I posted a message on Craigslist saying I was a CD and wanted to chat with men who like CD. I did not ask to meet just to chat. I received a dozen replies from admires; some were from other CD. One CD said she lived 20 miles away and had a place to meet. His name was Mark and as dressed was Martha. Mark worked in a used clothing store that had a selection of woman clothing. He said I could pick out what I wanted from the store, and would like to see me dress in some of the outfits. Mark said he did not have a chance to dress up as Martha, but he does under-dress as often as possible.

After a few emails discussing our erotic wishes, I agreed to meet him. I am a cross-dress but still in the closet. Going shopping for clothing dressed as Cindy would take nerve but would be rewarding I had to take the chance. I would arrive at his shop as Cindy where others might see me, but I was sure no one would say anything. I have all my Cindy clothing packed into a suitcase. It would be difficult to dress in the pickup truck so decided to put on my panty hose before I left the house. Dressing in my truck would be difficult; I wanted to be at least partially dressed with panty hose. I had errands to run before my meeting. The idea of dressed in panty hose in public on was arousing. I visited a hardware store imaging the men I passed knew that I was wearing panty hose and recognized that I was a sissy slut. I had socks on that covered my panty hose around my ankle. My shirt was tucked in insuring I was not discovered. On my way to Mark's shop, I found a boat ramp with an empty parking area at one end. This was a discrete enough place allowing me to change. I had on panties hose, what was remaining was my bra, top, skirt, shoes and my wig. I did not have time to put on my makeup. Five minutes later I was Cindy.

I was driving my F350 crew cab pickup and sure everyone was looking at me as I drove into town.

I found the shop pulling into the parking as close to the front door as possible. One car was parked in front of the store; I hoped no one would be in the store. I entered and found an older couple at the front desk. I quickly walked passed into the back of the store. I dodged around the clothing racks, keeping my back away from the front of the store.

The couple was shopping, taking their time looking at second hand items. After a few minutes, I found two items that I wanted to try on. I went to the front counter and said hi to Mark. Mark responded, "Halloo, Cindy." Mark was a good-looking guy with a ponytail. He was in his 50s with a trim and fit body. I smiled at him, saying, "Mark, so nice to meet you today."

I said, "I have a few outfit to try on and might need your help, where is your changing room?" We walked to the back, knowing there was a bell on the front door to alert us should someone enter the store. I found a green night grown robe and slipped it on leaving it open to disclose my bra and panties hose. Mark entered the dressing room as I showed off my outfit. He immediately smiled saying, "Cindy you are looking oh so sexy baby."

Mark was dressed as a guy, but I knew he was underdressing. I asked him to show me his panties. He unzipped his pants showing off a purple lace G-string. Moving his sexy G-string aside Mark had a larger than average cock. His cock was thick around with the length in access of 7 inches. Like any good slut, I knelt upon the floor asking Mark could I suck his cock. He said, "Oh Cindy, you're looking so hot on your knees, you can suck me anytime baby." When I am on my knees, it allows me to be able to kiss his cock and lick his balls. He moaned as I took him in my mouth. He started to move his hips gently humping my mouth as I started to suck his cock. Once I had his cock in my mouth for a few minutes, Mark grabbed my head with both hands continuing to face fuck my mouth. I tried to take to all of his cock in my mouth but choked and gagged each time. Mark moved to a different position that allowed his cock to have a better angle to slide down my throat. I was Surprised this time when Mark forced his cock deep into my mouth, I swallowed all of his cock. I actually could deep throat him.

I begged him, "Mark; I want you to cum in my mouth." He said, "Sweetie, not this time, you will have to cum back and meet me again." I said, "OK" but disappointed not to have received a reward. I moved from my knees to sitting in one of the chairs in the fitting room. As I sat on a chair, I allowed my gown to open. He knelt and started to play with my cock in his hands. It always feels good to have strange hands feel your cock and balls. Mark took my limp cock into his mouth and sucked it nicely and in fewer than two minutes, I came in his mouth. Finishing dressing as Cindy, I went to the front of the store where I brought three articles of clothing. I told Mark that was fun, and I would return. We hugged. I drove my pickup truck to the boat ramp, disrobed in the truck to dress in my guy clothing. I could not wait until the next time we could meet.



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