I went over to Spike's house and he answered the door in a blue football kit and I could smell the sweat of his body. We went into his lounge where he told me to take my clothes off; as I followed his orders he took of his nylon shirt and shorts and threw them to me.

'Put them on' He commanded.

I put the wet football shirt over my head and smelt the scent of Spike afterwards; I put on the shorts and looked at my naked master.

'On your knees' Spike demanded.

I got onto my knees as he took off his socks and rolled it into a ball. He put it into my mouth and took the other one off to tie around my head. Spike pushed me onto the floor and I lay there on my stomach as Spike tied my hands up with rope and then tied them to my feet, holding me into a hogtie position.

Later that night, Spike got me into my black boxers and cuffed me to the bed. I lay on his empty mattress as he got rope from his wardrobe. He pulled down my boxers and started tying the rope around one of my balls, around my dick and then around the other ball.

I woke up the next morning I was still cuffed to the bed. Spike entered with a bucket of water and poured it other me before uncuffing me. He then put my hands behind my back and cuffed me once again. Placing duck tape over my mouth he threw me into his van and started to wank over me. After he shot his load over me, Spike rubbed it all over my chest and began to lick it off, putting it in my hair, ears and up my nose.

A couple of days later, Spike asked me around again. After getting naked, he started putting cling film around my body and then black tape, cutting holes where my nipples and arse was. He gagged me with some of the duct-tape and then started applying pegs to my nipples hurting them with every peg he added. Afterwards, Spike turned me other and started to spank my arse with his bare hand until it was red followed by him licking my arsehole.

Afterwards, Spike had me in my black shorts and white t-shirt and my legs spread eagled with a plank of wood, tied to my feet with rope. He lifted my arms above my head and cuffed them to his radiator. I watched him as he got his trainer and put it over my head to make me smell his feet.

He threw me into his van and rove away. I lay on the back wondering what plan my master had in store for me. The engine stopped and Spike opened the van door and tied me hands up and took my t-shirt off, replacing it with a hood. I could hear twigs brake under my bare feet and could smell the fresh are guessing we were in the woods. He sat me down and tied my arms and torso to a tree and took the hood of me. I sat there watching his gorgeous face as he got oil out and started rubbing it over my body before wanking me dry.

For that night Spike ordered me to sleep in the cage.

'Do you like piss?' He asked.


'Yes what?'

'Yes master'.

Spike undid his flies and started to piss in my face, mouth and all over my body.

The next night I had a more 'comfortable' sleep. I was tied to his bed again and he had me in a pair of his trackies. He attached a cock vibrator to my dick and started turning up the electro. I started squirming as the vaults got higher and he laughed his malicious laugh. I loved it when I made my master happy.

I shot my load in his trackies, but that still didn't stop him. After a painful twenty minutes the pain stopped but it was all pleasure for Spike.

After a few days recovering, Spike had my around for the night to meet his friends. I didn't realise I would be part of the furniture. He got me naked (again) and tied my arms to his table and then my legs, before gagging me with duct tape. His friends arrived and all got pleasure out of me. Some sat on me, some laughed and one even wanked me whilst others chose to wank over me. It made my master happy so I was in my element.

In the morning as a 'present', Spike had me tied up with duct tape and tickled me senseless before I gave him head. This was truly a great present from him and he untied me after he touched me up and I cummed into his hands.



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