. . . There were long cocks; short cocks . . . fat cocks and skinny cocks. Some were straight as an arrow while others were bent or curved; one was so pronounced that you might have even called it 'hooked'. They came in more than one color and many varying shades. There was a delectable assortment of clipped rods, each with its own distinct character as far as size and shape as far as knobs; and there was an equally varied array of penises that I choose to refer to as 'au naturel' with foreskins galore to suit any taste. The one thing that all of these cocks had in common was that they were ALL mine! . . .

I'd never been involved in a threesome before, and technically, I suppose I still haven't. In my mind there are a number of differences between what I experienced in this story and what I would consider a traditional threesome and it goes much deeper than just the number of people involved.

My involvement of what would be the ultimate experience for many Gay men was something that I just happened to fall into. It was a matter of pure luck that resulted from being in the right place at the right time. The time was several months ago and the place was on the internet; in a chat room to be more precise. I'd been conversing with Scott (among other things that we did together in that chat room) for quite a few months. He was a senior at a large University in a major metropolitan area in the Northeastern quadrant of the United States. Scott had actually been in his junior year when we first met online and began a longstanding online 'relationship'. One of the things that I immediately found very intriguing about Scott was the fact that he self identified as 'straight'. Although I don't personally place a great deal of importance upon labels that attempt to identify someone's sexual nature, I've always been extremely interested in people who don't seem to fit the more classic definition of 'Straight' or 'Gay' as most people would think of someone described in theses terms.

You will find a large number of men who will identify themselves as 'Straight' in almost any site that caters to chat rooms and story sites dedicated primarily to Gay and/or Bisexual individuals. I really couldn't care less if a man chooses to think of himself as Gay, Straight, or one of many shades in between, just as long as he is honest with himself as well as with others. I understand that being with a Straight man is a huge turn on for a lot of Gay males, and I sort of understand that even though I don't fully agree with it or identify with people like that. For me, it doesn't make a man more interesting, sexy or desirable if he is straight. I don't particularly agree with a value system that would lead Gay men value straight men as sexual partners over other Gay men; and I worry that such thinking might have a slightly self destructive nature behind such thinking. For me, the thought of being with someone like Scott involves the idea being the first man to experience sexual acts with him, or more correctly, being the first man with whom he has his first male to male sexual encounter. I do not look exclusively for men who have never experienced sexual relations with another man before. As a matter of fact, I don't seek them out at all. I am perfectly content to engage in relationships with other Gay men who are willing and Proud to admit that they are Gay, but when I happen to stumble upon a man who expresses an interest in having sex with another man for the first time, it is that aspect of his sexuality, the fact that he is 'virgin territory' that peaks my interest and it doesn't matter to me whether that man is straight, Gay, or somewhere in between.

Sexual definitions or labels can be so nebulous. It ranges wildly from one person to another and I don't know if there has ever been any real consensus at all other than those who are familiar with the Kinsey scale. I some times feel this inner grin come over me when someone in a chat room refers to himself as straight when his actions or his interests severely strain what I would consider a fair description of that word in the context of one's sexual orientation. Personally, I would have had no problem at all accepting Scott's claim to being straight, although he was always clearly 'Bi-Curious' in my book from the very first time we chatted online. If I had to be pinned down for a definition of who is and isn't straight, I would defer to Kinsey and say that my belief is that a truly straight man would have no more interest or desire in another man, sexually speaking, than a Gay man would have in sexual relations with a female. I'm proud to say that I am an example of the latter. In my way of thinking, anyone who shows any interest in the idea of having sex with members of both genders is probably more accurately described as 'Bi-sexual' and I am willing to accept that there is a wide range of variance when it comes to Bisexuality according to the degree of interest in sex with members of the same gender. I'm also flexible enough to allow others to have a less rigid and less clinical definition of their own sexual role and even buy into definitions that aren't strictly in agreement with how I would define these terms for myself. In a nut shell, the fact that Scott had never engaged in sex with another man before (neither oral nor anal sex as either a top or a bottom) makes it perfectly acceptable to identify himself as straight although his interest in the idea of sex with another male might make him more accurately identifiable as 'straight but bi-curious'.

Scott and I had shared our sexual fantasies in the chat rooms on many occasions (I'm not sure if the term 'cyber sex' is still in vogue or not, but that is what we did) but I don't believe that crosses any lines that would make him no longer straight as if that label has any real importance (although I understand that labels can be very important to some people for some reason that escapes me). Also, the fact that Scott had 'experimented' with some antics that many 'homophobe types' would vehemently describe as 'purely Gay' didn't preclude him from being thought of as straight to my way of thinking, although as I said before, I would add the caveat that he is 'Bi-Curious' just to more accurately identify his sexual interests.

As a senior, Scott was a member of a committee that was responsible for identifying new Pledges and establishing a program that would lead to their becoming members of the Fraternity that he was an active member of. By then Scott had already shared with me some of the memories he had of his own initiation into his Fraternity. It was the memories of those experiences that had really initiated Scott's interest into the possibility of having sex with other men for the first time. I had admitted my healthy skepticism about some of the things you read about or see in some of the Gay videos about the 'homoerotic' events that allegedly take place during such rites of passage. Scott confided in me that his hazing/initiation several years before we first began communicating had involved some light forms of this homoerotic behavior. Apparently he and his fellow pledges had spent a considerable amount of time running around the Frat House in nothing but their underwear; they had been paddled wearing their underwear and in the end bare assed naked; they had been required to simulate sex acts with other pledges or to simulate giving oral sex to members of the Frat; and during the final phases of his initiation he admitted to having engaged in a large 'circle jerk' with the other pledges who were now among his Frat Brothers. For what it was worth, I assured him that I did not find any of those activities (especially under those special circumstances) nor his interest in the possibility of some other activities that would be considered more 'hard core' to be disqualifying of his claim to be straight. I always got the impression that Scott was relieved to find that I didn't consider him to be Gay or even necessarily Bi-sexual for any of the things he had actually done or for the virtual sex acts that we had shared during our online discussions.

