Greg Nerd was what is often referred to in England as an 'anorak', or

indeed, a 'nerd'. He wore spectacles, often had his head deep inside a

boring book and recited facts and figures which sent everyone around him

to sleep.

If anyone made a mistake, Greg would correct them down to the minutest

detail. He was rather like the character known as Roy Cropper in the

British soap, Coronation Street.

However one evening as Greg was cycling along a country lane (he'd never

dream of owning a car as it adds to the 'greenhouse effect'), he saw

strange a light in the sky, and it got bigger and bigger. There was no

noise, but as the light got nearer it became so bright it almost blinded


He stopped cycling, and the light now was coming from behind a hedge in

the field next to the road. Getting off his bike, Greg walked up to a gap

in the hedge, and looked over the style. He was amazed to see what could

only be a UFO. It was the classic saucer shape, and was still emitting a

radiant white light, but this was now growing dimmer. It slowly changed

color to gold, then pink as he watched.

Next thing Greg knew he was cycling along the country lane again. He

looked at his watch, and 3 hours had passed. Greg couldn't remember what

had happened in those three hours. Had he fallen asleep? Last thing he

recalled was seeing that flying saucer in the field.

Greg had, of course, read lots of books on UFOs and alien abductions, and

he realized immediately he had undergone some form of time dilation.

Either that, or the occupants of the UFO had drugged him so he wouldn't

remember what they had done to him. He resolved to have regression

hypnosis to find out what had happened in those missing three hours.

Next day Greg had a session with a hypnotist, and discovered he'd

climbed over the style into the field. As he approached the UFO, a door

had slid open and three typical-looking aliens (known as the 'grays'

with pointed features and oriental-style black eyes) had appeared and

invited him into the craft. Once inside he was forcibly strapped to a

kind of operating table, and various strange instruments were used to

perform some kind of experiments/operations on him, which were all quite


As he was allowed to leave the craft, one of the aliens said he now had

super-powers which he must use to help his fellow humans. With that he

made for the road and his bike, and the craft took off and disappeared.

However Greg didn't feel any different, and for the next few days he

certainly didn't notice having acquired any super-human powers.

Three days after the UFO abduction, Greg was asleep in his bed when he

had a vivid 'dream'. One of the aliens was standing by his bed, and

told him that his super-powers were in his penis. They would only become

apparent whenever Greg ate organic carrots, so he must always carry at

least one to nibble in case of an emergency.

Next day Greg was cycling past an organic farm and saw some carrots and

other vegetables for sale, so he bought some. Once home, he put the

vegetables away, but kept one carrot in his pocket.

Later that day he decided to just have a nibble of the raw carrot to see

if anything happened. As soon as he bit into it, a strange surge of

energy shot down from his mouth, thru his body to his loins. Greg

suddenly felt something he'd never experienced before: an overwhelming

feeling of LUST. He just wanted to go outside and fuck everything in

sight. Greg's cat, Oliver, must have been psychic, as he made his escape

thru the cat-flap into the garden and was nowhere to be seen.

The sheep in the nearby field all stampeded into the far corner away from

Greg's garden, and looked very nervous indeed.

But Greg wasn't after cats or sheep, he wanted to fuck a man. He'd

never had any kind of sex-drive before, so was a virgin. Suddenly he had

this huge erection, and as he stood up and looked in the full-length

mirror he was amazed to see that his entire clothing had changed, and

indeed his appearance. Gone were the spectacles, he was no longer weedy

and nerdy looking, but big, powerful, muscular and HANDSOME! He was

wearing a skin-tight pink outfit with a lavender logo on his chest with a

stylized SM. He also had a golden belt with a lamda symbol on the buckle,

and red briefs. Plus, of course, the obligatory cape (his was purple)

which all super-heroes wear. Purple boots completed this colorful outfit.

