It was a hot Saturday night and I was horny as hell. I went on chatting with guys and I found him. He was a young Pakistani student in his third year faculty of science. It did not take me a while to realize that we had many similar interests and fantasies. He gave me his phone number and I called him right away. It was past midnight and I was not alone at home because I was taking care of my Mother. He asked me if I could come over. I said what are you going to do? He answered me with his sexy accent 'you will see.'

It did not take me long to find his place. It was lit outside and I decided to park on the street. I went and knocked on the door. It was opened from inside and I heard a man telling me to enter. When I entered, I saw a beautiful young man in his mid twenties wearing nothing but a towel. He said to me with a hot sexy voice 'let us go to the room, I got other people here.' I walked up stairs and could not remove my eyes from his beauty. He was typical Middle Eastern dark skinned hairy man. He was not muscular but well defined with dark nipples and hairs on his chest and abdomen. A well defined trail of dark hair appeared to run from his mid abdomen to his public hair. He was sure that the towel revealed the bulge in his front and the sexy opening of the end of his back which was covered with hair.

We went inside the room and he lit a candle so I could see his face. The moment I looked at his face I could not hold my self and I kissed him! He was my typical fantasy face with a curly dark hair, hot lips, beautiful eyes, a goatee and a sexy smile. Looking at his chest I noticed that he shaved around his nipples that were big and dark. He held me back and sucked my lips and tongue. I took of his towel and carried him to the bed. He raised his legs and let my hands cuddle his hairy ass cracks on the way. He was fully hard with a nine inches large cock.

On the bed, he stripped me and left me in my underwear. We continued to kiss and fondle each other. The man was very clean and he told me that he took a hot shower. Still, he smelled wonderfully. He said it was a secret Indian perfume. I could not resist the body of this young man. I wanted to treat him special before going any further and I pulled a small jar of honey and started messaging his body with it. I put a lot of honey on his ass hole licked it. He said that he liked to be rimmed while sucking my dick. It was perfect match because I like guys to suck me dry while rimming them. He also said that he had some fantasies to fulfill. He asked me to put peanut butter on and around his ass and genitals and eat it entirely. He came and brought special crunchy peanut butter. It was small but I made sure to empty the jar. He took some and put it around my dick and balls then moved his finger and cuddled my ass nicely. He made sure that some of the meal goes inside my clean ass and I did the same to him.

He sat on my face and started sucking me. I wasted no time working on his ass and around his ass. I started making circles while eating the butter from his hairy ass cracks. I continued for some time slowly savouring the unique taste and aroma. I then pushed lightly with my tongue and ate right from his ass hole. It was clean and all the chunks of

Peanut butter came out. He was licking at my ball and then started doing the same to my ass hole. He asked me if he could finger me. I said with pleasure. He started with one finger then used the other one. I told him to fuck me. He spread my ass and went inside me with his large dick. I made sure he used protection. I then asked him to take the missionary position so I could see and kiss him. He wanted me to play with his prostate

While fucking me so we could come together! He spread my legs and went in while I brought his back closer to me, spread his legs and started fingering his ass. I found his prostate and started moving my finger around. He replied by moving his dick inside me.

It was sensational to both of us. We came fast and blew big loads.

Being both young and horny. We decided to go at it again. He surprised me when he said that he liked to do it at the roof of the house and that people would be sleeping and would not see us. Again I decided to carry him to the roof. We were kissing lustfully and he was grabbing my ass hole. He wanted me to fuck him this time. We spread small carpet on the roof and it was breathy summer day. I could see the moon. Trees around the house covered us from other houses. The movement and the smell of the trees added to the hotness of the moment. I fucked him and drained his nuts. Then and for the third time I asked me if we could jerk off on the top of the tree? I was surprised to hear that. He asked me to wait and went down stairs. He came up with a tee put and a rope. The tee smelled cinnamon! He told me to stand at the tree and spread my legs. He pulled a jar of honey and blended it with the tee. He asked me to sit on the tee pot and warm up my ass and my genitals. I sat there for few minutes while the hot liquid and the aroma went deep around my private area. He then asked me to use the rope and message my ass softly with it. He said it was a trick he uses to make the ass area more sensitive. The rope was not hard but was made of special kind of materials that made the tee and the honey around my ass appear like a glue of paint. He asked me to stand at the tree again and started licking my ass. I wanted to do the same to him. We used a stronger rope and tied it around us and held the rope at a strong branch of the tree. Then we climbed the tree and held the rope around us like a j- string passing from our ass. He suddenly flipped over in the air. He was an acrobat! We were held by the rope and he wanted me to do some erotic acrobatic movements. Then he suddenly turned around and held tight on the tree and asked me to lick his ass. The smell of cinnamon and special Indian tee with honey made his ass look and smell so sexy. I could not resist and I came without touching my self. He was coming too.

We went down stairs. He asked me if I can tie him! I did not mind. He asked me one more thing that I can do. He asked me if I can shave his ass. He made me shave his ass without cleaning it from the honey and tee. It was mesmerizing! He surprised me when he opened another jar under his bed. The jar smelled heavenly aroma. The man has retained his ass hair for the last year along with that of his fuck bodies. He wanted to shave me and add the hair to the collection. I did not mind but I asked me if I could get some as souvenir. He took some and brought his underwear and put special glue on it. He glued the hair of his ass hole and his lovers' ass hole on his used underwear and signed his name.

He asked me to go around town in my car wearing nothing but his underwear. I did not mind. It was 4 am in the morning and no one was awake. I drove around in my car. We wore nothing but his used underwear and mine. We made love in the car and then went to a rocky place on the beach and made love again. We slept like stone on that beach until 7 am in the morning. Luckily it was secluded and isolated. When we woke up I was surprised to see him doing his acrobatic thing in the nude. He was dancing and stretching.

He spread his ass for me and put two fingers inside. I jumped in the air like a dog and went on him for the sixth time. It was a blast. We then drove back home and slept like stone. When we woke up we had sex again. Then we went to the fridge and had a large meal. He asked me to stay over for the night because people were away that day. I stayed and played with him for another fun night.

Later on he gave me his tea secret and told me to use it with my partners. He said that it had special spice that, when mixed with honey and cinnamon, work as aphrodisiac both ways. dirking that tea or ass fucking it would produce the same wonder! I also kept his hot unique underwear in a spacial container. He gave me some aroma to make the smell go stronger day after day. I used his tea and his underwear as aphrodisiac for my future lovers.


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