Well, during the planning for the program that would initiate a new batch of pledges into Scott's college Fraternity he shared many of his ideas with me and kept me abreast of what was being planned. Scott was adamant that all of those things he had been required to do as a pledge, the nakedness or near nakedness; the simulated sex acts with others and even the group circle jerk should be continued with the newest pledges as part of their hazing/initiation should be repeated with the latest group who hoped to become members of that prestigious Fraternity. He had also floated some ideas by me that included requiring the pledges to go beyond anything Scott had done as a young freshman. I told him that I highly doubted that such things ever really happened during Fraternity initiations and questioned whether he wanted to be responsible for trying to initiate such activities even if they did occasionally happen during some initiations. Over time, Scott had managed to overcome some considerable resistance among others on his committee and much to my astonishment reached a tentative agreement to require their pledges to demonstrate their obedience; prove the depth of their desire to become members of the Frat; and to go above and beyond in a measure that was meant to bond that group of young men who would always show loyalty to one another and to the Frat by engaging in oral sex during their hazing/initiation rituals. That agreement was very tentative and relied upon Scott being able to find someone who would be willing to suck the cocks of their group of Pledges. Even though ideas and attitudes of today's younger generation seems to have changed a great deal from when I was college aged myself, the majority of the committee was standing fast that they could not require any pledge to actually perform fellatio upon another Pledge or member of the Frat, however in their convoluted minds it would be different for them to make those young men submit to having their peckers sucked by some willing participant as part of the requirement for their initiation. One of the catches to the plan was that Scott had to find someone willing to suck all of those cocks, and he had to locate this willing participant without advertising in such a way that would bring undue attention upon the Fraternity who was concerned about discretion if not absolute secrecy when it came to this aspect of their initiation plans.

For anyone not smart enough to have already figured it out, Scott wanted me to be that willing participant, and that is the basis for this story!

Believe it or not, I was more than a little hesitant to jump at that opportunity. As I've said, I hadn't even participated in a threeway before. I was more than a little concerned about the fact that there was a considerable age difference between Scott and me which meant the age disparity between the pledges and I would be even greater. Most of all; unlike in my carefree younger days, I was no longer interested in just the casual, one night, anonymous sex acts with strangers routine. What I was really looking for was that committed one on one relationship with someone very special. I may have been involved with Scott for many months in a 'virtual sexual relationship' that spanned nearly a thousand miles through the miracle of cyber space but there was a huge difference (at least in my mind) between something like that and the sort of real life debauchery that he was suggesting.

One other major stumbling block for me was that I have always been very discriminating. Even during my sluttier days, I was a slut with a clear idea of what I liked and who I did and did not want. Sometimes that discriminating nature which I admit may heave been a bit more 'discriminating' than was justified by someone like me, prevented by social life from being a lot more active than it already had been at times but I wasn't the kind of guy to suck just any ol' cock or bend over and grab my ankles for any Tom, Dick, or Harry who came along. I'd always gone after guys that I was interested in or accepted the advances and propositions from guys that met my standards and turned me on. I explained to Scott that I wasn't sure I could perform with just anyone, even if I had been interested in accepting his rather lewd proposal and suggested that maybe I wasn't the man he needed for that particular job.

Now I have to admit that it was very intriguing for a man of my age (Don't Ask because I definitely am NOT telling my exact age) to think about having a room full of college aged studs literally lining up to have sex with me. Scott knew me pretty well by then, and he pushed the right buttons, playing upon my interest in being the first to initiate curious young men into their first sexual experience with another man. As soon as he realized that he had me leaning the right way, Scott hit me with the other incentives he had to offer. For one thing he had been authorized to offer payment for my services (up to $500). Now, a threesome was not the only thing I had never been involved in before; I'd also never been a prostitute either, and it wasn't something that I found to be especially appealing. On the other hand, I'd be lying if I refused to admit that not only servicing a virtual chorus line of hot college studs but being paid to do so was a bit of an ego trip. Eventually, I made a counter proposal to Scott that if I did agree to accept his offer, I would use the funds being offered to offset my transportation costs and that I would not accept a penny more than it would cost me to travel to and from the University from my home. Scott had informed me that he could also offer me free room and board during my visit for the initiation. What really peaked my interest in that was when Scott told me that I would be a guest in his room at the Frat House if I accepted and he was interested in finally experimenting with a little one on one sex with me to live out some of the shared fantasies we had been discussing online for many months. The final sticking point for me was knowing that I would have to suck any cock that was put in front of me by any pledge and knowing that I would not have the ability to say yes or no based on whether or not I found them to be sexually appealing. Scott assured me that his Frat was very discriminating to begin with and as a member of the committee which had screened that year's batch of Pledges, he could assure me that it was an especially fine crop of youngsters that were mostly very attractive. Eventually, he managed to wear me down and we reached a firm agreement.

- - - - - - - - - -

That first night on campus, after meeting with the committee members and some of the other Frat members (I did not get a look at the Pledges at that time) Scott and I quietly retired to the privacy of his room - but THAT is another story!

- - - - - - - - - -

The following day was actually pretty boring. Scott was, of course, very busy with the hazing and initiation but my part in the program would not come until much later that evening. I still hadn't been given an opportunity to get a look at the group of pledges that I'd be 'entertaining' later and there was little for me to do but sit in Scott's room and read or watch TV until the time came for my active participation in the initiation.

Finally, Scott came into the room and told me it was time to get ready. He suggested I wear my jeans but remove my shirt. I was led to a large room in the basement of the House and shown a chair that was almost backed against a wall and sitting across the room from the door that I was informed where the Pledges would enter from in a few minutes. I took my seat and accepted the encouragement from the members of the committee who were going to be present in the room to supervise this part of the initiation. That group, of course, included Scott.

