got the runaway back in it's pen. The man held out a big hand, ' Thanks' he said as we shook hands. ' If she'd gotten out of the barn, there'd I'd never caught her.' I assured him there was no problem. ' Can I buy you a beer or somethin', to pay you back?'

Since I certainly wouldn't mind being in his company, I took him up on his offer.

In the course of a couple of beers, I learned his name,Josh, his hometown, and various other little things about his life. He learned my name, my home town and that I grew up around farms myself. By the third beer, it was kind of obvious to me that we were enjoying each other's company and Josh was in no hurry to leave. I talked him into going on a new ride I wanted to try. Inside the ride's cage was a tight fit with such a big guy. His meaty leg was pressed right up against mine and I had a definite trobber in my pants. I thought I caught him checking out my crotch, but he was so quick about it I wasn't sure. I made no secret that I was checking him out. Finally, risking a punch in the nose, I just

reached over, looking him in the eyes, and cupped his package. He jolted, looked down at my hand, cupping what turned out to be as hard as mine, then back up at me. And smiled.

When we got off the ride, he asked me to come with him. We went out to one of the parking areas where Josh had a camper. Now that was luck as a lot of the exhibitors stayed in the barns or in hotels. We barely got in the door when he was pulling off his clothes. His stocky body had the typical farmer tan that ended at his waist. His upper body had sparse black hair, but his lower bod was as furred as a bear. I wish, he had been facing away from me, because I would have loved to see that meaty ass revealed when his jeans came off, but no such luck. He had a nice short chubby dick with a fat pink mushroom head above big fat round balls. I pulled my shirt over my head, showing off my wiry chest and my mat of sunbleached chest hair. Pulling down my 501's, revealed my fat uncircumsized cock. Josh's eyes got wide and that big man wasted no time going to his knees to pay it respect. I could tell, he didn't suck cock often, but he sure was enthusiastic. I let him go on for a while, then popped it out of his mouth. I wanted at that ass.

I squeezed around behind him and pushed him to all fours. I knelt behind him and just took in those big glorious hairy mounds. Gently I pried them apart to see his hidden pink pucker. I ran a thumb across his pout and Josh let out a soft moan. I leaned forward and ran my tongue across it. Josh's legs quivered and he moaned a bit louder. It was all the invitation I needed to dive in and rim his pucker to my hearts content. Josh went wild, moaning and pushing back against my tongue, my face surrounded by his big, sweaty, hair covered globes. All to soon he was begging for my dick. I kept rimming, as I slipped my ever ready condom on my dick. Then the tip was at his pretty pink hole, slowly edging in. He stiffened for a moment as the head popped through, and I paused to let him get used to it. He started pushing back when he was ready, but got another surprise halfway there. My dick has a bit of a strange shape. Fat head and it thickens about halfway to a girth as wide as the head. So its almost like getting the head popped in twice. He slowed down to adjust but shortly after my hips were up against those wonderful ass cheeks. Soon I was slapping into those beauties hard and long.

Josh was thrusting back just as hard, and moaning and growling like an animal. Suddenly felt his ring clamp down hard on my cock and spurt after spurt of come shot out from under him. Seems like it flew three feet. That was all it took for me to fill the condom up his beautiful ass.

I gave his cheeks one last caress and reluctantly pulled out. Josh wanted me to stay, but I had to work. We exchanged numbers and have visited each other a few times, but he couldn't handle my job, so nothing ever came of us. But oh that first venture between those glorious big cheeks will always be a favorite memory.




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