Seb just finished his last exam of his first year at the university of Brussels. It had been a tough time because his mind was not set on his exams. As usual he was very horny during the exams and he felt like his grades would have been a lot better if he wouldn’t jerk off all day.

Tonight he would celebrate the end of his exams with a couple of friends from high school. They all went to different universities but as Belgium isn’t that big they all found the time to travel to Brussels where Seb would be organizing the predrink. After his last exam Seb bought some alcoholic drinks in the shop and went off to his dorm. As he entered his room he saw what a mess it was. He had not been very clean during the exams and he realized he had some work to do. He put the booze in the fridge and started cleaning. After half an hour he was relieved that his room looked kind of clean and he knew his friends, who were sleeping over that night, would be fine with it. Seb checked the clock. It was 8pm so there was still some time to masturbate before his friends arrived. He made a promise to himself that he would limit himself masturbating up to one time a day after the exam period and find him a girlfriend. He went on his bed dropped his trousers, lowered his boxers and he opened some porn on his laptop. For a moment he doubted which type of porn he should check, he also made a promise to stop watching bisexual porn after the exams as he used to watch only straight porn before, but he couldn’t resist. He had found it weird that he gained interest in this kind of porn while he used to watch only straight porn. But he couldn’t care less at that time and he went for it. He was a good looking guy. Average build but a beautiful face, blue eyes and he had always been told he had the most beautiful smile. Down below he wasn’t that average. His 7 inch cock was really thick. His dickhead was a piece of art and had a perfect pink color. His masturbating technique was as always focused on robbing the head of his dick with his thumb and with his other hand he hold his balls which were always sweaty and low hanging.

He was having a really good time as he felt he came close. He started to moan louder and he was holding his balls really tight. As he wanted to shoot he heard a knock on the door and almost immediately after it the door opened. Fuck he forgot to lock his door. In the opening he saw Victor one of his mates. Seb was frozen for one second then he closed his laptop as fast as he could and threw the blanket over him. Victor was just standing there with a surprised face. Victor was a long skinny guy, but he had some muscles as he was a runner. He had short blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. He turned around and stumbled some apologies. “Woah I didn’t want to disturb on you having a good time, Seb”, Victor said. “You want me to leave for a couple of minutes so you can finish business”. Seb who just came right after he threw his blanket over his cock didn’t know how to respond. His cum clearly left a wet mark on the blanket and was now dripping all over him. “Uhm fuck Victor I thought you were only coming at around 9pm. I was not… .”Victor interrupted him. “It is not a big deal, it’s what horny boys do”, he said. “You might wanna shower before everyone else arrives, I see you kind of made a mess as he was looking at the wet spot on my blanket” Seb was still with his mouth open not knowing how to react. The only thing he could think of was when Victor would finally turn around so he could put on his boxers and make it to the showers. “You mind turning around so I can put on my boxers”, he said. “What is the point if I have already seen your fat cock bro”, Victor replied. Fuck. Did he just said fat cock. Seb felt angry and horny about this at the same time. He finally got over the shock of being caught jerking off and just ignored Victors comment. It was true he had a fat cock so he felt he should be proud of it. He removed his blanket, stepped straight to his closet and got some towels and shampoo. “I am heading to the shower, I ‘ll be right back”, Seb said as Victor couldn’t resist but looking down to Sebs semi erected cock, which was still as hard as a cock can be.

 As Seb reentered his room he saw that Victor was not alone. He had got company of two other friends. Jack and David. Jack was a well build athlete. He was the typical guy that got all the girls. He had muscles on the right places, a perfect smooth haircut and a smile which could be used in any toothpaste advertisement. Other than that he had a cocky personality. He liked to show off as he knew he was so good in everything. But he also liked to show off his cock. He was the only one of his friends that Seb had seen naked, but he had seen him naked a lot. Every opportunity he could, Jack showed off his big smooth dick. Seb had never seen it hard, but he guessed it would be an inch or two bigger than his, probably around 9inches. However he always bragged about it, Seb knew his cock was thicker and that somewhat felt good. At least one thing where he wins from Jack. Jack is basically your typical horny fitness guy, but he is a good friend as he always is so funny and however he has a cocky attitude he will always help a friend when they need him.  Then there was David. David was just as Seb average build. Some muscles but not like you would really notice. He was the next door kid with dark hair, green eyes and he was the most friendly person to everyone. He was the one that would help anyone, even a complete stranger. The thing Seb liked the most about David, besides his personality, was the beautiful ass he had. It was ridiculous how well his ass was build compared to his average body. Seb always wondered how he got that ass and recently he had fantasized more than ones about rubbing his cock in between his ass cheeks while he was doing one of his jerk of sessions.