About ten minutes later I heard a loud knock on the door followed by some words being hollered that I couldn't make out through the closed door, apparently some pre-ordained part of the whole ritual. The Pledges entered the room in a single file line and after parading in a complete lap around the room which passed directly in front of me, they were lined up against the wall that I was facing so that I had a good look at all of them. They were dressed only in underpants and white socks which made it clear that they were a distinctly superior group of physical specimens as Scott had solemnly promised they would be. There were a couple that I might not have chosen to approach if I'd seen them loitering against a wall in the darkened back room of an adult book store where the 25 cent peep show booths were located, or if they were passing back and forth in front of the door of my private room at the baths (which gives you an idea how I used to spend much of my leisure time back in those wonderful pre-HIV days when I was their age) but there was no one in the entire line that I would consider 'unattractive' and felt totally uncomfortable about getting up close and personal with.

Scott's Fraternity really was very prestigious and they didn't accept just anyone who pledged. I high per centage of the members were college athletes, many of them on full scholarships to participate in one collegiate sport or another and they had bodies that bragged of their athletic prowess. I was sure I could probably pick out the athletes from the line of hot young men (which probably would have comprised about 75% of the group) and that I could also probably accurately guess which sport most of them specialized in and possibly even what position they played. Even the non-athletes were exceptional; some of them were among the hottest in the group. I knew from Scott's description of the Pledge class that they couldn't cater exclusively to the premier athletes, but had to also recruit some of the more academic scholars so that they could keep the grade point average of the frat at a high level which was a part of their national charter. The way he had explained it to me, they gifted athletes who were also above average academically and their secondary choice of recruits were very strong scholars but also participated in intramural activities and were hardly the nerdy or geek types that many associate with those Valedictorian types.

They were a very impressive group of young studs as they stood their lined against that wall while receiving instructions for what was to happen next in their initiation. I would guess they ranged in height anywhere from about 6 foot 9 inches to 5 foot 7 inches in height. Most of them had muscular bodies or at least well honed, athletic ones. Some had obviously spent countless hours in a gym somewhere, perfecting their physiques. Others displayed different body types; swimmers or runners. The one young man who literally stood out in the crowd at 6 foot 9 inches was obviously a basketball star. He was very thin but still very hot and sexy looking (he also appeared to have the biggest basket in his boxer briefs). The University would surely try to pack weight onto his frame in an effort to make him into a great center or power forward, but I thought he was just fine the way he looked for the purposes of what I was doing their. I had two studs pegged as country boys who had probably never set foot in a gym but had strong, well toned, muscular builds from throwing around hay bales or other such chores while growing up and working hard on a farm somewhere. The two who I find least appealing of the group were a little heavier; not at all fat or overweight, but heavier than I normally preferred. I guessed them to be too small to be linemen on the football team; definitely too small for the offensive line but maybe a middle linebacker or possibly wrestlers in one of the heavier weight classes. I thought I could pick out the more scholarly kids in the bunch too. A couple of them were bespectacled (which wasn't al that made me think they looked highly intelligent) and very hot looking. One of them may have actually been both, a very gifted athlete on a full athletic scholarship and also one who had graduated at or near the very top of his high school class.

There were blonds and brunettes, and a couple redheads. Some were pale skinned and others were very swarthy and a bit 'ethnic' looking. Most of them possessed smooth bodies that were anywhere from completely to mostly free of hair in all but a couple of very discreet places, but others were moderately to very hairy on at least one or two parts of their bodies. There were piercing, dark eyes that I could see looking over at me occasionally as they were still being given their instructions and there were bright, blue eyes along with many other colors; at least one must have been wearing contact lenses because I thought his eyes were much too hauntingly beautiful in color to be a natural phenomenon.

Things became a lot more interesting when the lads were instructed to remove their underwear and stand quietly, looking straight ahead.

There were long cocks; short cocks . . . fat cocks and skinny cocks. Some were straight as an arrow while others were bent or curved; one was so pronounced that you might have even called it 'hooked'. They came in more than one color and many varying shades. There was a delectable assortment of clipped rods, each with its own distinct character as far as size and shape as far as knobs; and there was an equally varied array of penises that I choose to refer to as 'au naturel' with foreskins galore to suit any taste. The one thing that all of these cocks had in common was that they were ALL mine!

- - - - - - - - - -

The Pledges were instructed to line up directly in front of me and wait their turn to have their dick sucked. I won't tell you exactly how many young cocks were lined up waiting for me to give them my best blow job, an experience that for most of them I suspected was their first from a man and possibly the first sexual contact of any kind that they had ever had with another male, but I will tell you that there were more than a dozen. It was a large Fraternity. The first lad in line was one of the shortest of the group and could probably best be described as cute. Not only was he short and slender, but he looked to be younger than his age of 18. What really made him seem so cute was the shyness that I saw in his eyes. It must have been very difficult for him to have to go first, knowing that all of his buddies were looking on. He was a blond haired, blue eyed little guy with a nice, well toned but slender body. My guess was that he was probably not one of the athletes in the group and it wouldn't surprise if that's why the alpha male jocks had managed to arrange for him to break the ice for them. He was too short for me to comfortably remain seated in my assigned chair, so I dropped to my knees in front of him and immediately took his cock into my mouth, which brought hoots and hollers from his mates before they were quickly quieted by the Frat brothers.