But most striking of all was the big purple cod-piece at the front of his

red briefs. This emphasized the length and shape of Greg's now erect

penis, which was 14 inches long. Greg got a tape measure and measured


Greg went out into the garden, and somehow he just knew he could fly. He

leapt up in the air and was soon soaring over his village. He had

super-hearing and X-ray vision, and as he flew over a house a quarter of

a mile from his own home, he saw thru the roof into the bedroom of a

teenage youth, Gary, whom Greg had seen around the village. Gary was

blond, aged 19, and strangely for someone so young, muscular and

handsome, he'd never had a girlfriend. Now Greg could see why. With his

super X-ray vision Greg, or we should really call him Spunkerman in his

new identity, could see that Gary was jerking off to a gay DVD on a TV

set in his bedroom. With his super-hearing Spunkerman could hear Gary

moaning and whispering to himself:

'I wish someone would fuck me like that, oh, if only a big strong man

would break in and rape me I'd be so happy!'

Spunkerman knew his duty. Here was a poor fellow human being in need of a

big cock like his, and a good fucking. Quick as a flash Spunkerman

swooped down and flew in thru Gary's open window.

'Hi, Gary, I'm Spunkerman!' said the colorful super-hero to a stunned

teenager, in the middle of a wank. 'Now get your jeans right off, and

your briefs, and lay face down on the bed. I've gonna give you a good

fuckin', boy!'

'Ssh! My parents are downstairs!' said Gary, nevertheless doing as he

was told and taking his trousers and underwear off, and laying face down

offering his tight, bubble-butt to Spunkerman.

'Are you all right, Gary?' came his mother's voice from the stairs.

'OK, mum, it was just a program on TV' said Gary.

'You shouldn't be watching those kinds of films,' said his father's

voice. 'It's about time you got yourself a nice girlfriend. We've seen

those DVDs you've got in your room. Disgusting!'

'Come with me,' said Spunkerman, 'Before they come up here and catch


With that Spunkerman took the half-naked youth in his arms and flew him

out the window and back to Greg's house. Sitting the youth down on

Greg's bed, Spunkerman then put on a giant condom, and greased up

Gary's tight arse. The youth gulped in amazement when he saw the

super-hero's gigantic purple cock when Spunkerman ripped open the Velcro

fastening in his cod-piece and the purple monster sprang out, spraying

gallons of pre-cum all over the room. Gary's eyes and face were covered

in it, and as it ran down into his mouth, Gary moaned and stuck out his

tongue, it tasted delicious.

'Now lay face down on the bed, and I'll grease you up' ordered

Spunkerman. Gary was moaning as Spunkerman's fingers went right inside

his hole, greasing it and stretching it ready for his giant cock.

'This will hurt a bit, but take it like a man,' said Spunkerman, as he

leapt on the bed and slowly eased his giant cock into Gary's tight,

virgin bum. The boy started to scream in pain, so Spunkerman said:

'Sorry, do you want me to stop?'

'No, no, fuck me, fuck me. Make me your bitch-boy!' said Gary, now

getting really carried away.

'OK, bitch, fuckin' take THIS!' said Spunkerman, as he suddenly rammed

his whole 14 inches right up Gary's tight arse. The youth screamed and

writhed in pain, but after a few seconds he was really enjoying it.

'More, more! Please fuck the spunk out of me, sir!' he was shouting.

'You bet your sweet virgin arse I will,' said Spunkerman, and true to

his word after a few more thrusts the youth cried out:

'I'm cummin', I'm cummin'! Oh God, you're making me shoot my


Spunkerman pushed his right hand under Gary's belly and grabbed hold of

his cock. As soon as Spunkerman's hand closed over the head, Gary's

cock spurted its cream into Spunkerman's hand.

Pulling out of Gary's arse, Spunkerman licked the youth's thick,

creamy and sweet tasting spunk off his hand, and this really got

Spunkerman excited. Gary was now sitting up on the side of the bed again,

and looking at Spunkerman licking up the delicious teenage spunk. Then

the super-hero whipped off the condom, moved closer to Gary and shouted:

'Watch out, I'm gonna spunk a big super-orgasm right in yer fuckin'

face, bitch-boy!'

Giving out an erotic super-yell of orgasmic lust, the super-hero's cock

exploded with the force of a missile launcher. Jets and jets of white hot

spunky cream shot out of his mighty throbbing penis and drenched not only

Gary, but the bed and the wall behind as well. Gary was literally

drowning in spunk, his face couldn't be seen at all, and still

Spunkerman was pumping more super-cum into the youth's face.

