It was 2 a.m. and I was dancing my brains out at a well-known N.Y. nightclub. The place was packed. Men and women were gathered there to celebrate the club's fifth anniversary. The owner was a friend of mine, so I didn't have any trouble getting myself on their guest-list. I didn't have any company. All my friends were too busy to come, so I went alone hoping to find somebody there.

As I was checking out the room looking for a friendly face, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a tall, well-built guy, in his thirties who introduced himself as Jim.

'Hi, I'm Mike. Nice to meet you' I said rather indifferently. I didn't want him to realize that he was the best-looking guy in the club.

'Nice to meet you too, Mike. What would you say if I told you to leave this place and go somewhere else? Would you come with me?' he asked.

I thought that he didn't want to waste any time. The evening was getting boring, anyway, so I told him that I would follow him. A quick, buttfuck wouldn't be so bad after all...

We got in his car and after half an hour we arrived at a mansion.

'Is this your place?' I asked rather impressed.

'No, it belongs to a friend of mine. You'll get to meet him soon enough'.

We entered the building and soon arrived at a big hall. About fifty people were there, talking and drinking, looking as if they were waiting for something to happen. Jim introduced me to an older guy who was the owner of the mansion.

'This is Mike. He's our man!' Jim said smiling.

'Hello, Mike. I hope you enjoy yourself tonight' the older guy uttered.

That's what I was planning to do, even though I couldn't understand what they meant by the expression 'our man'.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?' the older guy yelled. His name was Jack but everyone called him 'the organizer'. 'Jim has brought a very special guest for our party tonight. Let's all welcome Mike!' he said pointing at me.

I was a little bit embarrassed but I enjoyed being in the center of attention.

'Mike is going to offer himself for a nice, hard spanking tonight! Isn't that right, boy?'

I looked at Jim. He had a devilish smile on his face. Now I realized what he meant when he said I was their man.

'Come on, man. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't mind a good spanking on your tight little butt, would you?' Jim said.

'Well, what the hell...I guess it's no big deal'

I was willing to let Jim fuck me in the ass, so a little spanking session would just make all this a bit spicier.

'That's my boy! Now, come over here and lie on the table!' Jack said.

I was guided to a round table, which had a metal pole in its center. It looked a bit strange but I didn't pay much attention to it. I took off my leather pants and bent over. Only my underwear covered my ass now. The guy approached me and stood there for a moment admiring the view. Then, he put on a black leather glove on his right hand.

'Well, let's see what you got there, boy!'

Everybody was standing silent waiting for the show to begin. He slowly pulled down my briefs, uncovering my round, hairless ass. I heard several exclamations of admiration in the hall. It seemed that my tight bottom was a huge success. It just occurred to me that my audience was all-male. These guys would gather there each weekend to have a spanking party. Jim was responsible for finding the appropriate spanking 'victim'. Well, he had fooled me into this but, to be quite honest, I couldn't wait to receive a good, hard smacking on my cheeks.

'A fine ass you got there! Now, stand still and take what you came for! Come on, boys, start counting!'

He started spanking me real hard. The crowd counted the spanks yelling 'one...two...three' etc. I was lost in a haze of lust. I couldn't believe that a man was slapping my ass in front of other people and I was enjoying each and every moment of it. After twenty spanks, he stopped. My butt had turned red and it was burning. I didn't want him to stop because I didn't want to lose this feeling of submission. What is more, if he kept going I wouldn't feel any pain, as my ass would become completely numb. The guy didn't disappoint me.

'How about making this a little more interesting?' he asked.

I wiggled my butt in response.

He took a thick rope and tied my hands to the metal pole. Then, he took a black piece of cloth and used it as a blindfold.

'Isn't that better?' he asked.

My hands were tied to the pole, my legs were spread apart and I couldn't see anything. I was getting scared. I was at their complete mercy. They could do anything they wanted with me. The guy grabbed a whip, which had been lying on the table all this time. I couldn't see it, of course, but I felt it right away.

'Come on, boy. Shake your sweet ass!' he shouted. His voice indicated that he was very horny. I was pretty sure that the whipping would soon make his cock stand at attention. The whip landed on my cheeks several times. Everyone could see the marks on my ass. Some of the guys were already jerking off while 'the organizer' was whipping me senseless.

'More! More! Whip his butt until he screams!' someone yelled.

My torturer heard him and renewed his beating with more vigor than before. He was trying really hard to hit my asshole. It looked as if he wanted to tear my butt apart. I couldn't take it any more. A good spanking was one thing but a hard whipping was more than I could endure. I begged him to stop...

'Please, stop! I'll do anything, just stop beating me!'

'The organizer' was tired anyway, so he eventually stopped. However, my plea made him realize that my ass could be used in other ways as well. He turned to his friends and said:

'How about a little back-door action?'

'Yeah!' they all shouted.

Jack took out a bottle of champagne from a little fridge and slowly pulled out the cork.

'You're in for a real treat, Mike! First, I'm gonna spill cold champagne all over your ass and then I'm gonna fuck you raw!'

He started pouring champagne on my cheeks. The cold fluid eased the pain a little bit. Then, he poured some more on my asshole and placed the bottle on the table. He unzipped his pants. His dick was rock hard. All this spanking and whipping made him eager to fuck me. He wasn't wearing any underwear. He rubbed his cockhead on my hole, squeezing and groping my butt with his strong hands. Seconds later, his swollen rod was at the threshold of my defenseless anus. I was going to get sodomized in front of fifty people and there was nothing I could do about it.