That cute, little blond was responsible for my first surprise of the day. While Scott and I had been discussing his plans to have his pledges blown one by one as part of their rites of initiation, and negotiating about whether or not I would agree to be that cock sucker, I had warned him of many problems that I could foresee. First, I informed him, even if you can insure that your guys will cooperate and submit to placing their cocks in another man's mouth as you seem confident that you can do, having them respond and perform successfully could be another problem altogether. We were both ready to assume and take for granted that most, if not all, of his young Pledges would be straight (100% straight or pretty close to that). I wasn't at all sure that his straight boys could easily become aroused and maybe some would not be aroused at all over the thought of a guy swinging on the end of their dick. Also, I had learned during my time served in the Navy, when I attended 'Live Sex Shows' at a club in King's Cross, Sydney, Australia that most men suffer from 'performance anxiety' and are unable to achieve or maintain a hard on in front of an audience. Much to my surprise at the time, I discovered that the widely advertised 'Live Sex Shows' which so many strip clubs boast of depend upon audience participation. When it's time for the aforementioned Live Sex Shows, one of the female strippers coax men to come up on stage and form the other half of the couple to perform the show. At that time, the audience was made up mostly of Sailors, like me, from many different countries who were in port to celebrate a major event in Sydney. Although I would hear many of my fellow Sailors bragging the morning after about what a great show they had put on at one club or another when they fucked some stripper senseless up on stage, I had never witnessed one member of the audience have any success and no one I talked to who had been in other strip clubs witnessed anything that I hadn't seen with my own eyes. Many guys couldn't even get a decent erection while the stripper was blowing them on stage and those who did quickly went limp when they attempted to mount her in front of the glaring crowd and failed miserably to complete the act. I'd advised Scott that if a bunch of Horny Sailors who had been at sea for a long time and hadn't had any sexual outlet couldn't overcome the pressure and maintain an erection long enough to penetrate a female, I had little confidence that his boys would do any better getting their dick sucked by a man while their friends looked on. Of course many of those Sailors were pretty shit faced at the time, but you don't think the Frat initiation suffered from any lack of alcohol consumption do you? Well, 'Blondie' made a liar out of me right off the bat! Seconds after I took his limp, little dick between my lips and started sucking him, I could feel him growing harder and harder in my mouth. That shy youngster threw a bone in no time! His dick was still only 6 inches, hard, maybe a little more, and it wasn't very thick but it surely did get about as hard as a dick can get. That only made it much easier for me to actually suck his little dick. I was sure from the way he had reacted to everything that he'd never let another man suck his cock before; and I even suspected there was a very good chance that his peter had never been sucked at all, by male or female. I even entertained thoughts that he reacted in such a way that I might have been the first person other than himself (or maybe his doctor) to have ever touched his fucking little dick. Well, as quick as he grew a hard on, I went to work, fellating him like a pro. That was just about more than the little guy could stand. He was still very shy and passive in his approach to what was probably the first blow job of his young life. He stood there like a rock, not even shuffling his feet, his hands straight down at his sides. I took him into my mouth as far as his cock could reach and bobbed up and down on his shaft a couple times, but when I started to really polish his knob and let my tongue start to flicker all over the head of his dick and play with his most sensitive parts, he quickly clenched both fists and went straight as a board as every muscle in his body stiffened almost as hard as his little pecker. When I reached down and began fondling his balls it was all over. He raised up on his tip toes and I started sucking harder while running my tongue in circles all around his hard, fleshy cock head. At that moment I looked up and saw that boy's blue eyes roll back in his head and he moaned softly as his cock started to ooze his salty load onto my tongue. There wasn't much force behind his ejaculation, at least from my point of view, but even though he was an oozer his little cock and balls created a respectable amount of very tasty jizz and the intensity of the orgasm (which I still believe may have been the first he experienced other than at his own hand) left him spent and he practically needed help just to walk back to the end of the line.

The next in line was nearly the exact opposite of 'Little Blondie'; more in the mental aspects and his personality than his physical characteristics, which were also quite different. He was a 6 foot 2 inch, stud with black hair and deep, dark, brown eyes. His muscles weren't exactly huge, but he definitely had muscles and they were hard and very well defined. His body had a much darker complexion than Blondie's and if he wasn't of Italian ancestry, my next guess would probably be Greek. His cock was longer and thicker than the young man who had cum before him, and this one was also uncut. I'm guessing he had enjoyed the show because he was a little more than half hard as he walked up to take his place in front of me. His foreskin had retracted to reveal a cock head that was growing darker in color but there was still just enough foreskin showing to make it very clear that he was uncircumcised. It was obvious by the way that he swaggered up to me that he was pure Alpha Male from head to toe. My guess was that this one was a football player. Whether he was slated to be the team's quarterback of the future or play some other position in college I couldn't be sure, but I'd have bet my travel expenses that this one had been the star quarterback and captain of his high school team. He was hot and he knew it!

His first mistake was in disrespecting me. It's one thing to be all cocky and arrogant just because that's the way you are but it's another thing entirely to go out of your way to try and belittle someone in order to make yourself look like some kind of a big man. The real shame is that I would have really liked to have been able to treat him much nicer than I did. I think I would have enjoyed my time with a sexy young stud like him with that superb physique a lot more and I'm sure he would have enjoyed his blow job a lot more than he did.

'Go ahead . . . show everyone how you suck a real man's cock!' he practically sneered at me before punctuating his rude comment by calling me, 'Faggott' before he turned and grinned back at his friends who were watching and listening. Not only did this prick piss me off, but he was behaving in a way that I knew from talking to Scott that they did not want their Pledges to behave during initiation. If this ass hole was acting this arrogant at that point while undergoing extreme hazing, his arrogance would be nearly unbearable once he became a Frat Brother and he needed to be taken down a notch. I noticed Scott and one of the other brothers moving as if to approach and discipline their pledge but I flashed them a look that said, 'Don't bother', letting them know that I had matters well in hand.

