David, a 21-year-old college senior majoring in philosophy and an intellect with an I.Q. of 142, had been my tutor for the past two and half years. He was known around campus as both a genius and the typical book worm (geek).

His clothes were always wrinkled, the colors did not match, his curly black hair was usually in need of a hair trim, and his bangs hung over his eyebrows. He wore outdated black horn rimmed eye glasses. But he was always very clean.

David had never dated as he spent his time working on his assignments, a voluminous reader of all types of books, and as a student assistant in the library.

At the time of this story, David stood 5'7", weighed at most 145 pounds and had dark brown eyes.

David had been my tutor during my freshman, sophomore and now into my second semester as a junior. I barely maintained a 2.00 g.p.a. average and that was only because of David's tutoring me.

I had been the star center on our championship basketball team for three years. I had just turned 21 at the end of the basketball season of my junior year. And although my name was Cody, I was known around campus as the "Big C" for my talents on the court averaging 25 points a game with 15 rebounds. I stood 6-feet and 6-inches, weighed a trim 210 pounds, curly bond hair, blues eyes, the champion weight lifter in the gym among my athletic buddies and a rigged muscled body.

As we were a very liberal college, I made no secret that I was Gay and had made out with several jock buddies. I had, lets say, had several big cocks up my ass since coming to the college because I was and am a true bottom.

The week following the end of the basketball season of my junior year, I was scheduled for three mid-term exams the next week. I was behind in my studies due to the tournament. I asked David to spend the weekend tutoring me as I prepared for those exams. We spent 8 hours on Saturday and 7 more hours on Sunday in the library. At 5 PM on Sunday, I asked David to join me for dinner at my apartment to show my appreciation. Although not a good student, I was and am a terrific cook.

While David rested in my apartment and watched some TV, I prepared a special dinner consisting of a shrimp cocktail as the appetizer, tossed green salad, fresh baked fillet of salmon with hollandaise sauce, a small cut of top sirloin steak, steamed fresh vegetables and a baked potato. The dessert was a home made cheese cake topped with strawberries. The meal also featured a special imported wine from France given to me by my father who is an importer of wines from around the world. We had a couple of glasses during the dinner.

Following dinner, we retired to the living room with an after dinner drink of a special cognac brandy from France.

As this was David's first experience with wine or liquor, soon I noticed that he was perspiring heavily, slurring his words, opening his shirt to get cooler, taking off his shoes, messing up his curly black hair as he ran his fingers through the thick hair, and his black horn rimmed glasses were now down on the end of his nose. He was very relaxed and really cute.

Then wow, David began having this monstrous bulge in his crotch that protruded like a flag pole. It was huge. All the times I had sucked cock or had a big boner up my ass, I had never seen anything to match what was in David's pants. The movement of his cock seemed to be trying to escape his briefs and pants.

I too was feeling no pain. Oh my god, for the first time, I saw David hot as hell. Oh shit, he had become really cute and sexy. My big 8-inch cock started growing yet it seemed to be no match to what was in David's pants. Lust over took me as I moved up close against David's body. I took off his open shirt, removed his glasses and put them on a side table, and began kissing his wet sexy lips. I took one hand and began rubbing his hard nipples and took my other hand as I slowly put it down his pants/briefs until I got hold of his giant leaking cock.

David immediately cooperated as he opened his mouth and ran his tongue out to meet my wet tongue. I felt his hand unzip my pants,locate my now steel hard cock, pull it out my fly and began jerking me off. I grabbed his snake and used my strong hand to give his cock a muscled-tight vice that caused him to to let out a yell of either pain or pleasure or maybe both.

My touch of his hot body, the first ever man on his body, so excited him that he managed to say between gasps and moans: "Ohhhhhh, Cody, I have never had sex with anyone. Oh, this feels so great. I have lusted after you ever since the first time we met but I never dreamed that a geek like me would ever have this chance. I have masturbated hundreds of times fantasying bout your body and thinking about all those studs who have fucked you.I will do anything you want."

I let go. I unzipped his pants, pulled them off, took down his briefs and took off his socks. WOW, his cock and balls were a sight to behold. I had never seen a cock this big or balls the size of melons.

"Shit, David, how big is that penis and how thick is that cock shaft? One of your balls is as big as both of my nuts."

