Mickey and Hank, first cousins, were born on the same day a little over 18 years ago. Their mothers are sisters. They have grown up together and are like twins living on farms just three miles apart in Tennessee. They have always been in the same class in school. Hank is an only child and Mickey has one brother named Billie, six years older. Thus Mickey and Hank are not only cousins but depend on each other for friendship and loyalty.

Mickey is much larger than Hank. He is a big Southern corn fed farm boy standing 6-feet and 3-inches, weighs a muscled 190 pounds with red hair and hazel eyes, pumped body from working on the farm, and hung like a proverbial horse (10-inche circumcised cock with big balls and a huge cock shaft).

Hank, on the other hand, stands only 5-feet and 8-inches with coal black hair and deep brown eyes. He weighs just 155 pounds, but he has a well-framed muscled body from his years working on the farm from such chores as lifting large bails of hay. He too has a big package with a circumcised 8-inch cock and large low hanging balls. The DNA in their families has produced men with horse like cocks.


On this given Saturday I received a call from cousin Mickey on my cell at 9:00 AM. "Hello man, what's up cousin?"

"Hank, my parents are gone for the day and they wanted me to ask you if you could come over and help me move our horses to the back forty? Also we need to move the bull into the pasture where one of our prize milk cows is ready to breed. Billie can't help because he is working today at the supermarket plus he is going to dinner with his girlfriend. I'm here all alone."

"Mickey, after you and I were out late last night at our senior high school prom, I just got up. Let me eat a bite, shower and I'll be over around 10:30 AM. See you then."

Both Mickey and I were dressed in blue jeans, boots, platted red shirts and baseball caps. We spent about 90 minutes moving the horses. Then we let that mean aggressive bull into the pasture with the milk cow. As we watched, the bull made a direct path to the waiting cow, got up on her back sprouting this monstrous cock. We were almost hypnotized as we watched the bull drive his huge cock into the cow's pussy.

I looked over at Mickey and noticed a big growing tent in his jeans with his cock almost halfway down his left leg. WOW, was he ever big. This so excited me that soon my cock had grown stiff and at a full erection. Mickey noticed my plight and said: "Buddy, cousin, that poor cow seems to be in pain. Have you ever seen such a large python as that bull's tool? We seem to have a small problem in our own pants. I know you and me have talked about how many nights we both jack off in bed after a long day at school. I need to get my nuts off. Do you want to go over to the barn and for the first time jack off together?"

"Man, do I ever want to wank my aching tool. I think it would be great to see how you jerk that huge cock of yours. It would be so hot. Yea, lets get up in the barn loft. No one is home and even if they get home they will not find us."

We got in the loft and Mickey instantly grabbed me in a headlock and started to wrestle. Soon he used his hard body and strong hands to throw me down on the hay covered floor on my back. He jumped on top of me and started drilling his crotch and big cock into my crotch. I felt his cock grind so hard against my stiff cock. Man did it ever feel great. The humping had my whole body tingling and my cock was throbbing and filled with blood.

"Hey cousin Mickey, I thought we were just going to strip down and watch each other jack off. Man you are attacking me. Oh shit, oh fuck, this feels so hot. Are you as turned on as I am? Are you gay? Man, I'm horny. I admit I love your body on top of me. I'm oozing pre-cum in my shorts."

"Cousin Hank, I'm wild with lust. Yea, I want us to suck cock and fuck. Are you ok with that? Yea, I think I'm gay. I really want you. Please tell me you want me to fuck you."

"Yea, shit Mickey, I'm delirious for you. Lets end this virginity thing right now. Fuck, I'm horny as hell. Lets get out of these clothes. Mickey, look at your pants, you have a growing wet ring---I bet that is juice from you cock."

In record time, we got out of our boots, pants, shorts and shirts while leaving on our baseball caps. Man this was so hot. Nothing is more sexy than a gay guy with his baseball cap turned backward and a hard cock ready to fuck you. The hottest scene ever.

"Mickey, what do we do first?"

Without answering me, he grabbed me and put me in a tight embrace as he parted my lips with his thick red lips. He began to pushed his tongue deep into my throat. I smelt his hot breath, hot tongue and his very thick lips press hard against my lips and mouth. WOW, my first gay kiss was better than I had ever thought possible and it was with my dear cousin ready to fuck me. I felt his huge cock drive under my balls as my cock slid over his abs and lower stomach. Our pubic hairs were rubbing against each other. The growing sweat and oozing goo had our pubic hair and abs very wet. The wet feel of our bodies and his driving cock had me in another zone---pure pleasure.

We grabbed each others buttock and pushed very hard as our crotches melted together while we continued to violently kiss. The sloppy sounds of sex had us so excited that we heard the animals fleeing from the barn into the barnyard. We now had the barn all to ourselves.