There was no way I would have ever kneeled before this rude bastard, and fortunately he was much taller than Blondie and I didn't need to. While seated, I took his cock into my mouth and quickly released it. First sitting back in the chair so that everyone in line could see, I faked this look of disgust. I asked one of the brothers to bring forward a pan with some water and a wash cloth and then instructed Mr. Smartass to clean his dirty, nasty cock before we would continue with the initiation. That coaxed a few snickers from several in the crowd and I could see the quarterback's face flush red with anger. Luckily, for me, he knew what the consequences would be if he gave in to the rage and humiliation he was feeling and he unclenched his fist, bit his lower lip and took a couple quick, deep breaths. After he had finished wiping his cock clean (there was never anything dirty or unpleasant about that stud's cock) I took the rag and finished giving his dick a quick going over as if he hadn't done a thorough enough job, before I tentatively took it back into my mouth again. I really had to work hard to remind myself to fake being tentative about sucking that cock. I still drool over the memory of how magnificent that boy's cock was but I wasn't about to show him or his friends how I really felt about his what a huge turn on he was with that tight, hard body. At one point, after sucking him for a couple minutes, I quickly removed his 8 inch meat stick from my mouth once again and asked him loud enough for his friends to hear, 'does it ever get any harder than this' as I stroked his hard cock in my fist. With his back to his friends, they couldn't see that the stud's dick was so hard that he threatened to chip a tooth when I took him back into my mouth. Not wanting to appear at all eager with that one, I somehow managed to refrain from getting too outwardly excited by the prospect of sucking his cock and I became the one who was acting all passive about his blow job. As I expected, that football star, Alpha male, stud took advantage of the situation and took a very active role in having his dick sucked. He placed his hands on both sides of my head and began to rock back and forth as he shoved his big sausage all the way into my mouth and about half way down my throat. There was the danger of making it appear that he was in control of the situation and was somehow more of a man because he was practically raping my mouth as he slammed his groin into me and quickly pistoned in and out as he used me to get himself off. The truth is I was enjoying his face fuck much more than he or any of his compatriots ever suspected and if it appeared that he somehow had gained the upper hand, I had one more little trick up my sleeve. The more I let that guy control the pace and use me to get himself off the more excited he became and he actually lasted quite a long time and expended a great deal of energy as his hips continued bucking wildly. I carefully waited until I knew that stud was on the very edge of getting his nut and lowing his load down my throat and at just the last second when his overheated libido would prevent him from stopping the inevitable onrushing orgasm that was poised to overtake him, I reached behind him and rammed a finger roughly up his ass.

I knew I was invading virgin territory there, and I also knew that if he hadn't been so deeply in the throes of orgasm that he might have wanted to stop what he was doing and beat my ass. Under the circumstances there was little he could do as he fired his first volley of scalding hot cum right down my throat just a nanosecond after my finger invaded his most private inner sanctum. He did push forward as much as he could in an ever to evade my probing digit; a move that got him off balance and threatened to topple both of us over before I could help steady him enough to keep him on his feet and me seated firmly on my ass. All he could do was groan loudly and continue ramming his cock down my throat so far that the imprint of his nuts would be imprinted on my lips for days as he continued to drain his balls while I gave him three or four more rough jabs. The impression that I hoped to give our audience was that it was the act of me roughly finger fucking the stud's ass that had suddenly sent him flying over the edge and forced him to nut down my throat. That stud kept his cock in my mouth after he'd finished shooting a massive load down my throat and just let it slowly soften as it rested on my tongue. Before his sensitive cock could soften very much and lose the extreme sensitivity that you experience just before, during, and immediately following a great orgasm, I sought out the most sensitive part of his cock head, just on the underside of the glans with my darting tongue and for good measure I briefly took a little bit of foreskin that was slowly starting to recapture his cock head between my teeth and nibble on it slightly. The combined effects of those tricks at that critical time right after his climax sent a visible shiver throughout the guy's body and almost caused his knees to buckle. When he reluctantly removed his fading erection from between my lips and slowly peeled his body away from mine after he'd practically collapsed on top of me while he was cumming, I could have swore I saw a grudging look of respect in that boy's eyes as if to say, 'OK - you got me', and I know without a doubt that the smile that immediately followed told me that he had enjoyed one hell of a ride.

- - - - - - - - - -

The line just kept coming. It didn't really get any shorter because the guys were required to go to the end of the line after they'd had their turn and lost their load because it was easiest to supervise the group that way. It kept the amount of onlookers the same for everyone also, which I thought was only fair, although I was not accustomed to or really comfortable with having an audience. I was starting to get just a bit more comfortable about being gawked at while sucking a cock. Maybe comfortable is not the right word. I still wasn't comfortable but I was starting to get used to the idea that I was being watched. I've always been a big time Voyeur but there was never much Exhibitionist in my blood. Gradually, the group seemed to be transitioning from spectators to voyeurs and they must have gotten a little excited about that last exchange between me and the young quarterback type because I was starting to see some of them touching themselves as they stood in line and they weren't just scratching their balls.

The boys just kept coming, and cumming! Those who had followed that defiant young athlete who created the stir included one of the redheads and both of the bigger (heavier) kids. There was nothing special about them but that's really not entirely fair to any of them. In the context of that exceptional array of very fine young college studs, it would take something really special to stand out in that crowd. They were probably all in the normal range as far as cock size goes, but considering the size of the two who were pound for pound the largest of the group and also among the tallest with the exception of the basketball player who was getting closer to the front of the line all the time the sense of proportionality made them seem less than average in size. There also wasn't anything particularly memorable about any of their cum shots, but I suspect I was becoming jaded after sucking off a half dozen young bucks in quick succession like that when I'd never experienced multiple sex partners before; not even so much as a threesome.

Next in line was the shortest of the gang, and with what appeared to be a small cock he restored the sense of proportionality between stature/build and cock size that the bigger boys had let slide. He was an auburn haired youth and he wore his hair tightly curled, which I assume probably came natural for him. His eyes were shimmering green and he had nicely chiseled facial features. This was one of the young studs who wore glasses, but I can assure you that there was nothing that even looked borderline 'nerdy' about him. Probably the single most distinguishing characteristic about this lad was his butt. If they were giving away prizes for the best this and the sexiest that among this group of boys, this one would have certainly been declared Mr. Bubble Butt for that year's class. Unfortunately, from the vantage point that I had for most of my short time spent getting up close and personal with him, I wouldn't get to see much of that fine young butt.