David's face became flushed but he seemed so pleased as he responded: "You do like my manhood, don't you? Well I am blessed with my well-endowed sexual apparatus. Actually, my cock is 11.5" when erect and my shaft when filled with blood is 7-inches in circumference. The nuts are big. I guess that explains why my ejaculations produce a huge load ever time I masturbate."

I had never been this horny or wanted a man more than I wanted David at this moment. Why had it taken over two years for me to discover this hunk under the disguise of a geek? I tore off the remainder of my clothes and we went to my bedroom butt naked. I would have this gigantic cock tonight.

We got on the bed, laid down on our sides facing each other, began to French kiss as our sloppy tongues explored each others' mouth, grabbed each others' steel cocks, jerked wildly the cock in our hand, collected the precum drippings into our hands and fed each other the juices. The precum coated our mouths as we continued to kiss and savor the man seed. The feel and smell of man sex had become intoxicating.

I had us get int a 69 position so David could suck his first cock while he received his first blowjob from a man. He took to the experience like a duck to water. I felt his warm tongue began to roam around my crotch. He took turns rimming my pink rosebud, sucking on my nuts, putting them in his mouth, giving my cock shaft the most erotic licking and finally he slowly began to take my aching 8-inch cock inch-by-inch down his throat until he was deep throating my boner. He went wild coming off and all the way back down the blood filled hot cock.

At the same time, I used my experienced tongue to rim out his smooth hairless ass, lick his huge balls unable to get either one of them in my mouth, licked up and down his really big cock shaft and gradually lowered my mouth on the big cock head taking it down my throat. I was so hungry for that champion cock that with great determination and much gagging, I managed to swallow the entire python. I sucked on his cock carefully but did not try to move on and off as my mouth was filed with this huge object, I just sucked and sucked. His precum was the sweetest I had ever had.

We rimmed, sucked balls, and sucked cock for a long time. We both had great control of our warm cum filled balls to make the sucking and rimming so great. It was awesome.

As we finally could not continue any longer without climaxing, we stopped and began a long series of more kissing. This time we tasted the wonderful odors from our buddies crotch and cock. It had us dizzy with erotic feelings and smells.

When I could not wait any longer for my burning desire for David's winning cock, I begged him to fuck my man pussy. I said: "David, please get ready to take that record sized cock down my ass chute. I want to feel your snake deep into my ass. I think I can take it all as I have had many cocks in my ass. The opening is stretched from those other cocks."

I got on my stomach on the bed, put a big pillow under my crotch to lift my ass up high to receive the cock of my dreams, spread my legs far apart, had David lube my ass, lube his own vein covered cock, get between my legs and began inserting that virgin organ into my eager ass. He pushed hard as my ass tried to resist such a big object. But he was determined. He just thrust harder as my ass gave way to the intrusion. It felt like my ass was being ripped apart as the big cock continued its path into my guts. I too was determined that I would take all that monstrous tool to a place where no cock had reached before. Soon it was accomplished. I felt his cock head hit something that had never been invaded before. WOW, it felt so great.

Soon my ass adjusted to being packed with his sweet meat. David began fucking me as he was able to pull part way out and back in deeper each time. My ass was packed with this gorgeous cock. I felt his cock began to push against my ass walls, rub up against my pulsating prostate and massage deep in my guts. We fucked for some 5 minutes when it seemed like his cock swelled even more spreading my ass even more. Then I felt a gusher of very hot and wet cum flood my ass. The load was so huge that the cum began flowing back up the side of his cock shaft looking for a way to exit. I had never been so full of cum in my man pussy.

The hot cum made my ass greased that his cock began to move around my ass with ease as he began to pull out and back in for a neat fuck. Man it felt like a smooth piston in an engine.

The feel of his cum and fucking my ass caused my cock to swell and my cum filled balls released a gusher of cum that shot onto my sheets and stomach. I had a mess on the bed.

Finally David,'s cock softened to the point that he easily pulled out of my cum filled ass. He turned me over, got down and licked my hot cum off my stomach and sheets. He then put his still semi-hard cock in my mouth and I sucked it dry. We kissed and shared the cum. David loved his first cum meal.

"David, that was an incredible fuck. We have got to get rid of your black horn rimmed glasses and get you some contacts to show off those sexy beautiful eyes. You truly are a sexy fucking guy."

I invited David to spend the night and suggested that in the morning he could fuck me again. This was my new fuck buddy.



Naughty Eric


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