Being a letter carrier is usually totally boring. For the most part we just go to the same houses every day and see the same people every day. But every now and again something comes along to shake up the monotony. Sometimes for me it's as simple as seeing a particularily hot customer with his shirt off. Occasionally I'll even get to see one at the door in nothing but his bvds. It's kind of cute the way they crack open the door to see who it is, see it's just another guy at the door, then step back, open the door, never expecting that the glimpse they would hide from a woman, got me just as excited.

Now one glimpse I got was an accident... I think. One of my customers opened the door in his robe. As he stepped out to sign for his package, the belt of his robe caught on the door handle, untying, and pulled his robe open. There was a short moment of shock, before he yanked it closed again, but I got a real treat. There before me was a nice body, a nice amount of body hair and a nice set of dick and balls. He apologized profusely, all the while I wanted to ask him to do it again.

After that, I guess I paid more attention to his mail. I began to notice that some of his catalogs were more what I'd expect a gay man to order from. I didn't put too much thought to it as he was definitely married. His wife, for some reason started chatting me up and telling me way more about their relationship than she should. Then I started noticing them walking about the neighborhood as the weather turned nicer. She dressed a bit like an old fashioned movie star. Big hats, pedal pushers, dark sunglasses. He always wore the tightest, faded jeans, that clung to his fine bubble butt like I would given half the chance.

Still, other than enjoying the view, I would never get involved with a customer. Too much chance for a bad ending. So I just enjoyed the fantasies and kept my dick in my pants. Eventually I left that route for one in another part of the city.

Now, while I am pretty strictly gay, I do have one quirky fantasy. I finally got the courage to go online and try to find some people who were into the fantasy. I was amazed at the number of people who practiced this sex game. I get into watching women put on a strap on and fuck their man in the ass.

One couple seemed very interested in meeting me. I did not recognize them from their photo, and since we were going to meet publically it seemed worthwhile to meet. After all I could just turn and walk away.

Imagine my surprise when they turned out to be my old customers. The pictures must have been from a time from before his hair turned grey. I knew his grey hair was premature, because I doubt he was much over thirtyfive. Suddenly a few of the catalogs and packages fell into place. There was a bit of embarrassed shuffling about, then his wife braved the subject. They had recognized my photo and her husband had always had a thing for me. Finding me online had been too good to pass up. My quirky little fantasy, turned them both on. The catch was, I was expected to participate. I had explained online, that I was not interested in having a strap on used on me by a woman, or in fucking one. They put my mind at ease. She wanted me to watch her fuck him, then she wanted to watch me fuck him. So I went back to their house with them.

I was not prepared for what hid behind their basement door. They had all manner of restraining devices, and a box full of dongs in many sizes, including a couple that made me blanch. And the thought of watching any one of those sliding up the husbands hole made my dick so hard it hurt.

She took the initiative right away. While we stayed clothed she mad her husband strip down to his undershorts. She then asked me to check him out to see if I liked what was being offered. He had a lean muscled body, and a nice thatch of chest hair that tapered in a treasure trail into his breifs. Nice hairy legs and a nice sized pouch made me want to touch, but I held back. She was running the show, not me.

She made him lie down on a table and secured him to it with wrist straps. Then she pulled out a wicked looking switchblade. She laughed at my suddenly wary look, then proceeded to cut off his breifs, baring his rock hard dick and fat round balls. She then began stripping off her clothes. Underneath she was wearing tight leather bra and panties. She pulled a harness off the wall and selected a moderately sized dong from the box. She made a big show of putting them together and sliding them into place. I had never thought a woman could make me hot, but the thought of what she was doing had my dick throbbing in anticipation. She pulled down some restraints attached to a pulley,put them around his lower thighs and used them to pull his legs up and back, exposing his hairy crack and hole.

She put some popper juice on a rag and held it to his face, while running her finger up and down his crack. When he bagan to moan and push against her hand, she poured some oil into that nice black hair and began rubbing it against his hole. She beckoned me closer, took my hand and rubbed it up and down his oily crack until my hand was slick. Then she folded back all of my fingers except one, held it against his pucker, and gave him another hit of poppers. Still using my finger she moved it all around the edge of his pucker while he moaned and wriggled his ass around. Then she guided my finger to the center of his hole and pushed it in to the hilt. Her husband gasped then started riding my finger hard.

Up and down his ass pumped. Then she let go of my hand, and wormed her finger in along side of mine. God, it was so hot feeling his hot insides and her finger twined with mine as he rode them both. All the while he hardly took his eyes off of me. She played to that and began asking him if he was ready to see my dick. Did he want to suck on it, did he want to feel it up his butt. He moaned yes to every question. She pulled her finger out, and came around behind me. As she unbuckled my belt she ordered him to stop moving and me to slip another finger up his hole. As she open my pants and pulled them down, she ordered a third finger up his ass. He could barely hold himself from riding my fingers. His eyes never left my dick straining in my shorts, as she pulled them down. My dick caught in the material, then sprang free, slapping against my hairy belly. Still he held himself, not moving inpaled on my fingers, his asshole flexing around them, in tandem with the pulse of his heart.

Then she went around to his head and layed the head of her rubber cock on his lips. Eyes still on me, he sucked in the head and began working that dong like a pro. She leaned over and grasping my wrist began to move my three fingers in and out of him slowly. When he tried to move, she slapped him on the belly. When she thought he was opened enough she pulled my hand away, pulled out of his mouth and went to stand behind his upturned ass. She oiled up her shaft and laid it against his oiled hole. She gave him another hit, and when she thought he was ready, rammed the entire seven or eight inches all of the way up his hole. I was startled, most videos I'd seen with strap ons, the woman barely pops in the head. Not her, she was a rammer. My cock jumped and started oozing, she smiled, and ran her fingers over it, then told me to plug her husband's mouth. The man went at my dick like it was the best thing he's ever had in his mouth. Meanwhile I had a great view as she slid her dildo in and out of him hard. The sounds of skin slapping skin was almost brutal. His whole body was jolted with each thrust forcing my dick deep in his throat. I pulled out, after a while, I wasn't ready to come just yet. She pulled out too, and left him moaning, as she walked back to the toy box. Then she pulled out another dildo. This one was huge. She handed it to me with the oil. As I oiled it up she shed her harness, prick and panties. Then she took my hand with the dildo, and placed the head against his hole. She told me to ease it in slow while she watched. As his whole slowly swallowed that giant she started playing with her clit. When it was all the way in, she picked up a vibrator and started using it on his balls. Soon I was ramming that monster in and out of his guts, while he bucked and thrashed on the table. My dick got so hard I thought it would burst out of it's foreskin. Then she put a condom on my dick, pulled out the dildo and guided me into his ass. It should have been open and sloppy but it clamped down on me as tight as I could wish. I pumped my self into him as hard as I could , he met every thrust, and she worked herself into a frenzy. Then he was throwing his head back, his come was flying out and his hole was clamping down like a vise. A few more pumps and I joined him, while next to us his wife let out a screech and came in her hand.

Since then, we have gotten together every now and then. It's always good, but never as mind blowing as that first time. I've had a few more encounters with other couples, but they didn't have the rawness of my old postal customers. Eventually, she left him, looking for new holes to plow, I imagine. I haven't seen either of them since they moved away. But they left me with one hell of a memory.




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