He wasn't as shy as the first little guy who was probably only an inch taller than him if that much, but neither was he even close to being arrogant like the second stud in that line. He walked up and presented his cock to me in an almost business-like manner and I accepted his offering. His cock found no trouble growing hard in my mouth as I sucked him (these boys were really surprising me with their ability to not just go along with the requirement to let this 'old man' suck their ripe, young , collegiate cocks but to achieve full blown (no pun intended) erections and even get into having their dicks serviced. This little guy didn't grow hard as quickly as the first little man did but that wasn't the only difference between them. His cock only grew to be slightly more than 6 inches in length (if I had to give one of the little men a slight advantage in length this second little cutie might have beaten out the first but only by a couple centimeters). Where there was a very noticeable difference between them was in the girth that this second lad achieved after a little encouragement from my mouth which was getting quite a workout and possibly learning a few new tricks after all these years because of all the practice I was getting. That academic looking lad plumped up quite nicely and managed to stretch me lips pretty good with his fat little member. Although I'd never actually tried one before, his cock grew so fat while I was sucking him that it reminded me of what it must feel like to suck one of those inflatable rubber butt plugs and feel it swelling inside your mouth. At one point I removed his pecker from my mouth to give my jaws a little rest. I licked that boy's fat boner like an oversized Popsicle and quickly discovered that this lad liked the tongue action more than anything as he began wiggling and squirming before me and moaning and groaning more than any of the boys who had gone before him. I realized the error of my ways when I tried to take his corpulent cock back into my mouth. I had a great deal of trouble opening wide enough to pass much more than the head of his dick between my lips without scraping it, so I placed my hand around the base of his dick and really doubled my efforts at working the head of that boys cock as I licked and sucked like a dog with a new bone. This kid was really into that and I figured we had gotten lucky and stumbled across just the right technique for him. He had big balls that were more in line with the girth of his cock than the somewhat shorter length. I found that I was better off taking them into my mouth one at a time as I sucked them and jerked his beefy meat stick at the same time. He was really getting off on having his spit slickened cock jerked while I sucked on his balls and I could feel him approaching a sudden climax. Before I could try to squeeze his fat prick back into my mouth he erupted and began unloading wave after wave of creamy cum that rocketed out of his cum slit. That boy shot a huge load of boy cream all over my face and in my hair before he was finally finished. He left me a bit disheveled and feeling a bit embarrassed as he walked back to the line, leaving me kneeling there in front of my chair with the remnants of his orgasm dripping down my face. There was a murmur of laughter among the group but there was also a stirring in their groins and many of them were now starting to blatantly flog their logs slowly and I suspected that I wouldn't be presented with a flaccid cock for the rest of the evening.

Ironically, the young man who followed that short little fellow was my suspected basketball player. He was the one who had presented the largest basket when the boys entered the room, still wearing their underwear. He hadn't yet had time to get an erection but his cock was swinging between his long legs and had started to fill out just a bit. I swear; if that big ol' dick of his had gone instantly hard, the blood that would have had to have raced to his crotch in order to accomplish that feat would have left his brain deprived and he'd have fainted dead away. Looking at that college freshman and his hanging snake I had to recall what a young lady I had once worked with in the Navy had always told me. We worked in different departments for the same command and I mostly saw Jo Ann and talked to her when we were playing softball on the command's coed team. I don't know why she felt compelled to share her observations with me as much as she did but she was an adamant believer in the fact that tall and skinny were a dynamite combination that promised hugely endowed males. Her husband, who worked closely with me, wasn't all that handsome but he was probably a good 2-3 inches above average in height and he was very, very skinny. Hearing her go on and on about her belief in the relationship between tall, skinny men and huge cocks often made me wonder if that was what she saw in her husband and more than once I wondered what Mike was packing down there in his dungarees even though he wasn't at all 'my type'. Well, Mr. Basketball would have gone a long way toward proving Jo Ann's favorite axiom about long, lean men!

I definitely didn't have to leave my chair and kneel on the floor in front of this guy to get to his cock but I thought I might have to stand or at least squat on the seat to get at him. He hung low enough that I could reach the big knob on the end of his swinging dick with no trouble at all from where I was sitting. This young man was another pale skinned blond and he wore his hair very short. His eyes were green and almost seemed to be a little too large for his head, although not in a way that was at all unattractive. He was skinny, but not in a boney, skeletor kind of way. I was surprised when I went to lift his dick so that I could start sucking it that it was as heavy as it felt. As big as this kid's pecker was, I think he'd have been better off paying a cock sucker by the inch instead of by the pound.

My basketball star closed his green eyes the minute I took that big rod of his into my mouth and began sucking it. It was no wonder his meat was so heavy. Once I started sucking him I realized that his dick was actually much thicker than it looked to the naked eye; not that it looked like a pencil dick at all to begin with. The optical illusion was easy enough to understand. That rod was just so long, and the kid was so tall that you didn't immediately realize that his girth was greatly underestimated because it was cleverly disguised by the enormous length involved. Well, I wasn't going to be able to take more than half the length of this kid's rod no matter how fucking hard I tried to shove it down my throat. I gagged several times trying to take more of him than I could possibly handle. His penis was rapidly filling with blood and slowly growing harder, and I thought to try something I had always wanted to experience if I encountered a 'dick of death' such as this. I asked the big boy if he would take his cock out of my mouth and slap me in the face with it a couple times. He not only obliged but it appeared that he enjoyed that little kink as much as I did. I could tell by the way his cock was filling out and hardening much more rapidly than before. Mr. Basketball was blessed with amazing stamina. I think that the fact that it must require the diversion of so much blood flow to a cock that big plays a big part in that, and the fact that I had to repeatedly take that huge python out of my mouth and take a breather probably stayed his long overdue orgasm as well. That big ol' dick was accompanied by a gorgeous pair of low hangers, and when I'd take his dick out of my mouth, I would suck on those dangling nuts that hung right in front of my eyes. The big kid never did throw what I would call a blue steel hard throbber of an erection, but I suspect that most guys who are hung the way he is seldom if ever achieve maximum hardness like normally hung studs are able to do routinely. He did get hard enough to accomplish the mission at hand and elevated the angle of his dangle, which required me to get off my ass and on my feet to finish sucking him off. I found a technique that seemed to help chase this kid over the edge. I started to rub my finger over the nub of the base of his cock (what I sometimes like to refer to as the 'Tain't'; as in tain't cock but tain't asshole either). I knew that a lot of men get off and having that erogenous area of their body massaged during sex because there tends to be a lot of very sensitive nerve endings down there. That treatment definitely got my boy panting pretty hot and heavy. Occasionally, I'd let my finger tip slip just a bit further off that little nub and tease the entrance to the kids butt hole. I never penetrated or even actually touched his anus, but the tease and the threat was clearly evident. I could feel that kid's climax approaching like a freight train and I hopped on like I was some kind of Depression Era Hobo. I drove the top 8 or 9 inches of that boy's cock between my lips and down my throat and I twisted it around in my mouth as I sucked him hard. At the same time, I had my hand wrapped firmly around the base of his dick and was stroking the remaining part of that long shaft that I couldn't fit into my mouth. That young stud managed to drain a pretty big load form his heavy, low hanging nuts. I'd be a little reluctant to say that he 'shot' his big load into my mouth and down my throat, but it wouldn't be fair to call him an 'oozer' either. He was probably a pretty good shooter but his sweet creamy load was very thick and having to shoot it so far up the length of that huge penis had to have made it lose a little velocity by the time it escaped his big ol' cum slit. Let's call it a low velocity round that he shot.