'Go, go, go!' the guys were screaming.

With one powerful thrust, he shoved his cockhead in my rectum and paused to enjoy the tight grip of my crack. Then, he shoved in his full length ripping my ass apart.

'Yeah! He's as tight as he looks, boys. Jim, you hit the jackpot, man. This is going to be the fuck of my life!' 'the organizer' said.

He began pounding my hole real hard. His throbbing member was deep inside my rectum, making it really hard for me to breathe. He grabbed my waist and started hammering my violated asshole. His cock was long and thick. I wasn't expecting that when I told him that I was willing to do anything. My former lovers had smaller shafts, so they never hurt me and what is more they didn't ruin my tight ass. I thought that after all this, my anal ring would never be the same. I was in pain but nobody seemed to care. All they wanted was to take him as deep as I could. 'The organizer' kept fucking me with full force while his friends cheered:

'Fuck his sweet ass! Give him all you got!'

He liked fucking a young guy in front of his friends. It made him really randy and, believe me, I could tell. His strokes were getting stronger and his pole was going deeper and deeper inside me. His balls punched loudly against my cheeks. At times he would stop completely and squeeze my cheeks around his dick so that he would hurt me even more. Gradually, I got used to his thrusts and, involuntarily, I started shaking my ass.

'You like it, don't you, you little horny bitch?' he said moaning. 'You like having a big, hard cock up your asshole, don't you?'

I didn't answer his questions but deep down inside I knew that he was right. I should have guessed that it would end up like this but a part of me wanted to be fucked anyway. I wanted Jim to take me but this guy was not bad after all. After a little while, I got rid of all my reservations and started to enjoy myself.

'Fuck me! Shove your big rod in my ass! I need it! I want a big boy like you to rip my tight hole!' I screamed.

'The organizer' was thrilled. He was puncturing my butt with renewed vigor. He was so hot that he started spanking my ass once again. Each thrust was accompanied by a hard slap on my right cheek. His cock pierced my butthole going deeper than any man had gone before.

'Oh, yeah, deeper! Harder!' I screamed.

'The organizer' stopped slapping me and grabbed my cheeks with both hands spreading my asshole wide open. After a few minutes, he couldn't take it any more; he was about to cum.

'Cum, baby! Shoot your load inside me!' I urged him.

He reached his climax spewing his white lava inside my burning hole. I felt his cum dripping out of my torn ass. He gave me a few more thrusts and then he collapsed on top of me.

I thought that we would call it a day but the party wasn't over yet. 'The organizer' pulled out and another man took his place.

'It's not over yet, bitch! You'll take more cocks in all your holes before you leave this place!'

It was Jim; I recognized his voice. Well, I wouldn't mind to be fucked once more by Jim. After all, he was the reason why I went to this party. He didn't waste any time. He took out his cock and pushed it inside my hole right away.

'Yeah, Jimmy! Give it to me! Make me your little slut!' I whispered teasing him.

While I was busy handling Jim's iron-hard rod, I felt another shaft pushing through my lips. So, Jim wasn't joking after all. They were going to gang-bang me tonight. The guy had climbed on the table and he had kneeled in front of my blindfolded face. I opened my mouth and swallowed the stranger's erected tool. It had a sweet taste. I started blowing him, making loud, slurping noises. I didn't care about the crowd anymore. They had already seen another guy spank and then fuck my ass, so giving a blowjob was the least they could watch me do. The guy was enjoying my oral service as my tongue was going round his cockhead. I sucked his rod eagerly as if I hadn't done this before. I wanted to give a good show to my audience. I was going to prove that I was the best cocksucker they could find. At times, he would pull out rubbing his tool all over my face or slapping me with it.

'Mmm!' I moaned.

'You like having a hard cock in every hole, don't you, you little cockslut?' Jim said.

He was pounding my asshole while the other guy was pumping my mouth. If I dared to bend forward I deepthroated the guy's shaft even more and if I tried to pull back Jim's dick would impale me even more. It looked like 'I was caught between a rock and a hard place!'

'I sure do!' I said taking the guy's cock out of my mouth. 'There's nothing like a big, thick rod up my ass!' I said.

Jim began fucking me real hard. At times, he would pull out completely and then he would shove his shaft back inside, harder than before. He had developed a steady rhythm, ruining my tight hole once and for all with his massive dick.

'Yeah! Fuck my cock with your asshole! Show me how much you want it inside you!' Jim urged me.

I started pushing backwards and licking the other guy's dick up and down, from head to balls. He had a heavy set of balls and I really enjoyed sucking each one. This made him so horny that he couldn't control himself any longer.

'All yours, slut!' he grunted spraying several blasts of hot cum on my blindfolded face. I felt his sperm running down my cheeks and I licked some of it. Meanwhile, Jim was giving me his final thrusts.

'Shake your little butt, bitch, I'm gonna fill your hole with cum!' he warned me.

His throbbing member exploded deep inside my anus filling me with his cum just like he said. He kept fucking me for a little while and then he pulled out. More guys followed fucking all of my holes like there was no tomorrow. These guys meant business. I had lost track of time. The last thing I remember is a guy ejaculating inside my mouth and forcing me to swallow his semen and another guy spanking my ass and finally spreading his sticky cum all over my torn cheeks. When the party was over, my mouth was dripping cum and I couldn't feel my ass anymore but it was worth it. It was, indeed, a party I'd never forget...




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