As they all caught up on how everyone had been doing the past semester. Jack pointed out that they should start a drinking game as they were about to leave for a club in less than two hours and he definitely needed to get drunk in order to score a girl, while he said that he flashed his cock and said his kingkong –that was the name of his cock- needed some action. That was typically Jack. All Seb could think of was that he wouldn’t mind getting dirty with KingKong but he knew Jack was straight as can be so he adjusted the boner in his pants and started the drinking game. As they were all getting drunk Jack got a bit pissed as he always was the one ending up with bad cards and he was the one who had to drink.

“Fuck this game bros, you guys never have to drink”, Jack said.

“It’s because you are just really bad at this game dude”, Victor replied.

Jack who almost always won any game was not happy with this answer.

“At least I got no tiny dick as you Victor”

“Dude, leave him alone”, David said.

“I am sure I am doing just fine in the department down there, besides I am sure Seb here has a way bigger dick than you Jack”, Victor replied with a grim on his face.

“How do you know? You sucked his cock? “, Jack said.

“Off course not dude, I just saw it earlier today when I walked in on him jerking off. His cock is thicker than a can of beer dude”, Victor replied.

For a couple of seconds everyone was silent.

“Fuck bro you walked in on him jerking off?”, Jack said.

“Guys stop talking about it, it happened. I had some stress after my last exam”, Seb replied.

They all laughed. First Seb was embarrassed that Victor just shared this with the group, but now he was kind of feeling proud as Victor told everyone his cock was so thick. He felt his cock rise and even without touching it he felt his dickhead was wet of precum. Shit he was such a horny boy. The whole time he was afraid Victor would mention he was watching bisexual porn, but he didn’t. Seb just hopped he might not have seen there was some guy on guy action involved.

After the drinking games they went out. They were heading to a club. Everyone was having a great time. Victor and Jack were as always flirting with the girls while David and Seb where more the kind of guys who put less effort in flirting and just enjoyed a good night. As it was 4am Seb decided to go home. Victor and Jack both already were gone. They both scored a girl and they went off with them. It was clear they would sleep at their places as Victor came to ask Seb for a condom. Making a comment that he hoped he didn’t use extra large for his fat cock. So it was only David who would sleepover. Seb was kind of relieved as David was as always the most easy going person and he knew he wouldn’t cause any problem in his dorm.

As they entered their room David started to settle down on the couch. He immediately felt bad as he has a big comfortable bed where the two boys could easily sleep in together. And he wouldn’t mind sleeping close towards the beautiful ass David has.

“You can also sleep in the bed with me if you want. I mean not together.. I mean there is plenty of room, not that you have too… “, Seb said. Fuck why did this sound so awkward.

“Thank you, I would like that if you wouldn’t mind”, David said as if Seb didn’t made it awkward at all.

“As long as you keep your fat cock on your side of the bed”, David added.

Seb laughed but his face turned red. They both stripped out of their clothes wearing only their boxers. Seb couldn’t resist but glancing at David's round ass. It was perfect.  Now he had a closer look on David he realized he was a bit more than an average kid. He was fit and had a nice amount of hair on the right body parts. As he realized he got semi hard he jumped under the blankets. David joined him and they were laying with their backs towards each other.

“I really found it funny Victor caught you jerking off”, David said.

“Dude you bring this up again, I think you guys made enough fun  about it. Don’t tell me you guys don’t jerk off all the time”

“Yeah but I normally make sure my door is locked. You know I get it I get horny all the time too. We are young that’s normal”, David said.

“All the time?”, Victor said.

“Yeah. I jerk off at least twice a day. Every morning I have to take care of my morning wood and every evening before I go to sleep. I might be an addict.”, David said.

Seb laughed. He also couldn’t believe David was telling him this. David was the more introvert person of his group of friends.