I felt like I was really on a roll after those last two boys, kind of a mutt and Jeff pair that they were and the kid who came next was another one of my favorites. Now keep in mind that I really didn't know anything about any of these boys. I'd never laid eyes on any of them before they were paraded around the room and I'd been given no bio or story of any kind about them individually or as a group. Still, I couldn't help but picture the next lad a gymnast. At 5 foot 9 inches he wasn't really tall like some of the other guys but he was significantly taller than the two little guys in the group. Did I mention yet that he was built like a 'brick shit house'? This kid was probably the most muscular guy in the room; not in that body builder sense but in very well developed sense that had tone, definition and strength without being absolutely huge. If he didn't have the best abs of the bunch, he certainly gave that quarterback type a good run for his money and nobody else even came close to the two of them in that area. Since that day I have had flashback fantasies that include having that boy to the Thomas Flair while sitting astride my cock and him straining to hold the iron cross position on the rings while I bring him to climax orally. His hair was brown . . . well, somewhere between light brown and dark blonde depending on how the light hit it at any given moment. He wore it a little long; just enough to cover his ears and hang about an inch below them and cover the back of the collar which he wasn't wearing at the time. He was yet another stud with very hot, green eyes that looked like they might almost glow in the dark. I loved his high cheek bones and the other angular features on his handsome face. His skin was fairly dark; well tanned, and you could tell that he wasn't naturally swarthy as the other kid with a similar skin tone had been because there was a very distinct band of bright white showing around his middle where he wore trunks or boxer briefs when he worked on his deep tan. That stark contrast in white really highlighted what might have arguably been the sexiest ass of the bunch. It didn't quite have that perfect 'bubble' quality to it that the shortest young man in the group possessed but this bonafide stud had a bigger and more muscular ass that was just to die for and I'd hate to have had to choose between the two of them and leave either of them out in the cold. It was well rounded and kind of 'bubblish' in it's own right. My gymnast was very smooth except for his brown pubes, some very sexy deep pits that were lined with just enough hair to be a dream come true and a thin little trail that ran down his abs from a very sexy little 'outie' to the top of his bush.

The kid had a man sized dick on him. It was no where near the monstrous proportions of the basketball player that had just gone before him, but it was a beautiful, large, uncut piece of prime, Grade A beef. You'd maybe not recognize that he was uncut as he appeared standing there before me, but I had observed him standing in line earlier as he was stroking his cock more than anyone else in line and still had a bit of foreskin covering that big pink head of his big cock. For those of you who like dimensions, lets call it 9 inches. That boy's cock was broad at the tip with a nice knobby head but it flared and widened constantly as you came closer to the base of it and there was no way that you could wrap your hand around the base of this kid's fat poker. His was a cock that looked like it was made for drilling a hot, tight ass, although I doubt the cheerleader and Homecoming Queen types he had probably dated all through high school went in for that back door stuff and that made me want to wash my brain for even thinking about where that boy's cock had probably been. Just a split second before I engulfed his big fuck stick in my mouth I noticed the glimmer of a shiny, silvery drop of precum that had leaked out of his cum slit to decorate the very tip of his cock head.