After the longest embrace and kissing, Mickey slowly began to kiss, suck and lick his way down my steamy hot body. He sucked on my neck, earlobes, and bit and sucked my hard nipples; lathered my chest, underarms, biceps, stomach, inner thighs and legs with his hot tongue; finally he came back up to my aching and throbbing cock where he sucked my balls into his mouth; next he ran his tongue up and down both sides of my wet cock shaft; and the best thing happened, when his lips were firmly stretched around my blood gorged purple meat.

He began to slowly and then sped up as he took my entire cock down his throat. He bobbed up and down on my steel rod while I held the back of his head. I felt his tongue all over my virgin cock as he sucked harder and harder. This being my first blowjob, I felt my entire body quiver and goose bumps dominated ever inch of my sweaty body.

"Oh cousin, suck my cock. Yea, that is it. Fuck, holy shit, holly fuck, suck me, suck me, take it all. Man, Aaaaaaaaa, pleaseeee suck me. I'm going to come. Here it is. I can't stop. Pull out or I'm going to flood you with my cum. Take it all. Yea, swallow that seed."

I shot blast after blast of warm salty cum down Mickey's throat. When I was drained, he pulled off my hot cock and said: "Cousin, your cum was warm and salty. I loved my first cum meal. Holy fuck, I love cum."

He kissed me and I tasted my first cum. I liked it.

Then Mickey said: "Hank, do you want to suck your first cock, my big tool? Please suck my cock. Get it hard and I want to fuck that pink ass of yours."

I got down on my knees as Mickey stood above me. I began to lap at his big oozing cock head over and over, slid my tongue down his huge cock shaft and finally I sucked on his nuts. Sniffing at his sex organs gave me a smell of of his rich, masculine and sweaty odors from his ass and crotch that had my cock actually beginning to grow again. I'd never smelt and tasted anything this sexy before. I never wanted to stop. The taste of his pre-cum was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I was in love with gay sex and Mickey.

As I gave him a deep hot blowjob taking his cock all the way down to the base, his cock was hard as a diamond drill. This made him crazy with lust to fuck my ass. I sucked him until he was close to shooting his load. I pulled off and we rested until he was safe to fuck me.

Then he had me lean up against and face a bail of hay, spread my legs far apart, he got behind me, spit gobs of spit into my virgin ass, lubed his own cock with his spit, fingered my ass driving the spit inside me, spread his own feet and began to slowly insert his huge cock inside my outer ass ring. Soon I felt this huge hard and slick tool go deeper and deeper into my man pussy. I took what he had to offer. I pushed back to meet his wood until he was in my ass up to the base of his cock. I felt his balls and his pubic hair rub against my skin. Man, it was great.

He grabbed my shoulders and began to thrust his cock deep into my inners and come almost all the way out before plunging deep inside me again. He went wild fucking my ass as we both moaned and our breaths became harder and harder. He fucked me as if he was a mountain lion.

I yelled in both pain and pleasure: "Oh my god, holy fuck, fuck me, fuck me, give me all you've got. Harder and harder, drive that horse cock inside me. Make me your whore, make me your bitch, and don't stop. Breed me with your semen. Make me yours."

We were so turned on and into the fuck that we did not hear Billie come into the barn. He heard my dirty talk and all the moaning just as Mickey's cock head swelled, his balls contracted and he began ejaculating burst after burst of his semen deep in my ass.

As Mickey pulled his cock out of my ass with his cum dripping off his cock head and my ass spilling his nectar, there stood Billie at the top of the latter. Oh shit, oh fuck, what would we do now?

In total shock Billie said: "What in the hell are you two fags doing? You look like two dogs in heat. Just wait until our parents hear about this. You are in a hell of a lot of trouble."

I felt like I was going to faint. This incredible gay sex was now turning into a nightmare. My life was ruined.

Then Mickey took charge and said: "Brother, what in the hell are your doing home? You were going to dinner with your girlfriend. Plus I'm an adult and you can't tell me what to do. I'll fuck Hank anytime I wish. Even thou it is none of your business, this was our first time."

Billie looked angry and said: "You little bitch, my girlfriend got sick and we had to cancel."

"Billie, I'm your brother, you can not do this to me and your favorite cousin. You cannot ruin our lives. OK, I'll calm down. Please what can we do for you to keep our secret?"

Billie began to smile and relax. Cool it guys. OK, I won't tell our parents but you have to do something for me that involves sex."

I got my voice back and said: "Yea, cousin Billie, just name it and we will do it for you."

Then Billie got a real big mischief smile and his eyes sparkled as he said: "Well, you two horny guys have to ........... ? We put on our clothes and went with Billie to the restaurant for dinner to discuss his demands.



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