“Haha dude as long as you don’t jerk of now I am fine with it”, Seb replied. But Seb knew he did not mean what he said.

“Haha but how do I take care of my boner then”, David said.

“You are kidding right? You got a boner now?”

“Yeah bro can you help me out? I am tired of jerking off all by myself”

“Dude I am not… gay you know”, Seb said.

“I know, you are at least curious. Victor told me he saw you checking some bi porn. Don’t worry dude that’s fine I consider myself as straight but I am into helping a bro.”, David said.

Fuck Seb couldn’t believe this was happening. He hated Victor for telling this to David. Or did he?

“Bro if you jerk of to bisexual porn, you don’t skip the opportunity to help me a hand, do you?”, David asked.

At that moment right there David reached over to Seb and placed his hand right on his bulge.

“Aha I knew you were hard too. Fuck Victor did tell the truth about your cock. It feels fat”

At this moment Seb couldn’t resist anymore. He turned around now facing David. He kissed him right on the lips. At first David didn’t kiss him back pointing out he was straight and only wanted to get a handjob. But when Seb wrapped his hand around the shaft of Davids cock, David did not resist anymore and kissed him full on the mouth. David somehow was not wearing his boxers anymore and Seb held his cock in his hands. It was a bit smaller than his own cock, probably a small 6 inches but it looked so tasty. Seb was stroking Davids cock with a passionate but slow rhythm. While he was kissing David he could feel the warm air that came from Davids mouth while he was moaning louder and louder. David begged Seb to go faster. As Seb did Davids body made it clear he was close. He was moaning, sweating and his toes where curling. I am coming he shouted to warn Seb, but Seb did not remove his hand. He shooted his cum all over his body and most of it even landed on his chest. There was even a drip that landed on his chin. Seb’s hand also had some cum on it and without thinking Seb licked it with his tongue, tasting the warm cum of his friend. It tasted good, almost the same as his own cum, which he had been tasting for years now.

“Fuck that was a good handjob”, David said. “I feel I should return the favor. If my hand gets around your thick shaft at least”, David added.

Seb who had already lost his boxers while jerking off his buddy, was rock hard. He felt Davids finger around his dickhead pulling back his foreskin. He had already oozed so much precum that his cockhead was terribly wet. David circled with his finger around the top of his dick and with his other hand he touched Seb’s lowhanging balls. David went on for that for like a minute when he suddenly focused on the whole dick and went really fast. Seb was not used to this rhythm as he always went really slow around the area of his sensitive cockhead but he liked it. He liked it a lot. It was funny to see that David kind of had some trouble to get his hand around the fat shaft, but he managed and made David moan harder and harder.

“I wanna fuck you”, Seb said.

“Bro, I am not sure about anal. You know I was totally straight before I entered this room.”, David replied as he went on jerking Seb's thick cock.

“Ok Ok bro. I wouldn’t even make it to fuck you in the ass as I am about to cum”, Seb said.

“Hold on cowboy. You cannot fuck me but you may shoot your load on my ass”, David said.

Seb who had been thinking of David's big ass for like the whole day could not believe what he heard. This made him so horny that he panicked and thought he would cum right at that moment even before getting a good look an David's ass. But David let go off his cock just in time and turned around with his ass towards Seb. He was on all fours with his ass pushed in the air. It was heaven. His ass was perfectly round and had the right amount of hair in between the cheeks. Seb pushed his cocks against the cheeks and made a promise he wouldn’t enter David's hole, which was really hard as it was so close and looking like it screamed to get fucked. He rubbed his cock in between those cheeks for like half a minute as he felt he would cum. He pointed his cock directly to the hole and shot several big streams of warm cum on it. As he tried to control his breath he saw the cum dripping around the hole and dripping on the sheets.

David fell on his belly on the bed and Seb, who was exhausted fell right on top of him. His cock was still cock hard. They cuddled up against each other, giving one final passionate kiss before calling it a night. Seb fell asleep with his hard cock still touching David's messy and wet ass cheeks. It was the end of a perfect night and the beginning of a fun summer holiday.


I am sorry for any spelling mistake or wrong word order as English is not my native language. There will be more stories of Seb in the future (maybe already next week) if I notice people like it. Please feel free to leave a comment with some tips or if you liked the story. I hope the story made you at least a bit horny.



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