Gary gulped down gallons of the super-orgasm, whilst clearing it away

from his nose with his hands so he could breath.

After their super sex-session Spunkerman let Gary rest in his bed for a

while, before cleaning him up and flying him back to his bedroom. Placing

him back in his own bed, his parents never suspected a thing. They just

thought Gary had climbed out the bedroom window, onto the roof of the

shed below and into the garden, thinking he was in trouble. He'd done

this before. His parents were pretty easy going really, and made no

attempt to confiscate his gay DVDs. Whether they'd let a 30 year-old

super-hero rape their teenage son, however, was another question, so of

course Gary kept this quiet.

'Anytime you need a good seeing to, just call me' said Spunkerman,

giving Gary his cellphone number so Greg could nibble on a carrot and

service Gary as Spunkerman whenever he needed it.

Two days later, Spunkerman provided another service for a rich gay couple

in the next village.

Handsome Todd Johnson and his partner owned a big house with a

swimming-pool, but because of the recent drought it was empty and he

wasn't allowed to refill it. Spunkerman was flying over his house, saw

the empty pool and Todd standing by it and saying to his partner, Billy:

'Well what are we going to do? We're having a raunchy pool-side party,

pop stars and film stars will be here, and we've got no damned water in

the pool!'

'Have no fear, Spunkerman's here' said the super-hero as he flew down

and landed beside the empty swimming pool.

'Who the Hell are you?' asked Billy, staring at the colorful uninvited


'I'm the newest super-hero, and I live in the next village. Now do you

want a gay party that's really different? That will be the talk of gay

society for years to come?' asked Spunkerman.

'Yes, that's exactly what we want, but we have no water in the pool. We

drained it last week to clean it, then this ban came in and we aren't

allowed to fill it again. I suppose we could buy loads of champagne and

fill it with that, but it will cost a packet,' said Todd.

'I've got something better than champagne,' said Spunkerman, ripping

open his Velcro fly and letting his huge erection spring out. His pre-cum

already covered the bottom of the pool, because this time Greg had eaten

three whole carrots for extra super-powers.

'Wow, look at that!' said Billy, in amazement.

'I don't believe it! And that's just his pre-cum' said Todd.

'Now if you want your swimming pool filled with spunk, you two guys get

each side of me and jack me off into your pool!' said Spunkerman,

getting really horny looking at these two young rich men.

Todd and Billy, in their smart lounge suits, collars and ties, were soon

standing each side of Spunkerman and wanking his huge cock. Spunkerman

really got turned on by guys in suits, and it wasn't long before he was

reaching a super-climax with these respectable looking handsome men

indulging in this filth and jerking him off.

'Watch out, guys, here it cums!' said Spunkerman, 'AAAAGGGGH1 OOOHHHH!

This is gonna be the BIG one. Oh, oh, I can't stop cummin'!'

For the next 20 minutes, as Billy and Todd continued jerking his cock and

staring into the swimming pool in amazement, Spunkerman spurted gallons

of creamy thick spunk into the pool until it was overflowing with cum.

Billy and Todd didn't wait for their guests to arrive. They stripped

right off and dove into the spunk pool straight away, gulping it down and

swimming around in it, diving under the surface, and finally coming out

slimy and slippery with Spunkerman's load, and then spunk-wrestling by

the side of the pool.

'Have fun, guys, I gotta go now', said Spunkerman as he flew off into

the sky. The guests started arriving as Todd and Billy were still

spunk-wrestling by the side of the overflowing spunk-pool.

'My God! How did you manage this? It can't be real!' said one of the

guests, kneeling down and scooping up some of the spunk in the pool and

tasting it. 'It tastes, smells and feels like the real thing! Who's for

a swim?' he yelled.

Soon 100 or so naked men were swimming in the spunk-pool, filling their

glasses from it, spunk-wrestling by the side of it, and jerking off into


'Great party, Todd' said one of the guests, 'Must have taken thousands

of men to fill this pool.'

'No, just one, but he's very special, and very handsome. He's known as

Spunkerman. Wanna hire him for your next party?'

Well, do you? You may not have a swimming pool, but think what fun

bathtime could be!



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