That sexy gymnast was hard a ready to rumble even before I touched him. He was not one of those passive types and he made it clear from the beginning that this wasn't going to be one of those cases of me sucking his cock so much as it was going to be about him fucking my face! Almost immediately he had his hands on both sides of my head and was rapidly feeding his horizontal bar in and out of my mouth as I sucked as fast and hard as I could just to keep up with him. In that mode, I wasn't able to take the entire length of his cock. His length alone would have been enough of a challenge but with the way it flared and thickened toward the base there was just no way that I could get my mouth to adjust and stretch quickly enough for him to push that fat fucker all the way down my gullet. This kid was smart as well as incredibly good looking (did I mention he was the other stud who wore glasses which he'd removed and sat beside us before he started drilling my mouth with his meat?) and he realized that the only hope he had of feeding me his whole cock was to slow down and give me time to work my way down his powerful shaft. He liked to pound his groin into my face and rapidly drive his cock in and out of my mouth and down my throat as far as he could until he would get close to coming. Then he would back off a bit and slowly, but insistently feed me that big studly rod of his which allowed me to take more of him that I'd been able to while he was tattooing my lips with that staccato fucking motion he had going earlier. I literally found myself inching my way slowly down this boys cock, straining to open both my mouth and my throat a little more each time as my lips crawled further along, inching their way ever closer to the incredibly thick base of that kid's big boner. His eyes would open wider and I could hear a whistling from the sharp intake of breath between his pearly white teeth as he watched me get closer and closer to taking all of him. The first couple times, I came close but wasn't quite able to swallow him whole before he returned to pummeling my face with that prodigious prick once again. I know he edged himself like that at least three times before he was done. I hadn't worked so hard to get anyone off that night and none of the other lads had worked themselves into such a frothy lather by actively fucking their hips into my face with reckless abandon the way this guy had been doing. We were both drenched with sweat before we were through. It was about the fourth time my gymnast stud had slowed his fucking pace just before he passed that point of no return and we started our mutual dance down the length of his cock once again when I decided to grab a handful of ass in each hand and try to help ram him deeper inside of me. His butt cheeks were marbly hard and slick from sweat which made it hard for me to get a good grip so I just put my hand on his but and pulled him toward me as my mouth repeated its imitation of an inch worm crawling slowly toward his big cock root. With great effort and even more sweat I was finally able to feel the scratchy touch of his wiry pubic bush against my nose and finally my lips as I managed to impale myself completely on that mighty sword of a cock. I don't know who was prouder of that accomplishment; me or that hot stud that was beaming with delight as my throat spasmed around the thick root of his big dick a couple times before he was forced to withdraw it enough to let me draw a breath. We repeated that complete invasion of my throat a couple more times just to prove to both of us that it really had happened and that we could repeat the accomplishment. I kept my hands on that boy's rock hard ass as he once again picked up speed and gave me the benefit of driving the full length of his cock in and out of my mouth as rapidly as he could. He was driving in just short of forcing my nose into the edge of his pubes on his downward thrusts and he'd pull back until just the fleshy ridge at the back of his cock head touched the inner portion of my lips that were wrapped around his meat stick. He had his movements well measured considering the speed with which he was fucking my face. During that final bout of rapid fucking, he was showing signs of even greater exertion as he would punctuate each thrust into me with a grunt of 'Unghh . . . Unghhh' every time his fuck motion would bottom out.

Suddenly and totally unexpected by me, that stud stopped his fucking like stopping a speeding race car on a dime. He just froze there for a couple seconds with his cock half in and half out of my mouth. My guess is that he had planned to try edging at least one more time but had cut it too close that time. His big meaty cock was just lying there on my tongue, and the first indication I got of what was coming was when that big, pronounced cum tube that ran the length of the underside of that studs big cock started to swell and pulse hard enough against my tongue to announce that his climax was imminent. I felt that big tube pulse 2 or 3 times as the cum started to shoot its way toward the tip. Realizing at the last possible second that he'd waited too long and wasn't going to be able to stop the inevitable explosion this time, that sexy stud just rammed his cock back into my throat as far as he could and nutted all over my tonsils. I thought he was going to go on shooting forever and he finally withdrew his cock enough for me to catch my breath when he saw me starting to turn a little blue. That put his cock lying against my tongue again to enjoy the sensation of feeling the last of his huge load of jizz forcing it's way through that big tube before it flew out of him with surprising force and volume considering how many volleys he'd already shot into me. It also allowed me to savor the taste of him; probably the sweetest tasting cum I had ever tasted. When he was finally finished convulsing and shooting into my mouth and onto my tongue, I was reluctant to let him go. I was still clutching those rock hard glutes and he seemed content to stay right where he was and let his cock slowly soften inside my warm, wet, mouth. When he did finally withdraw all the way he paused for a few seconds while I licked up all of the huge load of cum that was too much to swallow which had dripped down my chin and when that was done to the best of my ability I licked that boy's still semi hard prick from stem to stern and took it back into my mouth one last time to swirl it around and make sure that I had him cleaned up properly before sadly sending him back to the back of the line.

Well, I hope you realize, as I do that nothing could have topped that last young man, and in fact none of the guys who followed him even came close. So I won't bore you with the details of the last few hotties that made their deposit in me and earned their right to become Frat brothers in good standing.

- - - - - - - - - -

My flight didn't leave until the next day, so I still had one more night as a gust in Scottie's room and if you can believe it, after everything I had been through over the past several hours, I was looking forward to spending the night with him again. Should I even bother telling you which of the new brothers was invited (and accepted) Scotties invitation to join us for the night which counted as my first official threesome? I think most of you would be surprised and quite wrong if you tried to guess. Actually, that is another story and I may tell it sometime but I'm not sure if I will or not.

I hope you all enjoyed this story. I had some I had already written that I could have easily used to post my first story to this new site that I just joined yesterday instead of writing this feverishly for the last two days. This story was inspired by SCOTTIE (which may or may not be his real name). You see, Scottie is Straight . . . or at least he thinks he is. I have long been fascinated by how long some men can hold onto the illusion that they are still straight. I really don't care one way or another how they choose the label themselves and I accept that we all have different definitions for Gay, Straight, and Bisexual. In my opinion, Scottie crossed that line during my two day visit and it's inconceivable that he can still think of himself as Straight, a fact that I find more interesting than annoying and Scotties definition is the only one that really amounts to a hill of beans when it's being applied to him. So here is to Scottie and all the other hot, 'Straight' boys out there. Oh yeah . . . the reason I took the hard route and wrote a brand new story in two days to introduce myself to the group: 'SCOTTIE' is a member. Don't expect to find him listed under that moniker but if you come across a picture of the hottest guy in this group of members, chances are you might just be looking at 'SCOTTIE'.

As far the title I chose that may seem strange to a lot of you; it seemed appropriate to me. I did get 'humped' by an awful lot of straight studs in a very short time that night and it all happened at a lightening pace. I can't help but think of the events of that night every time I take one particular route when I walk my six miles for exercise. It's a sign in a residential neighborhood that announces, 'SPEED HUMPS AHEAD'. The first time I saw it, I actually had to look it up to find out the difference between a 'speed hump' and a 'speed bump' but now I could care less because that sign means something totally different to me and it always will.



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